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Dr. Ajay Malik

Gynaecologist, Delhi

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Dr. Ajay Malik Gynaecologist, Delhi
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To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies....more
To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies.
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Dr. Ajay Malik is an experienced Gynaecologist in Paschim Vihar, Delhi. You can visit him at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute in Paschim Vihar, Delhi. Book an appointment online with Dr. Ajay Malik and consult privately on has an excellent community of Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 29 years of experience on You can find Gynaecologists online in Delhi and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Hi Doctor I am 26 (2016) years old and trying to conceive. I was diagnosed with PCOD in 2009 and was given Krimson 35 for three months I got my periods regularly but had many side effects stopped medication and practiced yoga diet and had regular periods. I got married in 2013 and from oct 2014 trying for baby. We used only withdrawal method for pregnancy during early days no medicationThen I started trying to get pregnant in oct 2014 and after three months jan 2015 went to doctor and took test ultrasound and all. All test came normal and I had cyst only in right ovaries. Doc asked me to take duphaston 10mg from 24th day of the cycle and have contact from 14-24 by I miss understood and took duphaston from 14-24 for four cycles. I went o doc again she asked to stop all medicines as you took it in wrong dates it would have confused hormones. Doc said you try for one year reduce weight (i am 150 cm 54 kgs) diet and come after a year. She told take folic and glycomet tried for four monthly cycles were irregular 36 day 39 days like thatThen my husband went to onsite from sep 2015 - dec 2015i did not take any medicine then. My periods were irregular then also. Since he came back on dec I went to doc she agin told have duphaston for 2 cycle (from 24th day for 1 week) and come. I had for one cycle got my periods thought from jan 2016 I will try for 6 months with folic acid alone and then go to doc. Jan 11 was start date of the cycle now it is feb 26, it is 47 days of the cycle. No periods negative test. I had single drop of blood on 31 and 32 days fo this cycle I am doing yoga for 1 hour daily and gym for 30 mins. My questions are1. Can I still be pregnant? 2. What could be reason for this confusion3. I stopped taking glycomet 850 and had only folic acid could that cause this delayed periods? 4. What are the next steps I should do5. How long does duphaston tablet have effects in our body. Will no taking that cause delayed periods.

MBBS, DGO, MD, Fellowship in Gynae Oncology
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Hi Doctor I am 26 (2016) years old and trying to conceive. I was diagnosed with PCOD in 2009 and was given Krimson 35...
For now there are possibilities of hormonal imbalance, cyst or pregnancy. to find out exactly get Beta HCG test and ultrasound lower abdomen done. then consult with the reports.
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I am mahesh merit wife k dono breast, ek small hai or ek big bacche ko doodh ek se pilati hai or ek ka nipple chota hai jis se baccha doodh nahi pi sakta dono breasts ka size ek jaisa krne k liye kya krna hoga.

Homeopath, Raebareli
I am mahesh merit wife k dono breast, ek small hai or ek big bacche ko doodh ek se pilati hai or ek ka nipple chota h...
If the baby is not able to suck the breast milk from either of the breast - milk has to be expressed from hand and then administer to the baby. A general massage with olive oil needs to be done.
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I'm in mid forty and suffering from hot flushes after reaching menopause stage. I've been having these hot flushes since 8 months, please suggest me the proper medication to get over.

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics & Gynecology, Fellowship in Infertility (IVF Specialist)
Gynaecologist, Aurangabad
I'm in mid forty and suffering from hot flushes after reaching menopause stage. I've been having these hot flushes si...
Hi Krishna, initially you have to be on diet rich in flavanoids, calcium, soya so that it will help. Even if symptoms are persistent then need to put on medication. Hormonal therapy have many side effect so decision has to be taken on risk benefits ratio.
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I have done sex many times without any condom but I didn't allow my sperm on my girlfriend's vagina does she gets pregnant.

MBBS, DGO, MD, Fellowship in Gynae Oncology
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Hello, Do a urine pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy. Also, use contraception every time you have intercourse to avoid pregnancy.
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Infidelity - 4 Tips For You

PhD Human Genetics
Infidelity - 4 Tips For You

Over the years, infidelity has surfaced as the single most common reason that has the ability to shatter and dismantle a perfectly happy relationship. Infidelity can occur in any and every form of relationship and in each of them it is deemed as unacceptable and uncalled for. And each of them leaves the persons with feelings of betrayal, anger and guilt. There are 101 reasons for infidelity – even among the harmonious marriages - emotional disconnection from a partner is cited one of the most common causes. Feeling deprived of affection, appreciation, emotional support, feeling lonely and sad and the consequent feelings of anger and resentment all culminate into why people stray. 

  1. Bad judgment - But it could be as simple as impulsive decisions and acts too. The primary relationship (that is, the relationship with the spouse or long-term partner) maybe perfectly harmonious, yet in a momentary attraction and a rash decision a person may sow the seeds for infidelity. 
  2. Sexual dissatisfaction - Sexual dissatisfaction is stated as another important cause. 
  3. Search for an emotional connect - Many a time, it's also the urge for attention, to be flattered, and to be attracted by someone, causes infidelity.

Whatever the reasons for one to stray away, the act shatters the trust of the betrayed persons, and everything they believe to be true about the partner. People find themselves crying a lot, not being able to concentrate, being upset, and feeling depressed. The most common and devastating outcome of infidelity is the end of a relationship. However, emotions change over time. Once the initial shock is over, there are steps one might try before walking out of the relationship- 

  1. Ending the affair immediately - The first and foremost step that one must take in overcoming infidelity is to end the affair immediately. If your relationship is important to you, then it would require your complete investment both physically and emotionally. You must snap all contacts with the other person and concentrate on rebuilding your relationship with renewed faith and trust. 
  2. Open discussion - If you want the relationship to work then you must have a completely free and open discussion with your partner. Coming clean about your past affair is imperative if you want to begin anew. Your partner deserves a complete, honest discussion and you must do it delicately and with a lot of care. 
  3. Willingness to compromise - Beginning a relationship after confessing about the past relationships requires a lot of hard work and compromises. It will take a long time for the relationship to be nearly what it was before the infidelity and you should take complete responsibility for it, as well as have a willingness to compromise on certain issues. 
  4. Marriage therapy - Apart from attempts to amend yourself, you can also take the help of a marriage therapist. A marriage counselor or a therapist can, through a series of sessions of discussions and sound counsels, avert the possible ending of the relationship. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Sexologist.
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In ultrasound report of 34 week pregnancy. Spine: appears normal for gestational age, 1 loop of cord around neak what it mean?

Sexologist, Panchkula
It means the baby might have rotated and umbilical cord comes around neck. This is a grave condition and might cause harm to baby during delivery.
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How to keep the vagina tight during sex and is there any side effect of having anal sex?

General Physician, Greater Noida
Doing some specific exercises can help in tightening of vagina during sex. Having anal sex can lead to destruction of perianal valves which help in controlling defecation. Hence destruction of same can lead to defecation problems in future.
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When my periods come, I will get stomach pain like hell what to do for this pain please tell me when periods I am getting pain a lot tell me any medicine name.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
When my periods come, I will get stomach pain like hell what to do for this pain please tell me when periods I am get...
Hello, menstrual disorder is caused due to stress, anxiety, depression, malnutrition, anaemia, over exertion, pcod, with, painful, excess & frequent blood flow during menstruation. * tk, plenty of water to hydrate yourself, to eliminate toxins & to dilute your blood to ease your problem. * go for meditation to reduce your stress, anxiety to calm your nerve to ease your stress. * your diet be simple, non- irritant, easily digestible on time to maintain your digestion. * tk, apple, carrots, cheese, milk, banana, papaya, spinach, almonds, walnuts to improve your haemoglobin to release your flow. * tk, homoeo medicne, gentle & rapid in action with no adverse effect, thereof. @ pulsatilla 20-6 pills, thrice a day. @ sepia200-6 pills, thrice a day. * ensure, sound sleep in d night for at least 7 hrs. * avoid, caffiene, junkfood, dust, smoke, exertion. Tk, care.
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Hello Dr. It's been 3 years of marriage n once I had miscarriage a few months before. After that I'm not able to conceive. What is the best time to conceive for a baby. I have thyroid but my last TSH test is 0.66 n it is normal. My weight is 82 kg n my age is 23 yrs. I'm having lil effect of PCOS also. Last month I was having follicular monitoring but it wasn't successful. please help me doctor.

M.D. (Ayurveda )
Ayurveda, Patiala
Hello Dr. It's been 3 years of marriage n once I had miscarriage a few months before. After that I'm not able to conc...
kindly take varandi kshsyam, 3 tsf in half a glass of warm water before meals, twice a dat. Take shatavari choorna, 1 tsf in a glass of warm milk, twice a day, 1 hr after meals. Take chandraprabha vati , 2 tabs, after meals twice a day, after meals. Avoid cold water, curd, spicy food, fast food, late night meals in your routine. Cut down intake of sugar and salt in your diet. Do regular brisk walking, streches to keep your weight under check. Make sure you sleep 7 to 8 hrs at night regularly at night. Avoid excess mental or physical stress. Continue the regime for 2 months.
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Risk Factors Associated With Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma!

MD - Radiothrapy, MBBS
Oncologist, Pune
Risk Factors Associated With Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma!

Non Hodgkin Lymphoma is when the cells in your lymphatic system become cancerous. The lymphatic system is responsible for fighting off diseases, which may attack your body. Initially, tumors develop from the lymphocytes in your body. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma is much more common than the other type of lymphoma which is Hodgkin lymphoma. There are various types of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma; the most common of which are diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and follicular lymphoma. Here is everything you need to know about Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

1. Swollen lymph nodes: A swollen lymph node in the neck, underarm and armpit which comes about without any pain is a very common symptom of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
2. Fever: When you have a sudden unexplained fever, it may be due to Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
3. Night sweats: Night sweats are simply when you sweat excessively in the night.
4. Fatigue: Feeling extremely tired can be due to Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
5. Weight loss: A sudden unexplained loss of weight is a very common symptom of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
6. Itchiness: An itchy skin is a rather serious indicator of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Just like other forms of cancer, it is not known what causes Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, but there are factors, which put you more at risk compared to others.

Risk factors
1. Immunosuppressive drugs: You are most likely to develop Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, especially after taking immunosuppressive drugs after a major organ transplant.
2. Bacteria and viruses: Certain bacterial and viral infections cause Non-Hodgkin lymphoma including the HIV and Epstein-Barr virus as well as the Helicobacter pylori bacteria.
3. Pesticides: Research suggests that overexposure to the pesticides which kill weeds increases your likelihood of developing Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
4. Age: Elder people are also more likely to suffer from Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

1. ChemotherapyChemotherapy comprises of administering drugs to kill the cancerous cells, either through injection or orally which kill cancer.
2. Radiation therapy: Radiation therapy deals with radiation which is directed at the parts of your body affected by cancer.
3. Medications to enhance the immune system: There are many medications which fight off cancer by boosting the immune system. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an Oncologist.

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My period is irregular for last 6 months. I'm unmarried. What should I do to regular my period?

Advanced Aesthetics
Ayurveda, Gulbarga
My period is irregular for last 6 months. I'm unmarried. What should I do to regular my period?
Irregular or delayed periods, this health condition is medically termed as oligomenorrhea. It is one of the most common problems that a number of women suffer from. Pain or twinges in the breast and heaviness in the lower abdomen, bouts of nausea, lethargic feel round the clock are some of the main problems women face as a result of irregular menstruation. There can be a number of reasons that may cause periods delayed. However, the specific reason of irregular periods differs from one woman to the other. Home treatments for irregular periods. Aloe vera aloe vera pulp or juice may also help getting frequent menstrual cycles. Following this tip on regular basis can help you get you positive results for sure. Aloe vera regulates the hormones responsible for menstruation and helps in getting regular menstrual flow. Just pluck some aloe vera leaves from your garden and extract the gel from it. Mix the gel with 1 tbsp of honey. Consume this daily before having a breakfast. Continue this for at least three months for best results. Avoid this home remedy during your periods. Sugarcane juice drinking sugarcane juice before a week or two of your current menstruation cycle will also assist you in getting your periods regularly. This is a very simple and most commonly used remedy for irregular periods. Banyan tree roots take the roots of a banyan tree. Make sure they are fresh. Boil it in a cup of water for about 10 minutes. Add 2-3 tbsp of cow? s milk to this decoction and have it at bedtime daily. This potion can also help you regularize your menstrual cycle to a great extent. Any queries inform me.
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Does washing your vaginal area after intercourse help in preventing you from pregnancy. Or is there a method to prevent it apart from contraceptive pills.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Ernakulam
Hello lybrate-user, washing the vagina after intercourses won't prevent from getting pregnant. Do intercourse on safe days means avoid sex from 11 th to 16 th day of the menstrual cycle, these days mark ovulation. Once ovulation period is over chances of getting pregnant are very less.
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I am suffering from little bit jaundice and also having temperature from 99 to 102.5 and I am pregnant, suggest something how can I take relief from all this things. And also share me diet plan.

PG Diploma in Emergency Medicine Services (PGDEMS), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Alternate Medicine
Ayurveda, Ghaziabad
I am suffering from little bit jaundice and also having temperature from 99 to 102.5 and I am pregnant, suggest somet...
Ayurvedic medicines are very effective in case of jaundice. Take 7 almonds + Add 2 dried dates + Add 3 small cardamoms + Soak them in water overnight + Crush them to make fine paste the next morning + Add 2 tsp sugar + Add 1 tsp butter + Mix well + Eat once every day. Take swarna makshik ras. Yakrit har loh. Nawayas loh twice a day. And punarnavadi mandoor 1-1 tab twice a day with warm water. Take Pranacharya liv cure 1-1 capsule and liv cure syrup 2-2 tsf twice a day. Avoid salt as more as possible .avoid junk food. Fermented food. Spicy food .tea. Coffee.
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Health Tip

Dentist, Mumbai
Health Tip

Stay away from carbonated and other fizzy drinks because of its high sugar content and extremely damaging in nature for the enamel of your teeth due to its highly acidic nature.

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Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Sexologist, Chennai
6 bad behaviors every man should pay attention to

In light of the several recent cases of men battering their wives and maltreating women, it’s about time we talked about certain unhealthy character traits

The statistics of people, especially women in Nigeria, who are abused daily or sustain permanent life-altering physical and psychological injuries is startling.

In trying to attain a more healthy and peaceful society, here are 6 characteristics every man should get rid of:

A few of the initial behaviors you may want to check are intense jealousy, fixation and history of abuse. If you have relatives that have been known to be violent in the past in any way, then you may want to address that.

Here are the six other behaviors to look out for:

Threats: If you tell a lady to do something and she doesn’t oblige you request, you shouldn’t then resolve to threats and violent promises. Being calm and reasoning things out is the way forward.

Commanding behavior: No one likes to be ordered around. A woman is not a piece of furniture that can be pushed around. Respect everyone around you and treat them the way you would like to be treated.

Irrational mood swings: If you notice that you go from 0-100 in a second, then you have an issue on your hands. Get the help of a therapist or prayers, whatever helps.

Destructive behavior: There are so many ways you can have an argument without throwing something against the wall or putting your fist through a wall.

Harmful insults: Watch the words that come out of your mouth. There are certain things we say in the heat of the moment that we can’t take back. However, if they occur often, then you should check it.

Violent outbursts during arguments: Lastly, if your voice keeps rising during arguments to a point where the people in the next compound feel like they are in the same room as you or the person you’re arguing with is flinching, then there’s an issue.

Finally, in regard to this issue, if you know anyone in an abusive relationship or you may be in one yourself and you are the abuser, use these signs as a check and get some help.

Is it a fact that a lady shouldn't bath during her 1st three days of periods? is it harmful?

Homeopath, Faridabad
Is it a fact that a lady shouldn't bath during her 1st three days of periods? is it harmful?
Hello. I am really surprised to hear this thing from you! No, not at all! It's not harmful dear!! It is a general awareness that we should always maintain our personal hygiene whether in normal days or during the menses. As the chances of getting any vaginal infection becomes high during menstruation. So, better take extra hygiene and precautions during this time! And please spread this general awareness among all other females also and guide them properly.. Take Care.
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Phetazone pheromone can attract women or its a fake. If attract how much it can attract.

MD-Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Haldwani
Phetazone pheromone can attract women or its a fake. If attract how much it can attract.
Hello- Pherazone is a unique formula created with high quality, lab-certified pheromones and specifically designed for women to attract men. Pherazone's proprietary blend of pheromones and designer fragrances has been extensively tested on women and optimized for maximum results. Pherazone works as great as it smells.
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Cashew Nuts - 10 Ways They Save You From Health Problems!

Vedicgram Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Noida
Cashew Nuts - 10 Ways They Save You From Health Problems!

Cashew nuts or Kajus as we know them in India are widely loved and used in almost every course of food, from starters and snacks to the main course to dessert. Apart from being a delectable food, it also has numerous health benefits. Few of them are:

  1. When compared to other nuts, they contain low fat content which is in the form of oleic acid. Oleic acid is good for the heart. Cashews also happen to be free of cholesterol and have anti-oxidants which help keep the heart healthy.
  2. Magnesium present in the cashews helps them to prevent the rise in blood pressure.
  3. One major benefit of cashew nuts is that they help fight cancer. They have high copper content and also have flavonoids called proanthocyanidins which help fight cancer cells in colon cancer.
  4. The copper in cashews helps in maintaining the right color of the hair.
  5. Cashews have magnesium and calcium, both of which are important for bone health.
  6. The magnesium in cashews ensures that there is enough magnesium on the bones' surface and calcium cannot enter the nerve cells, thus ensuring healthy nerves.
  7. Cashews have selenium, magnesium, and copper which all act as antioxidants.
  8. They help in growth, digestion, and development of the body.
  9. Despite being considered fatty, cashews have good cholesterol. Despite popular belief, it is good to eat cashew at least once or twice a week.
  10. The risk of developing gallstones reduces by one-fourth, with a daily intake of cashew nuts. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an ayurveda.
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International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, BHMS
Normal menstrual cycles range from every 21 to 35 days, according to the Cleveland Clinic, and most women's periods last four to seven days. Unusually short, lengthy, light, heavy, frequent, infrequent or painful periods can derive from stress, dieting, birth control pills and medical conditions, such as fibroids, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis and, less frequently, cancer. Overexercise and low body weight can cause your cycle to stop altogether. In addition to seeking any necessary medical treatment, emphasize certain foods within a healthy diet to help regulate your cycle.

Whole Grains
Whole grains provide valuable amounts of fiber, protein and B vitamins -- nutrients that improve hormonal balance and reduce symptoms of heavy menstruation, according to Dr. Christiane Northrup, a physician and women's health expert. High-glycemic carbohydrate sources, such as white bread and sweets, on the other hand, can worsen your symptoms. They can also impede blood sugar control, interfering with positive energy levels and moods. Limit these foods and emphasize hearty whole grains, such as quinoa, barley, brown rice, oats and popcorn, instead.

Oily fish, such as salmon, mackerel, lake trout and herring, provide rich amounts of protein and healthy fats, which are also important for hormonal balance and normalized menstruation, says Northrup. As top sources of omega-3 fats, oily fish reduce inflammation, which plays a role in pain and bloating, and may help minimize menstrual cramps. For best results, replace protein sources rich in saturated fat, such as red meat, dark-meat poultry and cheeses, with baked, grilled or steamed fish. Saturated fats increase inflammation

Flaxseeds for Fiber
(also u can take flax oil of vestige)
Flaxseeds are top plant sources of omega-3 fats and valuable sources of fiber. They also contain lignans -- natural compounds that can help balance hormones, including estrogen, according to a "Nutrition & Food Sciences" report published in 2012. Add ground flaxseed to other healthy foods, such as smoothies or whole-grain muffins, or have flaxseed flakes for a breakfast rich in omega-3s, fiber and protein. Fortified cereals also supply iron, which is important to replenish if you've experienced heavy menstrual bleeding. Your body loses iron through blood, which can lead to anemia.

Fruits and Vegetables
Getting plenty of the antioxidants, vitamin C and beta-carotene is also important for improved hormonal balance and menstrual health, says Northrup. Fruits and vegetables provide significant amounts of both nutrients, along with fiber. Avoid fruit juices and fruits with added sweeteners, which have a high glycemic index. Instead, opt for fresh or frozen, unsweetened fruits and vegetables. For beta-carotene, eat sweet potatoes, carrots, cantaloupe, mango and sweet peppers. Top vitamin C sources include red bell peppers, citrus fruits, broccoli, strawberries and brussels sprouts.

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