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Dr. Mehak Gupta

Dentist, Delhi

Dr. Mehak Gupta Dentist, Delhi
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I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage....more
I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage.
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Dr. Mehak Gupta is a trusted Dentist in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. You can meet Dr. Mehak Gupta personally at Smirk Dental Clinic in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Mehak Gupta on has an excellent community of Dentists in India. You will find Dentists with more than 44 years of experience on You can find Dentists online in Delhi and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I am suffering from ulcers. I get these frequently. What is the reason and what should I do?

oral implantology, BDS
Dentist, Jaipur
Start with taking multivitamin capsule. Increase intake of fibrous food and drink plenty of water. Avoid spicy food. Keep your stomach fit and reduce stress level.
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I found too much gums and saliva in my mouth, for that my voice not come clear and some words start like shh, sh, h alphabets are difficult to pronounce. Please help me how to make it clear or any speech practice I can do.

Dentist, Jamshedpur
You should go to a dental clinic for physical examination to find out the cause of the disease, because treatment depends upon the cause. May have gingival hyperplasia in this disease gums get enlarged. Gingivectomy is the treatment after confirmed diagnosis.
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CEOR, B.D.S, P.G Dip Ortho
Dentist, Agra
Hello everyone.
As you all know that most of the dental problems are due to sugary food or food lodgement in inter space of two adjacent teeth.
Reason is that our toothbrush bristles are unable to reach between interspaces of two tooth.
Now a days we dentists recommend dental floss to clean the interspaces of teeth and helps in maintaining tooth intergrity and the chances of tooth decay get reduced to much extend
Sometimes there may be sensitivity in teeth it's just because of worn or grinding of enamel of tooth whose treatment depends on severity of worn off of that layer. It may require cap or may require root canal then cap.
So to take care of your teeth for long period always visit to your dentist in every 6 months and ask for the better care of your smile on your face.
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I have a severe tooth ache, my mouth is swollen from infection please help me doctor.

Dentist, Gurgaon
You might have a cavity/ swelling in third molar. Kindly get yourself checked by dentist and take medications accordingly.
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My down left teeth pain last two days, so I want to broke and gat out from mouth. My question that ni any problem. My age 28 years old.

Dentist, Surat
When a tooth gives you pain you can save it if it is possible. Removing the tooth is not the only option.
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Sir my daughter is 4 yrs old and she has cavity in her teeth. ( upper jaw one each side and lower jaw one each side). Please suggest the remedy.

Dentist, Jaunpur
Mam if problem limited to only cavity then restoration is sufficient i suggest gic filling as your daughter has only deciduous which is not meant for long but cavity at this age suggest , your family love ur child too much is it first child ? please follow instruction never let your child sleep with milk bottle in mouth before sleeping make sure u had cleaned her teeth or just give him water don't allow ur child to engage her moth with eating continuous there should b break when she does not take anything if she love chocolates , give it just after meal then wash her mouth , then give her mouth some rest
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Sir, I have a problem with my teeth recently bleeding in my teeth and very bad smell in my mouth please help me?

Dentist, Mumbai
Get scaling and polishing done. Brush twice a day and use listerine mouth wash if improvement then continue or later on you may have to go for deep curettage of gums and gum treatment if required.
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I am suffering from night teeth I am done root canal and fixed a cap for that means front teeth are broken I want to fix a cap. Is it possible?

Dentist, Vadodara
Yes, if the tooth is not broken completely, than root canal treatment followed by capping is possible.
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Dentist, Chennai
Braces can even become your next fashion accessory as they are available in a wide variety of vibrant colors.

Regarding my re rct I have got 2 opinions, one dentist is suggesting re rct, crown lengthening, post and core and then cap, another dentist is saying to leave it as it is for now as there is no pain, just put a cap on, I am confused pls advise, the x ray showed one white root not touching the bottom and some black accumulation at the bottom also.

Certification in Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Post-Graduate Certificate in Oral Implantology (PGCOI), M.Sc - Master of Oral Implantology (MOI), Certified Implantologist, BDS
Dentist, Rajkot
If you don't have pain then leave it as it is and if cover is not there then better to go for the re rct.
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I'm underwent orthodontics, 1 month ago, 1st week, doctor suggest Amflor toothpaste, its very costly, only one week paste is over, very small 100rs, and mouthwash also over both are expensive seems to be. Pls suggest is any other toothpaste that can I use? saltwater can be use for mouthwash? Pls suggest.

Dentist, Pune
If you keep your mouth clean after every meal, colgate total is good. Brush twice daily, gargle after every meal with warm water. Get an orthodontic brush for brushing from chemist. That's it. No need to buy expensive paste or mouthrinse.
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Hello doctor I am diya and I am having sensitivity in my teeth. I pains a lot. Please help.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
Homoeopathic tooth paste HYPERICUM 1X ( Wilmar Schwabe India ) Chew 1 tab twice daily Homoeodent tooth paste ( SBL) HEKLALAVA TOOTH POWDER ( WHEEZAL) Use at night Precautions 1.Afways scrub teeth with above powder before sleep at night 2.Avoid extreme hot and cold things 3.Avoid sour things 4.Rinse your mouth with RINSEOUT ( SBL) ,everytime you eat or drink anything during the day.
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Dentist, Nellore
Using an appropriate tooth paste is very necessary for the health of our teeth. Tooth pastes which contain flouride help in keeping the teeth healthy by reducing the risk of tooth decay.
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All children up to three years old, should use a smear of toothpaste

BDS, Certified Implantologist
Dentist, Delhi
All children up to three years old, should use a smear of toothpaste
All children up to three years old, should use a smear of toothpaste with a fluoride level of no less than 1000ppm (parts per million).

After three years old, they should use a toothpaste that contains 1350ppm -1500ppm

Most importantly all parents should supervise their children's tooth brushing.
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I have black spot in between my tooth I used my toothpaste to remove but it did not removed why?

BDS, MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Advanced course in maxillofacial sugery
Dentist, Lucknow
It could b caries consult a dentist if required a filling can b done than you can maintain by twice brushing you may require rct n cap.
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Hello I am Rakesh from chandigarh. I was using tabacoo and cigarette continues last 15 year. Now I left all. But because of using these my teeth are yellow. I want to wash.

Hi lybrate-user, tobacco stains can go very deep inside the teeth, so you will require both a complete scaling followed by bleaching for effective results. If you wish you can consult with me privately for further help.
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B.D.S. (Dental Surgeon) , House Surgeon
You can exercise for healthier gums as well. Gently bite down so as to make sure that your teeth make a clinking sound when they meet. Repeat this 30 to 40 times continously. This exercise will stimulate the flow of blood and will keep your gums healthy.

Is it safe to grind and reduce tooth size. I have big squirrel front tooth and it's very uneven at the end.

Dentist, Jaipur
It depends how much reduction required to correct your uneven teeth. Slight amount of enamel reduction does not create any problem but more amount of reduction is not beneficial. It create lot of problem.
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I have yellow color teeth from last one year. I am using Colgate tooth paste. I want to turn them white. Please help me to turn my teeth to white color.

Dentist, Kolar
Naturally our teeth colour ranges from pearly white to pale yellow so everyone cannot hv white teeth. Get scalling n polishing done by dentist. If you r not happy with your teeth shade later, you can get bleaching done by dentist which'll lighten your teeth by 2-3 shades. Alternatively you can use a teeth whitening toothpaste such as snowdent after scalling. Whitening gels used daily along with customized dental trays provided by dentist r also available in the market. Avoid heavily coloured foods, tea n coffee, cool drinks, smoking n tobacco products as they stain teeth.
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