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Dr. Sashi Seta Pal

Gynaecologist, Delhi

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Dr. Sashi Seta Pal Gynaecologist, Delhi
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I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
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Dr. Sashi Seta Pal is an experienced Gynaecologist in Raja Garden, Delhi. You can consult Dr. Sashi Seta Pal at Khetarpal Nursing Home in Raja Garden, Delhi. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Sashi Seta Pal on has an excellent community of Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 25 years of experience on You can find Gynaecologists online in Delhi and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

Hi, I am a mom of a 6 months old baby. I had a c-section in october and still I am feeling pain in my knees, legs. I am not able to fold my knees and sit cross-legs because it pains. Can you please help me out with some solution.

Orthopedist, Delhi
U need to learn quadriceps strengthening exercises from a physiotherapist and do the same 20 mins 3 times a day. Also get your vitamin d and uric acid levels (blood tests) and revert back with reports.
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Dear sir, madam am 25 years old girl having PCOD since last TWO years. I am married. Please tell me what food should avoided and what food should be included. I am also having thyroid (TSH).

General Physician, Cuttack
1.In PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome )many small cysts appear in ovary-causing hormonal imbalance and .there is production of excess Testosterone. Diet rich in Omega 3 Fatty acid reducece excess Testosterone and can be used in the treatment 2.They secrete more androgen 3.The symptoms are weight gain,acne, decreased ovulation, irregular period, infertility, depression, extra facial and body hair, hair loss from scalp, insulin resistance causing Diabetes. is genetically inherited,runs in families can be diagnosed by pelvic laparoscopy/vaginal ultrasound. 6.Treatment-surgery/anti androgen therapy 7.consult gynecologist for advice and treatment Precaution 1.Eat vegetable,fruits, nuts, bean, whole grain food 2. Avoid saturated food like meat, cheese, fried food 3.Go for regular exercise, reduce weight, control diet
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Hi, i am 12 weeks 6 days pregnant.. everything came fine in usg today. but from 2-3 days i am feeling i measured my fever and it was 100 . my gynae prescribed me Topsef 200 mg two times a day for 5 topsef 200 mg safe during pregnancy? please help...

Doctor of Medicine, F.C.P.S.(Mid. & Gynae)
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Topcef at this stage of pregnancy is safe. Your gynec is the best person to answer this and have faith in him/her.
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I am having cyst in my right ovary of 8. 7 mm. Can it effect conception. M 25 yr old. Unmarried. Having facial hairs want rid from them.

General Physician, Mumbai
You might be suffering from pcos and it wont affect conception but I will advise you to take tb metatime after consulting a gynaecologist.
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I have an excruciating pain on the first day of my periods. However the pain subsides in the next few days. Can you suggest any medicine for this?

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hello, Here are some tips to help you get rid of your problem: It is good to avoid fried, sour and protein rich foods in the last week of the menstrual cycle. Eat fish as it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which helps in easing contractions during menstruation Avoid eating dairy products, meat and poultry Maintain healthy and nutritious diet and perform yoga to help you stay away from problems If you are suffering from anemia, you should take food rich in iron Avoid vegetables like potato, eggplant, yellow pumpkin and try to concentrate on consuming drumsticks, papaya, white pumpkin, snake guard, cucumber and bitter guard When you experience pain, you can help reduce the pain by giving the area hot treatment. Drinking plenty of water and herbal tea also helps reduce pain and problems faced during menstrual periods. You can also perform yoga and some cardiovascular exercises that will help you get rid of these cramps. Last but not the least; take as much rest as possible. This will help you keep your menstruation under control. Medication: Take Schwabe’s Mag. Phos. 6x/ 5 tablets to be dissolved in ½ cup of water after every 2 hrly. Till the pain lasts.
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Doctor my gynecology gave me siphene 50 mg tablets for 5 days I have to take 2nd day to 7th day now my question is how much months I have to take she told 6 months. In 6 months after I will conceive or before please clarify And when we have to do intercourse I have regular cycle now 29 to 32 days.

MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS, DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Conception of a chance event. hence at least 6 months of treatment are needed. it's difficult to guarantee results, it depends on lot of factors. best time for intercourse will be around day 15
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3 Benefits of Exercising in Water

Master in Physiotherapy (MPT), Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT), CMT-Diploma in Osteopathy
Physiotherapist, Gurgaon
3 Benefits of Exercising in Water

Exercising should not a dreaded, but enjoyed. Exercising in the water can be as challenging and intense as any other form of exercise, but without the sweating. Aquatic exercises are ideal for every age and especially beneficial to those with injuries and joint limitations like arthritis. Exercising in water also helps with weight loss and stress management. If you want a reason to start exercising in water, here are three: 

  1. Increases flexibility: Water is unpredictable in its movements. When exercising in water, the body has to push against water and faces water resistance. This resistance can be up to 42 times more than the resistance you would encounter when exercising on land. Thus while adjusting to the push and pull of water, the body is forced to move in various directions. This helps increase the range of motions in all the joints. The upward thrust of water or buoyancy also negates the effect of gravity and cushions the body. This reduces strain on weight bearing joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. As a result, the body becomes more flexible. 
  2. Low impact: One of the biggest differences between exercising on land and exercising in water is the impact of the exercise on joints. For example, running on land puts a lot of stress on your knees. However, if you were to run in water, your knees would not make you cry in pain. This is because of the buoyancy of water. By cushioning your body, it supports half your body weight and thus makes you bear only half your body weight. This reduces the impact on your joints and makes exercising in water appealing to those with joint problems or those undergoing physical rehabilitation after an injury. 
  3. Makes the heart work efficiently: Water has a unique property that makes it makes the heart work more efficiently. By pushing against the entire body surface, the hydrostatic pressure aids in the flow of blood from the all parts of the body to the heart and thus improves blood circulation. This puts less stress on your heart muscles. Thus by exercising in water, you can lower your blood pressure and heart rate. 

Apart from these benefits, exercising in water also helps build endurance and increases muscle strength.  It is also one of the most cooling and enjoyable ways to burn calories. It would be rare for you to be in a pool all by yourself and hence exercising in water is also a social exercise. So when are you stepping into the pool?

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My friend is 36 years old (unmarried) she is facing problem of liquid coming from breast nipple and fever so please advise me.

D.E.H.M, B.E.M.S, M.D.(E.H)
Sexologist, Faridabad
Take her to female doctor get her necessary test as advised. And get treatment accordingly. Why she is facing such problem she got need to have diagnosis for. Wish her good health.
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I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and my periods are due in next 3 days am I safe?

BDS, Certification in hypnotherapy, Certification in N.L.P, Certification in Gene and behavior, Psychology at Work
Psychologist, Gurgaon
You haven't mentioned the date of unprotected sex. Get it checked by buying a pregnancy kit from a medial store it is cheap, accurate and easy to use. Just follow the instructions.
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excessive pain in abdominal area during and before menstrual cycle. Any help would be appreciated to cure the issue.

Homeopath, Delhi
Hi lybrate user Painful menses are termed as dysmenorrhoea which is very common . You can manage it by using hot water bottle during the pain. Also regular yoga exercises stretches nd strenthens the muscles which causes less pain during menses. You can also have tea with a pinch of cinnamon powder in it, it really helps in decreasing the pain. Take care
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I had unprotected sex with my husband near to ovulation period. After that I had very exhausted week like lots of work, traveling etc. After that I got my periods 10 days early with stomach cramps and backache. My periods are very normal otherwise. I am not taking any pills.

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics & Gynecology, Fellowship in Infertility (IVF Specialist)
Gynaecologist, Aurangabad
Hi Lybrate user if you got proper periods then very less chance of having pregnancy. But for safety I would advise you to go for urine pregnancy test.
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Which bra to wear regularly. I mean there are many types of bra? Is it harmful to wear bra during night time?

General Physician, Nashik
Wear cotton comfortable bra of correct size. If you feel uncomfortable in bra at night, you can remove it.
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From last 5 years i am not getting pregnant all reports everything are normal, after intercourse sperm is coming out. Please advise.

General Physician, Faridabad
try if your cycle is regular then take chance on mid of cycle,. say your cycle start on 1st then try help between 12-17.during this period you have maximum chance. Or Do sex alternate day , more chances but it may happen at any time. Thanks
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Homeopathy for Babies and Children

BHMS, Diploma in Diet and Nutrition
Homeopath, Lucknow
Homeopathy for Babies and Children


 Homoeopathy is ideal for babies and children as it is a gentle yet highly effective system of medicine. Homeopathic remedies taste good and children like them the highly diluted natural substances that from homeopathic remedies mean that they are safe to use in the very young, including newborn babies.

More than that, homoeopathy can raise the immunity of your children to help deal with illness throughout their childhood. Homeopathy not only helps when your child is ill. It can also help prevent illness and give support through difficult periods of their life. Homeopathy works fast with children because they are usually full of vitality. Acute conditions such as ear infections, tonsillitis and flu, can be resolved rapidly using the right remedies, often avoiding the need for conventional medicines. Babies also tend to respond quickly to homeopathic treatment. On a more serious note, there are children with serious behavior problems! Yes, homeopathy works for these too!

Kids today face more responsibility, uncertainty, pressure, and other ”grown-up” issues than any generation in the past. If your child or teenager is experiencing stress, the primary goal is to resolve the source of anxiety. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible—at least immediately. In some cases, it may not even be in the best interest of the child. Since stress has gotten such a bad rap, sometimes it’s easy to forget that, some stress is positive—it challenges us to grow. An example of positive stress is the challenge of participating in sports or learning a musical instrument.

Homeopathic alternatives treat the whole child. Today there are many pediatricians preffering homoeopathic treatment for their children and patients in various pediatric conditions.

Reasons why homoeopathy should be adopted for children:-

  1. Safe medicine: homoeopathic medicines are free from harmfull effects and 100% non toxic.
  2. Homoeopathy: effective and quick treatment-children being more sensitive, respond quicker to homoeopathy.
  3. Homoeopathy: scientific and Natural medicine- Homoeopathy can be scientifically checked and positive .
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I hv pcos problem. So im not conceiving too nd im proper periods. hormonal im balance. Pls help out hw. Dis pcos will solve. Pls doc.

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics & Gynecology, Fellowship in Infertility (IVF Specialist)
Gynaecologist, Aurangabad
Hi lybrate-user you should plan follicular study with planned relations initially with ovulation induction. Provided tubes are normal and normal sperm count. First get few blood tests done to do as to correct it.
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My wife got pregnancy and she is now 8th month When she is in 3rd month she undergone Thyroid test and the result was 13.73, when she was 5th month also undergone Thyroid test, the result was 3.73, and dosage (thyronorm 50 mg) was same for the both times and now in 8th month when she undergone Thyroid and the result was 5.52 and dosage was increased to 75 mg of thyronorm, whether it is correct or excess dosage and please clarify what are the effects to the baby due to increase of thyroid from 3.73 to 5.52.

MBBS, CCEBDM, Diploma in Diabetology
Endocrinologist, Hubli-Dharwad
Mr. lybrate-user, The recommended TSH levels through the pregnancy are 1st trimester 0.1 to 2mU/L, 2nd trimester 0.3 to 3 mU/L & 3 Rd trimester 0.3 to 3.1. If levels exceed above these, then fetal brain development & cognitive development is most likely to be affected. She has to increase the dose and see that TSH is below 3 mU/L. I am surprised how proper advise has not been given. Thanks.
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Hi madam/sir, I have been through 2nd c section in Dec 2015. My problem is when I sleep in da night and after few hours wen I get up for bathroom, I feel like stretching myself wen I do so I could feel some muscle movements at incision. I could feel something heavy around incision. This started after 1 month. Why is it happening.

BAMS, MD Ayurveda
Sexologist, Lonavala
Try the following remedy it will surely help you Natural home remedy using asparagus powder and milk: 1. Take 2 tsp Indian asparagus powder 2. Add 1 cup milk 3. Boil the mixture for 10 min 4. Drink 2 times every day if it dosent work then you must consult ayurvedic doctor.
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Warning: These Bad Body Postures Are Deciding Your Future Health

MD - Microbiology, House Job Certificate ( SKIN & STD) , MBBS
General Physician, Gurgaon
Warning: These Bad Body Postures Are Deciding Your Future Health

As the world has moved and is moving towards a more sedentary lifestyle, where non sedentary jobs have become lesser, posture is something that tends to get affected a lot.

Let's look at how some of these bad body postures can affect your health in the long run:

  1. Increases depression and stress: Many studies have revealed that walking or sitting in a slouched or generally bad position increases the susceptibility to depression and stress. Slouching or sitting in a bad position and thus developing a bad posture will constrict the body, resulting in the poor blood flow. This may cause you to be irritable and tired and over a long time it will contribute to depression and increased stress levels.
  2. Bad breathing patterns: The lungs and the rib cage in your body need to be expanded fully to work at their best capacity. However, due to bad body postures, the rib cage and the lungs will be constricted and not be able to work at full capacity. This over time will build up to create long term problems with breathing as well as other resulting health problems.
  3. Problems with digestion: As is the case with breathing problems, when the body posture is not correct it will also affect digestion. This is so,  as bad posture also affects the intestines and if they are pressured or constricted in any way, will affect the entire digestion process. Slouching may also cause you to develop a paunch or belly over time due to a combination of bad postures and digestive problems.
  4. Developing chronic pain in the back shoulders and neck: This is probably the most common and the most quickly noticeable problem, if you have a bad posture. Most of the population with sedentary lifestyle either currently has or has experienced this problem in their back, shoulders and neck. This is again due to constrictions of the muscles and misalignment of the various bones that support these parts. Long term misalignment could cause deformities that could spiral into problems, which are far worse.
  5. Headaches caused by muscle tension within the body due to bad postures: This has afflicted most of the sedentary work force all over the work, at some point of time or the other. While sitting in a bad position for a prolonged period, the tension in the muscles will build up releasing chemicals that may contribute to headaches. If these become frequent they could contribute to other health problems such as high blood pressure in the long run.
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I'm 20 years old male. Today I had sex with my newly married aunt. Because she forced me to have sex with her. And even I was interested. She had sex with her husband 2 days back and sex with me today without protection. I want to know if baby born is my uncles or what?

M.D. - Ayurveda, B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine& Surgery), N.D.D.Y(Diploma in Naturopathy,Diploma in Yoga)
Ayurveda, Pune
Theres no way to find out except a dna test or your aunty can tell what day if her menstrual cycle she had sex with you or her husband. Its not advisable to have unprotected sex with a partner who is sexually active with some other partner as well. This might lead to sexually transmitted disease as well as unwanted pregnancy.
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She is having polycystic ovary. What is it actually? How does it affect the health?

MBBS, DGO, MD, Fellowship in Gynae Oncology
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Hello, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common endocrine disorder .Women with PCOS may have enlarged ovaries that contain small collections of fluid — called follicles — located in each ovary as seen during an ultrasound exam. You can have difficulty in conceiving a baby.
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