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Dr. Avnish Chopra

Acupuncturist, Delhi

Dr. Avnish Chopra Acupuncturist, Delhi
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I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care....more
I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.
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Dr. Avnish Chopra is an experienced Acupuncturist in Jor Bagh, Delhi. He is currently practising at Clinic 4 in Jor Bagh, Delhi. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Avnish Chopra on has an excellent community of Acupuncturists in India. You will find Acupuncturists with more than 38 years of experience on You can find Acupuncturists online in Delhi and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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I am 40 years Bt feels very week tired lack of concentration. Which food can give me strength and build my physique.

B.A. Psychology, M.A. Psychology, Ph. D - Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
Supplements cannot substitute for a healthy diet. Have a balanced meal with dal, curd, fresh seasonal vegetables, sprouts, fresh fruits and milk . Have at least 2 litres of water everyday and exercise to improve your metabolism . All this will help you gain strength and also improve your concentration.
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I have been suffering from Cervical Spondylosis since about 6 months now. Though it wasn't very severe in the past but off late the pain in my arms and shoulders are a little too much. It's better while sitting but while sleeping the pain is bad. Will it help by using a cervical pillow while sleeping. Is physiotherapy Or chiropractic therapy recommended.

MSc in Orhopedic Physiotherapy (UK), BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Bangalore
Cervical spondylosis, also known as cervical osteoarthritis or neck arthritis, is a common, age-related condition that affects the joints and discs in your neck. Treatments for cervical spondylosis focus on providing pain relief, lowering the risk of permanent damage, and helping you lead a normal life. Nonsurgical methods are usually very effective. Heat is an effective mean of reducing and relieving pain in cervical spondylosis. You can use hot packs at home. Some exercises like static contractions and strengthening exercises are needs to be done. Isometric contractions of the cervical muscles improve the muscle endurance and tone as the contractions improve the blood supply thereby the nutrition to the muscle is increased and hence muscle strengthening is done. Please see a physiotherapist for these exercises. You may need traction and soft tissue techniques for the management of cs. Postural awareness is very important. As the condition progresses, the abnormality of posture also increases, thus from the initial stage itself, postural awareness through proper advice and education should be planned and initiated by the physiotherapist. Your doctor/physiotherapist may not be able to reverse the condition, but they can often recommend conservative treatments to help you overcome the discomfort and pain. Best wishes.
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Hi I am a student I ask to you to give me some suggestion on deal exercise which make our body healthy and fit.

Ayurveda, Ambala
Dear, you can easily get fitness and health by following simple and very important tips: 1. To get fitness, your digestion should work properly. If you have any disease of digestive system you should treat disease first. For proper digestion - take 10 gms powder of carom seeds (ajwain, 10 gm powder of cumin (jeera), 10 gm of rock salt. Mix them well and take 1/2 teaspoon (3-5 gm) of mixture daily after meal. Or take 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper (kali mirch), 1/ 2 tea spoon of jeera (cumin), 2-3 slice of ginger. Boil it in one glass of water for 2-3 minutes. Drink 5-10 teaspoons (15-20 ml) in morning and evening for strong digestive system. Or you can take amla powder 1 teaspoon with water for strong digestion. 2. Take a diet rich with proteins and fats. In morning, take a glass of milk added with 2 teaspoons of protein powder with breakfast. In lunch time, take 1 bowl of curd or 100 gm of cheese, a bowl of vegetable, with chapattis. In evening, take 1 glass of milk (300 ml) with 2 bananas. In night, take a bowl of careals (daal, a bowl of salad with chapattis. 3. In morning, get up early and take awalk for 10-15 minutes and exercise light weight exercises for at least 30 minutes at home or gym. 4. For proper fitness, proper sleep is very important. So you should sleep for 6-8 hours daily. 5. Avoid soft drinks, western fast food (burgers, french fries, pizza etc. They disturb your digestion. 6. Do meditation daily to calm down your stress level. Do pranayam daily. You can take long and deep breaths atleast for 10 minutes in calm and peaceful environment. I assure you that you definitely get fitness by applying these tips and lifestyle. Be healthy.
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Sir/ mam, myself 29 years old male, quiet fit n healthy though I drink (twice in a week with room temperature water) n smoke (twice in a day. Since last 3-4 months I have got continuous cold (and few times cough too) whch ws nt earlier. S I use to catch cold or fewer n cough bt tht ws lke a normal thng whch evry1 get. Bt this time though cough is nt regular bt cold seems to have dried little n my voice sounds odd while I talk due to that constant cold. I would b glad is you cud suggest some home made measures or ayurvedic way to come back to normalcy n lke I ws before. Thnx in advance.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Ernakulam
Hello lybrate-user, please try to apply steam to face. Try drinking a decotion made by tulasi leaves, dried ginger, dried pepper. In a glass of water put all the above and boil it, till it reduce to half glass. And drink that hot hot. Can prepare and have it many times as you want. Thank you.
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When I run regularly for preparation of army. Then there is some pain in my knee and under knee parts. When I stop running frw day it stops.

MS - Orthopaedics
Orthopedist, Chennai
Hello, sir it may be due to muscle soreness. Correcting your vitamin D and a few supplyments to a large extent will correct your problem.
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Astaxanthin is being touted as the greatest anti ageing supplement giving youthful energy to regular users. Similarly coq10 and pqq are stated to give excellent health benefits. Can you kindly advise how truly beneficial these supplements are?

Homeopath, Bhilai
Please as these are all anti ageing but coq 10 and pqq are best for there use and have excellent health results as used by my own. Thank you.
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Hi sir my question is that.. My father are facing a problem regarding to right hand problem. Right hand any moment are pain all they day at any time.. They are also facing diabetes. So please solution.

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Specialist, Faridabad
give him tab. dolo 500 mg for pain in hand. movement is slow . pl. consult also physiotherapist .checkup blood sugar. uric acid, and consult again .
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Hi! I am 25 years old working as Junior engineer. I drunk a lot as I am having lot of stress due to family problem. Since last couple of weeks I am getting backache plus the whole body pains even my arms and leg. I ask my wife to massage it everyday and has become a routine as daily process. Now we are trying to have a baby but its been about three to four months and she cannot conceive. I smoke a lot too. My friends circle told me that it is because I drinks and smoke a lot, that's the reason. Can it really be because of it? People do have such habit but they are happy. So please guide me doctor with your valuable guidance and medical possibilities. I will be grateful to you if you get me out of this problem. Thanking you.

Post Doctoral Research (Ph.D.) (A.M) (Oncology), Integrative Oncology for Physicians (MSKCC, N.Y, USA), Doctor of Natural Medicine (N.D/ N.M.D), Ayurveda (I) Cert., Advanced Strategic Management (APSM), B.E (Computer Sc. & Engg.), Clinically Relevant Herb-Drug Interactions (CME) - (Cine-Med Inc. USA)
Alternative Medicine Specialist, Bhubaneswar
Hi, where are you from lybrate-user? in fact, smoking and drinking (alcohol) does not solve any issues. It may rather complicate stuff as it is damaging for your health. Apparently, myalgia, as you experience is associated with your mental stress and depression. First and foremost, I would advise you a complete cessation of drinking as well as smoking gradually over the next couple of days. Do exercise, yoga and'pranayam'/ breath control daily for self control and health. Streamline your diet and lifestyle too. Take lots of leafy greens and fruits on a daily basis and stay well hydrated. Consume fresh turmeric, lemon, garlic and ginger in culinary doses, daily. Additionally, a capsule of cod liver oil daily with food over the next 2 weeks helps too. Listen to melodious music of choice on a regular basis and take some time out for meditation daily. Also, would advise you to get a chest x-ray & liver function test done and apprise me accordingly. Hope this helps. Take care and all the very best.
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How can I increase my weight and height rapidly and also I want to be active, Please help me.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), BHMS
Homeopath, Delhi
Now to increase height is not possible. Weight is not important, important is you shoud be active. Drinkk 10-12 glass of water, eat gud quantity of fruits, do some exercise daily.
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1 months back, I have fallen while walking through the steps, since then I am facing a mere problem with my knee. I have also consulted a regional doc but nothing happened.

Hand Surgery SR Ship, MS - Orthopaedics, Thesis Work, M.B;B.S
Orthopedist, Jaipur
Dear you could have injured a ligament in your knee, and this could be the reason for your problems, getting examined and investigated is the right approach to your problem, the treatment depends on your findings, and may be arthoscopic surgery to reconstruct your torn ligament will be the answer to your problems.
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I am 50 years old, with old problem of spondolysis. Now days I am getting my house painted and I find that I am getting severe pain in both my legs and I am getting tired and exhausted. What should I do.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
Homoeopathic medicine SPONDYAID ( BAKSON) Drink 10 drops in 20 ml fresh water 3 times daily CALCAREA PHOS 6X ( Dr Reckeweg) Chew 4 tab 3 times daily R-71 Drops ( Dr Reckeweg) Drink 20 drops in 20 ml fresh water 2 times daily
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I am veterinarian I workout so what should I eat for protein. Is soybeans are good in summers?

MD - Pathology
General Physician, Amritsar
Yes soyabean is a high quality protein, you must take it. You must have good protein intake with workout, and this is the best one for vegetarians.
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How to control our hugryness and when we eat again and again we get weight put on how to control that? in dietetics and community nutrittion management
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Kolkata
Do health check up first.Eat small amount of food frequently.Before eating drink 1 glass of water or whole fruit and most importantly you have to determined that you won't have too much.Eat lots of fruits,vegetables.Take nuts,seeds.Use healthy fats.Eat fish,lean meat,egg,mushroom,tofu.Avoid fast foods,junk foods,processed foods.Avoid sugar,sweetened juice as these also turns into belly fat.Drink lots of water.Avoid smoking,alcohol.Take proper rest.This way you can control.
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I am 16 male. I am very thin and short .i want to tall and strong. Now what should should I do?

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Chandigarh
Hi lybrate-user Know and understand how to gain weight in a healthy manner While some people try their level best to lose weight, others go to all kinds of lengths to gain weight in order to look healthy. Contrary to belief, people who are generally skinny don’t know how to increase weight and often find it difficult to do so. This is usually because they have a high body metabolism rate which doesn’t allow fat to accumulate, resulting in faster burning of calories. Fortunately, there are several tips to gain weight, which are not only effective, but healthy as well. How to increase weight and stay healthy If you are attempting to increase your weight, it is important to remember that simply eating anything at all will not help. Incorrect eating habits might not only affect your body functioning, but could also have other undesired effects on you. This is why it is important to eat correctly, while keeping track of your daily activities. Listed below are some simple and effective tips to gain weight. Put together a schedule Like most other things, it is essential to put together a detailed and achievable schedule that will help you gain the numbers you want. For this you will need to measure the different parts of your body like thighs, waist, hips, stomach etc. So that you can keep track of your progress. Along with keeping a track of your measurements, it is also necessary to keep track of the foods you consume and the kind of exercise that you might have to indulge in to help pile on the pounds. Prepare a nutritious diet plan When trying to increase weight, you simply cannot start by consuming fatty foods. Much like how you follow a particular diet to lose weight, you will have to chart a specific diet plan to put on weight. For this you have to pay careful attention to the proteins, fats and carbohydrates you consume. Ensure you diet has foods that are rich in calories and will help you gain weight like nuts, oats and whole grains. Other foods that can help to increase weight are dairy products like cheese, yogurt and ice creams. You can also include beverages like fresh fruit juices or milk shakes to help increase your weight. Strategic and frequent meals Instead of over indulging in food, it is advisable to consume 5-6 small portion meals every day, within a gap of 3-4 hours. When doing so, you should also make sure that you consume those foods that are higher in calories first, and then the ones with lower calories. For instance, while having breakfast, have eggs first and then cereal. It is also important that you eat the right kinds of food which will help you gain weight naturally, rather than foods that are full of sugars and fats. Healthy and nutritious snacks You are bound to feel hungry in between meals even on a healthy diet. In such times, it is best to keep nutritious and healthy snacks at reach to sate hunger pangs. Whole wheat or whole grain sandwiches, fruit and nut mixes, dry fruits and pistachios are some of the best snacks because they provide necessary nutrition and are tasty. Drink plenty of liquids One of the most important parts of a diet, whether losing or gaining weight, is to drink plenty of liquids to keep your body hydrated. However, while losing weight requires beverages like water and green tea, while gaining weight you need to have beverages that supplement you with calories. Fresh fruit juices and fruit milkshakes are some of the best options because along with keeping you hydrated, they also provide the necessary calorie intake and do not affect appetite. Weight and strength training In addition to consuming the right foods, it is also important to add weight and strength training to your daily activities. With this you can strengthen muscles, which in turn can help in increasing overall body weight. Light or medium strength or weight training will help in adding lean muscles, which is ideal for those who want to gain weight while staying fit. However, it is important to stay away from too much of cardio or aerobic exercises as they are usually used for burning fat and calories. Get adequate rest While eating all the right things and working out to gain the right amount of weight, it is also vital that you get adequate rest. Keeping up with a busy work life and looking after yourself well can be a little draining, which is why you need to sleep and rest well. This will rejuvenate both, your body and mind and leave you feeling fresh and healthy every day. These are some of the most effective tips to gain weight, naturally and healthily. However, if you don’t know how to increase weight in the right way, you can also consult a nutritionist or dietician to help you get the right schedule. This will ensure you have someone knowledgeable to speak to in case you run into any difficulties.
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Belly fat and your diet

M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Belly fat and your diet

Stubborn or belly fat is known to be the hardest part to loose from the body. Many people try to cut down their fats or carbohydrates disproportionately and end up in frustration. The simplest way to target belly fat is to first cleanse the colon with natural herbs and drinks. This will sensitise the intestinal microflora. Then try increasing your activity that will increase your bmr. This process will help you in reducing your belly fat in the long run.

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I am very thin. My age is 17 years old. I want a growth up my bodies. What can I do?

Advanced Aesthetics
Ayurveda, Gulbarga
• Eat a lot of good things - You need to eat a ridiculous amount of calories (probably 3500+ per day) if you want to gain weight, but you want to make sure most of those calories are GOOD calories. You could easily get 3500 calories eating Taco Bell and Twinkies, and drinking Mountain Dew, but that will just make you fat. If you want to build muscle, you want to eat healthy calories that are loaded with good protein, good carbs, and healthy fats…which brings me to my next point: • Protein = building block for your muscles. Chicken, fish, meat, eggs, milk, almonds, peanuts. Eat lots of this Sleep – you need to be getting 8-9 hours of sleep every night for maximum gains. Your body is doing nothing but lying there and building muscle while you’re sleeping. If you are only getting 6 hours or less, you’re not going to get all the benefits of your exercising and diet. I know it’s tough, but those 3AM raids on Runnyeye need to be put on hold for a few months. sleep.
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My left knee is paining. I had a fall frm bike 1.5 years back. Now it pains wen m either sitting on ground or on chair. Wen I straighten it makes take sound. It used to pain alot especially in the evenings. Den I started wid vitamin d3 tablets and its considerably fine. Bt still pains.

MD - General Medicine, DM - Rheumatology
Rheumatologist, Delhi
Pain in your knee could be due to an injured ligament. Joint pains are not related to vitamin D deficiency. If the pain is severe, get MRI of knee done to assess the underlying problem.
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Am 35 . I have undergone thru test whr they did the LIPID Profile in my report cholesterol is 266. Triglycerides is 285 Cholesterol HDL is 47 Direct LDL CHOLESTEROL is 169 Am being advised to meet cardiologist Am I not fit what needs to be done. In addition to am over weight (90 kg) Pls advice what need to be done.

Homeopath, Chennai
Hi lybrate-user the best solution is avoid having the oily and junk food. Because it is not necessary that oil food alone will be stored in the body, even high sugar will be transformed into cholesterol. Start to do regular exercise for 1 hour daily, it is the only best solution which I can give to overcome this problem.
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I am a man of age 25, And my weight is 60 kg, Height is 5.8 inch, i want to gain weight please suggest me.

M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Bangalore
Focus on healthy foods & eat more often to gain weight, because even though you have more leeway with calories, good nutrition still rules. Weight gain requires eating calorie-rich but not just high-calorie foods with lots of fat, sugar, or empty calories. your goal should be to choose foods that are packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and calories so each bite is loaded with good nutrition.Start with nutritious foods like yogurt, fruit, nuts, and healthy fats. Try to eat 6 times a day and choose wisely doing this you can expect a weight pain of 1 pound per week
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I am 19years old. pursuing my last year and also doing a Ground Staff course. But I do not look like a 19years old girl. Im very thin. I have to put on my weights. Please recommend me a deit so as my weight go up very fast. I dnt have any confidence to give a ground staff interview cuz im very thin. Please give me advice.

Acupressurist, Chandigarh
Dear lybrate user, You may take Cal. Phos 12 x four tablets twice daily for ten days. Also take rich diet eg. Banana shake. One glass date milk one glass grapes juice one glass clarified butter with sugar daily for two months etc
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