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Dr. V K Dwivedi


Ayurveda, Delhi

6 Years Experience  ·  0 at clinic
Dr. V K Dwivedi BAMS Ayurveda, Delhi
6 Years Experience  ·  0 at clinic
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Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; a......more
Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; as a health provider being ethical is not just a remembered value, but a strongly observed one.
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Dr. V K Dwivedi is a trusted Ayurveda in New Ashok Nagar, Delhi. He has over 6 years of experience as a Ayurveda. He has done BAMS . He is currently associated with Ajay Clinic And Diagnostic Centre in New Ashok Nagar, Delhi. Book an appointment online with Dr. V K Dwivedi on has top trusted Ayurvedas from across India. You will find Ayurvedas with more than 26 years of experience on You can find Ayurvedas online in Delhi and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


BAMS - Sri Raghavendrachar College, Gaya Patna, - 2011
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Sir i regularly going to gym everyday and workouts for 1 hour compulsory.In the night having chappathies instead of rice ,but my belly is not reducing.

PGDD, RD, Bachelor of Home Science
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
, There is no relationship between belly fat and rice. Eat what you have grown up eating and what your body is familiar with. Eat an early meal.
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8 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Exercise Regularly

MD - Bio-Chemistry, MBBS
General Physician, Ahmedabad
8 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Exercise Regularly

Some of the advantages of exercising regularly are known to all and these include weight loss and better blood circulation. However, the benefits of exercise aren’t just limited to the obvious. A few other not so obvious as well as a few surprising reasons are mentioned as follows.

  1. Corrects your posture: Having a good posture is much more than just aesthetics. A good or bad posture determines your overall health in many ways. Having bad posture may result in localized problems, such as spinal deformities and vertigo among others and may also lead to muscles loss over a prolonged period. Exercising helps in improving your posture by strengthening bones and muscles in your back as well as the spine.

  2. Improves memory: One of the not so obvious benefits of exercising is that it improves your memory. The connection may not seem so obvious, but exercising also improves blood circulation and supply of oxygen to all the body parts including the brain, which results in better memory.

  3. Helps maintain and improve the immune system: The immune system within your body helps fight all the intruders and toxins that may cause an infection or illness. Exercising not only helps to maintain it, but boost it as well. As a result, you will fall sick less often and your immunity will stay strong even as you age.

  4. Ensures your bones remain strong: Bone loss and other related disorders are a fact of life and become more pronounced as you age. However, exercising can curb the rate of decay and help in making your bones stronger. It is important to know that bone strengthening exercises are not the same for all ages and they need to be adapted as per the requirement.

  5. Helps you have better sex: Exercising will help improve your blood circulation, muscle mass, mood and will keep you active. The endocrine glands are forced to work harder to produce hormones to maintain muscle mass and this also contributes to better sexual functioning. Exercising will help keep your sex drive high and help you have better sex by keeping you fit.

  6. Ensures better sleep: Many of the sleep related disorders caused in the body are due to inactivity and lack of physical exertion. Once you start exercising, the physical exertion will help you get to sleep and also regulate your circadian rhythm or daily sleep and wake cycles.

  7. Reduces stress and anxiety: Exercising releases endorphins which help improve your mood and help in reducing stress and anxiety. This in turn can help reduce hypertension and blood pressure, thus helping in controlling other related disorders.

  8. Builds confidence: Exercising will improve your overall appearance and thus, help you have more confidence due to a better body image. However, it also helps by making you feel accomplished as you incrementally push your physical limits while exercising. This will spill over into every aspect of your life and help you be successful or deal with failure better. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor.

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I am 22 year girl from Nagpur. I have cavity problem and bleeding problem of teeth and my teeth look yellow from inside as well as outside. please help.

Dentist, Pune
Dear lybrate-user cavities if corrected in early stages can save lot of time and money for you. So find a dentist and correct it. Bleeding is never comed from teeth it comes always from gums so you probably need a good cleaning and polishing of your teeth at dental office. That ideally should reduce your yellowness too.
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I am suffering from hair fall since 3 months I have gone through many tests even thyroid but all the results are good and even I got sick last month normal food digestion problem hair fall got increased now even dandruff . Please suggest me what to do I lost much hair till now I can't loose more please advise any remedy for that.

CCP, MBA, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Karnal
Hairfall can be due to many reasons, like excessive pitta in the body or sinus problem or loss of asthi dhatu. So proper treatment is necessary according to symptoms. So please see some ayurveda physician near you personally. Till then you can try these home remedies. 1) start taking 1 amla everyday. 2) Apply paste of trifla, bhringraj & methi seeds on head before washing & wash after 1 hr. 3) Increase the qty of milk & ghee in your diet. 4) Have a good sleep. 5) Go for shirodhara, a panchakarma treatment for reduced stress & better hair growth 6) Reduce the amount of salt & spices in your daily diet 7) wash hair with trifla & neem kadha 8) Make a Hair pack mixing fine powders of triphalā 50 gm, nāgaramothā 10 gm, methī seeds 40 gm and mehendī or hīnā (Lowsonia inermis) powder 150 gm in water and apply from the root to the tips of the hair. This pack is kept for about 2 hrs and washed clean. 9) Take 1/3rd cup of aloe vera juice daily 10) Alcoholic drinks have animosity with good hair so you should better avoid it.
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My hair is going down easy and fast due to the dandruff how I can protect my hair from damage.

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Specialist, Faridabad
Hi Lybrate user. There are many reasons for hair fall i. E. Heredity, hormones imbalance and fungal infections (scalp infections), few medicine’s side effects i. E. Cancer medicines, arthritis, heart, high B. P. Birth control pills, high intake vitamin A medicine, depression/ stress, radiations’s side effects, weak immune system, There are few tests for hair fall i. E. Hormones tests, pull tests, scal biopsy. There are few treatments i. E. Medicines, hormones therapy, laser therapy. Wings and hair pieces for baldness. Always used alovera shampoo daily. Avoid cosmetic shampoos. Eat green veg. Dry fruits, vit. B 12, vit. C fruits. Coconuts oil also apply on hair. Drink mineral water. Avoid stress. Do Checkup testosterone, thyroid profile. Vit. B 12, vit. A,
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I'm 19 and I can say I'm losing my hair on the front part of the scalp and also hair is getting thinner at the crown position. I've been doing shower (daily head bath without shampoo) since 14 and started applying hair gels at 16. My paternal grandfather has bald head and even my dad has some signs of getting bald head, does it have anything to do with me losing hair? And most importantly how to prevent this. Losing hair? And also to have a strong neat scalp?

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hi. Let me tell you about hairfall. In layman's language, hairfall can be divided into 2 types - temporary hairfall and permanent (which is called as 'Hairloss' rather). In temporary hairfall, hair grows back again from the same hair root, but in case of permanent hairloss, may be because of formation of DHT (Di- Hydro -Testosterone) around hair root it gets choked up, subsequently affects the blood supply to the hair and thus hair root is lost forever. (There are different pattern and types of hairloss, because of different reasons like Alopecia Areata, Telogen Effluvium, Scarring Alopecia, Traction Alopecia, etc.) Causes of hairloss: Many factors are responsible formation of this DHT or male/ female pattern baldness - hereditary, post-illness/ ailment, post-delivery, post- chemotherapy, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, insufficient sleep, sudden loss of weight, stress/ tensions/ excessive anger, use of bore water, any other underlying diseases, etc. Management: Take diet rich in protein like non-veg., eggs, pulses, legumes, sprouts, nuts (sp. walnut and almonds), iron-rich food like green vegetables, also take flaxseeds, green tea, soyabean, fruits, salads, etc. Take proper 6-9hrs of sound sleep. Give up the habit of smoking and excessive alcohol intake. Avoid junk food and any kind of beverages (tea, coffee, aerated drinks, cold drinks, etc.) Avoid canned/ tinned food or food that contains preservatives (eat fresh ones). Avoid use of hard water to wash the head rather use boiled water for head wash. Avoid use of harsh hair colour, hair treatment like rebonding, straightening, perming, etc. Avoid vigorous exercises or any supplements provided by the gym! Use Rose wood/ any wooden hair comb to brush your hair. Regular exercising is also one of the important point, but should be done under some good, qualified yoga teacher or instructor for proper guidance; it also releases the stress/ tension in the mind and the body and keeps you FIT and YOUNG!! Medication: Take homoeopathic Rx - Schwabe's Wiesbaden 200 & Alfalfa Tonic twice a day for 1 month and revert. Also, use Schwabe's Arnica shampoo and Hair Growth oil regularly as per the condition of your scalp (minimum 3 times a week). After shampooing, use Bakson's Arnica Hair conditioner as well after every head wash. Apart from thistake Follihair tablets (multivitamin) - 1 tab. daily once for 1 month. (N.B.: With the help of homoeopathic medicines, we can only prevent further progress of the hairloss, means it will get arrests in the present condition in case of progressive baldness. But, in case there are areas of baldness which has gone smooth and shiny, you will have to choose an option of Hair Transplant along with theses medications!). Investigations advised: Get your blood tested for (empty stomach) - CBC, S. Iron, S. Folic acid, S. Ferritin, S. Calcium, S. Vitamin D3, S. Vitamin B12. If there is any family history of Thyroid dysfunction, get Thyroid function test done as well.
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I am 33 year old and I have diabetes. Is there any permanent cure for this problem?

Advanced Aesthetics
Ayurveda, Gulbarga
No permanent treatment its controllable. You start ayurvedic treatment madhumardan churna and hyponidd tab regularly. Any queries inform me.
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Is getting more sweat is a symptom of getting heart diseases And is there any possibility of strengthening of our body with in a few days.

M B A(Hospital Management), Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration, M D, Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Unani Specialist, Bangalore
The causes for excessive sweating should be properly investigated to know the reason, your body needs proper use of the essential food items along with the regular exercise and sound mental health.
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Diabetic - How Insulin Therapy Can Help?

Post Graduate Program In Diabetologist, MBBS
Diabetologist, Mumbai
Diabetic - How Insulin Therapy Can Help?

What is insulin therapy?
Insulin is a hormone that is responsible for keeping the level of sugar in the blood under control. It is the primary therapy used for the treatment of any type of diabetes. The dependence on insulin depends on the balance between the actual production of insulin in the body and the resistance of the body cells to the insulin produced. People, who suffer from diabetes type 1, need insulin injections lifelong. The requirement for insulin therapy in people suffering from type 2 diabetes solely depends upon the declining function of the beta-cells over time.

What are the types of insulin available in the market?
The various types of insulin available in the market are:

  1. Rapid acting insulin: The onset of action in this type of insulin is rapid and it lasts for a short duration, about two hours.
  2. Short acting or regular insulin: The onset of action is moderate, and it starts acting within half an hour, and the duration of action ranges from 3 to 6 hours.
  3. Intermediate acting insulin: It takes about 2 to 4 hours for the onset of action of this type of insulin and the effect can remain for about 18 hours.
  4. Long acting insulin: The duration of action of this type of insulin can last up to about an entire day.

How is it taken?
Insulin injections can be self-injected using a syringe, a needle, a cartridge system, or a pre-filled pen system. Devices for inhaling insulin, quick-acting insulin and insulin pumps are also available at medical stores and pharmacies. Insulin is injected subcutaneously, into your muscles. Try to ensure that you inject around the same area every time, but choose a different spot to ensure less scarring. The best areas to inject insulin are thighs, buttocks, arms and belly. If you take regular insulin, it is advised to take it half an hour before a meal.

What are the possible side effects?

  1. Low blood sugar level
  2. Scars and lumps from extensive usage of insulin injection
  3. Rashes can be found in the area the insulin is injected or sometimes, all over the body
  4. Weight gain when you start using insulin initially 

    If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an endocrinologist.

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Does olive oli prevent heart disease? Dose sugar cause hyperactivity? Do sugar soft drinks lead to diabetes?

M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
Olive oil mainly used for salad dressing. It is good for heart but its more good when you use good heart of doctor's choice company 20-25 ml / day for cooking.
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From past one month i'm suffering irregular periods I had my periods on last week of july then again in First week of august I saw little spotting of blood for maybe 2 days then I had normal periods that were scheduled to be around 20 or 22august but I got them on 19-23august but now since 1sep again I have little bleeding continuing till now and sometimes it pains in my back n lower abdomentoo I had physical relations with my husband I maximum times used ipill rather than condom maybe thrice in a month what further should I do how can I get my normal period cycle back.

Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Bangalore
Dear Lybrate user, One should not use ipill so frequently. It is an emergency pill and should be used as an emergency measure only. One should use contraceptive measures. Ipill causes menstrual disturbances. That is the likely cause of irregular periods in your case.
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My Father is 67 years OLD and is suffering from Rumetoid arthritis. The knees does not have grease anymore and doctors are prescribing the replacement as a solution. Also his hands are in distressed state, they move but restricted. Question -1) Is there a solution to his condition. 2) Is knee replacement a successful solution and whts the cost for it. Thanks.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
Myself is a homoeopath with 20 years of experience besides me.I dont want to assure you or want to make heavy claim, that I can treat RA problemof your father but yes I have come across a no. of such cases with very good ressults and if you have faith in homoeopathy or dont have a faith in homoeopathy,let surgery be the last option but I will advise you to surely opt for this homoeopathictreatment with full faith.Consult me with full details regarding the problem
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Hi . I am 26. I eat sensibly. But whatever fat intake I have, my body tends to store it. I can eat less at a time bt I feel hungry frequently. Even I push my body to limits in cardio exercises, still my waistline does not seem to fade away. A week off from exercise n my belly looks big. Even my double chin. I weigh 65 kgs and it is not going down a bit. I am tired of my waistline n belly chubbiness. Please suggest something.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Navi Mumbai
Hi for reduced weight you should work out as per you consume calories and it will take time just continue work out. Take following remedies for loosing weight 1.arogya vardhini vati 2 tab before lunch and dinner 2. Abhayarishta 4 tsp before lunch nad dinner 3. Morning break fast=mung dal green soup 1 boul and if feel hunger have pomegranate or apple 4.lunch 2 chaati + fruit vegetable + if you like rice 1 bowl and dal + barley soup 5. Evening 4-5 pm have some milk with sunth or any fruit you like 6. Dinner barley soup 2 bowl and one fruit follow this diet you will get reduced weight.
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My skin is so oily and before 20 days ago I have started use of skin shine cream and I got some bad results like white dot at all over face .so now what I do to clean my face skin. please help me to solve my problem.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Pune
Oily skin is due to poor digestion of oil oily products by body correction in body by medication is solution for your problem avoid too much oil oily food in diet without internal body correction there is no permanent solution for this for more consult privetly.
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Hi sir. I've got some yellow shades on my tooth. My parents also had that thing. Can you suggest me some natural or herbal cures.

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
Kindly consult a dentist in person for further suggestion. We need more investigations to decide upon treatment. You may need deep cleaning along with whitening (bleaching) procedures and / or artificial enamel filling. Advance procedures can be done with laser. Home bleach for the teeth here is home remedy for brighter teeth--- mix several teaspoons of baking soda with enough fresh lemon juice (or water) to make a paste. Wipe your teeth and any extra saliva off of them with a paper towel. Put a good amount of paste onto your toothbrush and apply. Leave the paste on for 1 minute, then rinse, so as to avoid the acid affecting enamel. If you are using just water you can leave it on for up to 3 minutes. For faster result you can go for teeth bleaching from dentist. You may consult me in person. Dental tips: - visit a dentist every six months. Gargle your mouth thoroughly after every meal. Scrub gently to clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner. Floss all your teeth inter dentally & brush twice daily, morning & night, up & down short vertical strokes, with ultra-soft bristles, indicator brush.
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I am just 32 and my hairs are becoming white very rapidly and this problem is not only with the head hairs it is also with my chest hairs. All the hairs are becoming white very rapidly. Do we have any medicine which can help me to turn my hairs black again or any other options.

B.Sc. - Dietitics / Nutrition, Nutrition Certification,Registered Dietitian
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
1. Use mild shampoo to wash hair (you can make your own shampoo using reetha and shikakai at home) 2. Stop using conditioners. Use natural conditioners like Egg, Yougurt and Lemon. 3. Massage your scalp with a mix of oils like olive, coconut, sesame, castor oil at night. 4. Apply raw amla juice on hair thrice a week. 5.Rub your scalp with the juice of white onion. 6.Use a paste of bhringraj on hair. 7.You can use some good hair packs like - fenugreek and yogurt, egg and green tea. 8.You can rinse your hair with organic apple cider vinegar after washing your hair to maintain ph balance of your hair. 9.Hair health depends on the amount of protein in your diet. Foods like chicken, eggs, fish, nuts, dry fruits gives you the required nutrients to keep your skin and hair healthy. So consume plenty of them. Eat things rich in Vitamin C like amla and oranges. 10.Drink lots of water to flush out toxins from the body.
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How to fill up the holes caused due to the pimples on face? Date: 23 May 2012 Group: Health Category: Beauty Due to the pimples on face there are made much more small and big holes which looks very ugly. Now the pimples are gone but the holes still remain. So suggest me effective cream and also suggest me some home remedies. Give me the cream name which you have experienced.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hello, * take, plenty of water to moisten your skin. * go for meditation to reduce your stress and to nourish your skin with oxygenated blood to your facial skin. * take, proteinous diet. * avoid, junk food, dust, smoke, alcohol, smoking **home-care** @ thuja occ 30-6 pills, thrice a day @ calendula q -10 drops, with 1/4 cup of water, clean your face twice a day. Report, fortnightly. All the best.
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I am 24 years old boy I have back pain and join pain on my body on every evening. And I have fever and cold. So tell me some well treated medicines.

Physiotherapist, Noida
Back Bhujang Asana – Lie flat on your stomach, keeping the palms out, bend the neck backward, take a deep breath and while holding it for 6 seconds, raise the chest up. Release breath and relax your body. Repeat the exercise 15 times twice daily.
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I am 35 years old I have pain in my knees due to standing in a shop for 8 hours please tell how to cure this?

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics
Orthopedist, Delhi
Sleep on a hard bed with soft bedding on it. Kindly take BioD3 Max 1 tab dailyx10 Paracetamol 250mg OD & SOS x5days Make sure you are not allergic to any of the medicines you are going to take Do not ignore it.It could be beginning of a serious problem.If no relief in 4_5 days,then contact me again.
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