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Dr. Rajkumar

Ayurveda, Delhi

Dr. Rajkumar Ayurveda, Delhi
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Our team includes experienced and caring professionals who share the belief that our care should be comprehensive and courteous - responding fully to your individual needs and preferences....more
Our team includes experienced and caring professionals who share the belief that our care should be comprehensive and courteous - responding fully to your individual needs and preferences.
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Dr. Rajkumar is a popular Ayurveda in Krishna Nagar, Delhi. You can meet Dr. Rajkumar personally at Shanti Clinic in Krishna Nagar, Delhi. Book an appointment online with Dr. Rajkumar and consult privately on has an excellent community of Ayurvedas in India. You will find Ayurvedas with more than 38 years of experience on You can find Ayurvedas online in Delhi and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I am 21 years old but I am very weak and slim. I took many types medicine but I have no change. What should I do. Please tell me.

General Physician, Faridabad
you should not take medicine for this, you must be active, not lethargic, so nothing to very. take prtien rich diet, green vegetables, fruits, dal, paneer, cheese, eggs etc. it will help you. welcome for further help.
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Is the growth of height stop at the age of 18th in girls. And if not then at what age the growth of height stops in girls and boys.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
We all are aware of the fact that our height increases up to a particular age and then it comes to a halt. Height increases up to the age of 18years in women and up to the age of 20 years in men. Increase in height is attributed to the production of growth hormone, called the HGH( Human Growth Hormone), which is secreted by the pituitary gland called the master gland of our body. It is rather difficult to increase height after reaching adulthood as the production of these hormones slowly stops. In most cases, the epiphyses of the long bones are fused as the last bits of cartilaginous tissue in the bones turn into solid hard bones. This prevents any further growth in longer bones. However, if the hormones are released naturally, increase in height can be observed.
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My diet us good but my weight is not increasing and I am looking as usual I am please tell what should I have to do for this thanx regard aayush.

Homeopath, Chennai
Underweight is a term describing a person whose body weight is considered too low to be healthy. The definition usually refers to people with a body mass index (bmi) of under 18.5 a weight 15% to 20% below that normal for their age and height group. Low weight may be due to improper diet, reduced assimilation from intestine, illness, metabolism, genetics etc. Thus first we have to rule out any such condition, with this have a healthy diet with more proteins (legumes, eggs, fish, lean meat, vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water and go for regular exercise. A homoeopathic constitutional treatment will definitely help you a lot.
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I am thin and want to increase my weight and height. I am taking proper food.Please help

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
Homoeopathic treatment adzag forte (adven lab) 20 drops in 20 ml fresh water twice daily alfa malt (sbl) 2 spoon twice daily hite aid (bakson) 2 tabs twice daily. Chew directly in mouth silicea 200, calcarea carb 30, tuberculinum 1m,(all 3 of Dr. Reckeweg) take the above 3 medicines alternately every 15 days. Means today night one drop of silicea 200 direct in mouth, after 15 days calc. Carb 30 1 drop night, again after 15 days tuberculinum 1m 1 drop night, again after 15 days silicea 200 1 drop night and so on. Continue this for 4 months and then again consult me. See any change in your height things to do daily. 1. Daily body stretch for 2 minutes early morning whenever yr feet touches the floor. This can be done by standind on your fingers of feets, arms joined upwards, looking upwards while stretching yr body upwards. 2. Swimming in summers for atleast 30 minutess daily 3.6-8 glass of extra water daily 4.2 glass milk daily 5. Green leafy vegetables in diet.
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How to reduce belly I face a lot of problem stomach ache very bad tell me a solution for this.

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Chandigarh
Hi lybrate-user to reduce belly fat you need to be particular about food choices & timings. Eat small & frequent meals. Include high fiber foods in your diet such as whole cereals & whole pulses. Drink plenty of water. Avoid refined foods from your diet such as maida, pasta. Keep check on your food intake.
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I have a heavy head ache for past 5 days. If it continues then I would be lost my hope. So please help to recover from that.

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hello, Some primary headaches can be triggered by lifestyle factors, including: Alcohol, particularly red wine Certain foods, such as processed meats that contain nitrates Changes in sleep or lack of sleep Poor posture Skipped meals Stress Insufficient sleep or rest Overexertion Nutritional deficiencies A secondary headache is a symptom of a disease that can activate the pain-sensitive nerves of the head. Any number of conditions — varying greatly in severity — may cause secondary headaches. Get your blood pressure checked, make a chart. Let me know about the readings, will give you medication accordingly. Also, get eyes tested. Medication: Meantime, can start with homoeopathic medicine - Bakson's Mig-Aid tablet/ after every 2 hours.
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I am tired of allergies that comes after things like tomatoes, cucumber, ice cream etc. I get a allergies in my throats after eating this things. What can I do?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Ernakulam
Hello, your complaints is because of poor immunity. If you will get pure turmeric powder, take it morning one teaspoon with half glass milk everyday. Chyavanaprash is also good for you. Once you feel throat pain, do luke warm salt water gargling.
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My name is Tuhin and I am 25 year's old. I am suffering from back pain I use different types of pain relief cream but no effect so what can I do now?

Physiotherapist, Noida
Postural correction- sit tall, walk tall. Extension exercises x 15 times x twice daily. Apply hot fomentation twice daily. Avoid bending in front.
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My leg has a problem that rheumatism over 2 years. I did not consult a doctor. What medicine I have to apply.

Ayurveda, Ujjain
You are so young it's old age problem. Change food habites. Add in your food calcium, vitamines, proteins, carbohydrates, green vegitabales, milk end milk products. Do arobic excersices, yoga, walking, cycling will help you. Take 1 calcium tablet after dinner with milk for one month. Massaje narayan taila (mfg. By sri sri ayurveda company) report to me for further advice.
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Hematuria - Symptoms and Treatment

Homeopath, Navi Mumbai
Hematuria - Symptoms and Treatment

Urine is normally pale yellow or straw coloured. However, for various reasons, this can change. In fact, the change in the colour of urine is one of the first indications of a deeper underlying problem. This would also be one of the questions that the doctor would ask when suspecting any problem with the urinary tract, starting from infection to stones to cancer.

Hematuria is, therefore, a symptom and not a problem in itself. Some of the reasons for hematuria – presence of blood cells in the urine, producing a light pinkish urine, are listed below.

  1. Urinary tract infections – starting from urethra all the way up to the kidneys

  2. Glomerulonephritis

Kidney Stones-

  1. Prostate enlargement

  2. Tumours/cancers in the kidney, bladder, or prostate

  3. Heavy exercises causing trauma to any of the internal urinary tract organs

  4. Bleeding disorders

  5. Certain medications

  6. Appendicitis

  7. Tuberculosis

As the disease progresses higher in the urinary tract, the severity of hematuria also increases. Though hematuria is a symptom in itself, there are some associated symptoms which are listed below-

  • Fever

  • Fatigue

  • Abdominal pain

  • Reduced appetite

  • Urge to urinate

  • Dysuria

  • Painful/burning urination

  • Feeling of incomplete emptying

  • Nocturnal urination (if prostate is enlarged)

  • Cloudy urine

  • Nausea, vomiting

  • Kidney pain (with stones especially)

Homeopathy believes in treating the person as a whole and not just the presenting symptoms. The doctor will ask a number of questions, some pertaining to unrelated organs, which will help them identify the reason for the hematuria. The treatment prescribed will be customised to the patient in question, but some of the common ingredients used in hematuria management are given below.

  1. Hematuria from all causes can be managed with Terebinthina.

  2. Bladder hematuria is better managed with Erigeron Canadense at 80% concentration while renal hematuria responds better to the same at 60% dilution.

  3. Inflammatory hematuria can be reduced with Cantharis (80%)

  4. Renal hematuria is better managed with Gossypium herbaceous (60%).

  5. Renal colic with pain in the glans, groyne, and thighs responds well to Pereira brava.

  6. Cocus cacti thrice a day is useful where there is itching of the urinary meatus along with the passing of red-coloured urine.

  7. When there are small stones or sand particles in the urine along with pain at the end of the micturition process, Sarsaparilla thrice a day is known to be beneficial.

  8. In some other people, Arnica Montana, Cantharis, phosphorus, and Hepar Sulphur are also used to relieve symptoms of hematuria.

As with any homeopathic treatment, the actual ingredient chosen would depend on the actual symptom that the patient presents with. Though these compounds are used, self-medication is not advisable. Talk to a specialized homeopath who will identify the right ingredient for a given clinical presentation.

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I have pimple problem and I want to get rid from these pimples and also dark spots of pimples.

B.Sc. - Dietitics / Nutrition, Nutrition Certification,Registered Dietitian
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
Use Vichy face wash for pimples. And then use a tea tree toner followed by neutrogena oil free cream and sunscreen.
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How I can done bleaching in teeth for removing yellowish color This can be done by dentist or by ourself at home Pls give me details regarding this or tell me about the chemical or bleaching which I can purchase from drugs shop.

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hello Use Homeodent toothpaste twice daily, morning and night before sleep. Home remedy:- Cleaning your teeth with fresh orange peel on a regular basis will reduce the yellow tinge accumulated on your teeth. Rub orange peel over your teeth every night before going to sleep. The vitamin C and calcium in the orange peel will combat the microorganisms throughout the night.Do this for a few weeks and you will notice effective results.If fresh orange peel is not available, you can use dried orange peel powder. Take care.
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My face is oily and it had acne. I try to meny shop and cream. But result is a big zero.

MBBS, MD - Dermatology
Dermatologist, Delhi
Acne is a chronic problem apply oxidoben gel alt night full face peanut size amount for few months and then once a week even if no pimples
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Can a diabetic person take banana, please let me have your opinion. As every doctor says that diabetic person should refrain from banana.

Diploma in Diet and Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Hyderabad
You can take half a banana in a day... This will balance the (+) good nutrients and the (-) extra sugars.
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I am a 20 years old male. I am suffering from panic disorder and anxiety and my doctor recommended me inderal 10 mg and zapiz 0.25 mg medicines as per my requirement. Please advice me that can I take these pills when I had a panic attack. And advice me home remedies for anxiety.

(MRCPSYCH-UK), MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Hyderabad
The international guidelines for treatment of panic disorder are ssri's - a group of antidepressants to be taken for 3-6 months as a course. Inderal and zapiz are only palliative or temporary solutions not a cure for panic disorder.
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How to increase height a little more as my height is inches short than my 1 year younger brother.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Delhi
As your are of 17 of age.. So dont worry about height.. For increasing height just do cycling... Also do stretching exercises..
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My fasting glucose levels is 105 and hb1ac of 6.2 please help me to understand whether I am diabetic or pre diabetic and what precautions I need to take.

CCEBDM, PG Diploma In Clinical cardiology, MBBS
Cardiologist, Ghaziabad
Relax. You r neither diabetic nor pre- diabetic. Repeat test after 3 months for doubly sure. Do regular exercise and follow a healthy life style in general good luck.
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Sir there are some marks on skin. Ie skin allergy on 7 month baby. Which precaution to be taken.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hello, it might be due to change of climate or any thing else be thoroughly examined, locally, either or an image of affected part be sent to me in order to begin homoeo medication. Moreover, you may give under lying homoeo medicines till your report reach me.@ Rhus tox 30-1 drops thrice. It's essential to keep yourself healthy to make your baby healthy. Report, wkly, your feedback matters, please tk care.
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I am shivaji and 19 years old l have pimples on my face what should I do for cure.

Fellowship in dermatosurgery, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, MBBS
Dermatologist, Mumbai
Pimples are usually due to body response to hormonal changes. You need to be started on a proper regimen of creams and tablets for good relief.
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Suffering from stomach ache since morning 11am? Wat should I do there's no medical store near my home.

General Physician, Cuttack
1.Take bland diet, avoid oily and spicy food, 2.Drink plenty of water 3.Take one Tablet of meftal spas Ds twice daily after food 4.Take one tablet of rantac150 mg twice daily before food 5. If no relief consult me for further advice
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