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Dr. Ms. Neetu Kandhari

Psychologist, Delhi

Dr. Ms. Neetu Kandhari Psychologist, Delhi
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I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care....more
I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.
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Dr. Ms. Neetu Kandhari is one of the best Psychologists in New Ashok Nagar, Delhi. You can visit him at Healing Path in New Ashok Nagar, Delhi. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Ms. Neetu Kandhari on has an excellent community of Psychologists in India. You will find Psychologists with more than 42 years of experience on You can find Psychologists online in Delhi and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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I loved a girl but she did not love. So from last one year I am in depression. I still talk to her but I do not lnow what to do now I tried to suicide but I fail. Pls help amd give some suggestions what to do now.

Psychiatrist, Mumbai
You must consult a psychiatrist immediately. Medications will help you a lot and also counselling will help you deal with your problem efficiently. Do not take any negative decision ever. Since you are depressed negative thoughts affect your thinking capacity. Once it is treated you will be much better.
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I am not able to quit smoking trying hard but no results. Any substitute to this?

Psychologist, Pune
Hello its gud to know that you want to quit smoking do not attach any reasons for it do it coz you want to. Drink plenty of water exercise brisk walking will help. Avoid friends places tea coffee particular food items which will trigger you to smoke. Share your smoking thoughts with someone close to you take his/her help. Set a reminder in your moblle after every hour. Change your passwords to something motivating like quit@smoking I want to live etc it will help you positively. Take it each day as it comes.
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Doctor I am a medical student for the last few years I am experiencing a mental distress i. E I feel that some thing is in my head or armpit etc eg: fish shaving set etc I do not know is it any psychic disorder pls give me a answer immediately I fear it now because even when I know nothings present the feel is still present what should I do.

Hypnotherapist, DCS, BSIC, Advanced Trainee of Transactional Analysis, Advanced Skills in Counselling
The more you think about it the more this thought takes root in your mind. You already have proof that there's nothing actually. So just keep reminding yourself that there's nothing there. Mind can play tricks and a person can think anything which is not even real. So please rely on your brain and senses and learn to control your mind by teaching it to think about other things that are more important in life. So focus your attention on things which actually need your attention. Counselling can help you to reduce your fears and live productively in the present rather than the past or future.
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I am 29 years old. I have many worries in my mind and feel tension. What to do? Please help me.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
Homoeopathic medicine ALPHA TS ( Wilmar Schwabe India) Drink 20 drops in 20 ml fresh water 3 times daily for 15 days. BRAMARI PRANAYAM Daily BRAMARI PRANAYAM or Bee Breath 1.Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. 2.Place your thumbs in your ears, your index fingers above your eyebrows, and your remaining along the sides of your nose. Keep each pinky finger near a nostril. 3.Breath in deeply through the nose. First, feel the diaphragm move down, allowing the lungs to expand and forcing the abdomen out; then feel your chest expand with your collar bones rising last. .4.Use your pinkies to partially close each nostril. Keep your lungs filled. .5.Breathe out through the nose while humming. Note that the humming sound should originate in your throat, not as a result of your partially-blocked nostrils. 6.Repeat twenty times.starting from 5 times Drink plenty of water daily
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I lost some weight close last year and since then feel very depressed and prefer keeping to myself all the time. Please help me.

Ayurveda, Ambala
Follow these best methods to easily gain weight and get a healthy body - * to gain weight, first take a diet rich with proteins and fats. You should take high calories food that increase your muscle mass and induce growth in bones. Follow the diet chart in your daily life to fastly gain weight * in morning, take a glass of milk added with 2 teaspoons of bournvita or complan powder with breakfast. * after 2 hours of breakfast, take 2 bananas or a bowl of boiled soyabeans. To increase your hunger & proper digestion of food - take 10 gms powder of carom seeds (ajwain, 10 gm powder of cumin (jeera), 10 gm of rock salt. Mix them well and take 1/2 teaspoon (3-5 gm) of mixture daily after lunch * in lunch time, take 1 bowl of curd or 100 gm of cheese, a bowl of vegetable, with chapattis. You can take 2 bowl of careals (moong/chana daal) on the place of curd or cheese. * in evening, take 1 glass of milk (300 ml) with 10-12 pieces of dry fruits or 3-4 pieces of dates (khajoor). * in night, take a bowl of careals (daal, a bowl of salad with chapattis. 3. In morning, get up early and take awalk for 10-15 minutes and exercise light weight exercises for at least 30 minutes at home or gym. Exercise is very important so that muscles gain mass from the heathy diet. 4. For proper weight, proper sleep is very important. So you should sleep for 6-8 hours daily. 5. Avoid smoking & alcohol drinkg completely. I assure you that you definitely gain weight fastly by following them. Be healthy you can consult me privately for your doubts and more detailed treatment.
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Psychologist, Mohali
The way to get out of depression!
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Does yoga & meditation can cure depression of loosing some one whom you are too much attached? Or is there any other therapy which can help?

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hello, yes, of course, yoga/ meditation can change your life and help to come out of your depression. * go for a walk in d morning for 30 mnts. * divert your attention to a film, you like, most, meet your friends at that time. Go to a garden to enjoy d nature. ** homoe -care ** @ acid phos 30 - 6 pills, take thrice/dly # ignatia 30-6 pills x3 dly. All d best, get noble.
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My friend (a paediatrician) a self made girl who is what she she is on her own (Not a very happy childhood and not emotionally att with family) was emotionally involved with her boyfriend, He was very caring supportive and would have been an ideal life partner. However she left him as he did not improve on his excessive drinking habits, while he moved on in life but he too is unhappy in his marriage. My friend is not able to forget him, and is mentally disturbed. She can not get back to him as he has not given up on his drinks. So crux is she is not able to get over him, nor is she able to accept him back into her life due to his drinking addictions. Now its even affecting her present as she is not able to connect emotionally and mentally with any other guy... And so is not able to go ahead with her marriage proposals. She sees him in everyone she tries to get close with and compares him and rejects him if any of his quality is not there. She fears that even if she marries she may start comparing her spouse in all aspects, and may affect her married life. She is totally left feeling lonely, frustrated and mentally disturbed all the time. She wants to erase him. She is ready for psychiatric /medical help only if it can get her to forget him, reboot her and bring the zing back in her life.

Masters in Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Lucknow
See, its obvious that people take time to move on. As you said she is self made and independant she has made her choice of not being with that guy who does not even love her enough to leave drinking for her. So if someone does not care about her staying with him or not what is that one thing which is not letting her get him out of her mind? She has to get over him to start life afresh and its her decision. No body would like to stay with a alchoholic so instead of comparing other things she should look for the positives in the prospects she is meeting. How long has it been since they broke up? Tell her to take psychotherapy from psychologist and if depression is diagnosed she might as well take medication. You can consult me for same. All the v best.
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How to stop smoking. please tell me if there is any way that I cant stop smoking.

MBA (Healthcare), Ph. D - Psychology, M.Sc - Applied Psychology, MS Psychology, Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (BOT), Diploma in Psychological Medicine
Psychologist, Jhunjhunu
Delay in taking next smoking pipe, eat properly, dink water, juice, curd. Make distance from smoking friends, keep engaged in work, relax.
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Dear Lybrate doctor, there is no privacy in our sex life because my two daughters sleep with us in our bed room ,both are of ,20,15.but they do not sleep in another room. Due to these sex is just like a work for us, when both sleep after that we move in the other room to spend some time, in a fear daughters wake up and we caught red handed In naked position. So we do foreplay act speedily and finish. Both then free and move to our bed. Pl guide what should we do so that we can live a healthy and happy marriage life.

D.E.H.M, B.E.M.S, M.D.(E.H)
Sexologist, Faridabad
Yours kids are now young enough to be sleep in a separate room. If possible. You may give a separate room to them. Every one have privacy. You should not sex while they are sleeping in your room. Because growing young kids are very inquisitive in nature. They may awaken. You may do when those are not present at home and even not probability to come. Condition may be manipulated very well. If planned well. Wish you good relations.
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Brain absorbing words specially in reading for increasing manner what factors are involved and what we do for improvement ?

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
Your brain is like a muscle. You need to exercise it regularly. The exciting thing is that you don’t have to be a millionaire to increase your brain capacity. All you need to do is invest a little time to regularly train your brain. So what can you do? Here are 10 simple ways you can increase your brain power and improve your intelligence! 1. Do something new When you experience something ‘new’ you actually ‘stimulate’ your brain! Don’t get stuck in a rut doing the same old things – the only way to change the structure of your brain is to do something new. This creates new neural pathways, increasing your intelligence. You could take a new route to work, try a new recipe for dinner, or even a new form of exercise – mix it up! 2. Exercise regularly It’s been proven that regular exercise helps to increase brain function and enhances neurogenesis. This means that every time you exercise you are creating new brain cells! Get off the couch and get moving! Your brain will thank you for it :) 3. Train your memory How often do you hear people say “I wish I had a better memory?’ Yet no-one does anything about this! If you discipline yourself to memorise phone numbers and other important numbers (passport, credit card, insurance, driving license) you will start to see a marked improvement in your memory 4. Be curious Instead of taking everything at face value, get into the habit of questioning everyday things/products, services that you come into contact with. By being ‘curious’ and questioning everything, you force your brain to innovate & create new ideas. Curiosity may have killed that cat, more importantly it created super important things like electricity and computers! 5. Think positive Stress & anxiety kill existing brain neurons and also stop new neurons from being created. Research has shown that positive thinking, especially in the future tense, speeds up the creation of cells and dramatically reduces stress & anxiety. Try and get a handle on negative thoughts and make an effort to replace them with positive ones. 6. Eat healthy Our diets have a HUGE impact on brain function. Our brains consume over 20% of all nutrients & oxygen that we consume – so remember to feed your brain with the good stuff! (i.e. Fresh fruit and veg & plenty of OMEGA 3 oils found in oily fish) 7. Read a book Reading relieves tension & stress (brain-cell killers) because it’s a form of escapism. Research has also shown that using your imagination is a great way to train your brain because you force your mind to ‘picture’ what you are imagining. Reading is a great way to trigger your imagination! 8. Get enough sleep Sleep is like a mini detox for the brain. This is when your body regenerates cells and removes all the toxins that have built up during the day. Get to bed between the hours of 9 pm and midnight to benefit from the most effective hours of sleep! 9. Avoid using the GPS Gone are the days of map reading! Geo Satellite Navigation may have made our lives easier, it has also made our brains lazier and less efficient at the same time! Go back to the old school and use a map to navigate every now and then (this exercises the part of your brain responsible for understanding spatial relationships). 10. Stop Using the calculator Remember back at school when we were taught to use our brains to do simple sums like times tables? It’s incredible how we now rely on devices like smart-phones and laptops to calculate really simple equations. Resist the urge to work things out using an external device – and use the device you were born with – your brain!
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One of my family member is addicted with smoking and is unable to relax. How can he quit smoking?

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Kolkata
Smoking addiction is treatable condition. But, it can only be attempted when you beloved family member is motivated. Elaboration about the side-effects of smoking should help in this regard. To start with, he/she can attempt to decrease the amount of use by himself/herself. Your psychiatrist will help you subsequently.
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My son is 4 years 10 month old. He is a late talker, he still does not speaks clearly. He can make 3 to 5 word sentence. Few of his words could be understood by others. He did not had any Developmental delay other than speech. He can write well can recite rhymes but words are not very clear. Pls let me know why is there delay in language and how to go about it? (He is physically very active)

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear Lybrate user. Possible causes. A delay in Speech skills can happen for many reasons, including: Problems with a child’s tongue or the roof of his mouth, which makes it hard to form sounds and words Hearing loss. Kids who’ve had a lot of ear infections can have hearing problems. A learning disability A developmental disorder, such as cerebral palsy or autism spectrum disorder What you can do. If you think your child has a problem with his speech or language, let his doctor know right away. The doctor will need to test his hearing. She’ll probably also suggest that your child see a professional who can diagnose and treat these delays, called a speech-language pathologist or speech therapist. This specialist will study how your child expresses himself, including: What he understands What he can say Other ways he tries to get his thoughts across, such as gestures or nodding If your child does have a delay, he might need speech therapy. A therapist can work with him on how to pronounce words and sounds, and strengthen the muscles in his face and mouth. You can also work with your child on speech and language:
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Sir my mother about 40 years old and she always in very big depression and she cannot sleep in night and she carrying in loud voice and his heart bit has been more increased and for this reason she do as like mad person. This is very serious problem regarding my mother. So please suggest me any medicine/treatment of this problem.

MD - Psychiatry
Hello dear, From your description about your mother, I think she is suffering from mood disorder. She needs a detailed evaluation by a psychiatrist. The further treatment would be decided after proper diagnosis. Thanks.
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I'm not sleeping well feeling very a lonely and how can I improve relationship pls help me.

General Physician, Jalgaon
Please Do meditation regularly before going to sleep Do yogasanas and pranayam daily Go for morning and evening walk daily with relaxed mind Take salads and fruits more Take Tab tagara by Himalaya 11 for 3 mths to regularise your natural sleep, prevents depression also.
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Im 19 year old. I got my first periods when I was 12. Since my first time. I never got my periods regularly. I get in once in 4 months. N even aftr getting I bleed only for 3 days. I consulted my family doc she told me that it is because to stress. But im getting scared even aftr so many years im nt getting it regularly. Was shall I do so that I get my periods regularly.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FCPS, DGO, Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning (DFFP)
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
You should meet Gynaecologist as stress can never be diagnosed as first step it is diagnosed as last step when all others are ruled out
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I was cheated my gf of last few months but then she will know everything so how am I can get her trust again I am still realize she was a part of my life but she will decided he will never live with mi as future so what will I do in that time.Please help sir.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear lybrate user. Welcome to lybrate. I can understand. Loosing someone near and dear is called grief and depression related to grief is pretty normal. But this sort of depression does not stay for long. This depression gets cleared within a span of some weeks. The best option for you is to undergo counseling and depression related therapy. Do not even think that she will come back to your life. Forget her. Take care.
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I am 63 years old having problem of memorizing the things. I forget instantly small things. Please advise.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear, memory is depending on so many things. At your age, specially, perception and feeling towards things change. You could be pre-occupied towards your own past, thoughts etc, therefore, you don't recall. Recollection depends on how you memorized it. To say it is memory problem (amnesia) we need to do a series of tests. Take care.
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I am 30 year old. I think I am suffering from dyslexia. Can some one diagnosis my prob. And give right treatment.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
Dyslexia occurs in children with normal vision and intelligence. Symptoms include late talking, learning new words slowly and a delay in learning to read. Most children with dyslexia can succeed in school with tutoring or a specialised education programme.Symptoms include late talking, learning new words slowly and a delay in learning to read.
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