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Gaurav Kant Pandey

Dr. Gaurav Kant Pandey

General Physician10 Years Exp.
 at clinic


1656, second floor, outram lines,
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Personal Statement

I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health more

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  • General Physician

Other treatment areas

  • General Physician


  • MBBS , GSVM Medical College,Kanpur , 2014

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Hindi

Clinic Location

1656, second floor, outram lines,

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1656, second floor, outram lines,
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Question and Answers



male • 52 Year Old • Feb 03, 2016 • Darbhanga

My father has digestion problem. He always feel uneasy with gas and also have a very less stamina. Please provide some methods 2 cure all this.

Gaurav Kant Pandey

8 years ago

Dear sir, ask your father to take cap. Omez 20 mg every morning before breakfast and syp. Digene half hour before every meal. He coukd take stool softeners like isabgol full answer



female • 38 Year Old • Feb 03, 2016

I have running nose since last two weeks. I am taking medicine but it has not stop. Please suggest me what should I do?

Gaurav Kant Pandey

8 years ago

You have not told me what medicines you are taking. However you mah be suffering from allergic rhinitis. Visit a nearest ent specialist for expert guidance.


Afsar Khan

Male • 29 Year Old • Feb 03, 2016 • Delhi

Sir/mam, my problem is swelling of my left testes. I have done a ultrasound and my report is. FINDINGS:- right testes (3.6 ×2.3 ×2.9 cm) and left testes (4.5 ×2.7 ×2.9 c more

Gaurav Kant Pandey

8 years ago

Dear sir, your ultrasound report clearly diagnoses hydrocoele. It is a treatable situation with a minor surgery. Visit your local surgeon for further guidance.



male • 31 Year Old • Jan 29, 2016 • Hyderabad

I am working as a photographer I have a gas problems I. Every 15day what I have to do.

Gaurav Kant Pandey

8 years ago

Dear sir, the problem you mentioned may be due to hectic schedule of your resulting in neither proper eating time nor habits. Kindly regularise your eating time, drink l full answer



male • 22 Year Old • Jan 29, 2016 • Chennai

I could not sleep peacefully in night even though I lie in bed by 11pm I stay awake daily upto 1pm. What should I do to have sound sleep daily?

Gaurav Kant Pandey

8 years ago

Dear sir, it is okay if you can not sleep early at night. Every human being has a different body clock. Some people sleep early and wake up early while some people are m full answer