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Dr. Puja Jain Dewan - Gynaecologist, Delhi

Dr. Puja Jain Dewan

MBBS, DGO, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Gynaecologist, Delhi

19 Years Experience  ·  300 at clinic
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Dr. Puja Jain Dewan MBBS, DGO, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology Gynaecologist, Delhi
19 Years Experience  ·  300 at clinic
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Personal Statement

Our team includes experienced and caring professionals who share the belief that our care should be comprehensive and courteous - responding fully to your individual needs and preferences....more
Our team includes experienced and caring professionals who share the belief that our care should be comprehensive and courteous - responding fully to your individual needs and preferences.
More about Dr. Puja Jain Dewan
Dr. Puja Jain is one of the best Gynaecologists in Karkardooma, Delhi. You can visit her at Dr. Hedgewar Arogya Sansthan in Karkardooma, Delhi. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. Puja Jain on has a number of highly qualified Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 37 years of experience on You can find Gynaecologists online in Delhi and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


MBBS - B J Medical College, Ahmedabad - 1999
DGO - Smt. NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad - 2001
MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology - Smt. NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad - 2002
Languages spoken
Awards and Recognitions
Participated in PreCongress Workshop ?Trouble Shooting ? Infertility Management? of 37th Annual Conference of AOGD
Participated in the First Cadaveric Pelvic Surgery Workshop in MAMC, Delhi
Participated In ?International Live Operative Workshop On Uro-gynecology? Held At VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital
Participated In Pre-congress Workshop On ?Foetal Monitoring? In Fogsi 44th AICOG In Ahmedabad In December
Participated As A Speaker In All Gujarat Obstetrics & Gynaecology Silver Jubilee Congress At Mehsana
Participated in GYNAECON 2015 in IMA EDB Bhawan
Participated In Training On ?Medical Care Of Sexual Assault Victims? In DHS
Professional Memberships
Indian Medical Association (IMA)
Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI)


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c 70 eastend appartment Metro Station Rd, Mayur Vihar Phase 1 Extension, Delhi Get Directions
300 at clinic
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Melon - Water Bells of summer

Masters Of Science In Dietetics And Food Service Management Msc. (DFSM), Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), Advanced Clinical Nutrition Program, Post Graduate Diploma In Clinical Nutrition And Dietetics PGD, Bachelors Degree In Applied Nutrition Bhsc
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Melon - Water Bells of summer

Melon- Water Bells of summer

Melon is a Category of Fruits with a maximum water content approximately 80-90%.

Melons are gifted by nature into different colours like Musk Melon is golden yellow / orange. Water Melon is red giving ample amount of antioxidant in it making it a very healthy choice as it would protect you from damage caused by free radicals (External agent) in your body, thus improving immunity.

It is the richest source of Iron giving you about 7 mg / 100 grams of watermelon, i.e. 7% of Iron.

Your body needs Vitamin A to produce sebum, which keeps your hair moisturized. You also need Vitamin A for your body tissues (like skin) to grow. Watermelon has Vitamin A, so eat this fruit for attractive skin and hair.

One should also use the outer coat of watermelon which is green as it is very fibrous - can be consumed as a vegetable.
Melon seeds are rich in essential fatty acids like omega-3. Try having the seeds of watermelon with fruits. Musk Melon seeds can be consumed by washing, drying, peeling the outer coat.
These seeds are wonder food for the Brain.

A bowl full of Melon a day in summer keeps Dehydration at Bay.

Acne - Causes And Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda, Alwar
Acne - Causes And Ayurvedic Treatment


It is skin condition having whiteheads, blackheads, pimples or oily skin. Acne may be mild, moderate or severe. Blackheads and whiteheads are classified as the mild acne while pustules on face is considered as moderate acne. When nodules and cyst are present then it is classified as the severe acne. Acnes appear on face which is natural oily lubricant of skin, is produced in excess and blocks the pores.

Possible causes

Onset of pubertyhormonal condition (menopause, contraceptives) improper care of initial acnedietoily skinconstipation

Ayurvedic care

Face mask of triphala churn and turmeric: take half tablespoon of triphala churn and half tablespoon of turmeric. Add warm water and make a thick paste. Apply it over acne and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash it gently with water. Triphala and turmeric has antibiotic properties and it removes clog from pores. It even prevents sear formation. Apply it three times a day. If acnes are related with period then avoid spicy and salty food for 10 days before period. Face mask of nutmeg powder and honey: take 1 tablespoon of nutmeg powder and 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix it properly and apply this mixture over acnes for 15-20 minutes. Wash it gently with water. Aloe vera based gels can be used for 5 days to heal acnes. Wash face 4 -5 times in a day with cold water without soap. It helps to reduce excess sebum.

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Banana Health Benefits

Sexual Health Clinic
Sexologist, Delhi
Banana Health Benefits

Bananas are one of nature’s great snack foods –

Potassium -

Potassium is an essential mineral which maintains proper heart function and regulates your blood pressure. Potassium-rich foods such as bananas actually offset the effect of sodium (salt) in raising your blood pressure. This, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Increased Energy -

Bananas make a great work snack to combat that mid-afternoon slump. They’re a good choice for weight loss too - a small banana contains about 100 calories and will satisfy your sweet cravings.

If you can replace candy bars and other junk foods with bananas, it’s a helpful step towards losing weight. Not only will your body thank you for the vitamin and mineral boost but the energy release will be much more consistent.

Vitamin B6

Bananas are particularly high in vitamin B6. This vitamin is important for creating hemoglobin for healthy blood.

B6 is also involved in maintaining proper blood sugar levels, synthesizing and breaking down amino acids and producing antibodies for a stronger immune response in your body.

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One month back I have unprotected sex with my boyfriend my regular period time is 27. But I use unwanted pregnancy pill. Till I don't get period. Is there any chance of getting pregnancy. I used the pill after one hour. Could you please let me how to know I am pregnant are not. Without consult a doctor.

Homeopath, Hubli-Dharwad
One month back I have unprotected sex with my boyfriend my regular period time is 27. But I use unwanted pregnancy pi...
You get trimester pregnancy kit in pharmacy. Put three droop on it and see result. If it's two line then you are pregnant. If single line it's negative.
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PCOS - Patient information 

General Physician,

pcos - patient information

Polycystic ovary syndrome (pcos) is a condition that causes irregular menstrual periods because monthly ovulation is not occurring and levels of androgens (male hormones) in women are elevated. The condition occurs in about 5 to 10 percent of women. The elevated androgen levels can sometimes cause excessive facial hair growth, acne, and/or male-pattern scalp hair thinning. Most, but not all, women with pcos are overweight or obese, and they are at higher than average risk of developing diabetes and obstructive sleep apnea. For women with pcos who want to become pregnant, fertility pills or injections are often needed to help women ovulate.

Although pcos is not completely reversible, there are a number of treatments that can reduce or minimize bothersome symptoms. Most women with pcos are able to lead a normal life without significant complications.

Common signs and symptoms-

  • Irregular menstrual periods menstrual disorders can include absent periods, periods that occur infrequently or too frequently, heavy periods, or unpredictable periods.
  • Infertility pcos is one of the most common causes of female infertility.
  • Obesity up to 80% of women with pcos are obese.
  • Excess hair growth on the face, chest, abdomen, or upper thighs this condition, called hirsutism, affects more than 70% of women with pcos.
  • Severe acne or acne that occurs after adolescence and does not respond to usual treatments
  • Oily skin
  • Patches of thickened, velvety, darkened skin called acanthosis nigricans
  • Multiple small cysts on the ovary

Are treatments available for women with pcos?

A variety of treatments are available to address the problems of pcos. Treatment is tailored to each woman according to symptoms, other health problems, and whether she wants to become pregnant.

Is there a cure?

  • Medical treatments aim to manage and reduce the symptoms or consequences of having pcos.
  • Medication alone has not been shown to be any better than healthy lifestyle changes (weight loss and exercise). Many women with pcos successfully manage their symptoms and long-term health risks without medical intervention.
  • They do this by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (pcos) is a condition which can affect a woman's menstrual cycle, fertility, hormones and aspects of her appearance but with proper medical care she can lead a healthy lifestyle

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Can Balanced Diet Treat Impotency?

Sexologist, Noida
Can Balanced Diet Treat Impotency?

Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, is a condition in which a man is not able to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. It can be triggered by a variety of conditions like smoking, intake of certain drugs, health disorders or excessive consumption of alcohol. Although treatment options like medication and surgery are available, there are non-invasive treatments that can help a person fight the condition.

Here are some of them:
1. Engage in a physical workout - 
Among the many types of lifestyle changes that could be resorted to, exercise is the most effective one. Exercising improves blood flow and blood pressure in the body, both of which are essential for getting and maintaining a normal erection for a prolonged time. Plus, exercising also increases the level of testosterone, which is a crucial factor in sex drive.
2. Follow a balanced dietThe food you consume has a direct effect on your health and subsequently on your sex drive. A diet consisting of fruits, veggies, fish and lesser servings of red meat and refined grains can decrease the risk of impotency. Also, a healthy diet helps to maintain a stable body weight, which aids in sexual activity. Overconsumption of junk foods can cause obesity and diabetes, which are responsible for impotence.
3. Get sufficient sleep - Apart from a host of health problems, lack of sleep may also you render you impotent. Studies have shown that testosterone levels of men who are sleep deprived are much lower than in those who get their 8 hours of sleep. A proper sleep schedule should thus be duly adhered to.
4. Quit smoking and limit your alcohol consumption - Erectile dysfunction can be the cause of vascular disease. This occurs when the blood supply to the penis becomes restricted due to the blockage and narrowing of arteries. Alcohol and smoking can be responsible for this and can be the cause of both temporary and long-term impotence. Therefore, it's important to limit your alcohol consumption and quit smoking altogether. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Sexologist.

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I had a scratchy problem around my vagina for the last six months. Please prescribe me some medicine.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS
Gynaecologist, Noida
Hello, You are likely experiencing vulval candidiasis. You may use an antifungal cream or powder locally for a week. Please contact for prescription.
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Follow this interesting workout routine

Physiotherapist, Mumbai
Follow this interesting workout routine
Exercise while watching TV! A great way to keep things new and interesting so you don’t get bored with the workouts is to vary the #exercise based on the type of commercial playing. It turns it into a bit of a game, plus you have the entire #time between commercials to sit, relax and enjoy your show! You can always alter this list, but this will at least get you started.

Car Commercial = Jog in Place
Shopping Commercial = 30 Crunches
Food Commercial = 30 Jumping Jacks
Jewelry Commercial = 20 Squats
Travel Commercial = 10 Leg Lifts Each
Health & Beauty Ad = 20 Hip Raises
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