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Dr. Ruchi

Gynaecologist, Delhi

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Dr. Ruchi Gynaecologist, Delhi
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I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage....more
I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage.
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Dr. Ruchi is an experienced Gynaecologist in Rohini, Delhi. You can visit him/her at Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital in Rohini, Delhi. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Ruchi on has an excellent community of Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 35 years of experience on You can find Gynaecologists online in Delhi and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Drs, I took a pregnancy home test today and I had a second line very light pink colour. Am I pregnant? Please tell me, am praying for a baby. Please tell me. My last period is 23-5-2017.

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Vadodara
Drs, I took a pregnancy home test today and I had a second line very light pink colour. Am I pregnant? Please tell me...
Even light pink line means it is positive. Just consult a gynecologist and get checked for and confirm.
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Hi, In 7 months pregnancy breech presentation is there, is there any possibility to change cephalic presentation.

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Vadodara
Hi, In 7 months pregnancy breech presentation is there, is there any possibility to change cephalic presentation.
You may take Homoeopathic Medicine Pulsatilla 200 one dose every week... It can not only correct the position but also helps in normal delivery.
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I have 2 months old baby girl I have a lactation problem, the problem why I am not lactating I can not understand first month after delivery I can lactate very much but now its like I can lactate one day but next day I can't lactate and currently I am using T- lactare tablets for lactation but its like I can't lactate properly please help me with this problem?

Advanced Infertility, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Hyderabad
Dear lybrate-user, Greetings! To increase lactation drink lots of fluids and in diet eat nutritious food, milk daily twice. Put a few garlic cloves in rice while cooking mash it and eat. T.Lactara 00 - 00 -00 daily you can take. In case you further have any queries please feel free to consult us so that we can get back to you at an earliest.
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Last month I got periods in march 5 now april 2 every month 7 days before I am getting periods I am not getting pregnant I need children give suggestion I want to conceive in this month is it possible or not?

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Last month I got periods in march 5 now april 2 every month 7 days before I am getting periods I am not getting pregn...
To get pregnant you need to have regular sex i. E. 3-4 times a week for one full year before you start seeking medical help. If you want to make her pregnant fast then you can follow this calender method. If a women’s menstrual cycle varies from 26days to 31days cycle, The shortest cycle (26 days) minus 18 days = 8th day. The longest cycle (31 days) minus 10 days=21st day Thus, 8th to 21st day of each cycle counting from first day of menstrual period is considered as fertile period.
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Signs That Something May Be Wrong With Your Thyroid

Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology, Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery (BHMS)
Homeopath, Mumbai
Signs That Something May Be Wrong With Your Thyroid
Many people come with abnormal thyroid hormone levels and overt symptoms. Their frequent inquiry is, why are we not able to see the signs coming on?

Truth is, you can.

Your body is an intelligent temple. It always gives off alarms or notifications if something is going wrong somewhere. These few signs can alert you that your thyroid may not be functioning as well as it should be:

1. You have begun to gain weight suddenly.
2. Your energy levels have drastically gone down.
3. You are sweating more than you usually do (even during cold weather).
4. Your skin has become dry and hair has become strawy and brittle.
5. Your appetite has reduced.
6. You have suddenly become constipated.

If you begin to experience a combination of any of the above symptoms, it is advisable to get your thyroid levels checked.
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My wife is 23 years old and 6 weeks pregnant, is it safe for her to experience orgasm by only stimulating her clots? Pls advice.

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Warangal
My wife is 23 years old and 6 weeks pregnant, is it safe for her to experience orgasm by only stimulating her clots? ...
Hi, intercourse is safe until she feels comfortable and up to 8 months and she had no history of preg loss previously
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Central dogma of ayurveda.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), PGDHHM
Ayurveda, Jammu
Central dogma of ayurveda.
Central dogma of ayurveda.
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Are condoms 100% accurate to avoid pregnancy if used correctly? I do not want to get pregnant so are condoms enough or should I ask my husband to get sterilized.

Homeopath, Pune
yeah condoms are enough to avoid pregnancy . to avoid pregnancy please use 2 condoms so that even if one breaks other will protect.
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I had miscarriage last and not conceive yet what are the chances to get pregnant?

MBBS, DNB - Obstetrics & Gynecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
I had miscarriage last and not conceive yet what are the chances to get pregnant?
Chances of pregnancy after miscarriage depends on the cause of miscarriage. If the first miscarriage was due to injury to abdomen or some medicines then it usually does not affect the next pregnancy. However if 1st abortion is due to anatomical defect like uterine abnormality or infection. Then it may have effects on subsequent pregnancies too. To accurately predict your chances of pregnancy kindly send your sonography and blood reports. Also mention reason for previous miscarriage.
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Hi my wife is using Tablet: deviry 10 mg before marriage for 16 days daily twice. Her period cycle got shifted and now am planning for vacation very soon and want to know if she can use the same tablets to delay periods? More importantly is it safe to use the tablets or will it affect her health. Kindly let me know.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS
Gynaecologist, Noida
Hi my wife is using Tablet: deviry 10 mg before marriage for 16 days daily twice. Her period cycle got shifted and no...
Hello, Yes she can use it from day 22 of her next cycle twice a day till as long as she wishes to delay her menses.
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Brown Sugar Vs. Plain Sugar: Which One Is Healthier? dietitics and food service management, Diabetes educator
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Bhopal
Brown Sugar Vs. Plain Sugar: Which One Is Healthier?

They say, not everything sweet necessarily leaves a sweet taste. True to that, sugar, whether brown or white, is often considered detrimental to health. Not only does it trigger glucose imbalance in the body, it also heightens the potential of cardiovascular diseases. However, if a comparison is drawn between white and brown sugar, the latter is assumed to be healthier. Brown sugar is essentially granulated sugar with molasses, so it contains greater amount of minerals and consequently is recommended over white sugar. Molasses, being a more natural constituent, reaps more health benefits in comparison to white sugar.

The usual process of manufacturing sugar involves extracting the juice from sugar cane, which then is centrifuged to form finer granules. Unlike white sugar, it goes into further processing; brown sugar is blended with molasses. This enhances the natural constituency of the sugar and makes it more refined. Brown sugar has certain explicit advantages. Often, white sugar includes synthetic flavors which may cause further damage to your health. As against this, brown sugar is slightly more beneficial.

Brown sugar comes with few other discrete advantages. A large number of weight watchers vouch for it. Compared to white sugar, brown sugar supplies a fairly reduced amount of calories. Moreover, brown sugar is surfeit in minerals. It provides one with a decent quantum of calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. With regard to taste, brown sugar has a quainter taste than white sugar. Brown sugar, on account of the greater proportion of molasses content, usually is less saccharine than white sugar.

While the minimal processing that goes into making brown sugar enhances its nutritive value, it really isn't a healthy alternative to plain sugar. True, it retains more health enzymes than plain sugar, but it does not really benefit your body. Many perceive that the hype around the health benefits of brown sugar is a marketing strategy and gimmicky stance to increase its market values.

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DNB (Pediatrics)
Pediatrician, Faridabad
A regular bed time routine is very necessary for a child.

Me n my partner are not ready for the the baby and I am using condom as a precaution. Sometimes I feel not to user but due to fear of pregnancy I use it. I do not want to use it what are the methods I can adopt it? N what is the right time to have unprotected sex I after periods or before periods? please give me a valuable answers.

DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), PGDHHM, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Me n my partner are not ready for the the baby and I am using condom as a precaution. Sometimes I feel not to user bu...
you can advice to you partner take oral contraceptive pill regularly according to doctor can avoid sexual intercourse during ovulation period that is 8th day and 18th day of menses.
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Sir I am 19 year old sir my last period date is 12.03. 16 and its over on 16.03. 16 and meet my bf on 18.3. 16 and I have sex with him without any protection but now from 2 or 3 days there is pain in my lower of stomach and when I ate food I feel like vomit. Am I pregnant or how can I check this?

MD (Unani), Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Unani Specialist, Delhi
You should had to take emergency contraceptive pills with in 72 hr of unprotected sex. Now wait for next periods, if you miss then go for upt (urine pregnancy test). Don't worry vomiting and pain abdomen may be due to git infection.
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I M 39 years old. Two hours ago I took festone kit last dose. I was expecting bleeding but I started shivering and got fever of 100. What should I do.

MBBS, Certified IVF Specialist, MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy
IVF Specialist, Chennai
Hi, Self medication is always risky in these issues. Please rush to a gyneacologist right away and get yourself treated to avoid complications of a septic abortion.
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Hello Madam, We are trying to get baby since last 4 years with no positive feedback even a single time. We have checked with different doctors and have done so many check up both of us but there is any problem found. Can you suggest any good over the counter medicine which we can try?

MBBS, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Pune
Hello Madam, We are trying to get baby since last 4 years with no positive feedback even a single time. We have check...
there is no readymade answer. You wont get OTC medicine for infertility. You have to be patient. Stick up to one doctor whom you have faith. Its a long tedious process.
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Early Pregnancy Loss

MBBS, DGO, Ceritification in Minimal Invasive Surgery
Gynaecologist, Ghaziabad
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Miscarriage: Causes and Treatment for Early Pregnancy Loss

Hello friends, I'm Dr. Mukti Sethi. I'm a Consultant Gyenic specializing in life expectancy and infertility. I've done my graduation from GSV Medical COllege Kanpur, and my post graduation from Aligarh Muslim University. Today, on this session I'm going to talk on the subject which is a great cause of stress and anxiety among patients who are expecting pregnancy or area pregnant, that is early pregnancy loss. So early pregnancy loss, what exactly do we mean by early pregnancy loss. Early pregnancy loss is a loss of pregnancy during the first thirteen weeks of pregnancy, that is, the first trimester of pregnancy. It is commonly mentioned as miscarriage or spontaneous abortion.

So how many pregnancies lands into a pregnancy loss or what is the incidence of pregnancy loss? Around one in every five pregnancy, which is, unfortunately, a very high incidence rate, lands in a non-developmental form or loss of a pregnancy or a miscarriage. So what are the causes of this pregnancy loss? The most common cause, around 60% of the pregnancy loss, is due to are due to random chromosomal defects are seen during the process of fertilization. What is the process of fertilization? Fertilization is when the female's ova or egg combines with the sperm to form a fetus or a zygote. During the process, the mismatch of the chromosomes results in an abnormal chromosomal formula of the fetus. So these pregnancies won't be able to grow further and nature has its own process to curtail these pregnancies or abnormal pregnancies from growing. So these pregnancies are going to land in an abortion or miscarriage or missed abortion or blighted abortion that we generally see. So a big number, that is 60% is because of these chromosomal defects which we do not have any control over.

So coming over other causes, it might be a defect in the reproductive system of the female like a defect in uterus, fibroid or septa. Then coming over to infections, yes there are a set of infections that can be a cause of these pregnancy losses or abortion, like torch infections or tuberculosis. Then coming onto the hormonal causes, we have seen so many patients coming who have a thyroid problem or are diabetic. Again coming onto patients who are suffering from PCOD. So they have high chances of having an abnormal pregnancy or unhealthy pregnancy which might result in abortion. Then there are certain medical conditions or toxins, environmental conditions which might land a patient into a pregnancy loss. Now, what can an individual or a girl who is planning to get pregnant do to reduce the risk of having an abortion? First of all, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and then prelating, that is before getting pregnant always see a gynecologist or a consultant. There is a set of investigations that you people should go through- your blood group, your CBC, your diabolic sugars. You should go through these tests before planning a pregnancy. Next is a healthy lifestyle, certain vitamins like folic acid are extremely important. Taking them for 3-4 months before getting pregnant might reduce the risk of getting abnormal pregnancies like deformities seen in the fetus is considerably reduced. Then yes, coming over to the lifestyle that we see today, females planning to get pregnant should stop smoking, alcohol intake should be reduced or stopped if possible.

Then there are some general questions patients do ask me that should we stop coffee. Yes, you can take coffee but try to restrict it to two cups a day. Then any food or anything which can cause abortion is more of a myth. Generally, all foods like vegetables, fruits which god has created for us is quite healthy and generally do not result in any injury to the fetus. But still certain foods like Chinese or Ajinomoto, we do ask the patient to reduce the intake for the first trimester of pregnancy. Then there can be certain girls or females that are working in an environment which can be hazardous for the growing fetus like many of our staff that are woking with X-rays or chemical setups or factories which are there, also around fumes. So you need to be a little cautious about the environment where you are working so that there is no harm in the early fetus. So yes you can take certain steps to have a healthy pregnancy.

Now how can your doctor or your gynecologist help to reduce the risks? Very thorough check up with the doctor so that she would be able to diagnose any hormonal problems or any defects in the uterus, something which she can do about and that way she will surely be able to help you out. But again coming back to the point, the majority of pregnancy loss is due to chromosomal abnormality during the process of fertilization which are not in control of the doctor or the patient. So you need to be somewhat relaxed, nature has its way , and if there is something or some abnormality in the foetus then nature will not allow it to grow. But yes there are other causes in which you can or your doctor can help you out so that you have a healthy pregnancy. Now, how to know that you might be heading towards a pregnancy loss or towards an abortion. The main symptoms that the patient will complain about are spotting or bleeding or cramps. Patients come to us with a history of missing periods and there is an episode of bleeding. Now here I would like to say that all patients who have bleeding during the first trimester of pregnancy are not going to land in an abortion. But yes you need to be extra cautious, you need to see your doctor, your doctor would like to help with certain hormones or support with the hormones or pregnancy with the vitamins which might avert the abortion.

So the first symptom is pain and bleeding. Now all patients of bleeding will not land in an abortion but yes when you are having it you need to undergo certain investigations so that there is a diagnosis to know the problem. So how would your doctor diagnose that yes it is a case of abortion or missed abortion or a blighted one? A physical examination by the doctor, the general upper vaginal examination will guide the doctor towards the cause of bleeding. Doctor will ask or recommend a certain set of investigations like ultrasound and even beta HCG that is a blood test which will help to diagnose, and sometimes you know these tests need to be repeated, and at that moment of time patients tend to get very anxious that why the doctor is not able to answer my questions that it is a healthy pregnancy or not. Because sometimes the pregnancy needs to be of a certain duration to assess that yes it is going at par or not. So we have to repeat the investigations like ultrasound needs to be done after an interval of a week or ten days to see the difference in growth, has the baby grown in ten days or not, or to say with confidence that it is a growing pregnancy. Once the diagnosis of missed abortion or abortion has been made, now what is the treatment or what would be the next step. Sometimes a patient comes to us that it is a very early pregnancy, very small sac or she is bleeding, having a heavy flow like a periods flow. Then we would just ask the patient to wait and watch. Let her clear off with the periods and sometimes the pregnancy will be washed on its own and doctor would decide not to interfere with the natural process, and at times it is sufficient. But yes if the sac is a little larger in size or the bleeding is not that much in flow, or period is not there, the doctor might give some medicines to you so that there is proper flow and pregnancy is washed off.

But there might be certain cases which would require intervention by the doctor that is a surgical procedure or such an evaluation or dilation and then by the patient to remove whatever products of conception still remain. Even after medicines, sometimes you know all the products of conception won't be washed out then after a period of two weeks the doctor might advise you to go for another ultrasound to confirm that everything is clear and if still there are some fragments then surgical procedure might be advised to you. Generally, the next question is will it in any way harm the next pregnancy. No, it is not like that. Generally, these are safe procedures and very necessary at that period, therefore, you people are advised about it and they are not related to any long term consequences. So here we have discussed the treatment of early pregnancy loss. Generally, these people do quite well, have good chances of having a healthy pregnancy the next time they become pregnant. So my advice to you all doesn't get anxious, look for support from your doctor, from your family, with your partner. Decide well in advance before your next pregnancy.

If any of you need to consult me about this you are most welcome. You can get in touch with me through or if you want to see me in your clinic I'm available at Indirapuram at Ghaziabad NCR. You can fix an appointment and see me personally and I hope this talk was useful for you.

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Benefits of Waternut ( Singarda )

Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Unani Specialist, Hyderabad
Benefits of Waternut ( Singarda )
Health & medicinal benefits of singhara or indian water chestnuts-
It helps in premature ejaculation. Eat for minimum 30 days daily 5 grm and see the benefits.
1) singhara is used for treating diarrhoea, dysentery, thyroid problem, swelling and bronchitis.
2) it is natural antioxidant, prevents wrinkles, protects from uv rays and helps to cure weakness.
3) it helps to prevent sugar, ulcer, gout and heart diseases.
4) singhara is very rich in carbohydrate and 100 gm of it gives 115 calories.
5) it help in proper functioning of thyroid.
6) the fruits are used to treat sore throat, anemia, fractures, urinary disorders, and in leprosy.
7) it is anti oxidant and help to cure cough.
8) singhara peel can be grind and applied on swelling to get relief.
9) regular eating of its flour helps to gain weight.
10) for eczema cure, dried singhara should be mixed with lemon juice and applied regularly on affected area.
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