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Dr. Sharda Bratha Ghosh

Gynaecologist, New Delhi

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Dr. Sharda Bratha Ghosh Gynaecologist, New Delhi
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My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
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Dr. Sharda Bratha Ghosh is an experienced Gynaecologist in Vasant Kunj, Delhi. She is currently practising at Dr Sharda Bratha Ghosh's Clinic in Vasant Kunj, Delhi. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Sharda Bratha Ghosh on has a number of highly qualified Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 31 years of experience on Find the best Gynaecologists online in Delhi. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Hi we got married in 2014 and used precautions for 1 year after that on regular basis we are doing intercourse but my wife is not getting pregnant. Dr. Said eggs is not developing fully. So today she gave fertomid 50, normoz, divafol, feris 100. May I know what kind of medicine they are and for which purpose?

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
Hi we got married in 2014 and used precautions for 1 year after that on regular basis we are doing intercourse but my...
Fertomid tablets 50mg are used to treat infertility in women who are having problems conceiving because their ovaries are not functioning correctly so that they are not ovulating (a condition known as anovulation), but who have no other obvious cause for infertility, and whose partner is fertile. Fertomid tablets 50mg restore the normal function of the ovaries, allowing an egg to mature and be released (ovulation), which can then be fertilised. Fertomid tablets 50mg are also used to restore normal menstrual cycle in women with irregular ovulation or amenorrhoea due to several causes, including taking oral contraceptives or polycystic ovary syndrome. Fertomid tablets are also used to treat male infertility by increasing sperm production in men with low sperm count (but only at a lower dose of 25mg).Normoz Tablet is a medicine that is used for the treatment of Improper nutrition, Vitamin D deficiency, Diabetes, High cholesterol and other conditions. Other two are vitamins and iron for blood formation
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Whenever I start sex with my husband like kiss oral sex or breast suck my vagina is very wet & I lost my virginity 4 month ago nw problem is whenever I sex with he m feel very painful and vagina wet problem what should I do? Give me advice n treatment?

DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), DGO, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Hyderabad
Whenever I start sex with my husband like kiss oral sex or breast suck my vagina is very wet & I lost my virginity 4 ...
hi it's common symptoms during early days of coitus so nothing to will resolve vy time Thanks
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Hii I m two months pregnant and my height is 5.4" and my recent weight is 75 kg. I want to know that this weight is ok or it may increased more in coming months. What diet I should flow with this weight? Pls reply soon.

MBBS (Gold Medalist, Hons), MS (Obst and Gynae- Gold Medalist), DNB (Obst and Gynae), Fellow- Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (ACOG, USA), FIAOG
Gynaecologist, Kolkata
I m two months pregnant and my height is 5.4" and my recent weight is 75 kg. I want to know that this weight is ...
It depends all on your rate of gain in weight- single weight has little value. usually we advise 2 kg weight gain per month
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I miss my period 10 day and I am still virgin its ist time I miss period and I feel head pain and lower stomach pain when I pick heavy thinks please tell me what is this problem?

International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, BHMS
I miss my period 10 day and I am still virgin its ist time I miss period and I feel head pain and lower stomach pain ...
tak conium 3c 3tims aday for 5 days kali br 12c one dos a day for 4 days aur mur na. 12c sam abov puls 30 one dos per dy for 3days
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If we take tablets like me plate, regulate, norethisterone to regulate periods and once we get periods for 5 days normal cycle then in 28 days cycle will I ovulate and have fertile days or not as I face irregular periods and pcos problem as I am allowed to take ocp on fifth day of my periods so I know if I take ocp I'll not ovulate so with out taking ocp on fifth day of periods will I ovulate or not.

International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, BHMS
If we take tablets like me plate, regulate, norethisterone to regulate periods and once we get periods for 5 days nor...
take sepia 200 one dose puls 30 one dos per dy for wk kali br 12c one dos a day for 10 days aur mur na. 12c sam abov apis 12c sam abov conium 3c 3tims aday for 5 days diet for u cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts • greens, including red leaf lettuce and arugula • green and red peppers • beans and lentils • almonds • berries • sweet potatoes • winter squash • pumpkin inform me progres
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My wife have polycystic kidneys also in liver. Can cyst in kidneys & liver curable, due to this cyst she have hyper blood pressure. Thanks with Regards Sanjeev Kumar.

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine
Nephrologist, Noida
My wife have polycystic kidneys also in liver. Can cyst in kidneys & liver curable, due to this cyst she have hyper b...
lybrate-user They are not curable but you should keep a watch on the size of cyst every 4-6 months and get RFT and LFT done every 4-6 months. Till they don't change it's all ok.
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I love a girl more than me and she too. We also date 2-3 times. We are going to marry in next 2-3 year but the only problem is that her age is 1 year more than me. She is 20 and I'm just 19. Is there any problem in future physically or sasexually or any other problem in our relationship? Sir please help me.

MD-Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Haldwani
Hello- The Indian traditions of Elder bride and younger groom is very much supported by modern findings that a girl reaches its puberty (youth) two years earlier thn the boys of same age, so a girl also will face menopause (get old) earlier thn the boy of same age. This is the reason why a girl is searched of less age thn the boy. However if you are in love it all does not matter as you can delay aging (of both you and your partner's) by the use of Rasayana medicines of ayurveda.
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Baby Growth During Pregnancy - गर्भावस्था में शिशु का विकास

B.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition, M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
Baby Growth During Pregnancy - गर्भावस्था में शिशु का विकास

तो आप गर्भवती हो। बधाई हो! क्या आप उत्सुक नहीं हैं यह जानने के लिए कि आपका विकासशील बच्चा कितना बड़ा है, आपका बच्चा कैसा दिखता है और कब आप उसके कदम महसूस करेंगे?
आपका बच्चा कोशिकाओं के एक छोटे समूह के रूप में शुरू होता है, लेकिन नौ महीने की गर्भावस्था की प्रक्रिया के दौरान वह चेहरे की विशेषताओं, दिल की धड़कन और चलते पैरों के साथ एक अद्भुत बच्ची बन जाती है। प्रत्येक चरण में होने वाले अलग-अलग परिवर्तनों के कारण गर्भावस्था के विकास के चरणों को त्रिमितीय कहा जाता है (तीन महीने की अवधि)। जानना चाहते हैं कि उन तीन तिमाही के दौरान क्या होता है, आपका बच्चा सप्ताह से सप्ताह तक कैसे विकसित होता है?
आइए, देखते हैं कि बच्चे के विकास के दौरान क्या होता है:
सप्ताह 1:

आप वास्तव में अभी तक गर्भवती नहीं हैं। भले ही गर्भावस्था 40 हफ्तों तक हो, लेकिन आप केवल 38 सप्ताह तक अपने बच्चे को पालते है।
सप्ताह 2:
यह वह सप्ताह है जिसमें आप अंडोत्सर्ग करते हैं। आपकी अंडाशय आपके फैलोपियन ट्यूब में एक पका हुआ अंडा (डिंब) जारी करता है, जहां यह शुक्राणु की प्रतीक्षा करेगा। 
सप्ताह 3:
निषेचन के बाद, भ्रूण पोषण के लिए आपके गर्भाशय की दीवार पर चिपक जाएगा, एक प्रक्रिया जिसे आरोपण कहा जाता है। आपका बच्चा एक छोटी गेंद है, जिसे ब्लास्टोसिस्ट कहा जाता है, कई सौ कोशिकाओं से बना है जो तेज़ी से बढ़ रहे हैं।
सप्ताह 4:
आपके गर्भाशय की गहराई में, आपका बच्चा दो परतों से बना भ्रूण है, और आपके आदिम गर्भनाल का विकास हो रहा है। भ्रूण दो भागों में विभाजित होता है, एक आधा नाल बन जाता है और दूसरा आधा बढ़ना जारी रहता है।
सप्ताह 5:
भ्रूण के पास अब तीन अलग-अलग परत हैं: बाहरी एक्टोडर्म, जो तंत्रिका तंत्र, कान, आंख, आंतरिक कान और कई संयोजी ऊतकों का निर्माण करेगा; एंडोडर्म, या आंतरिक परत, जो फेफड़ों, आंतों और मूत्राशय की तरह आंतरिक अंगों में बढ़ेगा; और मध्य मेसोडर्म, जो अंततः दिल और संचार प्रणाली बना देगा।
सप्ताह 6:
इस हफ्ते, आपके बच्चे के मस्तिष्क गोलार्द्धों का निर्माण हो रहा है और मस्तिष्क तरंगों को अब रिकॉर्ड किया जा सकता है। आपके बच्चे के नाक, मुंह, और कान आकार लेने लगे हैं। आपको सुबह की बीमारी और स्पॉटिंग हो सकती है।
सप्ताह 7:
आपका बच्चा अभी भी एक छोटी पूंछ के साथ एक भ्रूण है और हाथ और पैर बना रहा है आपका गर्भाशय आकार में दोगुना हो गया है। 
सप्ताह 8:
आपके बच्चे के विकास में तेजी आ रही है। जैसे-जैसे वह बड़ा हो जाता है, उसके नाजुक चेहरे की विशेषताएं और अधिक परिष्कृत होते जा रहे हैं, उसके कान, ऊपरी होंठ, और उसकी नाक के नुकीले टिप सभी स्पष्ट रूप से दिखाई देते हैं। इस बीच, आप जन्म के पूर्व परीक्षणों के बारे में निर्णय ले सकते हैं।
सप्ताह 9:
अग्न्याशय और पित्ताशय जैसे कुछ अन्य प्रमुख अंगों के साथ, प्रजनन अंग अब बनने लगते हैं। 
सप्ताह 10:
आपके बच्चे ने विकास का सबसे महत्वपूर्ण हिस्सा समाप्त कर दिया है। 
सप्ताह 11:
इस हफ्ते, लगभग सभी अंगों के कामकाज शुरू होते हैं। 
सप्ताह 12:
आपके बच्चे की मांसपेशियों का विकस शुरू हो गया है। जब आप अपने पेट पर अपना हाथ रखते हैं, तो आपका बच्चा प्रतिक्रिया में शायद विचलित हो जाएगा क्योंकि उसकी प्रतिक्रियाएं विकसित होने लगती हैं। वह अपनी उंगलियों को खोलने और बंद करना शुरू कर देगा।
सप्ताह 13:
यह पहली तिमाही का अंतिम सप्ताह है! आपके बच्चे के पास अब अनूठे फिंगरप्रिंट हैं और लगभग 3 इंच लंबा है।
सप्ताह 14:
आप और अधिक ऊर्जा और कम मतली महसूस करते हैं।  
सप्ताह 15:
आपका बच्चा प्रकाश को अनुभव सकता है और स्वाद की कलियों को बना रहा है।
सप्ताह 16:
आपके बच्चे के नाजुक कंकाल कठोर हो रहे हैं। अगले कुछ हफ्तों में, आपका बच्चा अपने वजन को दोगुना कर देगा और अपनी लंबाई में कुछ इंच जोड़ देगा।
सप्ताह 17:
गर्भनाल मजबूत और मोटा हो रहा है।
सप्ताह 18:
अल्ट्रासाउंड पर देखने के लिए आपके बच्चे के गुप्तांग काफी विकसित होते हैं।
सप्ताह 19:
आपका बच्चा आपको सुन सकता है!
सप्ताह 20:
आप अपनी गर्भावस्था में आधे रास्ते पर पहुंच गए हैं!
सप्ताह 21:
अपने बचे को हिलता महसूस कर सकेंगे। 
सप्ताह 22:
इस हफ्ते वह अपने स्पर्श की भावना को ठीक कर रहा है।
सप्ताह 23:
सर्फैक्टेंट का उत्पादन किया जा रहा है, एक पदार्थ है जो वायु कोष को फूलने मे और फेफड़ों को पूरी तरह से विस्तारित करने में सक्षम बनाता है।
सप्ताह 24:
जब आप चलते हैं, तो आपका बच्चा गति महसूस कर सकता है।
सप्ताह 25:
आपका बच्चा कुछ वसा जोड़ने और अधिक बाल बढ़ाना शुरू कर रहा है।
सप्ताह 26:
आपके बच्चे का पहला मल त्याग बड़ी आंत में बना रहा है। मोटी, अंधेरी गंदगी को मेकोनिया कहा जाता है और यह आम तौर पर पैदा होने के तुरंत बाद उत्सर्जित होता है।
सप्ताह 27:
यदि आप एक गुदगुदी महसूस करते हैं, तो यह आपके बच्चे की हिचकी हो सकती है।
सप्ताह 28:
आपका बच्चा अपनी आँखों को खोलने और बंद करना शुरू कर देगा।
सप्ताह 29:
आपके बच्चे की मांसपेशियों और फेफड़े परिपक्व हो रहे हैं, और उसका सिर उसके विकासशील मस्तिष्क के लिए जगह बनाने के लिए बढ़ रहा है।
सप्ताह 30:
आपका बच्चा अब लगभग 3 पाउंड का हो गया है और इस बीच, मन बदलाव, भद्दापन और थकान से जूझ सकते हैं।
सप्ताह 31:
आपके बच्चे की मजबूत लातें, रात में आपको जगाए रख सकती है और आपको ब्रेक्सटन हिक्स के संकुचन भी महसूस होंगे।
सप्ताह 32:
इस समय तक उनके सभी प्रमुख अंग, फेफड़ों को छोड़कर, पूरी तरह से काम कर रहे हैं। लगभग सभी बच्चे जो इस स्तर पर या इसके बाद पैदा हुए, जीवित रहते हैं और स्वस्थ जीवन प्राप्त करते हैं।
सप्ताह 33:
क्योंकि आपके गर्भाशय में जगह कम पद रही है, गर्भावस्था में आपके बच्चे इस समय पर कम सक्रिय हो जाते हैं।
सप्ताह 34:
इस हफ्ते, सुरक्षात्मक वर्नेक्स केसोसा मोटा होना शुरू होता है।
सप्ताह 35:
इस समय, आपके बच्चे को उल्टा होना चाहिए, उसके सिर को योनि की तरफ आना चाहिए।
सप्ताह 36:
डिलीवरी की तैयारी में बच्चा आपके श्रोणि में जा सकता है।
सप्ताह 37:
नाभि गर्भनाल आपके डिलीवरी की तैयारी में, अपने बच्चे को एंटीबॉडी देने लगती है।
सप्ताह 38:
आपकी गर्भावस्था को अब पूर्णकालिक माना जाता है। बच्चे 38 और 42 सप्ताह के बीच कहीं बाहर आ जाते हैं।
सप्ताह 39:
इस समय तक, आपका बच्चा किसी भी समय बाहर आने के लिए तैयार है।
सप्ताह 40:
यदि आपने अभी तक डिलीवरी नहीं की है, तो आपका ओ.बी. आप पर अधिक बारीकी से नजर रखेगा। आपको सी सेक्शन के लिए जाना पड़ सकता है।

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Yesterday night my newborn baby of 2 and half months could not sleep at all. I thought it was because low supply of breastmilk. How could I know breastmilk is not enough for him?

MD - Paediatrics
Pediatrician, Rewa
Usually a breast fed baby passes urine 8 to 10 times in a day, sleeps wel after feed and gains weigt. There may be other reasons for crying please see a doc.
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An Ayurvedic Approach to Seasonal Allergies

MD-Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Haldwani
An Ayurvedic Approach to Seasonal Allergies

An Ayurvedic Approach to Seasonal Allergies

Our immune system is a complex and wonderful system. When in balance, it does a seamless job of identifying and eliminating potential threats to our health, such as toxins, bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells. However, sometimes our immune system responds too vigorously to a substance in the environment that is usually harmless, such as pollen, animal dander, or mold. As the body acts to eradicate the perceived threat, we can experience the uncomfortable symptoms of an allergy reaction, including a runny nose, nasal congestion, coughing, and itchy, watery eyes. In addition, an exaggerated immune response can lead to symptoms in the lungs (asthma) and skin (hives, eczema). Allergies affect a large percentage of the population at one time or another and can significantly limit activity. Although the body can mount allergic responses to many things, including food, medicines, and other foreign material, in this article we will discuss the common phenomenon of environmental or seasonal allergies.

The Underlying Causes of Allergies

You may wonder why one person can spend an afternoon walking through blossoming fields without any symptoms, while someone else can't step out the front door without experiencing severe allergic symptoms. Heredity is one of the major distinguishing factors. As scientific research has found, your risk of developing allergies increases by approximately 30% if one of your parents is allergic. If both of your parents have allergies, your risk is greater than 60%.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, in addition to inherited tendencies, several other key factors determine whether a person experiences an allergic reaction and how severe that reaction will be. These include the strength of the individual's digestive fire, or inner resilience (known as agni), the quantity of allergen that enters the body, and a person's current state of balance/imbalance in the doshas. Fortunately, there are techniques to strengthen our agni, avoid allergen exposure, and improve our state of doshic balance. By addressing all of these factors, we can help prevent allergies as well as keep them under control.

Strengthening Agni

Ayurveda considers a strong agni, or digestive fire, one of the most important factors for our health. When our agni is strong, we can take in energy and information from our environment, extract whatever is beneficial to us, and eliminate everything we don't need. In addition, when agni is burning brightly, our body won't mount an aggressive response to foreign material such as pollen, but will instead remove it in a healthy, beneficial way. In other words, our body is more resilient to the changes in the environment.

One way to keep our agni strong is to develop a regular meditation practice. When we calm the mind and body, we are less likely to respond to foreign 'invaders' aggressively. We increase our ability to take in nourishment from our environment, as opposed to seeing them as threats. Other mindfulness practices, such as yoga and conscious breathing also strengthen agni.

One breathing technique that is useful for strengthening agni is ujjayi, or ocean's breath. Ujjayi (pronounced oo-jai) is an ancient yogic breathing technique that helps calm the mind and body. Ujjayi has a balancing influence on the entire cardiorespiratory system and releases feelings of irritation and frustration.

Here is how to perform ujjayi breath:

Take an inhalation that is slightly deeper than normal. With your mouth closed, exhale through your nose while constricting your throat muscles. If you are doing this correctly, you should sound like Darth Vader from Star Wars.
You can also get the hang of this practice by practicing exhaling the sound haaaaah with your mouth open. Now make a similar sound with your mouth closed, feeling the outflow of air through your nasal passages. Once you have mastered this on the outflow, use the same method for the inflow breath, gently constricting your throat as you inhale.
Another important way to strengthen agni is to eliminate ama, which is a Sanskrit word for toxicity. Ama includes both physical and emotional toxicity that accumulates in our physiology and can interfere with our natural healing. One herb that is helpful in treating allergies by cleansing ama is triphala. The recommended dosage is 500-1000mg, taken at bedtime.

Reducing the Quantity of Allergens That Enter the Body

Another step to controlling and preventing allergy symptoms is to be mindful of how much of the aggravating allergen is in our environment and making conscious choices to eliminate them as much as possible. According to Ayurveda, we are in constant dynamic exchange with our external environment. When we put ourselves in an environment where we have high levels of exposure to an allergen, it becomes difficult to control symptoms, despite our best efforts.

While it is sometimes difficult to completely avoid an allergen, you can protect yourself from direct contact with it by using a few Ayurvedic healing practices. One effective practice for prevention and treatment of allergy symptoms is using a neti pot to perform a gentle saline rinse. A neti pot is a small container with a spout that is placed in your nostril as you tip your head sideways, allowing warm salt water to flow in one nostril and out the other. By performing this saline rinse once or twice daily, you can flush out any foreign material that has come into your body through the nasal passages.

After using the neti pot, it is very helpful to follow up with an Ayurvedic technique known as nasya, which consists of applying a few drops of oil to the nasal passages. The oil forms a protective layer on the nasal tissues and prevents allergens from directly attaching themselves to nasal membranes.

Balancing the Doshas

A person's primary dosha, or mind-body constitution, can often predict which allergy symptoms will manifest, so it's important to understand your dosha type as well as your current imbalances.

In addition to understanding our primary dosha and individual tendencies, it is important to understand that each of us has all of the doshas within us and can therefore experience imbalances in of any of the doshas. Different types of allergy symptoms represent imbalances in different doshas. By recognizing this, we can more specifically guide the treatments.

Kapha Allergy Symptoms

In Ayurveda, the typical allergy symptoms in the spring season - congestion, runny nose, watery eyes, and sneezing - are described as an accumulation of the Kapha dosha, which is made up of earth and water elements. This leads to the feeling of 'heaviness' and excessive mucus in the head and sinuses. Other symptoms are sluggishness and feeling tired. For the classic Kapha-type allergy symptoms, there are several simple and effective therapies that will relieve acute symptoms.

Nasal Cleansing

As mentioned above, the neti pot is a useful tool in treating allergies. In addition to the benefits of removing allergens, from a doshic perspective, it is especially effective in decreasing Kapha in the head and sinuses. The use of nasya oil with invigorating scents, such as eucalyptus, camphor or juniper, can act as a natural decongestant, thus reducing the symptoms of heaviness.

Other treatments that help relieve acute Kapha allergy symptoms include the use of pungent and bitter (astringent) herbs and spices to reduce Kapha, including ginger, cayenne, pepper, basil, cumin, cardamom, sage, turmeric, and cinnamon. An easy remedy is drinking hot honey water, or ginger lemon tea. A classical Ayurvedic herbal treatment to reduce Kapha is trikatu, which can be taken daily. In addition, treatment should be geared toward lightening the body in other ways, such as daily exercise and use of a dry sauna.

Pitta Allergy Symptoms

When allergy symptoms occur in the summertime, the underlying source is often an out-of-balance Pitta dosha. Pitta is governed by the elements of water and fire, and in the summer, excess heat can produce inflammation in the respiratory tract or skin. These symptoms are usually rash, headache, burning or red eyes, and inflammation in the sinuses and airway (sinusitis, bronchitis).

To pacify Pitta and the resulting allergy symptoms, Ayurveda recommends ingesting cooling herbs, such as coriander and cilantro. In addition, herbs such as shatavari, guduchi, amalaki, and neem may be helpful. Ingestion of clarified butter, or ghee, as well as aloe, can calm the inflammatory reaction that is typical of Pitta imbalance. From a biochemical perspective, these herbs contain healthy anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that support our immune system.

Vata Allergy Symptoms

When Vata is out of balance, the allergic symptoms include headache, wheezing, sneezing, and generalized muscle aches. These may be seen more typically in the fall as the air becomes cold and dry. This is due to the accumulation of the lighter elements of space and air in the mind-body physiology. Other manifestations of this Vata imbalance include dry cough, restlessness, and dry eyes.

To balance the excess space and air elements, it is important to stay hydrated and drink warm liquids, such ginger tea with honey. To bring Vata back into balance, use calming herbs such as ashwagandha, which is also an immune modulator that calms the immune system's response to allergens. Another useful tool in calming Vata is performing a self-massage, or abhyhanga.The most nourishing and warming oil for balancing Vata is sesame.

When our agni is restored, we avoid aggravating allergens and ama (toxicity) by making conscious choices, and we maintain balance of our internal energies, or doshas, we are less likely to experience ill health, such as allergies. Instead of seeing our environment as a threat, we can begin to calm the excitability of the immune system and, instead, experience our connection to the external world as nourishing. Ayurveda provides us with the tools to experience this connection and move closer to our natural state of health and balance.

I am 26 years old and got married on 3/10/2015 few days ago we had a sex and she blended from her vagina. Yesterday we did it again and same incident took place. Please suggest is there any problem if it is please guide the way to sort out.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Kolkata
Dear this is common during first or second act of physical relationship. If this recurs, pl stop sxual activities for 14 days to allow healing of injurd parts.
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You Won't Need Knee Replacement (TKR) Anymore!

Clinical Exercise Specialist, Certificate in Population Health, Certificate in Diabetology and Prevention, Nutritionist, MHSc (Public Health), MPT - Orthopedic Physiotherapy
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You Won't Need Knee Replacement (TKR) Anymore!
You won't need knee replacement (tkr) anymore!

New alternative to knee replacement

Osteoarthritis (oa) of the knee is a severe joint problem, that has become highly prevalent in india. It is a major cause of lack of mobility, particularly among women. Currently, total knee replacement (tkr) surgery is a common solution for oa knee. However, there are risks associated with it. Surgeries for knee oa often throw up mixed results. Sometimes, tkr leaves patients with unresolved pain and loss of function for long periods. Now, however, doctors in usa have come up with the bionicare knee system which works by sending therapeutic electrical currents to the joint with an un-loader brace, that reduces pain and improves overall health of the joint. This is the most thoroughly researched, clinically proven, non invasive, non-drug alternative for the treatment of the knee.

5 benefits of using this treatment:

1. Effective pain relief
2. Non surgical, non-invasive and non-drug treatment
3. No adverse effects
4. Decreases dependency on painkillers
5. Improves function and quality of life

My recommendation to patients who have chronic knee issues, knee injuries, knee pain etc (particularly if doctors have suggested you surgeries for the same), is to try this treatment instead.

If you would like to consult with me privately, please click on consult.

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I had sex with my gf on March 19 and I used condoms during sex and the condoms were not broken nor I ejaculate she got periods after 1 month now she is not getting periods is she pregnant?

Diploma in Diabetology, Pregnancy & Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Prevention in Diabetes ,Thyroid
Sexologist, Sri Ganganagar
I had sex with my gf on March 19 and I used condoms during sex and the condoms were not broken nor I ejaculate she go...
No no not at all. Olease donot worry. There are number of reasons of delayed mc. Of course just sake of rule adv. Urine pregnancy test to be 100% sure.
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Detoxification process

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Dietitian/Nutritionist, Visakhapatnam
Detoxification process
Is equally important along with a good diet plan,

My girlfriend is suffering from a single cyst in the ovary. It is 6cm in width. She is taking homeopathic treatment. Which mode of therapy will be the best for her to reduce and eliminate the cyst without laparoscopy?

General Physician, Mumbai
Tell her to exercise daily till she sweats a lot and repeat the usg without any medication after three months and revert back to us.
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Hello doc, last month I got abortion from that day to till now I'm suffering from very bad legs pain, it's unbearable and that to its paining only in night time, please suggest me what tab should I take and why suddenly this pain as been start. At present I'm taking folic acid tabs should I take both tabs at a time. Some time whole body will get pain.

DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), PGDHHM, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Delhi
it may be due to calcium deficiency.take healthy,fibres and nutritious diet.take follic acid supplement or natural food too in diet properly.walk atleast for one hour in morning.
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My periods fall on 13-14 every month. This month we did intercourse on 6th of september we took no protection and also I was virgin. Now on my periods I am having heavy blood flow. What problem is this and is there chance of getting pregnant?

MBBS, DGO, DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
Gynaecologist, Chennai
My periods fall on 13-14 every month. This month we did intercourse on 6th of september we took no protection and als...
Since you had intercourse after your ovulation date and also had periods already no chance for pregnancy. Heavy blood flow may be due to hormonal changes.
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Health Benefits Of Kalonji Seeds!

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Health Benefits Of Kalonji Seeds!

Black seeds also called as nigella or kalonji is known as the seed of blessing. It is treated to be the best herb of all the times with regards to medication purpose. The black seeds are grown from the bushes of kalonji and are grown widely in whole india. The shape of seeds is triangular. It works as a best medicine and a wonderful spice. It is used for nice flavour in pickles.

What are kalonji seeds or nigella seeds?

Kalonji, also termed as nigella is a small black seed that grows on kalonji bushes in the south as well as south-western asia. The height of the plant is half to one meter. It has flowers of blue colour. The colour of seeds is black. It is chemically composed of 1.5% volatile oil and 40% non volatile oil. Some other constituents include organic acids, sugar, and some bitter substances which are of real use in the medication purpose.
Kalonji seed is used as a flavour and is used in various traditional foods. It is used as an herbal remedy in various ailments. The seed is also used in making oil. It is also used in treating skin problems.

Health benefits of kalonji seeds or nigella seeds

  • Kalonji seeds or nigella seeds constitute two very important ingredients named as nigella and melatin. These constituents have high medicinal power and great health benefits. Some of the important health benefits of kalonji seeds or nigella seeds are:
  • Benefits of kalonji seeds or nigella seeds in preventing hair loss: using kalonji seeds when the hair gets dried is very effective. It helps in prevention of hair fall.
  • Benefits in diabetes control: oil of kalonji seed is very useful in controlling the diabetes. Using mixture of one cup black tea and half spoon kalonji oil helps in prevention of diabetes.
  • Helps remove acne: using kalonji seeds or nigella seeds in combination with lime juice and applying on the face helps in removal of acnes and pimples. It helps in nourishment of skin making it glow and prevents any kind of spots.
  • Use kalonji seeds or nigella seeds to sharpen memory: one of the benefits of using kalonji seeds is it increases memory. Kalonji or nigella seeds increases the power and concentration of brain.
  • Cures headaches: by rubbing kalonji oil on the forehead, headaches can be cured. Also the kalonji seeds are beneficial in treating migraine.
  • Benefit of healthy heart: using kalonji oil with goat milk makes the heart functioning proper. Kalonji or nigella seeds is beneficial in preventing heart attacks.
  • Treating asthma: intake of kalonji seeds with hot boiled water can be beneficial in treating problems of respiration and asthma.
  • Increases eyesight and vision: kalonji seeds or nigela seeds are of great use in issues related to eyes. It cures diseases like blurred vision, swelling and watering of eyes.
  • Cure arthritis: applying kalonji oil over joints is good in getting relief from joint pain and it helps in prevention of arthritis.
  • Controls the blood pressure: kalonji seeds help in reducing blood pressure.
  • Prevent cancer: kalonji seeds or nigella seeds are helpful in treating various types of cancer like blood cancer, throat cancer, and intestine cancer.
  • Healthy kidney: oil of kalonji seeds helps in normal functioning of kidney. It helps in prevention of kidney stone formation.
  • Strengthens the teeth: the seeds of kalonji or nigella help in treating the dental diseases like falling of teeth, bleeding of gums. It helps in increase of calcium in the body. It also helps in curing pain in teeth.
  • Weight management benefits of kalonji seeds or nigella seeds: by using mixture of kalonji oil with lukewarm water helps in reduction of extra unnecessary fat from the body.
  • Control cough and cold with kalonji seeds or nigella seeds: the seeds help in curing cold and cough. Mixture of kalonji oil and honey prevents cold and helps in reducing sinus.
  • Seeds of kalonji or nigella helps enhance facial beauty: using kalonji seeds with olive oil helps in getting a glowing skin. It makes the skin fresh and beautiful.
  • Use kalonji to control acidity: mixture of ginger and kalonji oil helps in prevention of acidity and gas formation.
  • Piles treatment: piles are a common problem nowadays due to wrong diets. Taking kalonji seeds with mehendi leaves can prevent the problem of piles. It helps to remove the problem of constipation.
  • Burning micturition: people having problem with kidney suffers with micturition. It happens due to lack of water in the body. Kalonji seeds or nigella seeds help in relieving burning micturition.
  • Avoid stomach pain: the seed reduces the effect of stomach pain. Taking the seed with milk helps in reduction of chest irritations.
  • Avoid vomiting: using kalonji with coriander and mint removes the problem of nausea and vomiting.
  • Beneficial in treating ear pain: using the heated kalonji oil and pouring it in ear solves the problem of pain in ears.
  • Tumour solution: applying kalonji oil on affected parts remove the excess problem of tumour. Even the swelled parts can be treated by the seeds.
  • Benefits of oil of kalonji seeds in treating cracked foot: using lime juice with kalonji oil twice a day is beneficial to solve problem related to hands and foot.
  • Seeds of kalonji or nigella provides energy: it refits the body and removes all tiredness and haziness of body. If taken in combination with orange juice, it shows great results.
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I am having my marriage after 2 months. N I have hypothyroidism. N cyst in left ovary. I am not having period since 4 months. please suggest me any plan and a proper diet chart bcoz I must loose wt before my marriage .and I am staying in hostel ,east zone. So keep that in mind. Thank you.

Homeopath, Raebareli
I am having my marriage after 2 months. N I have hypothyroidism. N cyst in left ovary. I am not having period since 4...
Please do morning walk (brisk-walking)/ treadmill/swimming for at least 60 minutes daily. Keep moving as much as you can whenever you can. Keep meal portions small especially if they’re cooked. Limit your food intake which SHOULD be and ONLY be 4 times a day. Do never skip meals. Take a heavy breakfast. Avoid sedentary life/night watching/junk foods. The best way to burn more calories is to build muscle through resistance training. For each pound of muscle that you gain, you burn approximately 50-70 calories in addition per day (5 pounds of muscle gain equates to burning 250-350 calories a day!) Please follow the above for next 4 weeks and revert for further treatment.
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