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Customer service is provided by a highly trained, professional staff who look after your comfort and care and are considerate of your time. Their focus is you....more
Customer service is provided by a highly trained, professional staff who look after your comfort and care and are considerate of your time. Their focus is you.


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The inability to conceive for a prolonged duration after trying to do so is usually termed as inf...

The inability to conceive for a prolonged duration after trying to do so is usually termed as infertility. This is usually diagnosed when a couple is unable to conceive even after trying regularly, without any kind of contraceptives.

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Hello dosto,<br/><br/>mai hoon Dr Sumit Dhavan, aaj main aapke saath discuss karunga ek aisi prob...

Hello dosto,

mai hoon Dr Sumit Dhavan, aaj main aapke saath discuss karunga ek aisi problem ke baare mein jo male sections mein jyada hoti hai, males mein problem jyada hoti hai isko bolte hain orchitis. Orchitis matlab swelling of the testis, isko hum hindi mk agar batana chahiye toh andkosh main agar kisi ko sujan aajaye toh usse hum aur orchitis ka naam dekhte hain. Orchitis ke kai karan hain aur kai karan mein se ek karan hai sabse main karan jo hai woh hai infection, infection aisa ho sakta hai ki koi bacteria ka infection ho ya koi virus ka infection ho aur yeh dono kabhi bhi infection hoga agar testicular toh usme sujan aayega, usme dard hoga, usme aise symptoms aayenge jo hame batayenge ki yeh problem ho gayi hai. Aur iska ilaj allopathic mode of medicine mein bhi hai lekin itna jyada asardar nahi hai kyunki ek baar jab hum allopathic se treatment karte hain uski possibility hoti hai ki yeh wapas ho sakta hai. Lekin homeopathymein jab hum iska treatment karne ki baat karein toh isme itna benefit hai ki ek baar agar ye theek hua toh dobara nahi hoga, aur specially woh cases mein jiske andar kai time se treatment chal raha hai lekin ilaj nahi ho pa raha hai pura aaram nahi aana pada hai toh usme homeopathy bahut hi kargar hai kyunki long standing cases, chronic cases jo orchitis ke hain uska sirf homeopathy mein treatment ho sakta hai. Homeopathy mein aise medicines hai jo body ki immunity ko increase karti hai jo ki infection ko khatam kare, infection agar khatam honge aap ki body khud hi infections ko khatam karegi toh aapka yeh ilaj jo hoga permanent ho jata hai. Secondary cause jaw orchitis mein hota hai woh sexually transmitted disease bhi hota hai jaise ki gonorrhea kisi patient ko hai ya phir kisi chlamydia ka infection hai, yeh bhi ek aisa cause hai jo or orchitis cause kar sakta hai. Iske alawa urinary tract infection ho gaya jo ki males mein waise itna common nahi hai jitna female mein hota hai lekin males main agar urinary tract infection who are wrong contact ki wajah se toh woh bhi ouchitis cause kar sakta hai. Baat hui causes ki ab main aapko symptoms batata hoon orchitis ke symptoms kya-kya hote hain, symptoms mein orchitis ka sabse pehla symptom hota hai swelling of the scrotum ki aapke jo andkosh main ussme sujan aayega, sujan aayega aur saath mein dard bhi bahut hoga dard aisa ki aap usko touch karenge toh bhi dard hoga, move karenge toh bhi dard hoga ya kisi bhi urine karne ja rahe hain usme bhi problem hogi, agar sexual contact ker rahein hain usme bhi dikkat hogi toh yeh sari problem jo hain aapki puri life ko hamper kar deti hain kahi na kahi. Ye symptoms agar aap ko aa rahi hai toh aap apne doctor se zaroor ja kar milein aur unko bataey ki yeh- yeh problem hai, Sharmaye na kyunki ye aisi problem hai log sharmate hain jaane se pehle aur takleef bad jane ke baad phir doctor ke paas jana wo aur bhi jyada dangerous ho sakta hai. Aur symptoms mein batayein pehla hua swelling, dusra hua tenderness, tenderness matlab dard aur teesra hua ki kisi ko urine ke through bleeding hona or semen ke through bleeding hona, semen ke sath sath bleeding hona yeah bhi ek orchitis ka hi symptom hai. Toh ab ye baat hui symptoms ki, ab symptoms ke sath sath fever bhi ho sakta hai kyunki infection bhi hai agar fever hai aur jyada hai toh vomiting, diarrhoea ya aur bhi jyada cheeje bhi ho sakti hai but that our further complications. Hum basic ki baat karenge aaj short main aap ko pura describe karenge orchitis ko thik kaise karna hai, ab medicines mein homeopathy kaise kaam karti hai isme yeah main aap ko batana chahunga ki homeopathy ka sabse bada role orchitis ko thik karne mein kya hai, homeopathy aisi medicine hai jo body ko hi strength deti hai koi bimari ho toh usko theek kaise karna hai toh shareer ko hi taquat hai ki woh apni vital force ko itni strengthen ho jisse patient thik hota hai. Jis tarike se agar infection hai toh body ko immunity degi ki bacteria hai toh bacteria ko kill kare aur virus hai toh virus ko kill kare. Hamare paas koi antibiotic nahi hai homeopathy mein phir bhi bade se bada bacteria bhi homeopathy se kill ho sakta hai kyunki yeh body ki immunity ko hi badata hai aur immunity se hi infections ko kill karata hai.

So this is the beauty of homeopathy and we will discuss more topics as we have already discussed so many topics and we will bring up more topics to you next time. All the best.

Kabhi bhi dikkat ho you can always contact me online through Lybrate or you can always come to my clinic or you can also call me directly and discuss any problem related to this.

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Causes, symptoms and prevention of Piles

Hello friends I'm doctor Sumit dhawan. I practice homeopathy .I'm very proud that homeopathy is a science with us which has been able to cure many problems which cannot be cured with other modes of systems so easily and so effectively .today we are going to talk about the problems which is a very critical problem and many people are suffering from this problem. This problem is piles it is also known as hemorrhoids. It may be Of two types sometimes it is bleeding sometimes non-bleeding sometimes painful or the other parts which are influence by this are fissures and fistula so we are going to talk about how we can help you to get rid of all these problems piles, fissures and fistula. This problem is actually very critical and this is also very painful sometimes to some people and it can be very troubling to the patients because patient is always feeling discomfort with this . this problem comes because the most important the main reason is constipation .sometime it can be no constipation still this problem is occurring .this can be due to engorgement of the rectal veins .piles basically occur because of the engorgement or increase or the swelling of the rectal veins that's why it causes constipation further constipation also occurs .so we will be talking about the tips and tricks how to handle your piles and fissures and how to get rid of them also You should first of all take healthy fibrous diet to avoid piles and fissures ,you should do good excise you should walk 4p minutes in a day specially if you are having a heavy food at night you should go for a walk 15-20 minute after the dinner ,you can go for a small walk which can will help you for easy digestion and help you to avoid piles .You should take supplement like horse chestnut which are used worldwide and horse chestnut is also used in homeopathy which is also known as sculls which is very good. Medicine for piles and you can use this also this supplement is available all over worldwide as horse chestnut which helps in reducing size of the veins and easing your constipation also. In homeopathic other modes of treatment I would rather not say doctor generally advise for the operation they generally cut the engorged part of the vein and they say that you problem is corrected but generally you will see that the problem recovers back But what will you do in that case? You cannot go for the operation again and again. In this case homeopathy will help you a lot even after if you have got it operation and still this problem is coming you can go homeopathy or even before operation you can try homeopathy because in the earlier stage if it is taken cure it can definitely get cured .we have been treating at doctor Dhawan medical center And we get so many patients of piles and fissures and they get relief in a few days in a day or two days they get relief

To windup this topic today I would like to tell you that one basic exercise in yoga which will help you a lot which is known as Ashwini Mudra which is very helpful and along with homeopathic medicine you can definitely get rid of these problems. If you are suffering from any problem like this, you have any queries just let me know ,just let us know by the mode of Lybrate which is very good online platform ,you can call me you can come to my clinic directly and you can consult me I will be always available there to guide you If you have any queries about piles, fissures and fistula. Okay have a nice day take care

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Hello, Friends, I am Dr Sumit Dhawan. I practice homeopathy and today I am here to talk about a p...

Hello, Friends, I am Dr Sumit Dhawan. I practice homeopathy and today I am here to talk about a problem which is spread worldwide. A large group of population in India as well as worldwide are suffering from this. This is the problem of Hair Fall. We also call it Alopecia or baldness, as you may know. There may be different forms of baldness but today, we are going to talk in general.

This problem can be because of various reasons. People are coming to us and telling us that they are suffering from hair fall but you have to find out what is the basic cause for hair fall. Amongst the causes, it can be because of Environmental causes, for example, humidity. These days it is the rainy season and humidity always causes rainfall. Apart from environmental causes there can be chemical damage. People are using chemical treatments to their hair. They apply re-bonding and they do many chemical treatments which causes hair fall. Additionally, the shampoo and the conditioners that people use can also be damaging if you don’t select it according to your hair. So we have to select them carefully making sure they have least chemicals, they have the least medications so that they harm your hair the least. There can be internal disorders also which causes hair fall. For example, metabolic disorders like thyroid causes hair fall. Sometimes internal weakness can also be the cause for hair fall. Internal weakness can come because of various reasons. For example, in pregnancy, after pregnancy and during lactation many mothers feel that their hair is falling. This is a very common cause that females are having more hair fall after their delivery. Even after some high fever or weakening fever like Typhoid, people get hair fall. So in short, we have to find out why this hair fall is happening and give them treatment accordingly. Homeopathy has a good, rather I would say a very good role in treating hair fall because it gives your body enough strength which is required for the follicles to grow and to be strong enough to hold.

Homeopathy helps in naturally curing hair fall which is different from others as it doesn’t use any chemicals. It uses your internal body strength to cure your problem. We are going to talk about homoeopathy and how it helps you and also I am going to tell you today what basic tips you have to follow apart from any medications, what you should do at home to get rid of your hair fall. The basic tips which I’m going to provide you today for your hair fall have,

  • First, oil for half an hour before your shampoo, which is a must. You can use hot oils which are very good for your hair. People say oiling is not good but they are necessary also. Hot oils do not directly affect your scalp. When you apply them they get absorbed in your system and they help your hair roots to grow naturally. So they are good for your hair.
  • Secondly, you should avoid using any strong chemicals on your hair. For example, gels. Boys and girls apply the gel. Avoid using hair dryers for drying because more drying will cause more damage to your hair.
  • Third, in my opinion, you should avoid using the heavy chemical shampoos which are available in the market including the medicated hair treatments which are available in the market. More chemicals you apply may help you out temporarily but in the long run, they will harm you more. It will further cause more hair fall.
  • Fourth, I would say you should take a more Iron rich and biotin rich diet which will definitely help you in re-growth of hair as well as maintaining of good hair length and prevent hair fall. Biotin rich food generally includes more of nuts, particularly almonds, which is very good for your scalp and for your skin as well because it also has Vitamin E. In the biotin rich there is also milk, meat, and many things are there which are biotin rich. You can search for them and see which are the biotin rich supplements for you that you like and take them accordingly. You will then like your food also and eventually help your hair grow.

Along with this, I would say to wind up that these are all the basic tips which you have to follow. If later on you need any help or you need to know anything about your hair fall or your infection, that sometime people have in their hair like fungal infection where there re bald spots, can be completely cured with homeopathy.

I will guide you; if you need help you can let me know. We are always there at Dr. Dhawan’s Medi Centre at Malviya Nagar or you can also come to us online.

Lybrate is a very good platform to come to us and consult us and I will guide to help you get rid of your hair problems.

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Hello friends, me Dr Sumit Dhawan hun aur me ek homoeopathic doctor hun. I practice in Delhi. Aaj...

Hello friends, me Dr Sumit Dhawan hun aur me ek homoeopathic doctor hun. I practice in Delhi. Aaj hum discuss karenge Hypertension. Bohot log is problem se suffer kar rahe hai, yeh ek aisi beemari hai jo aaj kal young age log bhi suffer kar rahe hai. Aaj hum apko uske liye tips bhi denge aur conventionally jo purane allopathic doctors hain aur modern doctors hai, wo kya treatment de rahe hai aur hum usme apki kese help kar sakte hai being a homoeopathic doctor.

Aaj me sabse pehle apko yeh bata batana chahunga ki BP koi beemari nahi hai, BP bas ek androoni underlined cause hai uska jisse BP high hojata hai kisi ka. Iske symptoms kuch is tarah ke hote ha ki,

  • Tiredness
  • Ankho me blured vision
  • Nose bleeding
  • Chakkar ana

Aise lakshan hote hai iske.

Blood pressure do tareeke ka hota hai. Ek to normal hota hai jisme patient ko pata bhi nahi chalta hai. Islie me recommend karunga ki aap jab bhi doctors ke paas jae to ek bar apne BP zarur check karwae. Agar blood pressure high ata hai to usko theek kare. Use theek karne ke liye modern medicine me uska koi treatmnet nahi hai. Ye bas managable hai. Jese high BP ko low karne ki dawai hai lekin BP kyu badh raha hai, uski koi dawai nahi hai. Saalo tak log BP ki dawaiya lete rehte hai aur zada saalo tak dawaiya khane se baaki organs pe bhi effect aane lag jata hai jise hum Malignant Hypertenion bolte hai. Problems jese ki ankho ke neeche swelling, legs swelling, urinary problems etc hone lag jati hai. Ye saari problems long term medication ki wajah se aati hai.

Hume starting me he is problem k root cause ko theek kar dena chaie homoeopathy ke dwara, jisse ki aapko life long aise problems face na karni pade. Aaj hum apko bataenge ki sabse pehle conventionally kya-kya use hota hai. Isme modern medicines me Bea blockers, alpha blockers ya fir diuretics (jo apka urine ekdam se bahar nikal de aur apka BP low hojae), ye sab BP lowering agents hai. Jo bhi chemicals apko diye jate hai ya jo bhi synthesised hai wo apko immediately to harm nahi karenge, wo apko protect bhi karenge lekin uska treatment nahi hppaega. Uska sirf management he ho paega. Bp high hone ki wajah se koi aur nuksaan na ho, uska treatment diya jata hai. Ye sab lena bhi zaruri hai but sath he yeh bhi dekhna hta hai ki is problem ko theek kese kia jaae.

Homeopathy ek aisi pathy hai jise 250 saal pehle discover kiya gaya hai. Aur iske good effects se bohot logo ka faeda hum kar paa rahe hai. Yeh humare liye ek boon hai. Homeopathy ke dwara hum manage to karenge he problem ko aur sath me yeh faeda bhi denge ki Blood Pressure over high na jaae aur sath me apko benefit bhi milta rahe aur apka main root cause bhi khatam hota rahe.

Homeopathy se hume root cause nikalna hota hai ki BP high kyu horaha hai. Kya kidney ki wajah se problem hai? Ya heart ki wajah se problem hai? ya stress ya over work ki wajah se yeh problem hai?

To hume BP ke reasons ko theek karna hai. iske lie humare pass bohot sari medications hoti hai jo ki apke physical aur mental cause ko dekh ke select ki jaati hai.

Is problem ko theek karne ke liye 4 tips hai;

  • Exercise regime banaiye, jisse humara stress khatam hoga, body active hoga aur humare organs jese ki haert, kidney ki bhi exercise hojati hai. To isse apke BP causing agents kam honge.
  • Jo bhi apki medicines chal rahi hai, wo time pe lijiye aur sath me homoeopathic ki goodness bhi add kijiye jisse ki apke BP ka root cause bhi theek ho.
  • Apkon apna lifestyle change karn apdega. Jese ki apko apna salt quantity kam karna padge, fast food kam karna padega, Baking soda related food kam khae kyuki wo bhi BP increase hone ka reason hai, koi preserved food na khaae. Aap natural cheez khae, salad pe salt na daale.
  • Last is ki apko homoeopathy apni diet me add karna hai. Apko apne doctor ko consult karna chaie.

Aap chahe to mujhe bhi Lybrate ke through consult kar sakte hai aur aap meri website ke through bhi consult kar sakte hai.

All the best.


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Dosto Mera naam hai Dr Sumit Dhawan 1 homoeopathic practitioner hoon mai aur main aaj aap ki ek s...

Dosto Mera naam hai Dr Sumit Dhawan 1 homoeopathic practitioner hoon mai aur main aaj aap ki ek sahayata karne jaa raha hoon girls Ki especially. Kyunki Aaj ki date Mein girls ki ek aisi problem hai Jiska koi ilaaj nahi hai. This is PCOS. Polycystic ovarian syndrome aisi problem hai jo aaj ki date mein bahut hi common hoti ja rahi hai Kyunki stress Hai logo ki life mein, Lifestyle Aisa Ho Gaya Hai Ki jo hormonal imbalance Leke Aate Hamari body mein jo PCOS ko cause Karte Hai. PCOS ka right treatment homoeopathy mein hai Jis Mein Hum claim Karte Hai Hamare Paas records hai ki jo hum complete cure before and after Aise Bimaari Jiske modern medicine bolti hai ki Jiska koi cure nahi hai homoeopathy me cure ho rahi hai aisi problem.

PCOS sirf cyst ovary main usse PCS nahi bola jata hai sister ke sath sath Aur Bhi Jab 5-6 symptoms Aate Hain jaise ki facial hair, weight gain, acne, delayed menses, ye sare Jab Ek saath hota hai Tab isse PCOS bola jata hai. Aur ye symptoms Ko Jab Hum thik karte hain toh hame dekhna padta hai ki kya uska Karan hai kya motional troubles ki wajah se hai kya Woh physical troubles ke wajah se hai in saari cheezo ko rule out karne ke baad Jab unka homeopathic medicine select Hota Hai hundred percent cure Lekar Aata Hai. Conventionally iska Ek hi treatment hai hormone replacement therapy HRT Jisko aajkal contraceptive pills Diya jata hai and externally prepared hormone Diya jata hai Chahe wo artificially ho ya Kisi animal Se Nikal Gaya Ho woh Body Me Diya Jata Hai Jis Ke nuksan Hai.

1) ye artificial hai

2) Usse kya hoga ki jo Body Aap Ki Thodi Si Bhi hormone bana rahi Hogi maan lijiye hormonal imbalance hai kuch hormone kam ban ra hai, kuch jyada ban raha hai jo aap externally Hormone dalenge Body mein usse aapka internal jo thoda bhi hormone ban raha tha nahi Banega aur aap us medicines ke addict hojaenge.

Jab tak aap medicine Lenge hormones release hoga or tabhi aapka normal cycle chalega sabse bada side effect hai. Homeopathy is time par aap sath mein lete hain ya sirf homeopathy lete Hain tab bhi iska hundred percent ilaaj ho sakta hai. Homeopathy main aapko advice Karunga ki because natural hai number one. Number 2 uska koi Side Effects nahi aa hai. Yahi kaaran Hai Jiski wajah se Ye number one medicine hai aur aapki family mein kisi ko bhi PCOD hota hai girl child ko hota hai ya wife ko hota hai aap zaroor consult Kijiye homeopathy doctor ko aapke paas ka doctor hai ya aap mere ko bhi consult kar sakte hain aur aaj kal ek tabboo hai ki female problem hone ki wajah se gynecologist hi dekh sakte hain. Aisa bilkul mat socho. Aap Kisi bhi homoeopathy doctor Chahe Woh male ya female ho aap discuss Kijiye, khulke discuss kijiye, family ke sath jaiye aur discus kijiye, Kaise aapko help Karta Hai, jaroor help Karega. Wind off karne ke liye main bolunga ki aap apna Lifestyle acha Kare, aap apni life mein yoga, exercise or meditation add Kare Jise physically aapka sehatmand Ho Aur Hormonal imbalance kam ho aur dusri is homeopathy ko fayda hota hai ki homoeopathy aapko completely cure kar sakti hai.

App mere se be consult kar sakte online lybrate ke through aur aap directly Bhi Apne homoeopathy ke paas Ja sakte hain. 

All the Best.

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Tips to Cope With Chronic Kidney Disease.<br/><br/>Hi friends! I m Dr. Sumit Dhawan and I practic...

Tips to Cope With Chronic Kidney Disease.

Hi friends! I’m Dr. Sumit Dhawan and I practice Homeopathy and today, we are going to talk about Kidney Failure. Kidney failure or chronic kidney disease or acute renal failure, or chronic renal failure, these all things are day by day increasing these days because there has been a major change in our lifestyles. The amount of allopathic drugs people are using, as a pain killers or other purposes antibiotics they all damage our kidneys and also, the use of chemical fertilizer for growing the pulses, for the basic needs, for the basic food which we are eating, that is also, chemically, you know, reared up and when we take them, when we eat them, they always try to damage our kidneys.

Kidneys are basically there inside our body to purify our system and if anything, any heavy metal, if it gets stuck in the kidney, then, they will definitely damage the kidneys. So, in Homeopathy, we have got cure for kidney diseases but, for that, you need some tips to follow and I will be providing you with those tips and how to manage the kidney diseases along with the allopathic treatment and the homeopathic treatment, how you can get a beautiful life and manage your problem easily, we can guide you for that.

Whenever you get kidney diseases and you get to know about that you are suffering from kidney problem, you get afraid, people get worried. People get worried that what will going to happen, am I going for a dialysis or am I going for a transplant because the treatment with allopathic science is only with two things. 

Management with dialysis which is very much troubling the patients and you know, and it is very difficult for the patients to carry on with dialysis for a longer time and eventually the transplant which doctors advise them, go for a transplant if dialysis is not working. So, we must try before getting a transplant, we must do something, we have.

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Here are some treatments and causes of cervical spondylitisCauses and Treatments of Cervical Spon...

Causes and Treatments of Cervical Spondylitis

Hi friends! I’m Dr. Sumit Dhawan, MD in Homeopathy. I’m here to help you to get rid of all your problems with the goodness of Homeopathy and in the most natural and effective way of healing. The topic of today is cervical spondylitis. Cervical spondylitis,  back pain and  shoulder pain,  is a very common problem today.Thousands of people are suffering from it today and, they are not getting a proper cure especially after the age of 30s and 40s. You generally develop a pain in your shoulder, in your back and you are helpless as you are not getting permanent relief from this problem. If this problem is acute, it can be managed within two three days but if it becomes chronic, then it can result into various problems like spondylosis.

Spondylosis is change in your spine, bone changes in your spine and when they occur we call it spondylosis and it can also lead to vertigo. If these muscles are stiff and 99% of the vertigo which is happening today, the cause, for that is, cervical spondylitis only.  I would like to tell you homeopathy has a very good role in treating this problem and in a very simple way, in a most natural way. You’ll be getting relief from this problem with a goodness of Homeopathy.

I would like to tell you the basic causes of cervical spondylitis. Stress in people which they are having today, i.e, stress at their workplace, the stress at the schools, the stress is everywhere the person is working. You are working at the laptops, at the computers, and without realizing that you are giving strain to your muscles of your neck and shoulder. You have been working continuously and you don’t realize that you are injuring your muscles directly and as a result of continuous injury, repetitive injury, you develop a pain in your shoulder and neck.

If you want to get rid of this problem, there are basic ways on your part as well as on my part which I have got to help you. On your part, you must do some basic exercises like butterflies excercise,  yoga,  pranayama, and that is on your part which will just increase your circulation and help you get healing your injured muscles. The inflammation which is there but if the inflammation is more you need to a have medical intervention. In modern science, you get pain killers and the things which have got side effects but still you are not able to get relief permanently, they might help you temporarily but on a longer run, they will never help you on a longer run because they just help you temporarily. Till the time you are taking the painkiller , you are going to get relief and once you stop taking the pain killer, you’ll get the pain back again and the role of homeopathy comes here when you are getting the pain repetitively and you are not getting cured of your problem, homeopathy helps you.

Homeopathy is there to help you always. And I’m there to guide you how you can take homeopathy and this. When these muscles are fatigue, when these muscles are injured, homeopathy helps you to give your body enough strength to recover, basically. And when we use homeopathic medicines basically the pain also gets reduced. How? Because the inflammation which is there we give enough strength to our body to recover. If your body has enough strength to recover, it will definitely help to reduce down the pain, reduce down the inflammation. Once the inflammation is lesser, the pain automatically goes away.

There are various homeopathic medicines which are available, which you can take under the guidance of a Doctor and you can always ask me as well, how to take them and how to have a healthier lifestyle, and a problem free neck and shoulder. I’m always there to help you. I do sign off for today. I would like to tell you we have been treating cervical spondylitis patients and spondylosis patients as well with vertigo and without vertigo and permanently getting relief from vertigo which is a very big thing in today’s scenario with the help of Homeopathic medicines only . The patients recover within a week, within two three days if the pain is acute, patients with chronic problem also get relief within a week that’s a very good thing for our health industry and people should take benefit out of this and I’m always there to help you.

I’m available at my clinic in Malviya Nagar and as well as online and we are working with Lybrate. Platform like this is a boon for the patients and they can take benefit from us. All the best guys! If you need any help, just let me know.


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The inability to conceive for a prolonged duration after trying to do so is usually termed as infertility. This is usually diagnosed when a couple is unable to conceive even after trying regularly, without any kind of contraceptives.

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5 Homeopathic Treatments that can Help Diabetes

Diabetes is caused due to hormonal imbalance in our bodies. When the equilibrium between insulin and glucagon (hormones related to the sugar levels in the body) is disturbed, an individual suffers from diabetes. The disease is of two types: Diabete mellitus (Type-I and Type II) and Diabetes insipidus. When your body fails to release adequate insulin, the food that we consume is not properly converted into sugar or glucose. This is Type-I diabetes. On the contrary, if body releases defective insulin, one suffers from Type-II diabetes. Type-1 diabetes is sometimes called juvenile diabetes, or insulin-dependent diabetes. Type 1 occurs more frequently in children and young adults, but accounts for only 5-10% of the total diabetes cases nationwide. The basic symptoms of diabetes include changing sugar levels, excessive urination, thirst, weight loss and a lack of energy. Diabetes is caused due to a number of factors, ranging from environmental matters or hereditary links.

Homeopathic Remedies for Diabetes
Diabetes requires prolonged treatment. Long exposure to allopathic drugs can hamper your body organs due to its side effects. Therefore, it is advisable to take up homeopathic remedies, which have a long lasting effect on the patient. These medicines don’t cause side effects. Here are some of the remedies:

  1. Uranium nitrate: This compound reduces the sugar levels in the bloodstream and also keeps a check on frequent urination. It is prescribed for patients who develop the disease due to assimilative derangements. The symptoms that are looked for while prescribing medicines containing this compound include digestion problem, languor and debility, excess sugar in urine, huge appetite and thirst.
  2. Phosphoric acid: This compound is best for the treatment of diabetes that has a nervous origin. The symptoms that are looked for include excess urine and the colour of the urine is milky; poor mental force and general lethargy. The patient can also develop a bruised feeling in the muscles.
  3. Phosphorus: This compound is given to patients, suffering from diabetes and pancreatic diseases, especially tuberculosis or gouty diathesis. The symptoms include dry mouth, dark and watery stool and restlessness.
  4. Lactic acid: It is helpful for treating gastrohepatic type of diabetes. The symptoms that will have to be present in the patient include light yellow coloured urine, dry skin and tongue, thirst, nausea, and costive bowels.
  5. Insulin: Insulin therapy is an important as it helps in maintaining a balance in the sugar levels and keeps the urine free from sugar.
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Urinary (Renal/Kidney) Stones Facts You Need To See To Believe

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Urinary (Renal/Kidney) Stones Facts You Need To See To Believe

Many theories and as many reasons are given, but in most of the cases, cause of stone formation in the kidneys is not clear. Biochemical dysfunction seems to be the only possible explanation. Stones generally develop very slowly.

The tendency to stone formation may be hereditary. Stones may vary in size from sand particles to large stone. Urinary stones may be present for many years and may give rise to no symptoms. When a stone obstructs the urinary passage, mild pain to severe renal colic occurs. There may be restlessness, sweating, pallor, vomiting, frequent urination, blood in urine etc during pain. Attack of pain may last few hours to few days, varying in severity time to time. In many cases, urinary infection is a common occurrence. 

Homeopathic Approach 

Homeopathic treatment plan comprises of:

  1. Ultrasonography at regular interval of three to four months to monitor 
    • The size of the stone 
    • Movement of the stone along the urinary passage. 
  2. Kidney function tests should be done to evaluate the function of kidneys. 
  3. Urine examination may be helpful to treat the accompanying urinary infections. 
  4. Parathyroid hormone and serum calcium level should be considered if the stone formation is recurrent. 
  5. It is a well-known fact that some stones can pass naturally. But often they may cause severe pain and at times obstruction. But with homeopathic treatment, even moderate-sized stone can pass absolutely painlessly. 
  6. Though the use of painkillers and antispasmodics can relieve the pain and spasm, but in the process can actually hamper or suspend the onward and outward movement of the stone. With homeopathic treatment, body's natural reactions are stimulated that helps throw out the stone without much discomfort. 
  7. At times, it is seen that with homeopathic treatment stones gradually dissolve into sand particles and get eliminated from the urinary system without being aware of it. This can be monitored by subsequent Ultrasonograms watching the gradual reduction in the size of the stones. 
  8. As stone formation is just a bye-product of body's biochemical dysfunction at deeper levels, only removal of the stone by natural or surgical means is not enough. Homeopathic treatment not only removes the stone, but can also modify the tendency to form stones by improving body's natural balance in general, and biochemical dysfunction in particular. 
  9. In bilateral, multiple and recurrent stones, constitutional homeopathic treatment is far-more superior than surgery or any other therapy as it has the potential to help the body, not only throw the stone out but also improve the biochemical dysfunction to check the recurrence of stone formation.
  10. Surgery can be helpful only when the size of the stone is very large, causing damage to kidney by back- pressure. Even then, homeopathic treatment is of significant importance to improve the basic biochemical defects. 
  11. Constitutional Homeopathic treatment can also help avert the complication of surgery. With constitutional homeopathic treatment, accompanying urinary infections are also relieved. 
  12. AND, the added advantage is that with constitutional homeopathic treatment, general health also improves. 

Dietary Restrictions: 

  • Large number of dietary "take and avoid" is known to the masses, but their role is doubtful. With good constitutional homeopathic treatment and proper monitoring by ultrasography, dietary restrictions are not mandatory. 
  • Increased amounts of fluid intake are advisable.
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Homeopathic Treatment for Ear Infection

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Homeopathic Treatment for Ear Infection

No matter what kind of ear trouble you have, homeopathic remedies treat them very efficiently. Ear troubles can be experienced both by adults and kids, and homeopathic remedies are known to treat all of them.
Sometimes, as a result of ear problem, one might face acute dental troubles. Some of the most prominent symptoms of ear troubles are ear infections, ear ringing, acute pain and others. You must visit a homeopathic expert for getting the list of homeopathic medicines that work best for treating your respective ear trouble.

Homeopathic medicines that treat ear troubles-

Belladonna: Acute ear issues can be easily resolved by using this particular homeopathic medicine. Blood vessels can be highly protected, and on the other hand, you can get rid of unwanted ear symptoms, including pains, swelling and others. Necessary warmth can be provided to your ears so that you can get instant relief from painful conditions. You can apply the same at night in order to prevent the condition from worsening.

Aconite: This medicine is much more improved and effective in comparison to pulsatilla or chamomilla. Great sensitiveness, throbbing pain in the ears, stinging and other unbearable symptoms can be easily treated by applying this medicine. Due to sudden temperature change, your ears might start aching, and this ache can become quite severe if proper precautionary measures are not taken. In this case, you have to know the perfect application time; otherwise you will not receive the required results.

Pulsatilla: There are some special ear troubles that can only be alleviated by this medicine. It has got highest curative power as a result of which otitis externa can be effectively treated. Swollen, hot and red ears and be treated only by this medicine. Pulsating pain, severe darting and tearing are the commonest symptoms that can be well treated by the concerned homeopathic medicine. If you are facing ear-itching trouble, and you are thinking of using any toothpick, then you are absolutely wrong as you are recommended to use only this medicine.

Chamomilla: Infantile ear aches can be relieved by using this homeopathic medicine. There are many people who often develop different kinds of ear troubles, especially due to cold. In case of such problems, this drug is the best option. Ear nerves can also be treated with this medicine. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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How Homeopathy Can Help To Deal With Menstruation Pain?

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How Homeopathy Can Help To Deal With Menstruation Pain?

Pain in the stomach area, back, thighs and legs is very normal during periods. This is known as dysmenorrhea. It is common to the point that almost all females consider it very useful. The truth of the matter is that the pain is not very common. The menstrual cycle is a physiological procedure. There is no requirement for it to be difficult or painful. In case pain happens during periods, it should be dealt with. Here are a few homoeopathic cures that are very useful:

  1. Belladonna: Throbbing pain on the right side of the stomach calls for this cure. Sudden onset, extremely red, thickened, hot and excessive bleeding are one of the major signs. Congestion in the uterus, sinking down sensation, throbbing pain are some other indications that require this cure. The desire for cold water or no thirst at all throughout the day is also one of the signs. Wanting lemons or lemonade and other cold beverages is a very common sign.
  2. Chamomilla: The individual might be extremely touchy and hopeless. Exceptional pain shooting down the inner thighs is one of the biggest and most obvious signs. The blood might be dark with substantial clots.
  3. Lac Caninum: Painful swelling of the breasts before the period is one of the signs. Pain may substitute from side to side.
  4. Lachesis: PMS signs such as bad temper, discouragement, migraine, flushes of warmth all increase with the onset of the blood stream. Serious spasms and cramps, irritation from weight of the dressing are also some of the side effects. Blood might be dark, sparse, knotty and the less the flow, the more the pain.
  5. Magnesia Phosphorica: This is a very important cure and is helpful in case you are not certain of what to do, try Mag-phos. When there is a need for you to seek comfort from a hot water bottle all day, it is wrong and calls for this cue. The flow is dark. it can also be cured with hot showers and is more regrettable lying on the right side.
  6. Nux Vomica: Pain in lower back with consistent urge to stool. Patient might be cold and exceptionally fractious, restless and furious. A good night’s sleep, resting, light weight clothing are very important. Nux vomica cures the feeling of nausea as well. It also kills the urge to consume cold beverages that cause further clotting.
  7. Sabina: Severe spasms stretch out from low back to the bladder, torment reaches out from uterus to thighs in this condition. Blood is bright red and is more often mixed with dull clots. Shooting pain up the vagina and pain while lying on the back are very common as well.
  8. Secale: Continuous release of watery dark blood until the menstrual cycle is over. Hence, secale is very helpful.

 In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Hi I am 27 years old. My lips getting dark day my day n my lower lips become dark now. please suggest me any lip balm or lip cream to treat this. Thank you.

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Hi I am 27 years old. My lips getting dark day my day n my lower lips become dark now. please suggest me any lip balm...
Hi lybrate-useryou can try homeopathic calendula ointment. I will help you a lot. If it does not help you will have to visit a homeopath near you or consult your case in detail online with me.
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Hello I'm 10 weeks pregnant. I'd 3 slices of bread in the morning it had few chunks of tutti fruit. Didn't know tuti fruit is made of unripe papaya. I'm worried please help. Will it affect my pregnancy?

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Hello I'm 10 weeks pregnant. I'd 3 slices of bread in the morning it had few chunks of tutti fruit. Didn't know tuti ...
Don't worry dear Lybrate user. Small amount of papaya can be taken during pregnancy. Seed of papaya are dangerous and can can abortion but not papaya pulp. So don't worry now. You have 30 more weeks to be tension free. All the best for future. May god bless you and keep your baby healthy.
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I am 27 weeks pregnant. N I am having frequent pain in tooth. How to ease with pain. Clove oil also not suitable for me. Please advise some gel for relief.

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I am 27 weeks pregnant. N I am having frequent pain in tooth. How to ease with pain. Clove oil also not suitable for ...
Hello, There are very good medicine for toothache during pregnancy in Homeopathy. The best part is that, there are No side effects to you or your baby by taking these medicine. Try wheezal tooth powder for brushing your teeth and also ask your homeopathic doctor for chammomila, sepia or lyssin medicine. That which one is suitable for you. You can contact me online or a homeopathic doctor near you.
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Anxiety - How Homeopathy Can Help Manage It?

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Anxiety - How Homeopathy Can Help Manage It?

It is normal to feel nervous before an interview or be anxious about certain things, but letting that fear take over your life is not normal. If your worries and stress interfere with day-to-day life, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Fear not, this is treatable with homeopathy. 

Here are a few homeopathic remedies to help calm an anxious person:

  1. Kali Phosphoricum: Kali Phosphoricum is potassium phosphate that helps calm people when overwhelmed by anxiety attacks. This is suitable for people who are easily stressed, over sensitive, insecure, irritable and despondent. It also helps deal with the after effects of grief and fright. Physical ailments such as fatigue, dullness and lack of energy that are a result of anxiety can also be treated with this biochemic salt. 
  2. Aconite Napellus: Aconite Napellus is made from a purple flowering plant by the same name. It has a number of uses, primary among which is to control anxiety. This is one of the best homeopathic remedies for sudden, intense anxiety attacks and for post traumatic anxiety. It also helps deal with after effects of anxiety such as memory weakness, restlessness, oversensitivity and spells of rage. 
  3. Argentum Nitricum: Argentum Nitricum is also known as nitrate of silver. This is helpful in cases where anxiety makes a person insecure and unsure of what to do. When you're anxious, you are likely to crave for something sweet and feel very hot. Both these are cyclic symptoms of anxiety, and can worsen the situation, if not dealt with. However, Argentum Nitricum helps calm the digestive effects of sugar and cool the body to keep anxiety levels in check. 
  4. Arsenicum Album: Arsenicum Album is a constitutional remedy that can treat both chronic and acute problems. This works well on people who are worried about safety and security. If issues like health, money and break-ins are the cause of your anxiety, this homeopathic remedy is ideal for you. It also helps deal with restlessness. 
  5. Calcarea Carbonica: This is a homeopathic remedy made from the middle layer of sea shells that has a number of applications. When it comes to anxiety, Calcarea Carbonica is well suited for people who are scared of change and over controlling. This anxiety is accompanied by excessive sweating due to any exertion and stubbornness. Such people are also often afraid of animals and of the dark and get easily confused. One of the biggest advantages of homeopathy over allopathic treatment is the absence of side effects when taken in low doses. 

However, even homeopathic medication can have side effects when taken in high doses. 

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Asthma - Is Homeopathy The Best Option To Treat It?

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Asthma - Is Homeopathy The Best Option To Treat It?

Before we get to learning whether homoeopathy is the best treatment for asthma, it is important that we learn what asthma is. Asthma is predominantly a condition that influences the functioning of your lung and affects its overall health. The major result of asthma in patients, adults and children are alike. Patients with asthma are stricken with attacks that cause breathing problem. Proper treatment and homoeopathic medication can cure asthma like you never had it before.

Homeopathic Treatment for Asthma:
Though there are a variety of medications and treatments that promise to help you deal with asthma, there is no certain treatment that helps in curing it for once and for all. Here is where homoeopathic treatment and homoeopathic specialists step in. Homeopathy is the only stream of medicine that is equipped to deal with asthma and cure it a 100%. The recurrence of the attacks caused by Asthma can not only affect the general health of a patient but also affects the quality of life they lead. Sudden Asthma attacks can lead to some unfavourable situations, such as-

  1. Hospitalization
  2. Severe weakness
  3. Deadly health hazards
  4. Chances of severe injury, etc.

Research shows that Homeopathic treatment comes in as a relief or a preventing measure to all of these unfavourable occurrences caused by asthma.

Does Homeopathy Really Heal Asthma?
The following advantages of homoeopathic treatment help prove why homoeopathy is the best cure for asthma

  1. Homeopathic Constitutional Treatment not only prevents these extremities mentioned above but also slowly and steadily works on curing the condition completely.
  2. The same treatment procedure, allows a specialist to understand the severity of the condition, and thus prescribe the best natural homoeopathic medicines to treat asthma.
  3. The medicines prescribed by a homoeopathic specialist are all natural and work towards curing asthma permanently by moderating the functioning and quality of your immune system.
  4. This ensures the stabilisation of the immune system that becomes over-reactive during asthma.

According to years of research and treatment records, Homeopathy does help to heal asthma completely.

Medication and Treatment Extended by Homeopathy:
Homoeopathic medicines are all natural and pose no side effects to any patients. Since there are a variety of asthmas, the medicines used to deal with each kind also vary. Again, there are a few homoeopathic medicines that are designed to treat and permanently heal one and all kinds of asthmas. There are some these medicines that are prescribed by some of the best Homoeopathic specialists to their patients with asthma.

Some of these homoeopathic medicines include

  1. Natrum Sulph
  2. Sambuccus
  3. Arsenic Album
  4. Kali Bichrome

While these can be termed as some of the most widely accepted and prescribed homoeopathic medicines for Asthma, they are not the only ones. There are also other medicines that are put to use. The prescribed medicine can differ in accordance with the intensity and kind of asthma that an individual is dealing with. Here is where it becomes important to visit a specialist homoeopathic doctor and take his consultancy and not depend on own intuitions and preferences. Cure asthma permanently with homoeopathy.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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