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Dr. Manju Aggarwal  - Gynaecologist, Delhi

Dr. Manju Aggarwal

93 (305 ratings)

Gynaecologist, Delhi

26 Years Experience  ·  500 at clinic  ·  ₹300 online
Dr. Manju Aggarwal 93% (305 ratings) MBBS , DGO , FIMAS Gynaecologist, Delhi
26 Years Experience  ·  500 at clinic  ·  ₹300 online
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I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family....more
I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family.
More about Dr. Manju Aggarwal
Dr Manju Aggarwal has done her Post Graduate in OB/GYN from Delhi . She is a skilled obstetrician and an efficient Gynaecologist who endears herself with patients. Her main areas of interest are Infertility Treatment Incudes IVF & IUI, Gynae Oncology, Gynae Endocrinology ,Cosmetic Gynaecology and Preventive Gynaecology. She is currently working as Senior Consultant at Apollo Cradle Hospital at Mothinagar. She is also attached to Santom Hospital, Saroj Hospital, Metro Hospital, RLKC Hospital as Senior consultant. She understands that counselling and basic screening at at various stages of a women's life can prove to be preventive for multiple age and hormonal related problems


MBBS - PMCH - 1992
DGO - Maulana Azad Medical College - 1995
FIMAS - Delhi - 2000
Past Experience
Gynaecologist & Obstetrician at 20 Years
Languages spoken
Professional Memberships
Association of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists of Delhi (AOGD)
Indian Association of Gynaecological Endoscopist (IAGE)
Indian Society For Assisted Reproduction (ISAR)


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Pregnancy Tip

Gynaecologist, Delhi

Avoid smoking when you are trying to conceive as nicotine can affect fertility and reduce the chances of conceiving in some women.

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Hi if I do sex with my girlfriend for First time I will not use any safety gurds if I release sperms in to her vagina would she get pregnant or not.

Gynaecologist, Delhi
Hi if I do sex with my girlfriend for First time I will not use any safety gurds if I release sperms in to her vagina...
if you don't use protection chances of pregnancy is very high. you should use condom for your safety as well as your partner.
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Can You Prevent Ovarian Cancer?

DGO, DNB Gynecology), MBBS
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Can You Prevent Ovarian Cancer?

Ovarian cancer is the most common cancer to affect the female reproductive system. The exact cause of ovarian cancer is not yet known and the risk factors involved are numerous, the most prevalent of which are genetic defects and hereditary problems.

The symptoms of ovarian cancer are not always clear and range from pelvic and abdominal pains to irregularities in the menstrual cycle. Women beyond the age of 50 are most at risk of developing this type of cancer and the risk factor increases in case of family history.

Prevention of  Ovarian Cancer

There is no sure shot way of preventing ovarian cancer. Some factors such as genetics cannot be controlled at all. There are, however, ways to take precaution against it through some simple lifestyle choices. A few of those ways are as follows:

Eat a healthy balanced diet which is rich in all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that the body requires for boosting and maintaining immunity.

Exercise regularly and stay active. Maintaining fitness is an important aspect of preventing the onset of all sorts of diseases and disorders.

Go for frequent health checkups and make regular consultations with your gynaecologist so as to ensure early detection of the problem.

Another notable way of avoiding ovarian cancer is taking birth control pills which are known to reduce the risk levels. However, studies have shown that there are other health risks associated with taking birth control pills and hence you should always consult a gynaecologist for a proper prescription.

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Tips To Treat Acne in Pregnancy!

Gynaecologist, Delhi
Tips To Treat Acne in Pregnancy!

Many women experience acne during pregnancy. It is most common during the first and second trimester. During pregnancy our body produces an increased amount of hormones called androgens which can cause the glands to grow and produce more oil. This oil leads to bacteria, inflammation, and breakouts. This is natural, and nothing to worry about from a health perspective. There is often no way to prevent acne during pregnancy as it is not possible to control the hormonal changes that lead to the problem. However, you can take following precautions to check its outbreak:

  1. Use a mild, soap-free face wash or cleanser to clean your face daily. You should cleanse your face not more than twice a day.
  2. Pat your skin dry after each wash as rubbing with towels or washcloths can irritate the facial skin, leading to the problem.
  3. Use oil-free moisturizers, face wash and makeup.
  4. Use an oil-free sunscreen lotion whenever going out during daytime.
  5. Wear full-sleeve clothes to avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight.
  6. Wash your hair regularly especially if you have oily hair.
  7. Maintain proper hygiene. Wash and clean your towels, pillowcases and hats regularly.
  8. Drinking lots of water to flush to keep the skin hydrated.
  9. Have a balanced diet containing plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins A, E and B complex and fibre.
  10. Avoid oily, greasy foods and fast foods.
  11. Have adequate sleep and practice some relaxation techniques to avoid fatigue and stress.
  12. Stop touching your face that often as bacteria from your fingers can pass on to your face.
  13. Buy makeup products after utmost diligence.
  14. You should also take zinc supplements to prevent acne.

If you still get acne despite following the above mentioned tips, then you should take appropriate medicine as prescribed by the dermatologist. Medicines like Clindamycin e.g. Cleocin T, Clindagel, Azelaic acid (Finacea, Azelex) and Erythromycin are considered safe during pregnancy. You can also apply the medicine only as recommended as most products are intended for daily or twice-daily use only. Also try some home remedies like apply a mixture of honey and ground oatmeal to your face and rinsing off gently. Massage gently with a plain carrier oil such as argan oil or olive oil. You can also consider applying aloe vera gel to cure acne. These treatments will not be as effective as taking medicines though.

However, avoid hormone therapy including anti-androgens like spironolactone, flutamide and estrogen as these can lead to major developmental changes to the foetus. Oral tetracycyclines and topical retinoids should also be avoided. Accutane also leads to increased risk of miscarriage, hence do not even consider it. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Gynaecologist.

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Hi, M 8 th week pregnant. Yesterday night I was eaten watermelon and today morning also. But yesterday night I didn't slept well. Morning motion is in red colour and evening motion also with stomach pain .how can I take care of myself, how can I reduce it? please answer.

Gynaecologist, Delhi
Hi, M 8 th week pregnant. Yesterday night I was eaten watermelon and today morning also. But yesterday night I didn't...
warm milk or curd is good sedative and soothe your nerves as well as rich in calcium. fruits should be taken during day time
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Strong Smelling Urine - 5 Common Reasons Behind it!

Gynaecologist, Delhi
Strong Smelling Urine - 5 Common Reasons Behind it!

Many people are embarrassed to talk about their urine colour or urine problem with anybody, including their doctor. But, what people always forget is that strong smelling urine and the change in the colour of the urine is a serious issue. Your urine colour directly tells you about your health, especially your inner body. So, without being embarrassed you should consult a doctor, if and when, you find foul odour in your urine. Following are some of the reasons for the causes of strong smelling urine.

  1. You are dehydrated: Urine is not supposed to leave odour. It should be odourless, but if you find strong smell in your urine, you should consult a doctor immediately. The most common reason of foul odour in your urine is dehydration. If the amount of water needed in your body is not enough then, there will be less water in your body as a result the waste products will not be diluted in water being more concentrated making the urine darker and more odour. But once you start drinking water, it should go normal. Normally, this kind of situations occur in early morning when your water intake is less or not at all. But drinking lot of water will solve this issue immediately.
  2. More alcohol or caffeine intake: If you are habituated to drink a lot of coffee then it may happen that you find strong smell of coffee in your urine. Although it is not very problematic yet it is healthy if you reduce the intake of coffee in your daily life in order to have a healthy digestive system. Not just coffee but even alcohol could be the reason of irregular or need to urinate a lot more than usual.
  3. Bacterial Infection: There could be bacterial infection or kidney infection which could lead to strong smell of urine. In order to ensure you should go to a doctor and get important tests done. Then the doctor can suggest treatment according to your results and if all the results are normal then you could be suggested to maintain a balanced diet on regular basis.
  4. Imbalanced Diet: The problem can sometimes come from the use of certain vitamins from imbalances in your diet. There are substances like nitrates and phosphates in the urine which can give dark colour and odour. You should always have a proper diet and follow it in order to have a healthy digestive system. Eating lot of garlic and onion can also bring odour in your urine.
  5. Diabetes: If you are diabetic, it may be possible that you find dark urine and odour in your urine. It indicates that your sugar level is not normal and gone much high than normal. If you are not diabetic then it may be a sign of diabetes so you should get diagnosed immediately with your doctor.

There are multiple causes of strong smelling urine but most of them could be cured easily if diagnosed immediately. But in order to avoid this issue it is better to be careful with your diet and drink a lot of water. At least three litres of water a day is an absolute necessity!

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Normal Delivery - 18 Things You Must Always Remember!

Gynaecologist, Delhi
Normal Delivery - 18 Things You Must Always Remember!

Giving birth is a life-changing event for every mother and it leaves an everlasting impression in your life. Every delivery is unique and you can just gain from the experience of others, but don’t expect it to be the same. 
You will experience many changes in your body and will learn to take care of yourself and your growing baby as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. Pain is a part of labour that every woman has to undergo. It is the fear of labour pain that make many pregnant women opt for c-section. However there is no denying the fact that c-section is a major surgery and requires several days to recover.

Keep in mind the following tips to go in for a normal delivery:

  1. Try to get prenatal education, which guides you about labour, birth and natural labour pain management techniques, such as breathing, self-hypnosis, relaxation and other coping mechanisms. You should check with your hospital too as most of them offer an evening or weekend course.
  2. Consult a gynaecologist who has a history in delivering babies naturally.
  3. Keep yourself physically active by doing mild exercises throughout pregnancy.
  4. You should keep a calm environment in your labour room.
  5. Don’t gain too much weight as women who aren't overweight do not have much difficulty in delivering babies vaginally.
  6. Opt for fewer rather as more tests, treatments and interventions during your pregnancy tend to interfere with normal birth. Whenever tests or procedures are recommended, you should ask about the need of undergoing such tests.
  7. Continue with your walks as it helps in relieving the pain.
  8. Go in for a water therapy. A shower, bathtub, birthing pool and hot compresses are other tools for easing pain and helping you relax. Spend as much time as possible in water.
  9. Use various positions such as sitting on the toilet, kneeling, and squatting to ease vaginal delivery.
  10. Massage/back rubs equally help in easing the pain.
  11. You can also go in for Effleurage which is a light massage of the abdomen to ease your vaginal delivery.
  12. Apply warm or cold compresses.
  13. Avoid hearing negative stories about labour.
  14. Eat a healthy balanced diet as the health and development of your baby depends on your nutrition.
  15. Stay away from stress and anxiety. Read good books about parenting and be in the company of good lively people.
  16. Use relaxation/breathing techniques to keep yourself calm.
  17. Guided meditation and prayers undoubtedly will reinforce your faith in yourself to deliver a baby vaginally.
  18. Have adequate sleep. Avoid drinking tea or coffee two hours before going to bed in order to have uninterrupted sleep.

Following these tips religiously can definitely increase your chances of having a normal delivery.

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My friend think that she is 20 days pregnant what are the symptoms and could she take alcohol.

Gynaecologist, Delhi
My friend think that she is 20 days pregnant what are the symptoms and could she take alcohol.
Pregnancy test and ultrasound lower abdomen will confirm the pregnancy. Other symptoms of pregnancy are nausea, vomiting bloating, breast pain, giddiness etc. Alcohol consumption in pregnancy causes intra uterine growth retardation along with exaggeration of pregnancy symptoms.
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Me and my wife planning for baby from lase tow months we I have ejaculated almost every three days since last two months however both months she got period may I know the reason behind this and also let me know what further step I need to take so that successful we can get baby.

Gynaecologist, Delhi
Me and my wife planning for baby from lase tow months we I have ejaculated almost every three days since last two mon...
Try for at least 6 months. To know about fertility period you can use pregnancy tracker app which will give you fair idea about the time of intercourse for conception. If you don't conceive in 6 months visit a qualified gynaecologist.
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