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Dr. Anil Raghav  - Homeopath, Ghaziabad

Dr. Anil Raghav

MD - Homeopathy, DHMS (Diploma In Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery)

Homeopath, Ghaziabad

28 Years Experience  ·  400 at clinic
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Dr. Anil Raghav MD - Homeopathy, DHMS (Diploma In Homeopathic Medicine & ... Homeopath, Ghaziabad
28 Years Experience  ·  400 at clinic
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My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
More about Dr. Anil Raghav
Dr. Anil Raghav is an experienced Homeopath in Sahibabad, Ghaziabad. He has been a successful Homeopath for the last 24 years. He is a qualified MD - Homeopathy. You can visit him at Parwati Homeopathic Health Centre in Sahibabad, Ghaziabad. Book an appointment online with Dr. Anil Raghav and consult privately on has a nexus of the most experienced Homeopaths in India. You will find Homeopaths with more than 28 years of experience on You can find Homeopaths online in Ghaziabad and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


MD - Homeopathy - Guru Nanak Dev Homeopathy Medical College (Baba Farid University of Medical Sciences, Faridkot) - 2007
DHMS (Diploma In Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery) - HMC, Abohar - 1991
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Best Homeopathic Treatment For Chilblains!

MD - Homeopathy, DHMS (Diploma In Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery)
Homeopath, Ghaziabad
Best Homeopathic Treatment For Chilblains!

Weather-induced disorders and illnesses are quite common in tropical countries like India. Till some years back, general hygienic conditions prevailing, particularly in the rural areas were causing many such diseases. But there has been a dramatic improvement in the environment now. However, over exposure to climatic conditions like cold and frost can be harmful. Chilblains is a typical condition brought on by frost bite and due to lack of adequate protection to the feet and the hands. Homeopathy has effective remedies for this condition.

  1. Chilblains brought about by exposure to severe cold and/or due to frostbite.
  2. Though the feet (toes) and hands are the most affected parts, the condition can affect the other parts of the body as well, like the ears and face.
  3. Typical symptoms include lesions on the skin, red hot inflammation and in some cases swelling too can be seen.
  4. The affected skin can become itchy and burning sensation can also be sensed.
  5. The elderly, women and children, are the most vulnerable to contract Chilblains though other groups are not immune to it if they too are exposed to the cold for long periods.
  6. Physical examination is the only diagnosis needed by the medical practitioner before the treatment is started; in a rare case, a skin biopsy is recommended
  7. Keeping the affected area dry and warm are very important before, during and after the treatment
  8. Within Homeopathy, the most frequently recommended remedies for Chilblains are Agaricus and Pulsatilla
  9. Both the internal medicine route and external application of suitable cream/ointment are adopted for treatment
  10. The internal medicines Agaricus and Pulsatilla are taken in the form of granules and the dosage in terms of the grams to be taken and the number of times in a day will be advised by the homeopathic medical practitioner; for external application, the same are used in tincture form
  11. The dosage also varies according to the severity of the condition and the age of the person suffering from Chilblains.
  12. There are other formulations also prescribed by the practitioners
  13. In general practice, Homeopathy advises that people prone to this condition should start taking the medicines even before the severe cold conditions start

Homeopathy is a stream of medicine that reaches the root of the disorder and takes a long term position that prevention is better than cure. These treatment methods, including for conditions like Chilblains, are recommended after taking a holistic view of the person’s age, body structure health condition and so on. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Treat Herpes Simplex With Homoeopathy!

MD - Homeopathy, DHMS (Diploma In Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery)
Homeopath, Ghaziabad
Treat Herpes Simplex With Homoeopathy!

Sexually contracted diseases have moved centre-stage over the past few decades due to the sudden spurt in the HIV-AIDS cases, particularly in some African countries. Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) is one such condition brought about by sexual contact. The condition is seen in 2 types, Type 1 and Type 2; the former affecting the mouth and the latter, the genitals. The affected person can experience horrible pain and discomfort. Homeopathy, though a form of medicine established centuries before diseases like Herpes were detected, still has remedies.

  1. Herpes Simplex is contracted through direct, unprotected sexual contact with a person already suffering from the infection
  2. Herpes is a virus and is highly contagious
  3. Common symptoms include ulcers and sores on the skin
  4. The lesions are visible in the areas affected based on the type, near the mouth in type 1 and over the genitals in type 2
  5. Other symptoms, like flu-like headaches and painful urination, are also reported
  6. As mentioned, Herpes is caused by sexual contact and in many cases, the symptoms may not show up immediately and may lay underneath
  7. Physical examination and questioning the affected person on behavioural history, particularly sexual activity, will reveal the exact status to the doctor. In specific cases, a swatch of the affected area can be sent for microscopic examination
  8. Homeopathy has an effective treatment for Herpes Simplex
  9. Homeopathy looks at the long-term cure of the condition
  10. Some of the remedies for Herpes under Homeopathy are Nitric acid, Thuja Occidentalis, Causticum, Medorrhinum, Silica
  11. These are the elements and the medical practitioner will synthesise the elements in the right proportion and prescribe the doses
  12. As it is practised in most Homeopathy treatments, the medicine is orally administered and the granules or tablets have to be taken continuously for a long period
  13. Though each case would be different and the intensity of the condition would guide the treatment, there are common recommendations given to all affected individuals
  14. Unprotected sex should be strictly avoided. Even in the case of protected sex, contact with unknown persons should be averted
  15. The treatment for Herpes Simplex under Homeopathy may last from 12 to 24 months
  16. But the treatment is meant to be a cure and ensure that the person is protected from future infections too
  17. Several natural supplements are also a part of the long-term solutions to ensure that the holistic health of the males and females is maintained
  18. Several suggestions are given to Herpes affected persons on the right kind of food items to consume

Homeopathy has an answer to virtually every condition, including some the ailments which have surfaced during this generation. But the treatment takes care of not only addressing the immediate condition but also finding long-term solution and prevention of future relapsing of the condition. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Homeopathic Treatment For Gynaecological Disorders!

MD - Homeopathy, DHMS (Diploma In Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery)
Homeopath, Ghaziabad
Homeopathic Treatment For Gynaecological Disorders!

Homeopathy offers several remedies for many gynaecological disorders. Some of the gynaecological afflictions that homeopathy treats are post-partum depression, fertility issues, pregnancy problems, menopause, complications arising from prolapse, infections of the vagina, pre-menstrual syndrome, tendency to miscarriage and many others.

Why homeopathic treatment?
There are nil or very little side-effects during homeopathic treatment of the various gynaecological disorders. Unlike allopathic drugs which cannot be ingested freely, the homeopathic remedies can be taken without any fears regarding their side-effects. Further, these medicines are non -toxic.

Homeopathy is constitutional and not symptomatic in its treatment. Both the mother and child are positively impacted by this form of treatment which is holistic.
If you have a child already and he/she is suffering from a defect such as a cleft lip, then both the parents must undergo a homeopathic treatment before the mother conceives another child. This way, the second born will most likely be free from a cleft lip.

Let us see how homeopathy helps you cope with some of these afflictions.

  1. Pulsatilla- This remedy has been found to have a positive effect on the reproductive systems of both the sexes. Pulsatilla can treat women with extreme menstrual disorders like excessive or sub-optimal bleeding and missed periods. Women who are treated with Pulsatilla are generally emotional and timid and are subject to mood swings. Such patients either have a craving for fats or are averse to them.
  2. Sepia- Sometimes gynaecological problems manifest in women with the following symptoms. They are irritable, prefer solitude and easily get tired after their domestic duties. However, these women get enthused by exercises. Physiologically, they have a bearing down sensation in their pelvic area, their menses are irregular and the volume of discharge may be meagre or excessive. Such patients are treated with Sepia.
  3. Agnus castus- This remedy is meant for women who feel depressed and are anxious about their health. They have poor memory and heavily indulge in sex, alcohol and drugs etc. Sexually, they experience a loss of libido over a period of time and gynecologically, these women have scanty menses.
  4. Caulophyllum- Are you thirsty, chilly, nervous and experiencing mood swings at all the times? Do you experience recurring pains in your body? Do those pains dart from one part of your body to another? Have you had problems like amenorrhea, infertility, arrested labour and miscarriage in the first trimester? If the answer is yes, then you must consider having Caulophyllum as medication.
  5. Cimicifuga- During pregnancy, if the mother is nervous, excitable and generally worried that something will happen to her foetus, then Cimicifuga comes to the rescue. A Cimicifuga mother suffers from rheumatic pain and tends to get neuragias.
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