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Dr. Gupta

Gynaecologist, Delhi

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Dr. Gupta Gynaecologist, Delhi
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I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
More about Dr. Gupta
Dr. Gupta is an experienced Gynaecologist in Tri Nagar, Delhi. Doctor is currently associated with Mittal Nursing Home in Tri Nagar, Delhi. Book an appointment online with Dr. Gupta and consult privately on has an excellent community of Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 30 years of experience on You can find Gynaecologists online in Delhi and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Health Benefits of Watermelon

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Health Benefits of Watermelon

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon is by far, one of the most powerful, body-healing fruits out there! The amazing health benefits of watermelon cover everything from your brain all the way to the cells in your feet. Some of the best watermelon I've had was from Costa Rica. The fruit there is incredible, and watermelon tasted about 80% better than the stuff you buy in stores in North America. Plus, they all contained seeds, which means none of them were GMO, hybrid, or tainted in any respect. If you want to eat some tasty fruit with me down there at the Live Love Fruit Rawjuvenation Retreat, you won't be disappointed. Raw foods, unlimited fruit and vegetables, fresh cracked coconut water, yoga, eco-adventures and so much more! The best time to indulge in this fresh, succulent, juicy melon, is summertime, when they are in season and deliver an array of nutrients, vitamin and minerals.

Watermelon is incredibly hydrating (up to 92% water!) and is naturally low-fat. Make this melon a part of your daily diet and you will reap amazing benefits that range from improving cardiovascular health to nourishing your eyes and revving up your immune system! Read below and see for yourself! Cardiovascular and Bone Health The lycopene in watermelon is especially important for our cardiovascular health and is now being recognized as an important factor in promoting bone health. Consuming large amounts of watermelon has also been correlated with improved cardiovascular function because it improves blood flow via vasodilation (relaxation of blood pressure). Dietary lycopene (from foods like watermelon or tomatoes) reduces oxidative stress which normally reduces the activity of osteoblasts and osteoclasts (the two major bone cells involved in the pathogenesis of osteoporosis) - this means stronger bones for those consuming lycopene-rich foods. Watermelon is also rich in potassium which helps to retain calcium in your body, resulting in stronger bones and joints. Reduces Body Fat The citrulline in watermelon has been shown to reduce the accumulation of fat in our fat cells. Citrulline is an amino acid which converts into arginine with help from the kidneys. When our bodies absorb citrulline it can take the step of converting into arginine if so required. Citrulline, when consumed, has the ability to (through a series of steps) block the activity of TNAP (tissue-nonspecific alkaline phosphatase) which makes our fat cells create less fat, and thus helps prevent over-accumulation of body fat. Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Support Watermelon is rich in phenolic compounds like flavonoids, carotenoids, and triterpenoids. The carotenoid lycopene in watermelon is particularly beneficial in reducing inflammation and neutralizing free radicals. The triterpenoid cucurbitacin E is also present in watermelon, which provides anti-inflammatory support by blocking activity of cyclo-oxygenase enzymes which normally lead to increased inflammatory support. Make sure you pick ripe watermelons, because they contain higher amounts of these beneficial phenolic compounds.


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Hiii! Meri doctor ne mujhe Medroxyprogesterone 10 mg di suggest ki hai for missed period. 3 days .3 tablet for each day. Total 10 tablets .when my period comes after taking this?

Homeopath, Solapur
Hiii! Meri doctor ne mujhe Medroxyprogesterone 10 mg di suggest ki hai for missed period. 3 days .3 tablet for each d...
New pcod Internal medicines useful in PCOS •Saptasaram kashayam, Varunadi kashayam, Dashamoola kashayam, Tila kashaya and Sukumaram kashayam. •Kumaryasava, Ashokarishta •Hinguvachadi churna, Shatavari, Ashwagandha churna. •Raja pravartini vati, Chandraprabha vati, Kanchanar guggulu. •Pippalyadi taila. All these medicines destroy the cyst, stimulates ovulation, induces menstruation, regulates flow during menstruation and aides conception naturally.
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I am 30 year old female as I consulted gynaecologist for pregnancy but now I am facing vaginal cyst problem for this I am getting delayed pregnancy as I am taking treatment from 5 months still I am not able t conceive please let me know what I can do further now I am taking 2 tablets obimet 1 mg and sysgol active is this helpful pls reply.

MD - Alternate Medicine, BHMS
Homeopath, Surat
I am 30 year old female as I consulted gynaecologist for pregnancy but now I am facing vaginal cyst problem for this ...
Please consult a homeopathic doctor for this. Your condition requires a proper consultation. It will take time but you will definitely get results. You can either find a local doctor or you can consult me online as I have also treated cases like this.
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I want to ask you that Cooper-t is safe and does it have any harm to body or health. I think my wife's health is effected by cooper-t. Please suggest.

DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), PGDHHM, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Copper T is absolutely safe and doesnot harm the can give multivitamin supplements for health improvement.
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We recently married and it's been three months. My wife had irregular period from last three months. We are trying for baby and in recent period after we were into sex the days after the period 7,8,13, 14 However my wife has got period again. Please suggest.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FCPS, DGO, Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning (DFFP)
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
We recently married and it's been three months. My wife had irregular period from last three months. We are trying fo...
Pregnancy can occur only one day of cycle that is ovulation day so unprotected sex around that day only important. As only one day in month nature should be given 12-24 trials (12 to 24 months) before couple need any active management by Gynecologist or infertility specialist.
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Find Out What You Really Want In Life

BDS, Certification In Hypnotherapy, Certification In N.L.P, Certification In Gene & Behavior, Psychology At Work
Psychologist, Delhi
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I'm Dr. Vikas Khanna. I’m working as a counselor cum corporate trainer.

Today I will be talking about a topic called conflict resolution. We all have lot of psychological conflicts. And the basic and the fundamental route of all the conflicts is that you are in between neither right nor to left. First of all you have to identify that what is really you want. Your lot of desires. But we also have contrary opposing desires like I will love to move to a different city, but if I move to a different city there are such challenges, the challenges there. I want to have relationship but that may not work. So that tackiness is in between. Whenever you are in between in any resolution of any conflict is by either going to left or right. So the effort, the effort has to be made to be one-sided to get rid of opposing desires and opposing thoughts. To act physically on your desires and let the mental actions be as less as possible. The more mental action the less is physical action. All the analysis, all the planning, hampers and is the biggest hurdle in your physical action. So why not go to left or right. I wish you wonder action so that all your conflicts remain resolved.

Thank you! And this was Dr. Vikas, you can always contact me through lybrate or you can call me personally. Thank you!

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Hello, Meri age 25 years hai. Or meri pareshani ye hai ki mere left wale breast me lumps hai jo thoda hard sa feel hota hai or kbhi kbhi pain bhi hota hai. One month se hai.

Homeopath, Hooghly
Agar AP ise without surgery thik karna chahte haii tohh apko proper homoeopathic treatment karna hoga,,by proper homoeopathic treatment lump will goes away
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Can Panic Attacks Happen Just "Out Of The Blue"?

M.D Psychiatry , MBBS
Psychiatrist, Faridabad
Can Panic Attacks Happen Just "Out Of The Blue"?

Panic attacks can debilitate a person greatly. The panic or anxiety attacks can be extremely powerful and intense, can vary depending on the severity of the attack. Such people lose self-composure. In extreme cases, they cut themselves off from the outside world and recoil into their safe zone (Agoraphobia).

Panic attacks, should, by no means, be confused with depression. These attacks can be essentially divided into three phases; the start phase, it then reaches the pinnacle or the zenith, before sliding down (fades away). The duration of a panic attack can vary from long to very long periods. The whole experience can leave a person depressed, traumatized and drained out (physically and emotionally). A timely medical assistance can prove to be extremely fruitful.

Panic attacks- its causative, signs and symptoms

 A panic attack, can, indeed, come out of the blue (unexpectedly). Extreme emotional turmoil or anxiety can trigger such an attack. An over-excited nervous system might turn out to be the wrecker in chief, throwing life in jeopardy. A person might be unprepared to deal with such a situation. Though extremely difficult, the best thing would be to try and relax. The attack is just an extreme state of mind, an abstract feeling that can never come true. It will pass off soon. Panicking will only pile onto your agony. Identifying the associated symptoms can prove to be effective. 

Some of the important symptoms associated with pain attacks include:

  • A feeling of breathlessness, suffocation and dizziness.
  • The palms appear to be sweaty.
  • A person may complain of uneasiness or chest pain
  • Increased palpitations are quite common during panic attacks.
  • A person might experience severe chills or heat flushes. 
  • Twitching and trembling of the muscles are often observed during the attacks.
  • An intense fear of death or going insane grips the person completely.
  • Hands, legs, arms begin to tingle.
  • During anxiety attacks, a person loses the reasoning ability.

Few short-term behavioural therapies can be of great help. Meditation, yoga and certain breathing practices can effectively ward off physical and mental fatigue. CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a popular technique used to deal with panic attacks. This technique primarily emphasizes on the present conditions and factors resulting in panic and ways to minimize or completely eliminate the attacks.


Treatment can help reduce the intensity and frequency of your panic attacks and improve your function in daily life. The main treatment options are

One or both types of treatment can be recommended, depending on the severity of your panic disorder, your history, and whether you have access to therapists who have special training in panic disorders.

Medications can help reduce symptoms associated with panic attacks as well as depression if that's an issue for you. Various types of medication have been shown to be effective in managing symptoms of panic attacks, including:

  1. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). 
  2. Serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs). 

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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7 Things You Must Know About Gestational Diabetes!

MS - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Visakhapatnam
7 Things You Must Know About Gestational Diabetes!

Gestational diabetes is a kind of diabetes that happens during pregnancy. Diabetes is referred to a condition where your blood glucose or blood sugar is very high. Although, glucose is good as it used by your body for energy, but excessive glucose in your blood can be harmful for both you and your child. Gestational diabetes is mostly diagnosed in the later stages of pregnancy. If gestational diabetes is diagnosed in the early stages of pregnancy, then it is quite possible that you may have had diabetes before you became pregnant. Treating gestational diabetes can help both you and your baby stay fit and healthy. You can protect both, yourself and your baby by controlling your blood glucose levels.

Here are 7 things that you need to know about Gestational diabetes:

  1. Every three to eight out of 100 ladies tend to develop diabetes during pregnancy, a condition known as gestational diabetes. Fortunately, it can be dealt with and even kept away by maintaining healthy lifestyle choices. Eating leafy foods and avoiding sugar-rich things, is a vital step for both control and counteractive action. Exercise, after consulting your doctor can guarantee that you have a healthy pregnancy.
  2. In diabetes, when your body's glucose or sugar levels get so high that the carbohydrates and sugars cannot be converted into energy, the excess starts accumulating in your body. This additional glucose can harm the vessels in your kidneys and all through your body, particularly in organs like eyes.
  3. Two or three factors might cause danger for creating gestational diabetes, both inside and outside of your control. If you are overweight before you get pregnant or while you are pregnant or your family history shows that you are hereditarily inclined to the sickness, you will probably build up the condition.
  4. One will have to stay on the right path as far as medication and insulin goes. Your specialist may prescribe that you require diabetic pills or insulin to help you control your glucose levels.
  5. Your weight can bring about complexities during the delivery in case of gestational diabetes. So it is best to keep your weight in check in order to have a smooth sailing pregnancy and delivery.
  6. Gestational diabetes can likewise put ladies at risk of contracting preeclampsia, which can bring about a number of side effects and complexities. Side effects brought on may start from swollen feet, legs, fingers, and hands to hypertension and even seizures or strokes.
  7. Apart from the risks of having gestational diabetes during your pregnancy, it might affect the child later on. Your baby may have a higher danger of obesity as it develops, both in the teenage years and youth. Youngsters who are overweight may suffer from type 2 diabetes in the long run.
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