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Dr. Manish

General Physician, Delhi

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Dr. Manish General Physician, Delhi
600 at clinic
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I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care....more
I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.
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Dr. Manish is a renowned General Physician in Mehrauli, Delhi. Doctor is currently practising at Privat Hospital Gurgaon in Mehrauli, Delhi. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Manish on has an excellent community of General Physicians in India. You will find General Physicians with more than 28 years of experience on You can find General Physicians online in Delhi and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

My husband is 31yrs old & fours years back he met with an road accident & got head injury due to which his right side is paralyzed. Now he has recovered a little but cannot use his right hand for working & lack proper balance from right leg. physiotherapy & regular exercise is going on. I want to know if he will recover fully in future. His speech is also trembling.

General Physician, Mumbai
We need to wait and watch and do everything for his speedy recovery and I will suggest him to take Tablet folvite 5mg once a day for six months and tablet vitamin D3 60000iu once a week for six months
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Dyslexia - 9 Signs That Your Kid is Suffering from it!

Consultant Dyslexia, Autism & Child Psychologist. Consultant Clinical & Mental Health Psychologist., Post Masters Doc in Behavioural Medicine , Post Masters Doc Psychology
Psychologist, Noida
Dyslexia - 9 Signs That Your Kid is Suffering from it!

Raising a child with dyslexia can stir up a lot of emotions. You may look ahead and wonder if this learning issue will affect your child's future. But dyslexia is not a prediction of failure. Dyslexia is quite common, and many successful individuals have dyslexia.

Research has proven that there are different ways of teaching that can help people with dyslexia succeed. There's a lot you can do as a parent too.

What are the symptoms of dyslexia?

Because dyslexia affects some people more severely than others, your child's symptoms may look different from those in another child. Some kids with dyslexia have trouble with reading and spelling. Others may struggle to write or to tell left from right.

Dyslexia can also make it difficult for people to express themselves clearly. It can be hard for them to structure their thoughts during conversation. They may have trouble finding the right words to say.

Others struggle to understand what they're hearing. This is especially true when someone uses nonliteral language such as jokes and sarcasm.

The signs you see may also look different at various ages. Some of the warning signs for dyslexia, such as a speech delay, appear before a child reaches kindergarten. More often, though, dyslexia is identified in grade school. As schoolwork gets more demanding, trouble processing language becomes more apparent.

Here are some signs to look out for:

  1. Warning Signs in Preschool or Kindergarten
  2. Has trouble recognizing the letters of the alphabet
  3. Struggles to match letters to sounds, such as not knowing what sounds b or h make
  4. Has difficulty blending sounds into words, such as connecting C-H-A-T to the word chat
  5. Struggles to pronounce words correctly, such as saying 'mawn lower' instead of 'lawn mower'
  6. Has difficulty learning new words
  7. Has a smaller vocabulary than other kids the same age
  8. Has trouble learning to count or say the days of the week and other common word sequences
  9. Has trouble rhyming

Warning Signs in Grade School or Middle School

  1. Struggles with reading and spelling
  2. Confuses the order of letters, such as writing 'left' instead of 'felt'
  3. Has trouble remembering facts and numbers
  4. Has difficulty gripping a pencil
  5. Has difficulty using proper grammar
  6. Has trouble learning new skills and relies heavily on memorization
  7. Gets tripped up by word problems in math
  8. Has a tough time sounding out unfamiliar words
  9. Has trouble following a sequence of directions

Warning Signs in High School

  1. Struggles with reading out loud
  2. Doesn't read at the expected grade level
  3. Has trouble understanding jokes or idioms
  4. Has difficulty organizing and managing time
  5. Struggles to summarize a story
  6. Has difficulty learning a foreign language

Skills that are affected by Dyslexia

Dyslexia doesn't just affect reading and writing. Here are some everyday skills and activities your child may be struggling with because of this learning issue:


  1. Appears bright, highly intelligent, and articulate but unable to read, write, or spell at grade level.
  2. Labelled lazy, dumb, careless, immature, "not trying hard enough," or "behavior problem."
  3. Isn't "behind enough" or "bad enough" to be helped in the school setting.
  4. High in IQ, yet may not test well academically; tests well orally, but not written.
  5. Feels dumb; has poor self-esteem; hides or covers up weaknesses with ingenious compensatory strategies; easily frustrated and emotional about school reading or testing.
  6. Talented in art, drama, music, sports, mechanics, story-telling, sales, business, designing, building, or engineering.
  7. Seems to "Zone out" or daydream often; gets lost easily or loses track of time.
  8. Difficulty sustaining attention; seems "hyper" or "daydreamer."
  9. Learns best through hands-on experience, demonstrations, experimentation, observation, and visual aids.

Vision, Reading, and Spelling Skills:

  1. Complains of dizziness, headaches or stomach aches while reading.
  2. Confused by letters, numbers, words, sequences, or verbal explanations.
  3. Reading or writing shows repetitions, additions, transpositions, omissions, substitutions, and reversals in letters, numbers and/or words.
  4. Complains of feeling or seeing non-existent movement while reading, writing, or copying.
  5. Seems to have difficulty with vision, yet eye exams don't reveal a problem.
  6. Extremely keen sighted and observant, or lacks depth perception and peripheral vision.

Reads and rereads with little comprehension:

  1. Spells phonetically and inconsistently.
  2. Hearing and Speech Skills
  3. Has extended hearing; hears things not said or apparent to others; easily distracted by sounds.
  4. Difficulty putting thoughts into words; speaks in halting phrases; leaves sentences incomplete; stutters under stress; mispronounces long words, or transposes phrases, words, and syllables when speaking.

Writing and Motor Skills:

  1. Trouble with writing or copying; pencil grip is unusual; handwriting varies or is illegible.
  2. Clumsy, uncoordinated, poor at ball or team sports; difficulties with fine and/or gross motor skills and tasks; prone to motion-sickness.
  3. Can be ambidextrous, and often confuses left/right, over/under.
  4. Math and Time Management Skills
  5. Has difficulty telling time, managing time, learning sequenced information or tasks, or being on time.
  6. Computing math shows dependence on finger counting and other tricks; knows answers, but can't do it on paper.
  7. Can count, but has difficulty counting objects and dealing with money.
  8. Can do arithmetic, but fails word problems; cannot grasp algebra or higher math.

Memory and Cognition:

  1. Excellent long-term memory for experiences, locations, and faces.
  2. Poor memory for sequences, facts and information that has not been experienced.
  3. Thinks primarily with images and feeling, not sounds or words (little internal dialogue).
  4. Behavior, Health, Development and Personality
  5. Extremely disorderly or compulsively orderly.
  6. Can be class clown, trouble-maker, or too quiet.
  7. Had unusually early or late developmental stages (talking, crawling, walking, tying shoes).
  8. Prone to ear infections; sensitive to foods, additives, and chemical products.
  9. Can be an extra deep or light sleeper; bedwetting beyond appropriate age.
  10. Unusually high or low tolerance for pain.
  11. Strong sense of justice; emotionally sensitive; strives for perfection.

What can be done at home for dyslexia?

Helping your child with dyslexia can be a challenge, particularly if you're never been confident in your own reading and writing skills. But you don't have to be an expert to help work on certain skills or strengthen your child's self-esteem.

Keep in mind that kids (and families) are all different, so not all options will work for you. Don't panic if the first strategies you try aren't effective. You may need to try several approaches to find what works best for your child. Here are some things you can try at home:

  • Read out loud every day
  • Tap into your child's interests
  • Use audiobooks
  • Look for apps and other high-tech help
  • Focus on effort, not outcome
  • Make your home reader-friendly
  • Boost confidence

What can make the journey easier?

Dyslexia can present challenges for your child and for you. But with the proper support, almost all people with dyslexia can become accurate readers. Your involvement will help tremendously.

Wherever you are in your journey, whether you're just starting out or are well on your way, this site can help you find more ways to support your child. Here are a few things that can help make the journey easier:

  • Connect with other parents. Remember that you're not alone. Use our safe online community to find parents like you.
  • Get behavior advice. Parenting Coach offers expert-approved strategies on a variety of issues that can affect children with dyslexia, including trouble with time management, anxiety and fear, frustration and low self-esteem.
  • Build a support plan. Come up with a game plan and anticipate what lies ahead.

Understanding dyslexia and looking for ways to help your child is an important first step. There's a lot you can do just don't feel you have to do everything all at once. Pace yourself. If you try a bunch of strategies at the same time, it might be hard to figure out which ones are working. And do your best to stay positive. Your love and support can make a big difference in your child's life. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a neurologist and ask a free question.

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Is there any possibility of getting pregnant while using condom for the first time ?

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Kolkata
Success of the condom depends on how it was used. It should be worn from beginning to end. It should be tested for leaks after use. It should fit well. Condoms fail if above precautions not followed.
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Hey doc I used betnovate n for 3 yrs. Now I stopped using that completely. I am not using it since nov last year. Now my skin has became so dull and dark. There came small red blisters on my face My body color is fair as compared to face. I want my glow back. Thanks in advance.

M.D. - Ayurveda, B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine& Surgery), N.D.D.Y(Diploma in Naturopathy,Diploma in Yoga)
Ayurveda, Pune
Hey doc I used betnovate n for 3 yrs. Now I stopped using that completely. I am not using it since nov last year. Now...
Betnovate usage for so many years has done harm to your skin. Unless needed, it shouldn't be used for such long period of time. You start by taking fresh aloe vera leaves, take out pulp, put a little turmeric and lemon drops. Make a liquid in a mixer. Pour this into ice tray and make ice cubes. Clean your face with one cube in morning and one night. Use a face pack made of- chandan powder+ multani mitti+ rise water+ honey few drops. Apply on face once a day and wait till dry. Then wash with warm water. Scrub your face with a mild scrub every alternate day. Drink 3 liters of water daily and don't step out in sun without a good sunscreen application.
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Sir I just got marry and while doing sex pennies not inserting properly so she s vagina small after forcing also not going inside.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Sir I just got marry and while doing sex pennies not inserting properly so she s vagina small after forcing also not ...
Dear Lybrate user. I can understand. The reason could be lack of elasticity of lack of proper lubrication. You should practice foreplay atleast for 15 minutes before insertion of penis. Your partner will be able to tell exactly when to insert. Do not hurry. Be patient. Take care.
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Hi am of 34 now and happily married with 2 kids, but whenever I have sex with my wife these days am finishing within 1 or 2 mins. I tried with few techniques diverting my mind not to finish early but of no use. Please help me with any natural way or any ayurvedic or homeopathy medicine which should not have any side effects.

Sexologist, Faridabad
Hi am of 34 now and happily married with 2 kids, but whenever I have sex with my wife these days am finishing within ...
Mr. lybrate-user ji you are suffering from premature ejacolation problem you can take ayurveda medicine completely treatment for premature ejacolation problem in ayurveda medicine if you want medicine consult me sheikh extra time for 6000 par month no side effects enjoy sexual life bigger and harder sex power and penis size increase in 2.3 inches
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I am 21 year old male. I have Headache last 3 month. I have eat many painkiller but no relief.

Homeopath, Faridabad
I am 21 year old male. I have Headache last 3 month. I have eat many painkiller but no relief.
Hello, Some primary headaches can be triggered by lifestyle factors, including: Alcohol, particularly red wine Certain foods, such as processed meats that contain nitrates Changes in sleep or lack of sleep Poor posture Skipped meals Stress Insufficient sleep or rest Overexertion Nutritional deficiencies A secondary headache is a symptom of a disease that can activate the pain-sensitive nerves of the head. Any number of conditions — varying greatly in severity — may cause secondary headaches. Get your blood pressure checked, make a chart. Let me know about the readings, will give you medication accordingly. Also, get eyes tested as headache over the eyebrows is related to your weak eyesight or weak eye muscles. Medication: Meantime, can start with homoeopathic medicine - Bakson's Mig-Aid tablet/ after every 2 hours.
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I have fever from 7 days or I have getting vomiting and head pean what I dow sir tell me please.

Homeopath, Raebareli
I have fever from 7 days or I have getting vomiting and head pean what I dow sir tell me please.
Take rhus tox 200 - thrice daily for next 3 days. For nausea/vomiting take nux vom 30 - one dose when required. For headache take belladonna 30 -one dose when required. For further queries get back to me.
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When at evenings both foots are burning sensation it is very painful after passing urine pain is slowly relieved what is the region and remedy ?

General Physician, Delhi
Get your urine checked microscopically as well as cultured specimen should be in culture bottle from lab & carry first morning urine sample, inform me with reports by click on private. You will be better within a week.
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How to prevent vomiting while travelling in a bus or a car and how to prevent cold?

General Physician, Mumbai
How to prevent vomiting while travelling in a bus or a car and how to prevent cold?
For cold take tablet cetrizine at night and for motion sickness can take tablet stemetil before boarding
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Hi, My wife has low-grade fever for long time. She also has body pain, surgical and back pain. She also feel pain in joints and bones. Her TLC count always detect very high around 14.20 thou/mm3. Sugar is around 160. Now we have one more blood report. Report result is "RBCs are predominantly normocytic normochromic. WBC series shows leukocytosis with differential count as follows (N58, L35, M05, E02). Platelets are adequate on smear. -Correlate with clinical details and previous.

Physiotherapist, Noida
Hi, My wife has low-grade fever for long time. She also has body pain, surgical and back pain. She also feel pain in ...
1. Lie on your back. ... 2. Cross your left leg over your right so that your left ankle rests on your right knee. 3. Use your hands to grab hold of your left knee and pull it gently toward the opposite shoulder. ... 4. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds. 5. Relax, and then repeat with the other leg. 6. Repeat this cycle 2 to 4 times.
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While sex I cum in 5 minutes. I want to give her pleasure at least 1 hour. So what should I do on this.

MS-General Surgery, MBBS
General Surgeon, Hyderabad
While sex I cum in 5 minutes. I want to give her pleasure at least 1 hour. So what should I do on this.
No body can do intercourse for 1 hour. If you try to do, it will be pain, not pleasure for both of you. Don't have such unrealistic expectations. What is shown in porn is fake.
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This is for my husband who is 41yrs. He is having sleeping disorder, he is unable to sleep for more than 4 to 5 hours a day. He is a diabetic & he is facing high tension in his business these days. He started taking restyl. 5mg. Other medicines he is using are 1. Adilip 135mg and 2. Glizid-M. Pls suggest some tips for good sleep so that he can stop taking restyl or alcohol. He goes to walk every morning for 1 hour. And cannot control food. His sugar level are Fasting: 110.

General Physician,
This is for my husband who is 41yrs. He is having sleeping disorder, he is unable to sleep for more than 4 to 5 hours...
For diabetic person control ofdiet wt as per bodywt is a must. Maintain wt morning is good but it should be followed by free hand rxercise alcohol and lean meat is no no he must control his diet as per diabetic diet. Propr rest and plenty of fluid by mouth is must. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Avoid sugar and high calorie particularly junk food also dpicy food intake of food and regular exercise is a must for him.
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Hi sir I am 20 years old boy. I have a problem that during yawing water from eyes comes out and headache problem also. I checked my eyes that RIGHT= -1.25 $ LEFT= -1.00. AXIS=98 So what is the vision for this and what should I do for this. Regards

Ophthalmologist, Hyderabad
Hi sir I am 20 years old boy. I have a problem that during yawing water from eyes comes out and headache problem also...
Watering from eyes during yawning is quite common. It is a normal variation and does not need any treatment. Wash your eyes with fresh, cool water. That is enough. Since you have cylindrical power in left eye, it can cause headache if you are not wearing glasses full time. If your eye check up by an ophthalmologist is recent, observe for few more days for the headache to improve. Or, you may have to recheck if your existing glass power is ok or changed.
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I doing sex with one aunty she have one daughter of 5 years I during sex 10 or more time, and another aunty have two childrens one boy and another girl I do sex with her, possible to come aids?

BDS, Certification in hypnotherapy, Certification in N.L.P, Certification in Gene and behavior, Psychology at Work
Psychologist, Gurgaon
Multiple partners do increase the chance of spread of sexually transmitted diseases including aids. But condom minimizes the risk, so always use the condom.
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I am 20 years old male. I have multiple cysts on my scrotum, suggest me with a treatment other than surgery. Thank you.

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Nashik
Consult a dermatologist. medicinal treatment for cyst is not possible but derma person will advice u more correctly.
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I had fracture in my index finger, two years back. Since then I cant bend my finger properly. Is there any solution except surgery?

MPT - Orthopedic Physiotherapy, BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Noida
A x-ray must to see and if your finger had joint tk physiotherapy bending movement wax therapy ultrasonic therapy and flexon movement.
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Homeopath, Sindhudurg
Hyperhidrosis/Excessive sweating and homoeopathy -

Excessive sweating is referred to as hyperhidrosis. It is a condition where the body excretes sweat in certain areas and in higher quantities than expected. It can affect a patient in many ways, including altering his or her social relationships, personal confidence and emotional levels.
Hyperhidrosis can either be generalized or localized to specific parts of the body. Hands, feet, armpits, and the groin area are among the most active regions of perspiration

There are two types of hyperhidrosis:
- focal or localized hyperhidrosis, where only certain parts of the body are affected, such as the armpits, hands, feet or face, and
- generalized hyperhidrosis, where the entire body is affected.

The good news is that hyperhidrosis is a very treatable disease.
Many more that suffer from sweating problems have found their cure for hyperhidrosis in the form of a natural homeopathic treatments that have helped many break free from profuse sweating or hyperhidrosis.
Homeopathic way of treatment is different from allopathy. Hyperhidrosis is nothing but an expression of the disturbance in the inner hormonal balance and this is expressed in the form of the profuse discharge. Hence, it is required to be treated at the inner level rather than treating it by local application of cream and antibiotics.
Homeopathy treats the person as a whole. The homeopathic medicines are selected after a full individualizing examination and case analysis, which includes the medical history of the patient, physical and mental constitution and so on.
Homeopathy provides natural constitutional remedies for treating this condition from the roots and not just working on the symptom but repairs the derangement which is causing this. It offers excellent treatment which is effective, harmless, and without any side effects. It is recommended in the most obstinate cases.
Today homeopathic remedies are the best non surgical solution for hyperhidrosis or profuse sweating or perspiration.
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I have been suffering from from nocturia for 6 years and have undergone various treatments with not much satisfactory results. I am not at all getting enough sleep and that tells on my general health. No sir, I do not want to operate the prostate. Thank you

MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Patna
Dont take water after 8 pm, avoid evening tea/cofee/juice/liquor, wear loose and comfortable garments, protect yourself from cold environment, go to toilet immediately before going to bed. Also find out the usual time for urination during night and set an alarm just before that time to avoid bed wetting. Finally get your blood sugar level and specific gravity of urine checked.
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