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Dr. Surabhi Garg

MBBS, Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP)

Pathologist, Delhi

14 Years Experience  ·  300 at clinic
Dr. Surabhi Garg MBBS, Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) Pathologist, Delhi
14 Years Experience  ·  300 at clinic
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I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning....more
I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning.
More about Dr. Surabhi Garg
Dr. Surabhi Garg is a trusted Pathologist in New Ashok Nagar, Delhi. He has helped numerous patients in his 14 years of experience as a Pathologist. He studied and completed MBBS, Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) . He is currently associated with Aure Pathology Laboratory in New Ashok Nagar, Delhi. Book an appointment online with Dr. Surabhi Garg on has top trusted Pathologists from across India. You will find Pathologists with more than 25 years of experience on You can find Pathologists online in Delhi and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


MBBS - - 2003
Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) - - 2009
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Indian Medical Association (IMA)


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I have a pain in my left side of the body. From left side waist to left leg toe. If I stand or work for long time then it get pain specially surface of toe.

Diploma in Acupuncture, Pranic Healing, MD - Acupuncture
Acupuncturist, Bangalore
It appears you are suffering from sciatica pain. This can be treated by a acupuncturist in your area. If not pl consult me. I shall provide the guidance / treatment.
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I am suffering fro cough in my chest before two weeks and also from fever and pain in my body also.

PG Diploma in Emergency Medicine Services (PGDEMS), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Alternate Medicine
Ayurveda, Ghaziabad
Take pranacharya kasantak syrup 2-2 tsf in hot water twice a day...Take sitopaladi..praval and tankan bhasm churna with honey 3-4 times a day...take ginger black pepper and basil leaves tea.. ..gargle with hot water(salted) avoid milk...cold drinks....take hot water steam.......
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I suffered with chicken guniya last 4 months back. Still I have body pain's. What I do.

General Physician, Mumbai
For pain take tablet paracetamol 650 mg and Take tablet folvite 5mg once a day and tablet vitaminD (60000iu) once a week for six months
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Sir last one month se mere peron ke talvo me bahut jayada dard hai. Kabhi kabhi to walk krna bhi mushkil ho jata hai. Maine apna uric acid test krwaya jo 8.29 mg aaya hai. Kya ye normal hai. Isme koi diet plan bhi hota hai ki kya khana chahiye or kya nhi. Please muje advise kre. Or ye kis karan ho rha hai.

Dear lybrate user, your serum uric acid level is higher than normal level. Protein is one of the most vital nutritional substances which are required for human body. Almost every high protein diet contains purine. This purine produces uric acid on oxidation. Excess uric acid is accumulated at the joints of human beings as urate salts. This accumulation of urate salts lead to pain & swelling of those affected joints & this condition is clinically known as gout. You should avoid high protein rich diet like mutton, chicken, beef, eggs, sea fish, spinach, garden pea, tomato, lentils etc. Also you need to take homoeopathic mother tincture urtica urens q, 30 drops, thrice daily, after meals, in a cup of water. This medicine will help to dissolve the accumulated excess urate salts from the joints.
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I want tell the about full body pain and this problem increasing day by day but not relief tell me solution of this problem?

General Physician, Jalgaon
Please Avoid pain killers Wake up early go for morning walk in greenery daily Do yogasanas and pranayam daily Take Tab Re_osto by Himalaya 1... 1 for 3 mths Sy lohasav 10 ml twice daily with water for 3 mths Tab mahayograj guggul 2... 2 Cap cytoneck E R. 15 1 for few days only.
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I am 28 year old and I feel acidity and body pain since last 3 months. What should i do?

Homeopath, Sindhudurg
Homoeopathic treatment- bio combination no 25 -4 pills 3 times digestone syrup 2 spoonful 3 time. Helps relieve acute/chronic acidity with heart burn, flatulence, nausea, regurgitation of food and pain or pressure in stomach. For 8 days and revert back.
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Hello sir/mam, I am shanthi of age 47. I just had my uterus operation 1years back. And also I never lift any heavy weight objects. But I have leg pain, wrist pain and sometimes body pain if I do kitchen works. Is it paining since im doing work or any other reason?

PGDD, RD, Bachelor of Home Science
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Hye. Thanks for the query. It's possible you are deficient nutrients needed for bone health. Get your calcium, vitamin D checked.
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Hi I am 32 year old female with a 7 years of kid I am suffering from leg pain above the ankle join. Dr. given nervijen capsules. Kindly suggest me.

General Physician, Gurgaon
Hello, 1. You can apply volini gel 1% local application twice a day for 3-5 days 2. Hot fomentation twice a day for 3 days I am giving to some common reasons for leg pain 1. Generalized weakness 2. Anaemia 3. Physical exertion and any trauma 4. Lack of protein in diet 5. Any infection present on leg or foot 6. Muscle weakness 7. Abrupt start/ stop of physical exercise 8. Vit d and calcium deficiency kindly consult physician for further management.
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I am using combiflam with zinetac tab for body pains daily morning and restyle 0.5 mg three tabs at 10.00 PM for sleeping are there any side effects if so what kind of side effects pl. Let me know without side effect medicine for the above problems.

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Chennai
yes daily combiflam will destroy your kidney and restyl will shrink your brain (produce early dementia, worsen mood, disinhibited behavior, withdrawal seizures,..etc), and daily zintac will make ur stomach without normal acid needed for food digestion. You need a psychiatric consultation to oversome these problems
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My wife is very thin and weak.If she work little bit and pain start in her body.Advice me what treatment should we give her. Thanks.

BHARAT JYOTI, MRACGP, INCEPTOR, MD-PhD, MD - Psychiatry, FIPS, Fellow of Academy of General Education (FAGE), DPM, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Bangalore
You need to check blood tests and also if she is eating well. Based on full history i can advise you.
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My mom 30 years old sometimes getting pain in her body and feet I want to know the solution.

Alternative Medicine Specialist, Mumbai
First of all, make sure that your mom gets time for some relaxation for 15 mins. In those 15 mins, let her lie on the bed with no noise around and make her close her eyes. Then you apply some almond oil softly with the tip of your fingers around both her eyes for 10 mins and on her feet for 5 mins. Make the room cooler with air conditioning or high speed fan! spread some fragrance by a good quality room freshener and tell your mom to sleep with her hands open facing the ceiling. After 15 mins she will feel rejuvenated with much less pain! she can then take hot tea with ginger and restart her work. The most important thing. Do not give or let others give her any stress or tension which can scare her and eventually that will reflect in her bodily pains and the cycle will go on! so, now you take care of your mom like a mom daily for 15 mins and see the difference.
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I am 23 year old female last 4 month always my body paining, in some days fever also coming then and dr also given only tables same days are ok then agen same problem, then what should I do ?

Dentist, Mumbai
Get your self proper check up done by your family doctor who will find out the basic cause of body ache, he will advise to get blood test done for any other problem, get hot water bath and avoid cold.
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My toe is paining from long time there is no red ness or swelling on outer side what must be done.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hello, you might be suffering from raised level of uric acid, causing toe- pain. Tk, plenty f water to eliminate toxins and to regulate metabolism. Tk homoeo medicines me: @ acid benzoic 30-6 polls, thrice a day. @ rhus tox 200-6 pills, thrice, orally. Avoid, caffiene, nicotine, alcohol, junkfood, cold intake. Tk care.
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I had fever with body pain and leg, foot pain past 3 weeks back. But till today my foot is paining. Pain comes when I sit for long time and at the time of wake up from sleep. No fever now but only pain exists. What I need to do?

CCP, MBA, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Karnal
Simply massage some sesame oil on the foot and dip it in hot water. After that tie it well. The pain will be gone. Also try having 2 tsf cow ghee in 1 glass of hot milk. It will relax the pain.
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I am 54 year executive working in Public sector, I suffer acute body pain in morning hours, during day it is ok. I have cervical spondilysis form last 10 years.

General Physician, Mumbai
Get your blood checked for cbc uric acid levels and also start with Tablet folvite 5mg once a day for six months and tablet vitamin D3 60000iu once a week for six months
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My wife is suffering from heel pain from last 2 years. The pain is severe while she wakes up in the morning and put her foot on ground later it subsides to some extent. We tried physiotherapy but very small relief occurred. What is the cure. Which therapy would be best?

M.B.S.(HOMEO), MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Visakhapatnam
Plantar fascitis is inflammation of the plantar fascia or arch tendon of the foot. It is an overuse injury causing heel pain which may radiate forward into the foot. Plantar fasciitis can also be known as a heel spur although they are not strictly the same. A heel spur is a bony growth that occurs at the attachment of the plantar fascia to the heel bone (calcaneus). A heel spur can occur (with repetitive pulling of the plantar fascia) on a foot with no symptoms at all and a painful heel can have no heel spur present. Treatment: shoes: wear shoes with heels made from soft rubber instead of leather and replace them regularly. Footwear selection is also an important criteria when treating heel pain. The right shoes can play a major role in relieving discomfort. Use homeopathic remidy rhustox 200 three doses for three days.
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Hi, I am 25 years old female suffering from cold with shivering fever for last 2 days followed by headache and body pain. Having past history of low blood pressure of 100/50. please suggest.

MD - Alternative Medicine
Alternative Medicine Specialist, Mumbai
Hello, bc 11 2 tab 4 times a day for 4 days take rest, avoid cold drink, spicy n oily foods take only fruits, steam vegetable n soup for 10 days stay healthy - naturally.
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I have so much pain on my body n may days it can not be resolved what should I do give mi the medicine.

Homeopath, Delhi
Hello, you can take homoeopathic medicine rhus tox 30 (4 drops in little water) thrice a day for a week and update.
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I have feel fever from three day and my body ache fully, please suggest me any medicine.

AUTLS, CCEDM, MD - Internal Medicine, MBBS
General Physician, Faridabad
Fever is not considered medically significant until body temperature is above 100.4 F (38 C). Fever serves as body's natural defences against bacteria and viruses which cannot live at higher temperatures. Also, the body's defence mechanisms seem to work more efficiently at a higher temperature -Fevers of 104 F (40 C) or higher may be dangerous and demand immediate treatments like: -Acetaminophen (dolo-650 mg) twice or thrice can be used to lower a fever . Aspirin should not be used for fever in children/ adolescents or during a viral illness. -Wear loose fitting clothes and don’t overdress. Overdressing can cause temperature to rise further. -Tepid water (85 F [30 C]) baths may help bring down a fever  -The body should be cooled with a wet sponge. -A fever can cause severe dehydration. Drink plenty of fluids.. Have citrus fruits, particularly Vitamin C rich ones like mausami, Amla juice etc.  -Take light and easily digestible home cooked meals like sprouts.avoid outside food -Wash hands frequently with soap and water especially after returning from public places or public transport.  -Further therapy depends on the cause of fever like urinary infection/typhoid or malaria/dengue infection and the accompanying symptoms that need to be investigated and treated accordingly
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