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Dr. Kanika Sylonia

Gynaecologist, Ghaziabad

Dr. Kanika Sylonia Gynaecologist, Ghaziabad
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I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning....more
I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning.
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Dr. Kanika Sylonia is a popular Gynaecologist in Vaishali, Ghaziabad. She is currently associated with Dr Kanika Sylonia's Clinic in Vaishali, Ghaziabad. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Kanika Sylonia on has a number of highly qualified Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 38 years of experience on Find the best Gynaecologists online in Ghaziabad. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Afrezza (Insulin Inhalation)

General Physician,
Afrezza (Insulin Inhalation)

Afrezza - the only inhaled insulin for diabetes.

Afrezza® is an inhaled human insulin indicated to help improve glycemic control in adults with diabetes mellitus.


Afrezza is a rapid-acting, inhaled insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The product consists of a dry formulation of human insulin delivered from a small and portable inhaler. 

Administered at the beginning of a meal, afrezza dissolves rapidly upon inhalation to the lung and delivers insulin quickly to the bloodstream. Peak insulin levels are achieved within 12–15 minutes of administration. Afrezza is available in 4-unit and 8-unit single dose cartridges of insulin powder that can be used, as prescribed by a health care professional, in combination with other diabetes medications to achieve target blood sugar levels. For afrezza doses exceeding 8 units, patients may use a combination of 4 unit and 8 unit cartridges. Other sizes of cartridges are being considered. The disposable inhaler can be used for up to 15 days, should be kept in a clean, dry place with the mouthpiece cover on and may be wiped with a clean, dry cloth if needed.

Limitations of use

Do not use afrezza as a substitute for long-acting insulin; 

Afrezza must be used in combination with long-acting insulin in patients with type 1 diabetes.

Do not use afrezza to treat diabetic ketoacidosis. Afrezza is not recommended in patients who smoke or who have recently stopped smoking.

Important safety information for afrezza

Warning: risk of acute bronchospasm in patients with chronic lung disease


Acute bronchospasm has been observed in patients with asthma and COPD using afrezza. Afrezza is contraindicated in patients with chronic lung disease such as asthma or copd. Before initiating afrezza, perform a detailed medical history, physical examination, and spirometry (FEV1) to identify potential lung disease in all patients.

Do not use afrezza if you have problems with your lungs, such as asthma or COPD. Do not use afrezza during a low blood sugar reaction (hypoglycemia). If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in afrezza, do not use afrezza as this may cause a significant and severe allergic reaction. 



Afrezza patient starter kit

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My gf is having a problem blood comes from vagina when she use toilet and she is not having periods this month.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
My gf is having a problem blood comes from vagina when she use toilet and she is not having periods this month.
Hello, Lybrate user, it needs thorough investigation of urinary tract, locally. There, might be some infection in the tract ,resulting in bleeding. She should tk plenty of water to hydrate her body eliminating toxins. She may take homoeopathic medicine:@ can notherish 30- twice a day. Report, after 4 days. The care.
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Post Graduate Diploma In Rehabilitation Psychology, M A Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Bhopal
It's never too late to start over. If you weren't happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don't stay stuck. Do better!
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Hi doctor am 31 years married for 17 months, I dint get my period and my last period was 23rd may, and v r planning for baby and wen can I test my pregnancy, can I have intercourse with my partner, is it safe now? Please reply. Thanks and regards.

BAMS, MD, Panchakrma
Ayurveda, Nashik
Hi doctor am  31 years married for 17 months, I dint get my period and my last period was 23rd may, and v r planning ...
Hi, get done UPT test by pregnancy kit like prega news. It will clear what to do next. According to ayurveda you should avoid sex if pregnant .at least first 3 months.
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Dr, my periods are irregular from starting. Now I am 30 years married. And want to conceive. Whenever I took regestrone 5 mg then only the periods starts. I am trying to conceive from last october I stopped regestrone 5 mg. After that my periods come in January 2017 for 1 and half day only.

MD - Alternate Medicine, PGDIP.IN GERIATRIC CARE, Post Graduate Diploma in Holistic Healthcare
Ayurveda, Balasore
Dr, my periods are irregular from starting. Now I am 30 years married. And want to conceive. Whenever I took regestro...
Hi, You are suffering from irregular menstrual syndrome.Try to normalize before you conceive.Infertility is defined as a couple's inability to become pregnant within one year of unprotected intercourse. Generally, the highest chance of pregnancy is when sex happens 1-2 days before ovulation. If you have a regular 28-day cycle, count back 14 days from when you expect your next period to start. Plan on having sex every other day around that time -- say, days 12 and 14. Try to regular it and take chance as per advice.
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What are the symptoms of pcos and is it curable? What things do I need to do in order to cure it.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Infrequent scanty period, obesity, excessive growth of hair in unusual places for a female like in chest, face etc, excess of insulin and may be increased blood suger, difficulty in conceiving etc. Once it is diagnosed with u/s, hormone estimation and symptoms treatment should be started under the survillance of a gynaecologist.
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Healthy and Tasty Tehri

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Lucknow
Healthy and Tasty Tehri

Yummy tehri reinvented

Let's make a conventional tehri in our own style. Let's see how we promote the weight loss after eating healthy and nutritious food.
2nd recipe direct from my kitchen just for you.

Tehri (conventional way)
Rice 1 1⁄2 cup (24 tbs), soaked in water for 30 minutes, drained
Water 3 cup (48 tbs)
Vegetable oil 3 tablespoon
Turmeric powder 1 teaspoon
Salt 1 teaspoon
Whole spices:
Cumin seeds 1 teaspoon
Peppercorns 1⁄2 teaspoon
Star anise 3
Cloves 6
Cinnamon stick 1
Carrot 1, cut up
Green peas 1⁄4 cup (4 tbs)
Cabbage /cauliflower 1⁄2 cup
Onion 1, thinly sliced

1. In a pressure cooker, heat oil, add in the whole spices, cook for 30 seconds. Add onion and saute until the onions turn translucent.
2. Add the other vegetables and rice, stir and cook for 3 to 4 minutes. Pour in water, add salt and turmeric, close the lid and cook for about 5 minutes.
Serving (ideal for two serve).

Total fat 44 g 60%
Saturated fat 6 g
Sodium 2027.5 mg 84.5%
Total carbohydrates 264 g 87.9%
Dietary fiber 14.7 g 58.9%
Sugars 12.2 g
Protein 28 g 56.6%
Vitamin a 212.2% vitamin c 52.5%
Calcium 28.1% iron 59.2%

Who does not like the yummy tasty' tehri. Now lets make it our way. Very healthy, yummy and low calorie. My own version of my favorite tehri right from my own kitchen.

We will use the same ingredient in most healthy and low calorie style, and then check the calorie count of our tehri.
Same ingredients just minus the oil and lessen the carbohydrate of the rice.
1. Boil one cup rice rice, when they are cooked and then drain the excess water. So our simple rice is ready.
2. Take a kadai, it should be heated t the maximum flame, then add onion, tomato, garlic and cook them with no oil. Add in the whole spices with salt, cook for 30 seconds and saute until the onions turn translucent after that add peas, other vegetables like carrot, cauliflower, broccoli.
3. Cook till the vegetables becomes soft, then add the turmeric powder, dhaniya powder, lal mirch and cook for 1 min.
4. After that add little water in the mix and add rice. Cook for 5-7 min and your yummy healthy recipe is ready. Now lets check its nutrific and calorie value.

So now lets check what is the diffrence between boiled and steamed rice.
Boiling means straining the excess water (starch) when the rice becomes soft. Steamed rice refer to the rice which is pressure cooked.
So the difference in calories if we take 100 gram steamed rice the calorie is 150 kcal and in cooked 100 grams boiled rice the calorie is 100 kcal. And the carbohydrate content is also very less in boiled rice. Brown rice can be a more healthier option if you like the taste of brown rice.

Lets see the calorie counts of our tehri.
We have used only one cup rice and taken out the excess starch. Secondly try to use as much vegetables in the rice. Vegetable increases the nutritive value but decreases the calories. We have reduced the calories count by 900 kcal. There is no diffrence in taste but we have added more of vegetables. So your minerals, vitamins and antioxidantteh content is more. What more you can ask for?

Calories 800 kcal (for two servings)
Total fat 2 g
Sodium 2027.5 mg
Total carbohydrates 175 g
Dietary fiber 20 g
Protein 28 g
Vitamin a 212 vitamin c 5
Calcium 28.1% iron 59.2%

I have missed my period, yesterday was my date. What medicines should I take to avoid pregnancy? In case I get positive results.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS
Gynaecologist, Noida
I have missed my period, yesterday was my date. What medicines should I take to avoid pregnancy?
In case I get positi...
Hello, please confirm pregnancy with serum beta hcg test first and then you should think of considering termination if unplanned.
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Hi , Does Fenugreek Seed do any harm When consumed during 3rd stage of pregnancy and does it Increases Internal Heat in the body .Please Help letting me know this .

General Physician, Nashik
Hi , Does Fenugreek Seed do any harm When consumed during 3rd stage of pregnancy and does it Increases Internal Heat ...
Scientists have not studied the effects of fenugreek in humans, due to the potential risks. However, neural tube defects such as anencephaly, the absence of part of the brain; spinal bifida, an abnormal opening in the spinal cord; or hydrocephaly have occurred in the fetuses of pregnant women taking this herb, according to a november 2013" plos one" article. Animal studies have shown a risk to the fetus in women taking fenugreek during pregnancy. The same study found that mice exposed to fenugreek during pregnancy had neurobehavioral and sensorimotor defects after birth, including short-term memory defects, altered movement and coordination difficulties.
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Last month I took an Ipill which was within the advises 72 hours of having sex. Then I got slight bleeding two days back and took another Ipill yesterday as my partner and I didn't use protection. I was pregnant and went through an abortion a few months ago. Now I've taken 3 home pregnancy tests which show positive. I also feel slightly feverish and nauseous. I've also been taking dulco flex because I have bad constipation. Could this be a false pregnancy scare or could I be pregnant? And why am I bleeding randomly?

Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS
General Physician, Delhi
Last month I took an Ipill which was within the advises 72 hours of having sex. Then I got slight bleeding two days b...
3 tests cannot be false. Dulcoflex for constipation has no connection with your gyne problem , still at 28 I would suggest you to avoid it and regulate your diet. Regarding taking I pill , this tablet is for emergencies and not to be eaten like revadis from a road side stall. These tablets are loaded with hormones , if once taken during an emergency , Ipill does lead to hormonal imbalance and erratic periods. It looks like a Missed abortion case , Get an Ultrasound done to confirm pregnancy and act accordingly , Get some scientific way to avoid getting pregnant in future , low dose oral pills can be taken for few months , Will tell you later after looking at report of your ultrasound.
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5 bizarre sex accidents that has happened to real people

Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Sexologist, Chennai
5 bizarre sex accidents that has happened to real people

5 bizarre sex accidents that have happened to real people

These sex accidents have actually happened to real people.

Sex is supposed to be fun, exciting and even relaxing, but sometimes, things might not go as planned.

Things can go wrong when people try to experiment or take risks without being sensible about it. Below are 5 sex accidents that have actually happened to real people.

Vaginal cuts - Small tears or cuts in the vagina are the most common sex accident and it is the direct result of rough sex, without proper lubrication.

Broken penis - Although there aren't actually any bones in the penis, it can still be broken. The condition is known as penile fracture and it occurs when the erect penis sustains the extreme force. A cracking or popping sound, immediate loss of erection, swelling, bruising and deep pain are the most common symptoms of a penile fracture. As embarrassing as it might be for some men, the solution is to rush to the hospital, waiting can result in deep scarring that can alter the shape of the penis and is much harder to treat.

Wrong lubricant - There is only one thing that should ever be used as lubricant during sex - that is a lubricant. Using other substances such as Vaseline, baby oil, cooking oil or toothpaste can result in serious rushes, genital infection for both partners and even poisoning. Check the labels of over-the-counter lubricant as you should also avoid ingredients

Blocked rectum - Far from being an urban myth, this is a highly common and equally embarrassing sex accident. During sexual experimentation, people have inserted all sorts of objects, including candles in their rectum. Depending on the softness of the object, it might be possible for doctors to remove it without causing too much damage. But in extreme cases, it can cause rupture of the anus area.

Blocked vagina - Another point of entry for sexual creativity and experimentation is the vagina. Cell phones, cans, and bottles have been recovered from women's vaginas in various hospitals around the globe.

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Sir I am not sexual satisfy so my husband get angry please tell me what I do I am si tns.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
Sir I am not sexual satisfy so my husband get angry please tell me what I do I am si tns.
You should both go to a counselor and then a sexologist to get some guidelines as to how to go about foreplay. Men do not like being told that they are not satisfying the woman, so his reaction can be understood but not supported. Make him feel less threatened before suggesting a counsloer for the help you require. Many times men tend to go for the kill with the physical part of sex and forget that women take a longer time to get aroused and need certain stimulation to ideally enjoy the complete experience of orgasmic peak. With some education both of you will stand to benefit and will enjoy your conjugal relationship wonderfully for a long time.
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I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend two-day s ago. When do we supposed to carry pregnancy test. We are in worry. please help.

MD-Gynaecologist & Obstetrician , MBBS
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Ask her to take a I pill immediately. Do urine pregnancy test if she misses her period. Its always better to use protection.
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Ideal Way of Treating Digestive Problems = Switch to Homeopathy!

M. sc Psychology, BHMS
Homeopath, Hyderabad
Ideal Way of Treating Digestive Problems = Switch to Homeopathy!

Role of Homeopathy in Treating Digestive Problems

Digestive system is an intricate part of your body, spanning from the mouth to the anus. It plays a very important role in helping your body absorb essential nutrients as well as get rid of the waste that forms after digestion. Like every system in the body, it also gets plagued by health problems such as constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux or hemorrhoids.

How can homeopathy help in treating problems concerning your body's digestive system?

Homeopathy uses a single remedy to treat a condition irrespective of the number of organs or systems involved. It is an effective, safe and gentle treatment for curing digestion problems without any side effects. This is because the homeopathic medicines are derived from minerals, herbs or animal products. The ingredients are crushed and dissolved, shaken well and diluted till none of the original product exists anymore. The more diluted the substance is, the more its healing properties are believed to be.

Various digestive disorders like indigestion, stomach ache, gas ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and heartburn can be treated with homeopathy. The remedies that homeopathy make use of help the body to correct its imbalance without causing any side effects.

Homeopathic remedies go to the underlying cause of the problem. When an individual experiences a stomach ache the body signals that something is not right within his or her body. Painkillers can help in controlling the pain for a short amount of time but it cannot treat the underlying imbalance.

A homeopath carefully selects a remedy for the digestive disorder keeping in mind the patient's emotional and physical factors along with his or her eating habits and lifestyle.

For instance: 'Nux Vomica' would be a good Homeopathic remedy for stomach problems when you feel heartburn that occurs after having coffee, spicy food or alcohol; however 'Pulsatilla' acts better for dealing with the gastric problems due to consumption of fatty food like pastries, or fried foods.

If you would like to consult with me privately, please click on 'Consult'.

Related Tip: How Does Homeopathy Cure Sinusitis?

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If one has taken I pill on the 6th day of cycle within 18 hrs of the act taken place on 21st november 2015 unprotected accident. Got bleeding after 6 days i. E on 27th & 28th of november. With slight dizziness and lower abdomen pain. On 20th december 2015. Got heavy period with lower abdomen pain. For 4 days. Then on 30th & 31st december got slight dizziness. On 1st january 2016. Took a serum beta hcg test which showed <1miu /ml. On 19th january 2016. Got period for 5 days. On 22nd january. Took another serum beta hcg test which showed <1miu/ml. On 1st february. 2016. Got a transabdominal sonography for pelvic region which showed uterus is anteverted and empty. And measures 8.9cm*4.6cm*3.5 cm. Both ovaries are normal. Cervix and cervical canal appear normal. On 17th february 2016. Got period but only for 1 day. Then only spotting. On 26th february 2016. Got a pelvic sonography by a gynae which showed empty uterus. On march 14th 2016. Again got a pelvic chck up by a gynae which showed empty uterus. On march 15th 2016. Got period for 6 days. And on april 13th 2016. Again got period for 4 days. The november was the first and last time I had engaged in a sexual act. And taken I pill. After this incident my body has become. Very sensitive to dust. Period pattern is also stage. Before the period I get brownish blood for 2 days. And then the flow. Comes. Though my abdomen has not increase in size much. But still I feel bloated. And also I hear strange sounds from abdomen. And also heart beats near my abdomen. And pelvic region. So could all these relate to pregnancy. Or pregnancy is completely ruled out. Please help me. Day by day I am stressed out due this very much. Please help me. Please.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS
Gynaecologist, Noida
If one has taken I pill on the 6th day of cycle within 18 hrs of the act taken place on 21st november 2015 unprotecte...
Hello, there is no pregnancy at all as you have been having regular monthly periods since feb 17th and your last menses started by 13th april. So you are completely pregnancy safe. The symptoms that you have been experiencing poor to menses have been due to premenstrual syndrome which is normal in most women.
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I am 17 year old female. There' s an increase in my body weight from past 2 years and I am irregular periods from the past 2 years. Doctors told me to take a series of tests and found out that j have polycystic ovary syndrome. They advised me to reduce weight to have regular periods but i' m unable to reduce weight. Please help me to get cured from pcos and also to reduce weigh

M.S.Gynaec(ayurved )
Ayurveda, Pune
Weight reduction is first step in pcod, then regulate the menses and treat the other symptoms of pcos, proper investigations must. Ayurveda gives better result in such cases. Sometimes combine treatment also fruitful.
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Hello sir/madam My friend is suffering from vaginal itching since many days. How to get rid of it.

Homeopath, Patna
1 kreosotum 1m one drop only in a cup of water once in a week. 3 wash with calendula. Report after 5 days. For further advise.
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