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Avantika Hospital

Multi-speciality Hospital (Internal Medicine Specialist, Urologist & more)

# A 168 , Pocket 00, Sector 2, Rohini, Landmark: Next to Polstar Play Home. Delhi
4 Doctors · ₹0 - 300
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Avantika Hospital Multi-speciality Hospital (Internal Medicine Specialist, Urologist & more) # A 168 , Pocket 00, Sector 2, Rohini, Landmark: Next to Polstar Play Home. Delhi
4 Doctors · ₹0 - 300
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We like to think that we are an extraordinary practice that is all about you - your potential, your comfort, your health, and your individuality. You are important to us and we strive to ......more
We like to think that we are an extraordinary practice that is all about you - your potential, your comfort, your health, and your individuality. You are important to us and we strive to help you in every and any way that we can.
More about Avantika Hospital
Avantika Hospital is known for housing experienced General Physicians. Dr. R.K.Midha, a well-reputed General Physician, practices in Delhi. Visit this medical health centre for General Physicians recommended by 82 patients.


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# A 168 , Pocket 00, Sector 2, Rohini, Landmark: Next to Polstar Play Home.
Rohini Delhi, Delhi - 110085
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Doctors in Avantika Hospital

Dr. R.K.Midha

General Physician
33 Years experience
Available today
10:00 AM - 02:00 PM

Dr. S. K. Gupta

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Specialist
34 Years experience
Available today
09:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Dr. Veena Midha

300 at clinic
Available today
11:00 AM - 01:00 PM
Available today
09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
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The Secret Of Looking Beautiful Naturally?

Dermatologist, Noida
The Secret Of Looking Beautiful Naturally?

Have you always wanted to look cute, sexy, and hot?

  • Do you want to shed those extra kilos, which have settled on your love handles?
  • Do you want to get rid of those ugly spots on your skin?
  • Do you want to have glossy, smooth, shiny hair?
  • Want to look like a ‘raider of hearts’?

Well then in this article I will give you tips to overall personality. So read on to find out….

Some tips to look cute, hot and sexy are:

• Every day drink a glass of water mixed with one tablespoon of honey and lemon to lose weight.

• Make sure that you hit the gym daily and control your diet to lose weight.

• Apply moisturizer to your skin daily to keep it glowing, soft and smooth.

• Use face wash daily after coming home to get rid of sweat and pollution. This will help to unclog your pores and keep your skin free from pimples and black heads.

• Wash your hair twice a week and oil your hair a night before washing it.

• Apply a mixture of curd and egg to your hair 30 minutes prior to washing your hair. Follow this if you want smooth and silky hair.

• Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables they are good for your skin, hair, health and body.

• Drink a lot of water, to water down those love handles, remove spots from your skin and lose weight.

• To get a white sparkling smile, then rub orange peel on your teeth at night, eat apples or make a powder of Tulsi leaves (holy Basil) and mix it with your toothpaste.

• To cure bad breath, drink green tea, pineapple juice, or consume carrots, almonds, apples etc.

• Mix multani mitti (fuller’s earth) and rose water. Apply this paste to your skin to get rid of pimples and acne.

• For cracks on your heels, mix glycerin and rose water in equal proportion and apply it every night until your soft heels replace your cracked heels.

• Make sure that you don’t comb your hair while it is wet and avoid using dryer to dry your hair as it causes thinning of hair.

• To lose weight, eat small frequent meals instead of large meals. And eat only salad and soup at night.

• Dress in colorful clothes or the ones that suit your skin tone. Ask for your friends opinions to enhance your dressing style.

Hence, follow the above tips to enhance your overall look.


Diabetes Mellitus - Treat It With Homeopathic Approach!

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Delhi
Diabetes Mellitus - Treat It With Homeopathic Approach!

Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is referred to as a group of disorders that are characterized by a high blood sugar level. Diabetes mellitus occurs when the secretion of insulin (a pancreatic hormone responsible for converting the sugar from consumed foods into energy) is insufficient or the body cells do not properly respond to insulin. Insufficient secretion of insulin causes glucose formation in the bloodstream and mixes with the urine.

The psychological factors responsible for Diabetes Mellitus. In majority (not all), this disease originates with some recent stress in life. This disease is an epidemic in late thirties till Fifties. In this age, a person is productive in his profession and most of the time there are job or financial issues that play a very vital role in generating stress and hence Diabetes.

Mostly, in my practice patients reported, before developing Diabetes, a recent financial loss or strain, love disappointment, a betrayal, or fear of losing a job etc., Sedentary habits, diet and genetic factors are secondary. Homeopathy keeps such things in account before prescribing and in many cases Diabetes is reversible. There is a vast field of diabetic complications where Homeopathy has a LOT to offer. One of them is diabetic neuropathy. For example pain in soles, nerves, lack of energy, sexual dysfunction, mood disorders, diabetic ulcer etc.

Homeopathy For Diabetes-

In homeopathy, the main focus is on functioning of the pancreas in efficient insulin production. There are specific medicines which are used effectively in the treatment of all the stages of the diseases.

Homeopathic treatment can help improve the general health of a person with diabetes:

If a person with diabetes is in good health, his or her insulin requirements will be steady and the blood glucose well controlled at the same time. 

Homeopaths resort to different approaches towards diabetes Management of Blood Sugar. First is when the blood sugar level is very high, the priority is to control it and there are homeopathic remedies that could reduce the sugar.

Homeopathy regards health as a state of balancing the equilibrium of the life force. Whatever treatment is taken it’s always advisable to be in regular touch with the doctor and keep sharing the health status with the doctor. The homeopathic preparations useful for diabetes are as follows:

  1. Phosphoric acid: Useful remedy for diabetes with the symptoms of recurrent physical or mental exhaustion, loss of memory and numbness in the feet.

  2. Abroma Augusta: This homeopathic preparation is useful for diabetics who show the symptoms of polyuria, an increased sensation of hunger and weakness in the muscles.

  3. Syzygium Jambolanum: Useful in reducing the blood sugar level quickly and effectively. This homeopathic preparation is also useful to cure diabetics with the symptoms of polyuria, increased sensation of thirst and long-term ulcers.

  4. Gymnema Sylvestre: This Homeopathic preparation acts as a useful remedy for diabetics who are experiencing the symptoms of weight loss with a severe lack in energy levels.

  5. Uranium Nitricum: This homeopathic preparation is a useful cure for diabetes with the symptoms of depression, nausea, irregular urination, severe pain in the back, delayed menstrual periods in women, significant pain in the head and dry skin.

Septoplasty - Everything You Should Know About It!

ENT Specialist, Noida
Septoplasty - Everything You Should Know About It!

The nasal septum divides the nose into two nostrils or airways. When this septum is defective in structure or position, it can cause several physical difficulties like breathing problemssleep apneableedingsinusitis, etc. The surgery to correct the nasal septum is known as septoplasty. The surgery is very common and has a high rate of success.

Reason: When the bone and cartilage separating the two chambers is crooked and deformed, it prevents the air from flowing properly through either one of the nostrils. People suffering from this condition often breathe through their mouth and this leads to respiratory tract infections. So, the septum is fixed with the help of septoplasty.


  1. First, your medical history is taken. A thorough physical examination is conducted and the nose is photographed from the inside and the outside. You may also be asked to avoid medication like ibuprofennaproxen and aspirin for a few days since these can increase the bleeding after surgery.
  2. Septoplasty is performed under general or localized anesthesia and takes about 90 minutes. Incisions are made on the inside of the nose and the mucus membrane is lifted.
  3. Then, the pieces of cartilage that are affecting normal functioning are repositioned or removed.
  4. If the nasal bone is causing the septum to be wrongly aligned, then cuts are made on the bone and it is positioned correctly.
  5. Sometimes, cartilage grafts (called spreader grafts) are put in between the upper nose cartilage and the septum to widen the narrow nostril.
  6. After this, the mucus membrane is put back in place and stitched.

Post- surgical care: A nasal support is put inside the nose to help it heal and keep it straight. The support is removed after two days but there may be swelling and occasional nasal discharge for a few days. The tissues and cartilage become stable within 4 to 6 months. You are asked not to blow your nose or cough and sneeze too much as these might displace the nasal support. The head is to be kept at a higher level than the rest of the body while sleeping and physically demanding exercises are to be avoided in order to prevent nosebleeds.

Risks: Septoplasty is not performed if the patient had high level of blood sugar or high blood pressure. It is also delayed in case of any kind of infection in the nose, mouth or in the respiratory tract.

Infertility - How Do Ayurvedic Remedies Help You Out?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Ghaziabad
Infertility - How Do Ayurvedic Remedies Help You Out?

Fertility is a potential for reproduction. In other words, fertility is an ability to have babies or to reproduce. When fertility rate in a community, increases more babies are born. To produce an offspring it depends on age, health and other factors of the woman. When we talk about fertility rates it means the number of births that happen during a certain time period in a specific location. On the other end, lack of ability to reproduce is termed as infertility. There are various treatments to deal with fertility issues and one of the ancient and natural as well as a trusted treatment is Ayurveda.


Female infertility is caused due to structural problems like blocked fallopian tubes, a defect in cervical canal, uterine fibroids or polyps. Hormonal imbalance leading to ovulation problems too can cause infertility. In males. infertility may have anatomical, psychological, hormonal or lifestyle related causes. The cause of infertility in approximately 20% of couples can't be determined using the currently available methods of investigation. From Ayurvedic perspectives, shukra dhatu can get affected by various physical, mental causes and even by serious diseases. Poor quality shukra dhatu can cause infertility in males & females.


Failure to reproduce.

Ayurveda For Infertility:

Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems. It is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body and Spirit. The primary focus of Ayurvedic medicine is to promote good health, rather than fight disease. Fertility problems are increasing these days for many young couples. There are many factors which account for this like Lifestyle, delayed marriages, diet, etc. But Ayurveda not only does explain how to increase fertility with herbal supplements, but it also focuses on how to have healthy children.

For a pregnancy to be healthy and successful, a couple needs to take care of the following four essential factors:

  1. Sperm/Ovum (Seeds)
  2. Uterus (Soil)
  3. Nourishment (Water)
  4. Time for Conception (Timing of Sowing)

Reproductive health, in both men and women, depends on the health of the reproductive tissue or shukra dhatu. In women, shukra creates the ovum as part of the monthly cycle, and in men, the semen is formed due to sexual stimulation. The shukra is created as part of a long chain of metabolic transformations. It starts with the digestion of food, then goes on to the transformation of food to nutrient fluid, blood, muscle, fat, bone, bone marrow, and finally, to shukra tissue. Healthy shukra tissue, then, according to Ayurveda, depends on the health of all the other tissues in the body.

Foods to Nourish All Seven Dhatus (Bringhana):

  1. Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables
  2. Dairy proteins, including milk, lassi, and panir (a fresh cheese made of milk)
  3. Whole grains
  4. Mung dhal
  5. Soaked almonds or soaked walnuts
  6. Dried fruits such as dates, figs, and raisins
  7. Sweet, juicy fruits such as mangoes, peaches, plums, and pears
  8. If your digestion is strong, eat urad dhal (available at Indian grocery stores) cooked with equal parts turmericcumincoriander, and fennel.
  9. banana cooked in ghee, cinnamon and cardamom is a tasty and wholesome dessert for people with strong digestion.

Foods to Enhance the Reproductive Tissue (Vrishya):

  1. Asparagus
  2. Broccoli
  3. Milk
  4. Date-milk shake
  5. Mango milkshake
  6. Rice pudding

Spices such as ajwain powder, cumin (which purifies the uterus in women and the genitourinary tract in men), turmeric (to improve the interaction between hormones and targeted tissues), and black cumin.
In general, it's important to eat a wide variety of foods in order to receive all the essential nutrients. Keep trying new vegetables and fruits, and rotate your menus to make sure you're not eating the same thing day after day.

Neurological Disorder - Panchkarma Therapies To Help!

BAMS, MD (AM) , Panchakarma, Yoga
Ayurveda, Gurgaon
Neurological Disorder - Panchkarma Therapies To Help!

Neurological disorders may creep in due to many reasons. It may be due to degenerative diseases, accidents, other health conditions, birth defects or genetics. The most common form of disorder occurs due to non-functional brain cells in some parts, and loss of myelin sheath in neurons, which protects the nerve signals in their complete transfer from origin to destination. These losses are irreparable, but further degeneration can be avoided with Ayurveda. Panchakarma, the branch of Ayurveda, which deals with detoxification of the body and mind, especially helps. Over a period of time, it can bring back the lost sensation in nerves. Yoga, pranayama and Ayurvedic treatments lead to recovery and relief to a huge extent.

Important facts about Panchakarma
There are 3 important steps in Panchakarma, which are followed one after another to get the result. The main objective of Panchakarma is to detoxify the body. Virechanam, Vamanam, Sneha Vasti, Nasyam and Kashaya Vasti are the 5 folds in Panchakarma.

  • Poorvakarma or preparing the body, followed by Abhyangam or massage, followed by Elakizhi or herbal paste massage, and finally Podikizhi, or steam bathing makes the body ready for receiving further treatments.
  • Njavara Kizhi is the special treatment done in Panchakarma where the body is given a rice bolus massage to improve the joint and neuro functions.

What is Njavara Kizhi?
Njavara is a variety of rice, which is specially used for Ayurvedic treatment and massages. In this treatment, the rice is made into a pudding by boiling it with milk. This pudding is then made into boluses. The boluses are filled in muslin cloth, and then using these muslin bolus dabs, the whole body of the patient is massaged. This full-body massage has excellent effects on neurological and joint functions. The deep tissues within the body are rejuvenated. The treatment is carried on for 45 minutes to 60 minutes by therapists or experts. Another form of the treatment requires the rice to be made into a paste, and then the paste is applied all over the body. But this is more preferred for beautification.

Other effective therapies
Siro Vasti, Kati Vasti, Ela Kizhi and Nasyam are all different forms of Panchakarma treatment, which detoxify the body and mind and rejuvenate the body and nerve functions. But these treatments cannot be conducted on the body on your own. You need a masseur who must be a specialist in Ayurveda to do this for you. Hence contacting Ayurvedic clinics, doctors or experts would be the best to start the treatment.

Muscle Strains - Causes, Symptoms And Treatment!

Diploma In Orthopaedic, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Orthopedist, Mumbai
Muscle Strains - Causes, Symptoms And Treatment!

Muscle strain or muscle pull is a condition, which is characterized by damage to the muscles or its adjoining tendons. Undue pressure can be exerted on the muscle when you are carrying out routine activities such as the sudden lifting of heavy things or playing contact sports. The damage to the muscle is usually in the form of partial or complete tearing of the tendons and fibers attached to the muscles. The small blood vessels in the muscles can also be damaged by the tearing of the muscles, leading to local bleeding and bruising.

The symptoms of muscle pain are:
1. You will experience pain even while resting
2. There will be bruising, swelling and redness around the affected area
3. You will experience weakness of the muscles and tendons
4. The movement and mobility of the muscle will be impaired
5. You will experience pain when you use the affected muscles

The causes of a muscle strain are:
1. Playing contact sports can lead to injuries
2. Lifting heavy things
3. Exercising without a proper warm-up routine
4. Lifting extremely heavy weights during exercise without proper acclimatization
5. Sleeping on one side only for a long period of time
6. Not stretching properly
7. Falling from a height

The treatments for muscle strains are:
1. Pain medications: You can opt for pain-relieving medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications to help combat the associated pain of a muscle strain.
2. Rice: Rice stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. This treatment is usually the first step after suffering a strain, before opting for medications. This treatment prevents further aggravation of the problem.
3. Compress: You can alternate between hot and cold compress to reduce the swelling and pain.
4. Stretches: Once the affected area has healed, it is important for you to stretch the muscles to improve their mobility and strength.

Vaginal Vault Prolapse - How To Tackle It?

MBBS, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Diploma in Reproductive Medicine (Germany)
Gynaecologist, Navi Mumbai
Vaginal Vault Prolapse - How To Tackle It?

Vaginal Vault Prolapse is the condition where the upper portion of vagina may lose its normal shape and drop or sag down into the vaginal canal or maybe even outside the vagina. This may occur after a hysterectomy or even simultaneously with uterine prolapse. 

The treatment of vaginal vault prolapse varies with the severity and extremity of your symptoms. Your health care provider may suggest medications and physical therapy to treat your condition if you feel that the prolapse is not bothersome. However, you might have to undergo surgery later if your symptoms worsen and the prolapse affects your quality of life and hinders functional ability.  You must keep in mind that usually more than one area is affected by weakness in your pelvic floor. 

The symptoms of Vaginal Vault Prolapse include- backache, pelvic heaviness, bulging mass into or sometimes outside your vagina that hinders normal activities such as walking and sitting, vaginal bleeding and releasing urine involuntarily. 


1. Medication
Most of the women with this condition usually go through menopause around the same time. Since the estrogen levels are severely lowered during menopause, it causes vaginal dryness. Discussing about estrogen therapy with your health care provider is a must if you wish to remedy your vaginal dryness. Not every woman should take estrogen so it is imperative to talk to a medical expert first. Usually women are treated with estrogens before they go into surgery.

2. Physical Therapy
Most health care experts recommend pelvic floor exercises as physical therapy using biofeedback so as to strengthen the specific muscles of your pelvic floor. Biofeedback is the usage of monitoring devices that contain sensors and are placed either in your rectum, vagina or on your skin. Biofeedback is very important because it tells you the strength of each muscle you are squeezing i.e. contractions, and if you are squeezing the right muscles in order to perform the exercise correctly. Long term usage of biofeedback in physical therapy leads to strengthening of your muscles and a reduction in your symptoms. 

3. Surgery
Corrective surgery may be performed on you by the surgeon either through the abdomen or vagina. If the surgeon is performing the corrective surgery through the vagina, he will use the ligaments which support the uterus to solve the problem.          

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Hello I had been going through a lot from past two years, I do not know whats wrong but I had sudden palpitations, the first thing when I wake up is in a state of panic and anxiety. I have to rush to bathroom to defecate, I consulted a doctor and he suggested me its chemical imbalance and he put me on serta 50 & nexito forte twice daily, added nortriptyline 25 mg once daily, then added modalert 200 to keep me awake during the day, its crazy I am 30, I have two kids and a job, I had not been myself since taking these medications and its not improved, I sulked in and now I have fear resting deep in me regarding losing my job, death what will happen after death, will I have a heart attack or cancer or I do not know. When I see someone casually my first thought without me thinking is about his death, how will his family respond to loss of a near one. If its depression, health anxiety, panic attacks, stress or any other mental disorder it should had been improved by now. I smoke from a long time and its not so easy to quit every time I visit I am asked to quit smoking, but will that change my condition. Is there anyone out there who could offer me a helping hand not as a doctor but as friend someone who really cares that I am the bread earner for my family. I do not want to take these medications forever and ever, live with a confused, dizzy state of mind and weight gain affecting my work life balance. I am on sertraline 50 twice a day escitalopram 20 mg & clonazepam 1 mg - twice a day nortriptyline - 25 mg once day flupentixol - once a day zolfresh 10 - once daily. Modafinil -200 mg once daily.

PhD - Psychology
Psychologist, Patna
I had been going through a lot from past two years, I do not know whats wrong but I had sudden palpitations, th...
If you take online psychological treatment with some medication that will give you better results for the removal of your problem actually you have phobiatic anxiety and depression and it can be removed through online process within three weeks.

Green coffee is good for weight loss. Can I take green coffee for weight loss is it safe.

Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE), Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (DNYS), Certificate course in nutrition and dietics, DMAT
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Dehradun
Green coffee is good for weight loss. Can I take green coffee for weight loss is it safe.
Hello lybrate-user, yes green coffee is good for wt loss. But if you want to lose weight, you have to follow proper diet plan and workout. For any assistance you can contact me thanks.

I have abortion on 20 january with d& c.but still not getting period. Then I consult the Dr. and she suggest me to take meprate for 5 days ,twice a daily. So I took meprate on 5 february. But period not come yet now. So after abortion total days are 58. And I have no physical relation with my husband after the abortion because the fear of infection .plz help me.

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Kolkata
I have abortion on 20 january with d& c.but still not getting period. Then I consult the Dr. and she suggest me to ta...
It often happens that after abortion the periods become irregular for the first few cycles. Do not worry. However, need some investigations as its been two months. Get a usg lower abdomen done. Blood for 1) hb% 2) tsh 3) prl following the investigations, medicines can be given which will lead to periods.
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