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Dr. Sanjeev Sharma

Pediatrician, Delhi

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Dr. Sanjeev Sharma Pediatrician, Delhi
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My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
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Dr. Sanjeev Sharma is an experienced Pediatrician in Saket, Delhi. You can visit him at Sawan Neelu Angel's Nursing Home in Saket, Delhi. Book an appointment online with Dr. Sanjeev Sharma and consult privately on has an excellent community of Pediatricians in India. You will find Pediatricians with more than 37 years of experience on You can find Pediatricians online in Delhi and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Child Abuse - How It Can influence The Future?

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Ahmedabad
Child Abuse - How It Can influence The Future?

Child sexual abuse is a pressing issue in society today. Statistically, there has been a considerable increase in the number of cases related to juvenile sex abuse over the past decade. Most of the cases report the abuser to be a close family member or a family friend rather than a complete stranger.

Future Consequences-

  1. A sexually abused child may develop severe mental health conditions and have major difficulties coping with as an adult. One of the most common disorders affecting survivors of child sexual abuse is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This involves the individual reliving the trauma all his/her life, thus leading to panic, stress and difficulties in living a healthy life in the longer run.

  2. The individuals who were abused as a child normally suffer from a very low self -esteem. They continue to blame themselves for the events that occurred and hence have a rather demeaning view of themselves, leading to adjustment issues in the future.

  3. They may also be diagnosed with clinical depression owing to the previous trauma. This hampers the everyday functioning of the individual. The individual may continue to relive the past traumatic events in the mind that further fuels their depression and contribute to the vicious cycle, eventually.

  4. Most often, survivors of child sexual abuse have a rather impulsive nature owing to the hampered functioning of impulse-control. They have lesser control over their emotions, especially anger and are rather quick to act on it.

  5. Because of all the complications, they might be less socially competent and thus fail to build firm peer relationships. They grow up to be adults with severe trust issues; they are hence, often side-lined because of their cynicism which leads to further depressive symptoms.

  6. Genophobia or the fear of sex is another complication that they may experience as adults. They may avoid sex altogether or engage in sexual activities that are rather violent in nature. Some survivors may develop certain sexual fetishes that can be rather dangerous; the most common being ‘paedophilia’ or the sexual arousal involving prepubescent children.


The seriousness of the condition is often undermined. In treatment, various therapeutic techniques are used according to the need and age of the patient. Therapists work to promote positive thinking among the sufferers so that it becomes easy for them to accept their past and move on in life with a better outlook. With proper guidance and help, the individuals are able to overcome their mental health issues and live a wholesome life.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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I have 12 Weeks Baby Girl. Her Vaccinations plan on 10 weeks but she was suffering cold so Vaccinations Can't be Possible in this Condition.& already passed 2 weeks for Delay Vaccinations. So in this condition what we should do? Vaccinations delay is it serious Problem?

M.D. Pediatrics
Pediatrician, Pune
I have 12 Weeks Baby Girl. Her Vaccinations plan on 10 weeks but she was suffering cold so Vaccinations Can't be Poss...
Vaccine mut be give on specified date, but if its not possible due such unavoidable instances then, need to worry. Let your child recover completely, then you see your pediatrician. Vaccination delay is not a serious problem, for few vaccines, but as far as possible it should and must be given once your baby is healthy. Kindly visit your pediatrician, as he will guide you better. Happy Parenting!
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My daughter is near about 6 month should I start giving some solid what kind of solid should I give to my Child n what about cerelac.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
My daughter is near about 6 month should I start giving some solid what kind of solid should I give to my Child n wha...
YOu can very well start giving homemade semi solids like raggi porridge and mashed rice and idli or dosa softened with milk
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Hello sir, My wife age 29 today deliver baby boy ; My question is My blood group is B+ and my wife B- ve, Now the main thing is If my child is B+ or B - ve ; Can she feed her, NDT REPORT negative, Delivery done yesterday 20. 45 pm, Please guide sir.

DNB(Pediatrics), DCH
Pediatrician, Chennai
Hello sir, My wife age 29 today deliver baby boy ; My question is My blood group is B+ and my wife B- ve, Now the mai...
Hi Mr. D there is no issue in feeding your baby if he is otherwise well. You will have to monitor for jaundice and if baby is B+ve then anti-D injection has to be given for the mother in order to protect next baby from haemolytic disease due to blood group incompatibility.
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Hello sir my daughter is 5 year 5 month old she is in 1st standard. She is good in study. But the prob is that she take so much time for finished her work writing speed is very slow, stamina is low, lack of concentration and that why so much time waste in only study infect school mai only 1 page she write and always tell a lie.

Pediatrician, Pune
She needs happiness, play, entertainment, parental time, good nutritious diet study, in that order, spend time with the child - identify her needs, help nurture her talent, which you and her have not yet identified, bring more happiness, joy in everything she does, and see the difference in her, as well as your life, don, t expect too much, seek improvement in joy than perfomance
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What is the alternative food for cow milk for 17 month baby. He hates cow milk. If force feed, his motion comes watery the next day.

M.D.( Pediatrics), DCH
What is the alternative food for cow milk for 17 month baby. He hates cow milk. If force feed, his motion comes water...
All that you have it for meals in family. Dal rice, Idli Dosa, Uttapam, Rasam, Sambar rice, curd rice, fruits, meat, chicken, eggs and you name it, he can have it for meals.
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How Homeopathy Helps Manage Child's Health?

Homeopath, Mumbai
How Homeopathy Helps Manage Child's Health?

It has been seen that children absolutely resist taking medicines, especially the conventional kind that may not agree with their sweet craving taste buds. Yet, the sweet pellets of Homeopathic medicines appeal to many children. Also, these drugs are safe and they make use of the body’s defences when it comes to fighting and treating ailments. Read on to know more about improving your child’s health with the help of homeopathy.

Treating Infant Problems: Homeopathic drugs are known to treat a number of infant related ailments like teething and the aches and pains caused by the same, as well as colic and other ailments like ear ache. These drugs are usually quick and effective when it comes to removing the discomfort that the child may be experiencing which can keep the child from turning cranky. These medicines can be used to treat acute and sudden problems as well as long term issues that seem to reoccur often.

Side Effects: One of the most common benefits of Homeopathic drugs includes the lack of side effects for children and adults alike. This quality is especially helpful for children. Let us understand why. The side effects of many conventional medicines may have a direct or indirect bearing on the growth as well as the development of the child’s immunity. With Homeopathy, the child is at no such risk. With its complete lack of side effects, these kinds of medicines ensure that the child’s growth, development and immunity do not suffer. In fact, these medicines are completely safe and are known to use resources from within the body rather than impairing such resources with an intense effect.

Response: Children are known to respond to very well to Homeopathic remedies because their bodies are still not used to the intensity of conventional medication, which makes them more receptive in general.

Various Homeopathic Medicines for Children: Aconite is one of the most widely used Homeopathic drugs that is used for treating sudden ailments like fever, fright, shock and cough or cold, as well. Arnica can also be used for various injuries. Belladona is best used for fever and persistent crying or fretfulness. Borax can be used to cure various digestive upsets. Calendula is also used to treat minor abrasions as well as sun burns as well as scalds and wounds. Chamomilla also helps in treating bedwetting problems for children. One can also use Homeopathic drugs on a regular basis once teething begins so that the child is not prone to fever and fits of crying. Also, children can be given Homeopathic drugs for deworming at least once a year. This will also help to clear out the toxins and build better appetite. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Homeopath.

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C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha

Asthma has become a common ailment these days because of rampant air pollution and stressful lifestyle. The quality of the air we breathe, the change in climate and dust allergy can easily bring in an asthmatic flare up in some people.
Asthma attack causes breathing difficulty. This happens as your bronchial tubes get inflamed and contract, thereby narrowing down the air passages. You feel your chest tightening up and experience shortness of breath with a wheezing sound.

What triggers asthma flare ups?
There a number of potential triggers for mild to severe asthmatic attacks. By identifying and avoiding these triggering factors you can bring down the frequency of your asthmatic flare ups notably.
Look out for the following factors that may set off asthma:

Cold and flu:
Cold and flu infection spreads through coughing and sneezing from an infected person. A cold takes 2-4 days while flu takes 3-4 weeks to recover. These infections can potentially trigger the asthma attack by causing inflammation of the air passages.

Weather change:
The changing weather conditions, cold air, humid climate and thunderstorms often trigger asthma flare ups. Changes in temperature also aggravates asthma problem. Cold air is one of the most common reasons for asthma attacks in kids and adults alike.
Dust Mites:
Dust mites in your carpets, rugs, pillows and bedding may trigger asthma as well. It is very difficult to kill dust mites. Make sure you use vacuum cleaner to clear away dust from your beddings, carpets, pillows etc. And put them out in the sun often.

If you have indoor plants then they may trigger asthma attack due to allergy flare ups. This happens as they tend to form molds that may trigger asthma.

Indoor plants and garden areas may be a good thriving ground for pollens. Pollens are very fine particles. Insects and gusts of air may transport these allergens to your body through breath.

Pet/animal dander and cockroaches:
Pets or animals with hair or fur like a dog, cat, bird or even mice may shed miniscule skin flecks that may cause irritation and trigger an asthmatic flare up.
If you have cockroaches at home, then get pest control done. Their droppings may also trigger asthma flare up and you would have never guessed the real reason!

Work environment:
If your office area is closed up and not well ventilated, has wood dust or smell of wood polish, wall paint fumes, chemicals etc. Then your asthma flare up can set off easily.

Cigarette smoke:
If you smoke or you are in a smoking zone like in a restaurant or a party, then the smoke can prompt an asthma flare up. Even smoke from a bushfire may trigger it.

Air pollution:
If you live, work or travel in an area where air pollution is high due to traffic or lack of greenery, then an asthma flare up can occur frequently.

Strong smells:
Strong smells from flowers, mosquito repellents, incense sticks, varnish, paint, perfumed candles, deodorants or body perfumes can also trigger asthma.

Certain medicines can also trigger asthma attack like blood pressure or steroidal medicines etc. Always ask your doctor before taking medicines.

Stress and emotional highs:
If you have not taken a vacation in a long time, you are working late nights or have to do heavy physical or mental work, then it results in extreme stress. It may trigger an asthmatic flare up. Emotional highs like anger or excitement can also trigger a flare up of asthma.

Exercising, jogging, swimming or running can also trigger asthmatic attack due to physical exertion. This happens because when you run or work out, then breathing becomes faster. This lets a lot of cold air enter your lungs in comparison to normal breath that is made warm by your nose.

Hormonal imbalance:
Anytime you are experiencing hormonal ups and downs, asthma flare up can get triggered. For women menstrual cycle, pregnancy or menopause can trigger asthma in some cases. This is not very common though.

Kapha aggravating foods can also trigger an asthmatic attack. Avoid rice, curd, high salt, sugar, lentils, strong tea, alcohol, pickles, sauces, processed foods to lower the risk of asthma flare up. Processed foods contain preservatives like sulphite foods that may trigger asthma.
Find out the reasons that cause your asthma flare up. Keep yourself active despite asthma by avoiding these triggering factors.
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My son is 2 months old. Can the baby be fed. With.cerelac. Others milk is not sufficient.

MD - Paediatrics, MBBS
Pediatrician, Tumkur
My son is 2 months old. Can the baby be fed. With.cerelac. Others milk is not sufficient.
Not enough milk is a misconception. Mother should have strong determination to feed. Frequent suckling at breast with positive attitude is the only solution. Tinned foods are harmful to the baby.
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Dear doctor, My wife (29 years old) gave birth to baby boy 12 days before. But still milk secretion is not much as possible literally 20 ml only secreting per day. And baby born by caesarian only that too 37th week .he is 2.1 kg only. Is there any foods to boost mother milk secretion. Kindly advice. Thanking you in advance.

post graduation diploma in clinical Nutrition anf dietician, Certificate in diabetic educator, Dietitics / Nutrition - University Of Mysore
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mysore
Dear doctor,
My wife (29 years old) gave birth to baby boy 12 days before. But still milk secretion is not much as po...
Thank you for posting query. Congratulations for the proud parents. This is a time were in a mother needs lot of emotional support andbrelaxation engourage mother to try and feed every second hourly its a nature were in body understand change and requirement of child milk secretion will incrrase. Several foods include daily 10-12 almonds, good fluid intake near to 3-3.5lts, green leafy vegetables specially dilleaves include fennel seeds post each meal, garlic,zeera in her diet, ridge gaurd all these should be part of het diet make sure any atleast 2-3 ingredients should me must in her diet even a hand full of peanuts will help.
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