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Dr. Chanchal Gupta

Gynaecologist, Delhi

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Dr. Chanchal Gupta Gynaecologist, Delhi
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Our team includes experienced and caring professionals who share the belief that our care should be comprehensive and courteous - responding fully to your individual needs and preferences....more
Our team includes experienced and caring professionals who share the belief that our care should be comprehensive and courteous - responding fully to your individual needs and preferences.
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Dr. Chanchal Gupta is a renowned Gynaecologist in Bapa Nagar, Delhi. You can consult Dr. Chanchal Gupta at Womens Life Care Centre in Bapa Nagar, Delhi. Book an appointment online with Dr. Chanchal Gupta and consult privately on has an excellent community of Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 26 years of experience on You can find Gynaecologists online in Delhi and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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8 Reasons To Love Watermelon

Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition, Diploma in Diet and Nutrition, Diploma in Paediatric Nutrition, Diploma in Total Nutrition Therapy course, Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education, Role of Nutrition in Diabetes, ICU & Gastroenterology , Nutrition Counselor Course in Bariatric Surgery
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
8 Reasons To Love Watermelon

The first fruit that comes to mind when you want to indulge in during summer would be watermelon. While it is refreshing and hydrating, there are also other benefits that it has.

Listed below are 8 reasons that you should have a watermelon:

  1. Body Hydration: The most important benefit of this red, juicy fruit is water, which is as high as 92%. It is no surprise that you feel hydrated as soon as you start biting into a slice of watermelon. In patients who need to be hydrated, this could work wonders.
  2. Reduces body fat: Watermelons contain an amino acid called Citrulline which converts to arginine. This conversion blocks the creation of fat from fat cells, thereby reducing fat accumulation in the body.
  3. Digestion: The high fiber content in watermelon, supplemented by the high water content, aids in smooth digestion and clears constipation.
  4. Healthy Heart: Watermelon contains lycopene, which dilates the blood vessels and allows for smoother flow of blood. The lycopene is proven to protect against various heart ailments. Tests done to check blood pressure at various spots including ankle and carotid regions showed significant decline in blood pressure. These also improve blood flow in the arteries.  
  5. Musculoskeletal benefits: The benefits to the bones and muscles are multifold. After a workout session, athletes recover faster by eating watermelon. The are many reasons for this: The potassium-rich watermelon helps muscles function better, The amino acid Citrulline is believed to reduce muscle soreness and inflammation, Choline in the watermelon helps in better muscular movement and reduce inflammation
  6. Skin: The Vitamin A in watermelon aids in generation of hair and skin follicles, production of sebum, and moisturizing the hair follicles. This also promotes better condition of supporting tissues like hair, teeth, soft tissues and mucous membranes. Watermelon also contains Vitamin C, very essential for building and maintaining collagen. Collagen is what provides structure to the hair and skin. Add some watermelon if you have wounds, and see how wound healing is improved with better collagen formation. Needless to say, the high moisture content also adds to improved look of hair and skin.
  7. Cancer Prevention: Watermelon, especially a nicely ripened fruit, contains a lot of carotenoids, flavonoids, and triterpenoids. These are proven anti-cancer chemicals and reduce the formation of free radicals in the body which are responsible for cancer.
  8. Vision: The bright red colour of watermelon is from beta carotene and watermelon is also a rich source of it. Beta-carotene helps in the production of pigments in the eye. It can also prevent macular degeneration and night blindness.

So, the next time you bite into a watermelon, think about all the good things you are treating your body with.

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For 2-3 months I hav problem problem in my vaginal area n area between thighs n vagina. Itching is sooo much tht after itching there is vry high pain also. N thn there gots wounds. Plzz suggest some home treatment n also some medicine.

Homeopath, Muzaffarnagar
You wash a vaginal area with dryness frequently. & you can take a homoeo medicine can notheris -30, 5 drops in little water thrice daily for 15 days
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Coconut - Why Is It So Healthy?

Homeopath, Navi Mumbai
Coconut - Why Is It So Healthy?

The coconut plant is an extremely versatile plant. No part of it goes waste. The whole fruit is used from its succulent flesh to its water everything is utilized. Coconut is in fact filled with various nutrients. It has many health benefits. The coconut is now seen as a superfood.

The reasons behind so many health benefits of coconut have been laid down here:

  1. Consuming any coconut product leads to a positive effect on weight management. It speeds up metabolism and provides instant energy. Unlike other energy sources, coconut has fewer calories than other fats. In fact, it is most likely to burn up than being stored in the body as fat.
  2. Coconut has good fats. It contains medium chain fatty acids. Long chain fatty acids are responsible for high cholesterol. But medium chain fatty acids are not. Instead, they help to lower the chances of atherosclerosis and other heart diseases. Also among the coconut's several different properties, it contains lauric acid. Lauric acid is found in human breast milk.
  3. Carbohydrates are of two types, digestible (soluble) and non-digestible (insoluble). Soluble carbohydrates do not leave the body and get stored as fats. Insoluble carbohydrates do the opposite. Coconuts contain insoluble carbohydrates. As the body cannot digest the fibre, it cannot retain any calories and does not affect blood sugar levels.
  4. Since coconuts contain insoluble fibres, they do not raise glucose levels. Coconuts, thus have low glycaemic index.
  5. Sweet cravings are lessened and insulin secretion is improved. Blood sugar has better utilization. Coconut lowers any growth in blood sugar, thus reducing cravings.
  6. Coconut oil is beneficial to fight tooth decay. It fights the bacteria and the mouth bugs that give rise to dental caries.
  7. Brain disorders like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and strokes can be prevented.
  8. It has no trans-fat
  9. It is gluten free. Also, the flour made from dried, powdered coconut flesh can even be used in baking!
  10. It is hypoallergenic
  11. Boosts immune system
  12. Coconut contains fatty acids that have antimicrobial properties. They kill bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses that cause diseases.
  13. Protects body from free radicals that lead to premature aging
  14. It is also good for your hair and skin
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FRAS, MD - Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Alternative Medicine Specialist, Ernakulam

Most STD treatments do not protect you from getting the same infection again. A course of drugs may cure gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia or trichomoniasis, but a new exposure can start a new infection. If your partner is not treated, you can continue to pass infections back and forth. And if you're not taking the right precautions to protect yourself, you can be re-infected quickly or even pick up a second STD.
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My girlfriend has MC on 3-1-16 we had unprotected sex on 8-1-16 on that day had given her unwanted 72 then we had protected sex on 13-1-16 but suddenly condom has broken. Should I give her unwanted 72 or not. Please answer.

MBBS (Gold Medalist, Hons), MS (Obst and Gynae- Gold Medalist), DNB (Obst and Gynae), Fellow- Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (ACOG, USA), FIAOG
Gynaecologist, Kolkata
My girlfriend has MC on 3-1-16 we had unprotected sex on 8-1-16 on that day had given her unwanted 72 then we had pro...
One dose of unwanted 72 gives protection for only one sexual act. Now she needs additional dose, which will of course have its side effects. So take care in future.
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Having periods for almost 20 days. Suggest me to stop it urgently. Its getting annoying now.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
Having periods for almost 20 days. Suggest me to stop it urgently. Its getting annoying now.
Bleeding for 20 days is really something to worry about.Please go for following tests and consult me thereafter ABDOMEN ULTRASOUND empty stomach with full urine pressure BLOOD HB
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Periods are delayed for the last 6/7 months often upto 2weeks. What should she do.

MS- Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Periods are delayed for the last 6/7 months often upto 2weeks. What should she do.
If they started delaying now u need to b investigated. get serum prolactin tsh usg on 2nd day of pd
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My married friend was planning a baby. Thus month she had the feeling that she has conceived as there were symptoms including vomiting, spotting etc. She was waiting for her periods to be missed to do home pregnancy test to be sure if it. But yesterday night she fell, had immediate periods with heavy unusual bleeding. Is it a possible miscarriage? Does she need to consult a doctor immediately, I mean if it's miscarriage can it be dangerous for her body if unattended?

MBBS, DGO, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MRCOG
Gynaecologist, Delhi
My married friend was planning a baby. Thus month she had the feeling that she has conceived as there were symptoms i...
Dear lybrate-user, if she did not miss her periods, chances of a pregnancy and miscarriage are extremely less. If she is having unusual bleeding or pain, she should anyway consult her gyne for check up. There are other things apart from pregnancy that need to be checked.
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All about Overactive Bladder

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, M.Ch - Urology
Urologist, Bangalore
All about Overactive Bladder

A problem pertaining to the storage function of the bladder that results in bouts of sudden, often uncontrollable urge to urinate is referred to as an overactive bladder. This condition which is marked by unconditioned or involuntary loss of urine can sometimes be quite difficult to stop. People who experience such a condition often feel humiliated and as such tend to limit their social and work life. Despite such, only a few are conscious that a brief evaluation can help them manage and overcome an overactive bladder.

Mechanism of Urination

During urination, the urine proceeds from the bladder and flows into the urethra which is located at the tip of the penis in men and above the vagina in women. As the bladder fills, the nerve signals in the brain prompts urination by coordinating the relaxation and contraction of the urinary sphincter muscles.

Causes and Symptoms of an Overactive Bladder

Primarily caused due to involuntary contraction and relaxation of sphincter muscles, several conditions can lead to overactive bladder. 

Some of them are: 
1. Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's and other neurological disorders
2. Poor kidney function due to diabetes
3. Medications that lead to increased production of urine
4. Bladder abnormalities like tumors or stones
5. Constipation
6. Excessive consumption of caffeine or alcohol

Some of the common signs of an overactive bladder are:
1. Bouts of sudden, uncontrollable urge to urinate
2. Awakening at night frequently to urinate
3. Urinating more than eight times a day

The risk of an overactive bladder gradually increases with age. Conditions, such as diabetes and an enlarged prostate results in the increased likelihood of an overactive bladder. People who have previously faced strokes and heart attacks experience cognitive decline, which often times lead to the development of an overactive bladder.

Urinary incontinence as well as a host of associated factors can be detrimental to your life. Emotional distress, interrupted sleep cycles and depression are some of the observed complications of this condition.

Thus if you experience or entertain suspicion of an overactive bladder, you should consider visiting a general physician who might refer you to a specialist, if need be.

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Plz tell me the new technique to avoid pregnancy. Other than use of condom. Any new technique is there?

General Physician, Chandigarh
Plz tell me the new technique to avoid pregnancy. Other than use of condom. Any new technique is there?
You can use birth control pills cuT insertion in the uterus or injectable contraceptives and one of your choice
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Hello doctor Mine is cesarian section and its now 22 days of my operation. Its absorbable stitches. And now some kind of puss is coming out of it. What may b the reason. What I must do to heal that. Please let me know. Thanking you.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
You have post surgical infection/ inflammation or it is just serous fluid and not pus and advised to check up
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Say Bye To Fungal Infections With Homeopathy!

Homeopath, Chennai
Say Bye To Fungal Infections With Homeopathy!
  • Ringworm or tinea infections, are a fungal skin disease. A family of fungi called dermatophytes causes these infections which might occur anywhere on the body, typically the arms, legs, neck, groin, scalp, hair, nails or beard. The fungi survive on the dead skin cells or keratin and rarely invade the deeper membranes and tissues.
  • However, many ringworm (or tinea) infections often recur and the usual medicines simply do not help the patient. 
  • Homoeopathic constitutional treatment will give you a permanent cure.
  • You can easily take an online consultation for further treatment guidance and permanent cure without any side effects.
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I'm 21 years old female and my periods are 17 days late. Recently did a Prega News test and it came positive. I cannot have a pregnancy now as I'm too young. Kindly let me know if there is any safe way to go about it.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS
Gynaecologist, Noida
I'm 21 years old female and my periods are 17 days late. Recently did a Prega News test and it came positive. I canno...
Hello, you need to rule out ectopic pregnancy first with an ultrasound pelvis and then under a gyne supervision you may opt for a medical abortion.
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7 Ways to Awaken Your Consciousness

MBBS, M.D Psychiatry , Diploma in Psychological Medicine
Sexologist, Navi Mumbai
7 Ways to Awaken Your Consciousness

Keeping in touch with your consciousness can be a brilliant thing to do. One should know thy self before anyone else in the world. Consciousness qualifies as self awareness. It gives you clarity about what you want, who you really are and who you really want to be. 

How to keep in touch with your consciousness?

  1. Walk out into the woods: Go on a nature hike. Take your dog and go for a run into the woods. Listen to your favourite music and do not forget to stop and breathe in the scenic beauty. It is bound to make you introspect.
  2. Go on a solo trip: Take a leave from work, get packing and head out to that trip to the Himalayas that you have been planning on for ages. Take your closest friends along if you would like to. And, if you are going on your own, do not forget to inform your friends or family about it.
  3. Meditate: Even if you have never tried to do it before, it is never late to start. Even if you are in the beginners’ level, it helps you attain inner peace and tranquillity. It is probably one of the best ways to get in touch with your inner self and harness energy from within. It will give you greater focus, more transparency and you will attain discipline in life.
  4. Befriend with like-minded people: When you are on a journey to become a person with great self awareness and a more conscious person, you are the most benefitted when you find people who share your belief and you can be your true self with them. This will make you true to yourself and the people around you. This is a sign of rising self consciousness.
  5. Pursue higher intelligence:  Every single person is intelligent in their own way. A person may be blessed with high I.Q., whereas other people can be emotionally or spiritually intelligent. While chasing consciousness, learn to grow as a person. Make yourself familiar to new things, different people and you will realise how vast is the world and the immense amount of things you are yet to take from her.
  6. Taking control of your decisions: Never let another person dictate terms to you. The moment you let another person make your decisions, you lose yourself a little bit. Taking conscious control over your decisions will immediately create a sense of understanding of your own self and you will attain more consciousness in the process.
  7. Let the skies speak to you: Go camping will your closest, true friends and star gaze with them. Lying down on the grass and watching millions of stars look right back you can be an overwhelming experience. You will truly learn and understand how vast this universe is and let it seep into you. You will feel more in touch with yourself than ever before. The path to self consciousness will get even more clear in your head. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a psychiatrist.
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Before the period I gain 8 to 10 kg of weight whole body is swelled up & I have irregular periods.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Before the period I gain 8 to 10 kg of weight whole body is swelled up & I have irregular periods.
Hello, Lybrate user, you are anaemic, tk, apples, carrots spinach, pomegranate, papaya. Tk, plenty of water to hydrate your body. Go, for meditation to nourish your endocrine glands & the whole body to maintain haemoglobin level. Your diet be nongaseius, easily digestible. Tk, homoeopathic medicine:@.Gelsemium 200-6 pills, thrice. Avoid junk food, caffeine, alcoholic intake, please. Report fortnightly, tk, care.
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If I do intercourse 5 days before my next period, is there will be any chance to be pregnant? Maximum time my menstruation period happen 24-26 days gap every month. This month it was on 10 th. So, tell me when will be the right date to conceive for a baby?

Sexologist, Panchkula
You can do sexual intercourse from 12th to 18th day from start of bleeding for maximum chances of pregnancy.
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Ello Mam. I am Jyoti. 24 years old. I got married since 4 year back. There is a problem to conceive baby. I hd checked mostly all check up like tube test, urine test, blood test in periods, scanning off egg. Everything thing is normal. Also check my husband semen. That is also good. What is the to conceive baby or any other test left? Kindly give me advise. Thank you.

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Ello Mam. I am Jyoti. 24 years old. I got married since 4 year back. There is a problem to conceive baby. I hd checke...
Get post coital test done. When all tests are normal still pt does not conceive it's called unexplained infertility. You can go for iui.
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When I have sex without condom with my wife she is always facing urine infection. Why?

MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Patna
Dear,apparently your wife or you are suffering from urinary tract infection. Get urine cultures done for you and your wife. If needed you both should be put on some antibiotics for some days. Take plenty of water. You both always wash your genitals well with mild soap and water before sex, drink two glasses of water before sex, so that you both may flush out any bacteria well. I hope it will work for you both. I wish you all the best.
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