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Dr. Kiran Poddar

Gynaecologist, New Delhi

Dr. Kiran Poddar Gynaecologist, New Delhi
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To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies....more
To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies.
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Dr. Kiran Poddar is a trusted Gynaecologist in Jangpura, Delhi. You can consult Dr. Kiran Poddar at Dr Kiran Poddar's Clinic in Jangpura, Delhi. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Kiran Poddar on has a number of highly qualified Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 34 years of experience on Find the best Gynaecologists online in Delhi. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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She has a problem of white bleeding from few days back and it getting pain down part so please give advice what to do and why this is happening.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Faridabad
It is not abnormal to see white discharges in women with different age groups. In a specific face of menstrual cycle this discharge can be seen. This problem is generally seen in teenage girls. Little bit of white discharge is not at all a medical problem. But, it can cause discomfort for the lady having white discharge.
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Minimal Invasive Procedure For Haemorrhoids!

MBBS, MS-General Surgery , FMAS, FIAGES
General Surgeon, Gurgaon
Minimal Invasive Procedure For Haemorrhoids!

In 1995, Longo described a new and innovative operative technique for hemorrhoid. This novel procedure to treat piles is not a hemorrhoidectomy. In this technique neither the anal mucosa and nor the hemorrhoidal tissue is excised. The procedure of MIPH is performed in the patient with piles on distal rectal mucosa and submucosa, proximally to the dentate line. MIPH hemorrhoidectomy includes excision of a band of excessive or loose prolapse mucosa and submucosa within the rectum, proximally to the hemorrhoidal tissue and fixation of the mucosa by stapled end to end mucosa anastomosis. This minimally invasive maneuver occlude the blood supply of the superior hemorrhoidal artery above the hemorrhoidal tissue and thus piles is cured as well as prolapsed mucosa is retracted up.


Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy

What are the indications PPH or MIPH?

Indications for PPH include patients with grade III hemorrhoids, with uncomplicated grade IV hemorrhoids that are reducible at surgery or after manipulation in the operating room. In the surgery of MIPH hemorrhoidal tissue is not excised during the procedure, and in those who failed other treatment modalities.

How it work and what are the benefits of Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy?

Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy procedure uses a special device to remove a ring of tissue from the anal canal. Removing the tissue cuts off blood supply to the hemorrhoids, causing them to shrink. The tissue ring is then secured with staples. This helps hold the tissue in place. Stapled hemorrhoidopexy is a significantly less painful operation and offers significant advantages in terms of hospital stay and symptom control in the long term, making for a significantly earlier return to work.

What are the Contraindications of Minimally Invasive Procedure for Hemorrhoid?

Complication of this surgery include:

  1. Active sepsis,
  2. Anal stenosis, and
  3. Full-thickness rectal prolapse

Because these conditions are not adequately treated by PPH.

What are the complications of Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy?

Although PPH is usually considered relatively safe and simple, complications still may occur and sometimes may be devastating.

Most common complication are:

  1. Hemorrhage
  2. Incontinence
  3. Anal stenosis
  4. Fistula, and
  5. Septic complications

Possible complications of Minimally Invasive Procedure for Haemorrhoid (MIPH) include anal stenosis, postoperative pain, urinary retention, secondary hemorrhage, anal fissure, abscess or fistula, formation of skin tags, pseudo polyps, and incontinence. Postoperative pain is a main concern after Minimally Invasive Procedure for Haemorrhoid (MIPH); none of the techniques offers the patient a completely pain-free recovery. Urinary retention can be a result of pain in some of the patient, narcotics and anticholinergic drugs, fluid overload, high ligation of the hemorrhoidal pedicle and operative trauma.

Minimally Invasive Procedure for Haemorrhoid (MIPH), serious complications have been reported and include, rectal perforation, retroperitoneal sepsis, retropneumoperitoneum, rectal stricture, rectal obstruction, and rectovaginal fistula. These benefits may appear only after surgeons have gained sufficient experience with the procedure. However, skin tags and recurrent prolapse occurred at higher rates after PPH. The meta analysis did not find significant difference in the rates of postoperative bleeding, urinary retention, anal fissure, stenosis, or difficulties in evacuation.

Hi. I had protected intercourse with my wife using a condom on 1st October. Generally my wife menstruate first week of every month. There is always a preponed menstruation. This time it's been delayed. Do we need to do a urine test now or wait for some more days. She's having papaya every day. Please help.

Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Bangalore
Dear Lybrate user, It is better to do Urine pregnancy test. There can be failure with condoms. Having papaya every day is no solution.
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I had got my last periods on 3rd march and it go over on 9th march. On 11th march I had oral sex with my bf and without condom he rubbed on my vagina n before perming he stopped. I have not got my periods yet I'm worried Am I pregnant Pls help If I am pregnant what will I need to do? Pls tell me the ways to test if I'm pregnant or not.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
7 days after the missed period urine pregnancy test is done at home. If negative on that day, keep repeating the test till she gets her menses. Even faint second line is also positive and you have to read the reports within 5 min of putting urine. Also use good company card like velocit card or preg test card to avoid mistakes bcos of card. The act you described, can not make you pregnant and menses can be missed because of hormonal changes or stress also.
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I am a mother of 4 year kid. I had two abortion due to open neural tube defect. Am afraid am pregnant again now. The three pregnancy s were unplanned and I couldn't take enough folic acid before pregnancy. What should I do. Do I wait for the third month scanning for this pregnancy?

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Gurgaon
You may wait until I complete 8 wks and then get a scanning done to see for any defect ,apart from that you also need to get your test done for bad obstetric history, like rubella ,anti cardio lipid test etc ,You may get back to us for further advice on this if needed.
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I am 26 years old, since 4 years I am suffering with PCOD problem and heavy hair fall, weight gain, 5 months back I got married. I want to get rid of this PCOD problem. Please Help me.

DGO, MD, MRCOG, CCST, Accredation in Colposcopy
Gynaecologist, Kolkata
PCOD is a genetically inherited condition; hence you cannot get rid of it completely . However by a combination of medicines and healthy diet and exercise to optimise your BMI most of your problems related to irregular periods / acne/ hirsutism /hair fall etc can be normalised. Please read my health post on PCOS as you may find it useful.
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I am of 19 years and my weight is 92 kgs. I have irregular periods and it may come once in 2 or 3 months. I want to know if there are any exercises for this problem. If any please give the names. Or suggest any medicine for my problem. Note: I have thyroid and it is in control. Two years back I was admitted in iccu because fluid is formed in heart 2 times and in lungs1 time.

MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS, DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Hi lybrate-user. You need to start losing weight right away. Running, yoga, dance along with a healthy diet will help. But before starting any exercise, please speak to your cardiologist as you seem to have some heart condition.
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I want to know about periods, I have irregular periods, and blood flow is less? is this harmful?

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hi. Irregular periods are not a good sign, get your blood tested for - S. Ferritn, S. Iron, S. Calcium. Start taking a multivitamin - Centrum or Revital for women or else Supradyn/ 1 tab. daily once for 3 months. Revert me back after a month. If needed, Ultrasound (pelvis) may need to be done. And send me the reports.
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My age is 26. My baby boy is 11 months old. Is it ok if I get pregnant now. Actually my periods date is 7th and till now I did not get. I want to a 2nd baby always so is it ok.

MD-Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Haldwani
Hello- it is not advisable to conceive pregnancy before three years of previous one. >this is due to the reason that the fertile organs (uterus) and the body vitality is so much reduced after the delivery that it can lead to complication if conceived earlier. It will not only effect the health of the mother but also the health of new born. >so wait for another two year to plan your pregnancy.
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All about saffron:

BSc Home Science, M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Bangalore
All about saffron:
Saffron is widely used not only for its taste and aroma but for its health benefits as follows:
1. Active components in saffron acts as an antiseptic, antidepressant, anti-oxidant, digestive, anti-convulsant.
2. Is a good source of copper, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, selenium, zinc and magnesium. Potassium is important for cell and body fluids that helps control heart rate and blood pressure. Iron is essential for red blood cell production.
3. Is rich in many vital vitamins, including vitamin A, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin-C that is essential for optimum health.
4. Is used for asthma, cough and to loosen phlegm.
5. Is useful for sleep problems, hardening of the arteries, intestinal gas, depression, Alzheimer?s disease, pain, heartburn & dry skin.
6. Women use saffron for easing menstrual cramps & premenstrual syndrome. Men use it to prevent early orgasm (premature ejaculation) & infertility.
7. Is also used to increase interest in sex & to induce sweating.
8. Some people apply saffron directly to the scalp for prevention and cure of baldness (alopecia).
9. Is beneficial for hair as it helps in stimulating hair growth.
10. It can be mixed with licorice and milk and applied to bald spots. This will combat hair loss and promote hair growth.
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26 days over on periods date. sexually active, No pregnancy (checked 3 times) What to do now?

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS
Gynaecologist, Noida
Hello, Please rule out pregnancy first and if negative then you can take tab meprate 10mg twice a day for 5 days and then your menses shall arrive in next 5-7 days.
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All About Ajwain Water

M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management , Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics , B.Sc.Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
All About Ajwain Water

Ajwain water recipes uses, and benefits

Ajwain water or bishop weed water is very useful for many health and medicinal purposes. Ajwain water is an effective ayurvedic marvel against many diseases and disorders. If somebody needs instant relief against gastritis, constipation, stomach ache, indigestion, heaviness in the stomach, etc, it is recommended ajwain water as one of the best home remedies. Ajwain water is given to small babies having colic and gas related problems. The problem of indigestion is common with the pregnant ladies; ajwain water is genuinely recommended them. Ajwain water is beneficial before and after delivery. Carom seeds water is also useful in the cleansing of stomach and uterus. Ajwain water is known as oma water too. Drinking of ajwain water for the irregular period is suggested.

How to make ajwain water?

How to prepare ajwain water is a very simple and easy thing. In making of carom seeds water, a combination of ajwain (2 tsp) and water (200 ml) is required. Initially, roasted the ajwain on a low flame until its smell starting to come. Now, boil the water till it becomes brown colour. Mix both the components and strained it before using. It is ready now to serve people suffering from indigestion, flatulence or may be given to small children.

 Ajwain water recipes

Ajwain and ajwain water is used for many health beneficial recipes. Ajwain recipes are used to treat diseases and disorders too.

Ajwain and fennel seeds water: it is prepared when carom (half tsp) and fennel seeds (1 tsp) are boiled in water (1 litre) for 10-15 minutes. Leave it for cool followed by strained before using. This recipe is good for stomach and uterus. The colic problem of babies can also be reduced by giving this mixture.
Culinary recipes of carom seeds: carom seeds are used to enhance the taste of many cooking recipes. Ajwain is used to increase flavor and savour of bread, biscuits, soups, snacks and sauces.
Ajwain water for cooking: carom seeds water is used in the cooking process to make the dishes flavor and to increase its medicinal properties. Its powerful flavor makes it the favorite spice in the Indian kitchen.
 Carom seeds paratha: the following ingredients are used in making of ajwain paratha. The ingredients are wholemeal flour (3 cups), crushed carom seeds (3tsp), turmeric powder (half tsp), chilli powder (half tsp), vegetable oil (4 tsp), curd (half cup) and lukewarm water. Black salt may also be used in small quantity.
Weight loss with ajwain water

Very few people know that ajwain water or carom seeds water is good to lose weight. Carom seeds enhance the rate of metabolism, which results in burning of fat thereby helps in losing of weight. To make ajwain water for weight loss, take 25 grams of ajwain and soaked it into one glass of water overnight. Mix it and strained it in the morning. Add a tsp of honey to the mixture and drink it. Continue it for 15-20 days to get the benefits of weight loss. Chewing of carom seeds in the morning before breakfast is also beneficial aspects of ajwain to lose weight.

Ajwain water cures stomach gas

Made a mixture of water (1 glass), ajwain seed powder (1 tsp), dried ginger powder (1 tsp), and black salt (little amount). Drinking this ajwain mixture helps to treat stomach gas and gastritis. Made ajwain water and mix a pinch of black salt in it to cure gas. Simply drinking of ajwain water also helps in treating of gas problems. Boil the mixture of water (half a litre) and carom seeds (3 tsp). Boil it until 15-20 minutes. Strained it and drink the mixture to solve the problem of gas. Drinking of lukewarm ajwain water solve the problems of gas and flatulence

How ajwain water is good for infants?

Ajwain water can be given to infants and babies to treat colic and gas related problems. Freshly prepared half spoon may be given to the babies. Ajwain water reduces the gas problems in babies thereby frequent crying. It is also suggested that warm water should be given to the babies to keep them hydrated. The combination of ajwain, fennel and water may also be given to the infants to minimize their colic problems.

Ajwain water for acidity

Due to faulty lifestyle and wrong food habit pattern such as eating of more fried and pungent foods, excess use of beverages and fermented foods, stress, anxiety, etc. Lead to acidity, hyperacidity, and acid reflux. Ajwain water will be a useful treatment in the curing of acidity, hyperacidity, and acid reflux. Drinking of ajwain water along with a little amount of black salt will be useful in curing of hyperacidity. Make a solution of carom seeds, cumin seeds and ginger powder to treat acid reflux.

Carom seeds water good for constipation

Ajwain is one of the important kitchen ingredients that is full of health and medicinal benefits. Women, especially keep ajwain in their kitchen as home remedies for many diseases and conditions like constipation, indigestion, gas, acidity, stomach pain, etc. Ajwain has inherent ayurvedic properties to digest foods thus good for digestion. When the mix of ajwain seed powder, dried ginger powder, and black salt is taken, helps in easing constipation. The presence of thymol in carom seeds smooth the secretion of gastric juices and improves digestion thus ensures relief in constipation. Drinking lukewarm ajwain water is good for constipation.

Top benefits of ajwain water

Overeating causes many stomach disorders where ajwain acts like as a panacea for such problems.
Ajwain water is good for gas, gastritis, and acidity.
Ajwain water is good in curing and treating of indigestion.
It helps to cleanse the urinary bladder.
Ajwain water is given to babies who experiences colic related problems.
Ajwain water for the pregnant mother as it is helpful in treating of many pregnancies-related problems.
Ajwain water treats flatulence.
Ajwain water removes phlegm thus good for cold and cough.
Carom seeds water treat ear pain that happens due to congestion.
Bishop seeds water is beneficial to migraines.
It helps to ease the pain that caused due to arthritis problems.
Carom seeds are good for treating of respiratory disorders.
Ajwain is used to lose weight.

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I don't get my monthly periods on time. They are skipped every month. What should I do now?

Ayurveda, Ambala
For making regular your period these are some instructions given below: • Take proper diet full of nutrition. Eat green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits and a glass of milk daily. Eat a fruit daily. • Do Not take stress because stress causes imbalance in hormones of female and make your menstrual cycle disturb and make your ovulation disturb. Do some meditation for maintain hormonal balance. • Do jogging and running exercise daily. If you are obese lose some weight this is also a cause of irregular periods. • Do skipping regularly for 2 to 3 minutes daily. • you can take these medicines for regular periods. Syrup Dashmolarishtha or, syrup EVECARE of himalya. 2 tsf daily once in a day after meal but only under the guidance of ayurvedic doctor..• Practice Yogasana like Chakrasana & Pawanmuktasana daily under the guidance of yoga expert. • Check out Thyroid hormone level & if your T3, T4, TSH hormone are abnormal then get treatment of it to make your periods regular.
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I am 21 years old female single I am suffering from white discharge since 3 weeks with bad odor, I also have itching and burning inside vagina. Also I feel very much weakness pain in whole body. Please consult some medications.

Diploma In Anesthesiologist, MBBS
Anesthesiologist, Jamshedpur
There is some infection. It's common in young female. U need medication for any help consultant in private be happy Be Healthy.
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Hello sir/mam, I had unprotected oral sex with a sex worker, whom I do not khow her hiv status, I am so stress that if I contact hiv through her, I had no cuts, sores, wound in my mouth, penis and figure. Do I need to test for hiv. Please reply.

Diploma in Family Medicine, M.Sc - Psychotherapy
Sexologist, Pune
Yes. You need to test for hiv and the whole std screen. Also watch for development of any rashes, ulcers, flu like symptoms or any itching or pain while passing urine.
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M.B.S.(HOMEO), MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Visakhapatnam
Did you know that many famous people like the English royal family, athletes, sports celebrities, many actors and actresses from Hollywood use homeopathic medicine?
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