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Dr. Richa Setia

BSc - Dietitics / Nutrition, MSc - Dietitics / Nutrition

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi

17 Years Experience  ·  200 at clinic
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Dr. Richa Setia BSc - Dietitics / Nutrition, MSc - Dietitics / Nutrition Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
17 Years Experience  ·  200 at clinic
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Personal Statement

I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
More about Dr. Richa Setia
Dr. Richa Setia is one of the best Dietitian/Nutritionists in G T B Nagar, Delhi. Doctor has had many happy patients in his/her 17 years of journey as a Dietitian/Nutritionist. Doctor is a BSc - Dietitics / Nutrition, MSc - Dietitics / Nutrition . You can consult Dr. Richa Setia at Hans Charitable Hospital in G T B Nagar, Delhi. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Richa Setia on

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BSc - Dietitics / Nutrition - Dr DY Patil medical college & hospital - 2001
MSc - Dietitics / Nutrition - IGNOU - 2012


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Hans Charitable Hospital

2001-2, Banda Bahadur Marg, G.T.B Nagar, Outram Lines Landmark : Opp Mukherjee Nagar Police Station, near GTB Nagar Metro stationDelhi Get Directions
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How to get rid of obesity. i.e. I need diet chart for that. Can you help me please.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Faridabad
How to get rid of obesity.

i.e. I need diet chart for that.

Can you help me please.
Early Morning-Lukewarm Water with Lemon 1 glass Tea without Sugar + 2 Biscuits Breakfast-2 Hard boiled Eggs + 2 Slice Brown Bread OR 2 Scrambled Eggs + 1 Slice Brown Bread+ Skimmed Milk 1 cup (240 gm) Mid-Morning-1 Banana/1/2 cup Melon/20 Grapes Lunch-Brown Rice 1 cup(195 gm) + Chicken(100 gm) + Mixed Vegetables 1/2 cup + Salad 1 Bowl Evening-Butter Milk 1 cup Dinner-1 Roti + Fish(50 gm) + Lentils Dal 1/2 cup+ Raita 1 small bowl
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Am suffering with diabetes. Can I consume Palm wine? Is it healthy? Also suggest me the foods to eat to control diabetes. And also please suggest me the remedies to make motions free.

Diploma In Diet & Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Hyderabad
Am suffering with diabetes. Can I consume Palm wine? Is it healthy? Also suggest me the foods to eat to control diabe...
1. Avoid wine and liquor. 2. Bring your weight down 3. Avoid maida, sugar, biscuits, colas, juices. 4. Take whole grains like, brown rice, ragi, dalia 5. Eat salads & fruits 6. For stomach problems, double water intake, take 5 kishmish, 4 dry dates, one banana daily.
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My running age is 51 now height 5. 3 & weight is 97kg. I want to reduce my weight please advice ( up to 10 to 20 kg)male.

Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery, F.I.A.G.E.S, M.S. ( General Surgery)
Gastroenterologist, Lucknow
Your bmi is 39.5 and you're in morbid obesity category. You have to be very serious about your weight loss else it is going to be a problem for you. a. What do you do? b. What is your height and weight? c. Do you have any other problems like diabetes, hypothyroid or hypertension? d. Do you have family history of same? e. Do you take a lot of sweets? f. What is your exercise schedule? do you do any regular exercise?
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I am 36 years old and have recently undergone a spine surgery. I weigh 112 kgs and trying to loose weight. Only physical activity I can undertake is brisk walking. My height is 5. 11 please suggest

Homeopath, Secunderabad
Nothing to worry , homoeopathy is the one of the best way to reduce weight without any side effects. Better to take bottle gourd juice along with medicines. Now are you taking any medicines for this?
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During pregnancy I became 87 kgs. Now my weight is 81 kg. I am on breastfeeding. Post pregnancy I haven't used any belt. Can not I be able to reduce my tummy? Also kindly help me reduce my weight.

M.Phil biotech and PGD Dietitics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Panchkula
During pregnancy I became 87 kgs. Now my weight is 81 kg. I am on breastfeeding. Post pregnancy I haven't used any be...
The weight gain in the body is due to the more of the calories in your diet than you burn in the whole day. One should eat balanced diet comprising of Carbohydrates-50%, protein-40% and fat 10% in right ratio with a maximum of 1500-1800 calories per day. To keep satiety at meals increase your protein and lower your cabs content, these wills the amount of food in next meal and thus decrease calorie consumption. Good choices of protein to be opted are: •Egg white •Sprouts •Mushroom •Oats •Chicken and fish Drink plenty of water and do not include high density source of calorie rich snacks like nuts and seeds. Make sure to include workout schedule at least 5 times a week along with maintaining rest session and complete sleep for a healthy body and mind.
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Stay Healthy

Cert.MDT (Mckenzie spine Therapist), CMP, MPTh/MPT, CDNT
Physiotherapist, Gurgaon
Stay Healthy

2 steps to a pain free neck

Neck and back pain is the second biggest reason to visit a doctor, yet people ignore it.

most of this can be prevented and treated, that too, non-surgically and without involving any medication or exercises at home.

Orthocure clinic at gurgaon offers specialized neck and back pain treatments which have been globally acclaimed for many years and are being offered for the first time in india.

    What causes neck pain and what are the symptoms?

weak muscles are the root cause of neck pain. When we move our neck, the large muscle group like upper back muscles shoulder muscles take most of the load leaving core neck muscles in a state of disuse. It can also come from spinal disorders involving tissues of the neck. Symptoms are: stiff neck making head turning difficult, soreness in neck or pain that radiates down into the shoulders, arms, or fingers; or radiates up into the head.

2. What are risk factors to develop neck pain?

    Past neck injury.
    Sedentary lifestyle due to a desk job or poor posture.
    Bending the neck for a long time while cooking, using phone, holding a baby, writing, reading etc.
    Cervical slipped disc or nerve compression disorders.

3. How is treatment at orthocure clinic different from others?

Orthocure offers a comprehensive neck back program with a 2 step protocol. We first reduce the pain by using the spinal decompression machine and, then, strengthen the muscles on the cervical medical exercise machine, thereby, treating the root cause of the pain.

4. What is the spinal decompression machine?

It is the first facility in gurgaon from the canadian decompression and pain centers, canada. Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy has computer controlled movements to decompress the spine in a graded manner causing a  vacuum effect that helps in reducing the compression on the nerves.

5. How is strengthening done on medical exercise machine and are there any side effects?

In india orthocure is offering first and only facility of medical exercise machine from usa. It strengthens core muscles by isolating them and restraining the other stronger group of muscles. Computerized testing is another unique feature of this treatment which shows how weak your neck/back muscles are compared to a  normal adult. Also, there are no side effects as both are non-invasive treatments with no medicines or injections. Patient is under close medical supervision throughout the treatment.

For consultation, contact orthocure clinics at:

Spo 214, 2nd floor, south point mall, golf course road, gurgaon.

Contact: 0124-4052277, 9599642277 | info@orthocure. Co. In | www. Orthocure. Co. In

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I am a 26years male with height 173cm and with weight 80kg. I am trying my best for the past 3months to reduce my weight for atlest 5kg. But even after a strict diet containing the following, I still can not able to reduce my weight, even by 1kg. It still stands at 80kg. I even had a regular workout at gym, which will be from 45min to 1hour continues workout. My daily intake will be as follows: * 1/2 liter oats soup with chicken for morning. * no rice at afternoon, but will have seeds like grown peanut, dal & beans seeds. For total of 150-250gm. * evening before workout, I will have 2 regular size banana with tea * after workout, as dinner I use to have 2 wheat rotti with 2 omelet and peanut butter. This is my diet and I am strictly following it. I still use to have a min of 4ltr of water each day. Kindly advice me, what am I doing wrong. And forgot, my job is a desk job, but still I walk around 4-6km a day.

M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Ghaziabad
I am a 26years male with height 173cm and with weight 80kg. I am trying my best for the past 3months to reduce my wei...
Hi Nipin Its gud that you are doing this much efforts to reduce you weight. But the only thing is that if you do all this with a proper guidance than you will definately reduce your weight soon. ******You are following totally a wrong diet. on one hand you are doing this much of gyming and walking which is very gud but on the other hand you your self is ruining it by yourself. **** if you want a proper diet chart than you can consuly me privately and surely get a gud diet chart. Dont follow the diet prescribed by the gym trainer bcoz these kinds of diet charts generally given by them. these have negative effect also when you leave gym you will start gaining weight. For reducing weight, healthy diet and exercise together are the best method.some general guidelines are: 1. Have right food in right quantity at right time. 2. Take small and frequent 5-6 meals a day. 3. Drink plenty of fluids. 4. Avoid fried foods. 5. Eat more of fruits and vegetables. 6. Regular exercise and brisk walk. 7. Sound sleep and rest. 8. Avoid refined cereals like maida, rice etc.
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Fistula Treatment By Kshar Sutra

Ayurveda, Gorakhpur
Fistula Treatment By Kshar Sutra

Anal rectal problem fistula is most common problem at this time. And mostly it is misdiagnosed and people get operated as rectal access.
Most common feature are a boil around anus, pus supurating boil near anus. Musilaginous white or watery discharge near anus. Wet feeling always near anus. Painful protuted boil near anus. Sometimes anorectal abcess.

Now we have to to whom should I contact for this very problem.
First people should go for ayurvedic kshar sutra practitioner who is best for it's cure. Because fistula treatment by other surgical methods or medication, are very recurrent in nature. They again come with same symptoms. In a week, months, years.
And when we treat it with kshar sutra it is 100percent treated. Never comes again. And this kshar sutra method never injure the muscular rings of the anal canal and very safe method. Thanks

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5 Common Vascular Disorders

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, Fellowship in Vascular Surgery, Ted Rogers Fellowship
Vascular Surgeon, Delhi
5 Common Vascular Disorders

Vascular disorders are disorders of the vessels in your body that carry either blood or waste products. The vascular system consists of the arteries (that carry blood away from the heart), veins (that carry blood to the heart) and lymph vessels (that carry waste products to be excreted from the body). The various diseases of the vascular or circulatory system are:

  1. Peripheral Artery Disease: Peripheral arteries carry blood to the various organs and tissues in the body. Accumulation of cholesterol and fat in the vessels narrow the pathway for the blood to flow. This can impair blood flow to the tissues in the body and cause complications. Various medications used to lower cholesterol and blood pressure can also be used for peripheral artery disease.
  2. Buerger's Disease: This disease causes obstructions in the veins and arteries in the legs. This can hamper blood supply in the toes and the feet. It causes pain and may require amputation in severe cases. Treatments for this disease include smoking cessation and medications to dilute blood vessels.
  3. Aneurysm: An aneurysm is swelling in the blood vessel walls; it usually occurs in the aorta. The artery walls become fragile and are placed under a lot of stress; this may lead to a sudden rupture of the aortic vessels. This disorder is usually treated by surgical procedures.
  4. Peripheral Venous Disease: Peripheral venous disease is characterized by damage to the valves that allows blood to flow in a single direction. Damaged valves can cause blood to flow backwards and therefore, accumulate. Treatments for this disorder are incorporating certain lifestyle habits such as quitting smoking and alcohol.
  5. Blood clots in the veins: Blood clots may occur in the veins present inside the muscles of the thighs and lower legs which lead to deep vein thrombosis. You may be prescribed anti-coagulants, also known as blood thinners, to treat this disorder.

People with diseases such diabetes, high blood pressure, or kidney failure can be more likely to have vessel problems. Working with vibrating tools, being in cold temperatures, and smoking can worsen vascular problems. Causes of vascular disorders usually fit into one of 5 groups:

  1. Traumatic, which occur after injury
  2. Compressive, which occur when the pipes flatten
  3. Occlusive, which occur when pipes are blocked
  4. Tumors (growths) or malformations (deformed, tangled pipes), which may or may not be present at birth
  5. Vessel spasms, which occur when abnormal control of vessels causes them to narrow

Symptoms of vascular disorders can include:

  1. Pain
  2. Abnormal color changes in the fingertips
  3. Ulcers or wounds that do not heal
  4. Hand problems when in cold temperatures or locations
  5. Numbness or tingling of the fingertips
  6. Swelling
  7. Cool or cold fingers and/or hands 

    If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor.

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