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Aggarwal Hospital   4.5  (270 ratings) Aesthetic Medicine Specialist Clinic B - 77, Ganesh Nagar Tilak Nagar
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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Allergist, Allergist/ Immunologist, Botox, Chemcial Peel, Cosmetic/ Plastic Surgeon, Diabetologist, Facel......more
Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Allergist, Allergist/ Immunologist, Botox, Chemcial Peel, Cosmetic/ Plastic Surgeon, Diabetologist, Facelift, General Physician, Geriatrician, HIV Specialist, Infectious Diseases Physician, Internal Medicine, Medical Cosmetologist, Obesity Specialist, Regenerative Medicine, Sexologist, Trichologist, Tropical Vaccination.By combining excellent care with a state-of-the-art facility we strive to provide you with quality health care. We thank you for your interest in our services and the trust you have placed in us.
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Aggarwal Hospital is known for housing experienced Aesthetic Medicine Specialists. Dr. Pradeep Aggarwal, a well-reputed Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, practices in Tilak Nagar. Visit this medical health centre for Aesthetic Medicine Specialists recommended by 100 patients.


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The impact of psychological and biological factors on ejaculation
All About Premature Ejaculation!
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A Cure For Baldness - Stem Cells Could Be The Answer For Hair Loss Sufferers

MBBS, PGDUS, Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine, Advance Course In Diabetes - USA, MD - Medicine
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Delhi
A Cure For Baldness - Stem Cells Could Be The Answer For Hair Loss Sufferers

Hair loss is a very common cause of problem for both men and women. One in four women suffers from some degree of hair loss or thinning hair. In men, balding can begin as early as the age of 21 and by the age of 35, 30% of men will already be experiencing noticeable balding.

All of us suffer from hair fall daily, but only when it becomes area of concern is when it starts resulting in baldness and thinning of hair. In such cases, the patient becomes increasingly concerned about the re-growth of his or her hair in the most effective and less time-consuming manner. Hair loss as we all know can be because of various reasons, the first being, stress which the most powerful trigger for hair loss after the side effects of certain treatments specially after chemotherapy for Cancer patients.

In such cases hair transplantation comes as the first solution to our minds, it not only a highly expensive treatment, resulting in the painstaking effort both by the doctor and the patient. It is a time-consuming process that might give you the desired results even after multiple sittings and a huge cost attached to it. It's also limited by the abundance of existing hair follicles. Other treatments including laser stimulation, pills, serums and shampoos all show limited hair regrowth and do not work well on scalp areas that are completely bare.

Stem Cell Solution

Hair follicles also contain stem cells, and some researchers predict research on these follicle stem cells may lead to successes in treating baldness through an activation of the stem cells progenitor cells. This therapy is expected to work by activating already existing stem cells on the scalp. Later therapy may be able to simply signal follicle stem cells to give off chemical signals to nearby follicle cells which have shrunk during the aging process, which in turn respond to these signals by regenerating and once again making healthy hair. Most recently, some doctors have claimed that stem cell therapy led to a significant and visible improvement in follicular hair growth.

Here, the use of stem cell technology as the cure for hair loss becomes ground breaking. The stem cell therapy encourages the growth of new hair in is very effective and in a safe manner in 3-4 months of therapy. The follicle of hair include stem cells in the centre of the follicle and these cells make sure a constant supply of cells for the fast development of hair cells. These stem cells are gradually lost which leads to baldness in both males and female. This procedure is a non-surgical therapy which results in the re-growth of follicles for healthy and natural hair growth. The stem cells are also capable of renewing themselves through cell division, The follicle of hair include stem cells in the centre of the follicle and these cells make sure a constant supply of cells for the fast development of hair cells. These stem cells are a result gradually lost and this in turn leads to baldness in both men and women. 

How Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss Works

To acquire stem cell therapy for female hair loss a sample of the patient’s blood will be taken and will be spun to separate out the plasma. Plasma is high in stem cells that can be used for treatment. This will be mixed with a-cells that the body uses to help heal wounds and injected into numbed areas of the head that are affected by baldness. The doctor will then use massages and tiny needles to create wounds in the scalp, allowing the cells to start healing the flesh, complete with generating new and healthy follicles where the originals have been damaged.

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Non-Surgical Ultrasonic Liposuction - Excess Fat Removal

MBBS, PGDUS, Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine, Advance Course In Diabetes - USA, MD - Medicine
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Delhi
Non-Surgical Ultrasonic Liposuction - Excess Fat Removal

Liposuction is a form of cosmetic surgery that utilizes a suction technique to facilitate the removal of fat from the body. Usually, the process involves insertion of cannula which are essentially thin, small and blunt tubes into the skin and is connected to an aspirator (suction device). Being an outpatient procedure, liposuction does not require an overnight stay at the hospital. Usually local anaesthesia is administered unless the amount of fat that needs to be worked on is large. Liposuction is a procedure that is purely aesthetic in nature and reduction of weight is not main objective.

There are many techniques which are utilized in liposuction procedures. One such technique is discussed below:
Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction:

In this method, a special cannula, which transmits ultrasound waves throughout the body, is used. These ultrasonic vibrations are capable of bursting the walls of the fat cells and liquefying or emulsifying the affected fat. This makes it easier for the fat to be suctioned out of the body using the cannula. The UAL is more effective when it is focussed on the more fibrous areas such as the breast areas of males or upper back regions. However, UAL takes longer time duration than the traditional method of liposuction. Loss of blood while opting for this mode of liposuction is also comparatively less. A risk of using ultrasonic liposuction technique is the formation of seromas. These are pockets of fluid which would need to be extracted later using a needle. It is mandatory that suction-assisted liposuction be performed after ultrasonic liposuction so that the liquefied fat is removed or additional fat cells to create needed volumes for high definition liposuction are inserted.

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Radio Frequency For Facial Rejuvenation!

MBBS, PGDUS, Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine, Advance Course In Diabetes - USA, MD - Medicine
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Delhi
Radio Frequency For Facial Rejuvenation!

Radio frequency (RF) is an energy treatment used in nonsurgical skin tightening. RF is ideal for people who do not want to go under the knife or believe that they are not old enough to do so (mostly applicable for people between ages 30 to 50). RF energy is mainly used to treat skin elasticity and mild to moderate facial tissue sagging. It is mostly used to treat the under-eyes, forehead, neck, jawline, mid-face and cheeks.

What is RF?
The number of waves per second in the electromagnetic spectrum is called radiofrequency. When used in facial treatment, the waves produced, once they come in contact with obstacles (loose skin, wrinkles, etc.), will flatten the obstruction. So, when used to tighten skin, it improves the tissue structure lying underneath and smoothens the skin's surface. RF is an excellent method since it goes deep into the skin, down to the subcutaneous (lowermost) layer.

Benefits of RF
Radiofrequency can improve the sagging skins in the following areas:

  1. Tightens skin of forehead and lifts brows 
  2. Thickens skin under the eyes and lifts the upper cheeks
  3. Lift cheeks marginally and reduces enlarged pores
  4. Reduces jowls and tightens sagging skin along the jawline and mid face 
  5. Tightens skin around the neck

Risks of RF
The risks or complications of radiofrequency include:

  1. Deep, brief sensations of heat can be felt on the skin's surface.
  2. Treatment can get uncomfortable or painful, depending on your pain tolerance.
  3. Blisters, bumps, redness and swelling around the treated areas.
  4. Sunken appearance on the treated area due to excessive tightening of underlying tissue. 

    If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor.

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Melasma - Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

MBBS, PGDUS, Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine, Advance Course In Diabetes - USA, MD - Medicine
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Delhi
Melasma - Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Melasma is a skin condition that is characterized by the formation of discolored patches on the skin. This condition is primarily observed in women. It usually occurs on the nose, cheeks and the forehead. Other parts of the body that might be continuously exposed to the sun for extended periods of time are also vulnerable to this disorder.


Melasma exhibits symptoms of discolored patches on the skin. The patches are symmetrical, mostly forming on the face. Brownish patches tend to develop on the chin, nose, cheeks and the forehead. The discoloration of the skin does not cause any bodily harm but may be a cause of embarrassment in public.


The exact cause of Melasma is not known. People with a darker skin tone are especially susceptible to this disorder. Sensitivity to ‘progesterone’ and ‘estrogen’ are also possible causes. In a nutshell, certain factors such as pregnancy, intake of birth control pills and having undergone hormone therapy can increase the risks of this disorder. Excessive exposure to the harmful UVA and the UVB rays of the sun may also trigger this condition as these ultraviolet rays affect the skin cells that regulate pigmentation.


In some cases, treatment is not required as the symptoms tend to clear up on their own. This usually happens if Melasma is triggered by intake of birth control pills or pregnancy. Certain skin lightening creams may also be used to treat the discoloration. Derma procedures such as dermabrasion and chemical peel may also be used to treat this condition.

In addition to the treatment options, there are also certain preventive measures that one can adopt:

  1. Wear a sunscreen, with SPF count of minimum 30 before stepping out in the sun.

  2. Take your medications regularly.

  3. Wear full sleeved clothes to prevent your skin from coming in direct contact with the sun.
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Derma Treatments for Permanent Hair Removal

MBBS, PGDUS, Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine, Advance Course In Diabetes - USA, MD - Medicine
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Delhi
Derma Treatments for Permanent Hair Removal

Body hair is a part of existence for both men and women and has been a part of our evolutionary biology for a very long time. However, in social settings, it may cause all types of embarrassment to people. Women and even men are thus increasingly relying on permanent hair removal methods to get rid of unwanted body hair to get the look they desire.

How Permanent is Permanent?

Most hair removal methods are temporary such as waxing, shaving, epilators etc., wherein the hair starts growing back very quickly. There are some methods however, which claim to remove body hair permanently. This is often misleading as there is no method of removing body hair permanently. These methods only delay the growth of hair and also reduce the number of active hair follicles. Even then, you will get some amount of hair growth back and you may need to have more sessions to fully remove them. There are primarily two methods which can achieve this and they are discussed below –

Laser Hair Removal-

  1. How it Works: This method uses a concentrated beam of light aimed at the hair follicles. The pigment within the hair absorbs the light which ends up damaging it. This damage to the follicle ensures that future growth of the hair is stopped or at least reduced.

  2. Pain: Laser hair treatment feels like a rubber band snapping against your skin and may feel slightly painful depending upon your pain tolerance.

  3. Length of an individual session: The length of an individual session depends on how big is the area that needs to be treated. One session may last for about half an hour. You may need to come back once a month for about 4 to 6 months to get the desired results.


  1. How it Works: In electrolysis, a thin needle is inserted into the root of the hair. Once in place, a tiny electrical current is put into it. This current destroys the hair cells and thus prevents them from growing back.

  2. Pain: You may feel a pinch or sting during the treatment. However, most of it depends on how well you can take pain.

  3. Length of an individual session: Electrolysis may take about 15 to 30 minutes depending on the area being treated. However repeat sessions are fewer, although it would depend on the area being treated.

In many cases, laser treatment and electrolysis are used in tandem to complete a job that cannot be done by one alone. In most cases, laser treatment is usually done for a rough job and electrolysis is used as a finishing touch. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a dermatologist.

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Get Rid of Cholesterol Pockets (Xanthelasma)

MBBS, PGDUS, Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine, Advance Course In Diabetes - USA, MD - Medicine
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Delhi
Get Rid of Cholesterol Pockets (Xanthelasma)

Cholesterol pockets or Xanthelasma are yellow patches of cholesterol that form in the inner portion of the eyelids. These patches are not harmful; however, they can be a source of cosmetic concern. This condition can be indicative of an underlying heart disease.

Who are the most vulnerable to this disease?

Xanthelasma is a very rare condition that only affects people who have high blood cholesterol levels. However, this condition has been seen to develop even if one’s cholesterol levels are found to be normal. Usually, people in their middle age are the most susceptible to this condition. Xanthelasma affects women more as compared to men.


High blood cholesterol level is the primary cause for this disorder. One might be prone to this disorder if the percentage of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body is on the higher side. Another liver disorder known as ‘biliary cirrhosis’, is also known to increase blood cholesterol levels. Generally, Asians are the most vulnerable to this disease.

Derma Treatments for Xanthelasma-

As these patches do not disappear on their own, they need to be given medical attention. Usually, it’s the cosmetic concern that urges one to go for the treatment. The various treatment options for this disorder are:

  1. Surgical removal of the cholesterol pockets.

  2. These pockets can also be removed with a laser.

  3. Certain medications such as trichloroacetic acid can be used to dissolve these patches.

  4. Cryosurgery, a procedure whereby the cholesterol pockets are exposed to freezing temperatures, is also another treatment option.

  5. Electrodessication is a surgical procedure to get rid of the cholesterol pockets. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor and ask a free question.

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Male Sexual Problems

MBBS, PGDUS, Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine, Advance Course In Diabetes - USA, MD - Medicine
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Delhi
Male Sexual Problems

No matter what the age, social status or the sexual orientation is, sexual health is an important part of a man's life. In general, male sexual problems involve not being able to get or maintain an erection, difficulty reaching orgasm or ejaculating too soon. Sexual problems can affect any man, whether he is straight, gay, transgender or a bisexual.

Types of Sexual problems in Men:

1. Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

This is when you can't get, or keep an erection. Most men experience it at some point in time, and the causes can be physical or psychological. Physical causes include diabetes, heart diseases, and high blood pressure. Unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol, and illegal drugs, as well as some prescription medicines, can also cause erectile dysfunction. Psychological factors could be worry about money, work, relationship, family, and even about not getting an erection.

2. Premature Ejaculation

This is when you ejaculate sooner than you would like to. It is a problem only if it bothers you or your partner. Premature Ejaculation has several causes like anxiety or guilt, low levels of certain brain chemicals, being very aroused or stimulated and infection of the urethra or prostate.

3. Loss of Sex Drive

Your interest in sex, also called libido, can vary over the course of life. Losing your sex drive, or libido, is common. It can be linked to a number of reasons, including emotional or relationship issues, health problems, certain medications, and reduced level of male hormones.

4. Low Testosterone

A gradual decline in testosterone is normal in men as they get older. But for a man who is healthy and has age on his side, having no interest in sex is not normal. The low levels can have many reasons including diseases, injuries to the genitalia and certain medications. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor and ask a free question.

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All About Premature Ejaculation!

MBBS, PGDUS, Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine, Advance Course In Diabetes - USA, MD - Medicine
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Delhi
Play video

The impact of psychological and biological factors on ejaculation

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5 Ways to Boost Your Libido

MBBS, PGDUS, Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine, Advance Course In Diabetes - USA, MD - Medicine
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Delhi
5 Ways to Boost Your Libido

A healthy libido is as important as any other function within your body. However, as much as it is a physical function, a lot of it has to do with the most important sexual organ, the brain. If you or your partner is both physically and emotionally not in the right place, your sex drive suffers. This can create physical and emotional problems in your life. Some of the tips to help increase your sex drive are mentioned as follows.

  1. Getting the right amount of sleep: One of the major causes of low sex drive among men and women is the lack of sleep. Between household chores as well as office work and family commitments, the first thing that gets compromised on is sleep. Low sleep results in the drop in testosterone in both men and women thus, drastically lowering sex drive. This is the hormone primarily responsible for sex drive in both men and women. Ensure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep daily to maintain a healthy sex drive.
  2. Think and talk sex: Mostly women and men to some extent as well tend to put talking about sex in the no go zone. This along with the mundane discussions about household life tends to lower libido as well. Ensure that you put in some sex talk to keep the spark alive as this would keep your libido levels and the physical attraction levels high.
  3. Overweight and obesity is toxic for your sex drive: Excess fat and being overweight is a big libido killer in both men and women. Obesity and high body fat percentage inhibits testosterone production, thus, denting your sex drive. It is very important that you try to lose a few pounds and set goals to become fit as this will work wonders for your libido.
  4. Meditate and relax: When you are stressed, cortisol levels in your blood are increased as the adrenaline glands go into overdrive. This is one of the most common and major sex drive killers. It is thus, very important that you practice mediation and other relaxation techniques to ensure that stress levels are down which will help in boosting libido.
  5. A healthy diet: This is possibly one of the most important components in your life which determines how the physical side of libido is managed. Certain foods may kill your libido such as cheese and other dairy products, fried fatty foods, carbonated sodas among others. Some of the foods that are good for your libido would be ginger, watermelon, lettuce, and eggs.

If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor and ask a free question.

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Health Quote of the Week

MBBS, PGDUS, Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine, Advance Course In Diabetes - USA, MD - Medicine
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Delhi
Health Quote of the Week

Thirty minutes a day of sweat-breaking exercise, such as running and swimming, can do wonders to boost your libido.

Health Quote of the Week

MBBS, PGDUS, Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine, Advance Course In Diabetes - USA, MD - Medicine
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Delhi
Health Quote of the Week

Ginseng is a natural aphrodisiacs and improves erectile function.

Health Quote of the Week

MBBS, PGDUS, Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine, Advance Course In Diabetes - USA, MD - Medicine
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Delhi
Health Quote of the Week

Looking for a natural viagra? try dark chocolate for some aphrodisiac and mood-lifting effects.

Ling Pe Daane Hone Par Kya Karen?

MBBS, PGDUS, Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine, Advance Course In Diabetes - USA, MD - Medicine
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Delhi
Ling Pe Daane Hone Par Kya Karen?

It would be an understatement to say that the male reproductive organ is the most important and the most sensitive organ in the body of the males. Even a small jerk can put this organ in an intense pain, which can sometimes even prove fatal.

There are a number of conditions and diseases that affect the penis. Ling ko lekar kisi bhi prakaar ki problems purusho ko kaafi pareshaan kar deti hai. For example, ling ka tesha hone, uski lambai kum hona, ling mein dard tatha ling pe dane hona log ek gambhir baat samajhte hain.

Pimples on penis is one of the most talked about topics in male sexuality forum. Log isey ek gambhir baat smjhte hain aur isko lekar kaafi pareshan rehte hain. However, they should know that there is nothing to worry about it and that it is absolutely normal.

Some men feel that pimples on penis appear because of some sought of sexual infection and that it may put their sexual life on hold. However, they must know that this is not the only reason. Dane sharir ke kisi bhi ang par ho sakte hain, including genitals. Pimples are primarily a result of blockage in the pores of the oil glands in the skin.

What causes penis pimples and bumps?

Fordyce spots, folliculitis, STDs, genital warts, sores and even cancer can cause those small zits and bumps on the penis. Knowing what caused the lumps can help understand how to get rid of the problem. Here are the most common causes of penile pimples, zits, cysts and lumps-

  1. Fordyce spots on penis: Fordyce spots can appear as white bumps, pale red or yellowish bumps on the skin. Fordyce spots are not a sexually transmitted infection (STI) although it is easy to mistaken their appearance with some symptoms of an STD. These spots appear as a cluster of small pimples or papules. Therefore, those small white pimples on penis head and shaft are likely to be Fordyce spots.

  2. Folliculitis and white bumps on penis: Folliculitis is the infection of hair follicles. The infection is usually caused by either a fungus or bacteria. This infection is common in the pubic area, especially if your genital hygiene is not so good.

  3. Tyson glands under the penile frenulum: Tyson glands are simply sebaceous glands that appear under the penis head. They are usually referred to by many people as pimples on penis or under the penile head or corona because they appear as small white bumps that are pus-filled. These tiny whitish yellow pimples on the penis are not harmful and should not cause you any worry.

  4. Pearly penile papules: The ridge on the penile glans can have tiny lumps that may appear as pimples forming a line around the penis head. These small pimples on penis can appear in multiple rows or on just a single row around the corona. They are called pearly penile papules (PPP).

  5. Lymphocele lump on penis: A hard pimple on penis or penile shaft is likely to be a lymphocele. Hard spots or bumps normally occur after sex or vigorous masturbation that causes deep bruises. Lymphoceles are not a serious problem but occur as a result of a blockage or swelling of the lymph system on the penile shaft.

  6. Pimple on penis STDs and Genital Herpes and Warts: In some instances, small or even big pimples on penile head or shaft can be caused by a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Genital warts appear as small fleshy growths that are caused by an STI called human papilloma virus (HPV).

  7. Pimple on penile shaft from Molluscum contagiosum: Molluscum contagiosum is a viral infection that affects the skin. It causes round, hard bumps the size of a pinhead on the skin. These bumps can grow into the size of a pencil eraser. Molluscum contagiosum pimples on the penile shaft can affect both children and adults alike.

  8. Acne on penis, zits and whiteheads: It is not common to have acne on the penis, but it happens. Acne on penile shaft is likely to manifest as small white spots on penis or red pimples if they are inflamed. The resultant zits and cysts become infected and may feel painful. Acne zits and whiteheads are common during puberty. If you have an oily acne-prone skin, you are likely to get one red bump on your pubic area.

  9. Cancer and big pimple on the penis: Penile cancer is very rare. When it starts to show signs, you are likely to see small pimple-like bumps on the shaft. The sore lump can be a source of discomfort and could keep growing. The most common area it affects is the head of the penis.

Treatment to Get Rid of Pimples on Penis-

How do you get rid of penile pimples, zits, cysts, acne and bumps? Avoid DIY treatments unless you are sure of what you are dealing with. Most treatments will include antibiotics, antivirals and antifungals. Your doctor will give the appropriate medication depending on the underlying cause of the problem. Here are some of the possible cures of penile bumps and pimples-

  1. Fordyce spots are generally considered a normal occurrence on the skin and should be left to clear on their own.

  2. Pearly penile papules are a normal occurrence on the penis and should not require any form of treatment. The same applies for Tyson glands that appear as yellow pimples or white bumps on penis head.

  3. Anti-acne medications such as salicylic acid can help reduce whiteheads and acne zits in the pubic region.

  4. You can prevent razor bumps on the penis with proper shaving techniques and changing your hair removal methods. If the bumps are itchy, anti-itch medications applied topically will reduce the irritation.

If you suspect that you have a bump on your penis caused by cancer, see a doctor as soon as possible. Cancer can be prevented from spreading when treatment is started early enough.

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Causes & Symptoms of Peyronie Disease

MBBS, PGDUS, Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine, Advance Course In Diabetes - USA, MD - Medicine
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Delhi
Causes & Symptoms of Peyronie Disease

Peyronie's disease is usually associated with erectile dysfunction, severe anxiety and reduced testosterone levels. It is a problem predominantly found in 3-9% of adult men, especially after 40 years of age. In the disease, a scar tissue is formed in the outer layer of the penis called tunica albuginea.

It is not known exactly what causes peyronie's disease, however, there are some factors, which make it more likely than others. Here are those factors:

  1. Genes: genes are also a possible cause of peyronie's disease.
  2. Trauma: This is the most common factor which causes peyronie's disease. It is believed that when someone suffers from tiny bleeding of the penis, which is very common in patients of diabetes, the plaque starts to build up. The injury or trauma, which causes the bleeding may go unnoticed as well.

The symptoms of peyronie's disease vary, such as:

  1. Pain on erection: There is usually pain in erection during the initial phase.
  2. Scars: Tissue may form on other parts of the body, as well including the hand and feet. In fact, it has been said that men who have scarring in the hand, which affect the fingers are more likely to contract the disease as well.
  3. Bent penis: When the penis becomes hard before sex, it may bend downwards or sideways by more than 15 degree, so the vaginal entry becomes impossible or is painful for the partner.

Treatments available

  1. Wait and watch: It is worth noting the acute phase with pain is treated by wait and watch, controlling contributory factors like diabetes, low testosterone and psychogenic factors. Antioxidants are useful. Large number of cases are relieved of the pain in 1 to 1.5 years.
  2. Surgery: This is a last option when peyronie's disease has not gone on it's own and medicines are not helping either. The two most common procedures performed are removing the plaque and putting a tissue graft in its place and also removing the tissue opposite the plaque to counter the bending effect. The results are fairly good.Going for a penile implant is the last option, which is a permanent solution and is commonly done in India. And, the success rate for penile implant is also very high.
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Symptoms of Chlamydia in Men and Women

MBBS, PGDUS, Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine, Advance Course In Diabetes - USA, MD - Medicine
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Delhi
Symptoms of Chlamydia in Men and Women

Chlamydia is one of the most common STD. It is a bacterial infection, caused by Chlamydia trachomatis. Occurring in both males and females, it can be transmitted via oral, genital, or anal sex. it has been dubbed as silent infection, as the affected person hardly ever presents with symptoms. It is extremely common though about 1 in 20 females in the age group of 15 to 25 can be affected. The disease, if left untreated, can cause severe reproductive issues including infertility in both males and females. Let us look at symptoms in men and women separately.

Men: About 50% of men infected with Chlamydia will go with no symptoms. It may take about 3 weeks for the symptoms to manifest and will include

  1. Small amounts of discharge from the penis
  2. Discomfort or pain with urination
  3. Painful, swollen, and inflamed testicles
  4. Burning and itching around the tip of the penis

Depending on the mode of transmission, the eyes, throat, and rectum can also be infected and there could be throat infection or conjunctivitis also.

If left untreated, Chlamydia can affect the sperm quality and lead to infertility in men in the long run.

Women: The infection is "silent" even in females and does not manifest itself with a lot of symptoms, only 30% of infected females present symptoms including:

  1. Abnormal, white or light yellow vaginal discharge
  2. Painful sex
  3. Bleeding or spotting in between regular periods
  4. Sometimes even bleeding during sex
  5. Burning or itching sensation around the vagina
  6. Severe abdominal discomfort
  7. Fever

In females, the infection usually travels up the urinary and reproductive tract. So, from vaginitis, it can lead to urinary tract infection, cervicitis, bartholinitis, and even pelvic inflammatory disease. If it reaches the fallopian tubes and/or the uterus, then the chances of fallopian tubes getting blocked is high. There can be scarring of the tubes and this can lead to infertility or ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy in areas other than the uterus, for example the fallopian tubes). This can be very dangerous and can be life-threatening situation too.

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a serious bacterial infection of the uterus and the fallopian tubes. Untreated Chlamydia infection often results in PID and requires antibiotics and bed rest.
Chlamydia infections have two negative sides to it, on one hand, it is difficult to detect given the absence of symptoms. On the other hand, there are serious implications leading to even fertility. It is therefore very important to prevent it. It is best to use a condom, especially with unknown partners; and in case of any doubt, one should get themselves tested and treated.

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Causes and Complications of Pain During Intercourse

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Causes and Complications of Pain During Intercourse

Sex, which gives pleasure to most, can be painful for some. There are a lot of reasons such as allergic reactions or psychological reasons so as to why one may feel pain from sexual intercourse.

Symptoms of pain affect both and women equally.

Pain from sex in men can be caused due to following reasons:

  1. One of the most common cause of pain during sex is a tight foreskin.
  2. Inflammation of the prostate may cause difficulties such as pain during sex.
  3. Infections in the penile area such as thrush which results in the irritated skin cause pain during sex.
  4. Damage to the foreskin covering the penis may cause a sharp and stinging pain during sexual intercourse.

If the symptoms are exaggerated and persist then it is recommended to consult a medical professional. In the case of itchiness and unusual discharges from the genitals, an STI (sexually transmitted infection) test is carried out. Another common treatment is using lubricants during sex to get rid of the dryness that is causing the pain. In the case of allergic reactions, it is recommended to test the products before using them.

Pain from sex in women can be caused due to the following reasons:

  1. Infections such as genital herpes (a viral disorder) or gonorrhea (a bacterial disorder in the vaginal skin) can cause pain during sex.
  2. If the passage in the vagina is narrow then it can cause pain during sex.
  3. If the women have reached menopause it makes the vagina dry. This can cause modifications in hormones that restrict the vagina from being wet during sex and causes pain.
  4. Allergic reactions from latex used in condoms can cause irritation in the genital region that may cause pain.
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How Poor Sleep Quality Affects Your Sex Life

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How Poor Sleep Quality Affects Your Sex Life

Everyone is aware of the fact that lack of sleep can lead to low levels of energy and fatigue. For people who have been suffering from a sleep deprivation, the cycle is never ending and they are forever in a state of low energy and do not perform their best. Added with all this sleep deprivation also leads the insomnia sufferers to perform well in bet. Thus poor sleep quality affects the sex life.

Often the effect of lack of sleep will have on a person's sex life is with the overall poor attitude that usually falls and the person remains exhausted all the time. People suffering from long standing fatigue are often irritable and quarrelsome and these personality traits just don't set the mood for a romantic evening. Women also suffer from low sex drive if exhausted, though for them it is more about being emotional. According to a study, by National Sleep Foundation, in 2010, around one in every four Americans have agreed that they are too tired to indulge in sexual activities with their partner. With added distractions from technology, like smartphones and e-readers, social media and e-mails just tend to keep people up for longer and later hours.

In men this is a little more scientific. This has been backed by research that there is a close relation in the quality of the sleep and the levels of testosterone in a man. This seems to be a circular pattern. While studies show a link that the hormone levels fall, there are studies that also show that a man with low levels of testosterone often wakes up more at night and has lower sleep efficiency. So the both are intertwined very closely and hard to say which comes first; but the obvious result is lowered male libido. 

Apart from this if you or your snore, it might also lead to insomnia, as snoring becomes noisy for your partner. This can lead your partner to be lethargic and exhausted as their sleep is not adequate. Since sexual activities involve physical exertion, feeling exhausted and irritable after a sleepless, noisy night can easily make sex the last thing on mind.

One can try the following to improve the quality of sleep:

  1. Maintain healthy weight ranges as excess weight can lead to sleep apnea in both men and women
  2. Abstain or reduce smoking as it just leads to obstructive sleep apnea
  3. Exercise regularly as it helps to check the weight and when combined with Continuous positive airway pressure therapy then it improves sleep apnea 
  4. If you are suffering from sleep apnea then must use Continuous positive airway pressure therapy every night.
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Understanding Retrograde Ejaculation

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Understanding Retrograde Ejaculation

A very uncommon and rare condition, which can occur in case a person is diabetic or has undergone a surgery, a medical disorder known as retrograde ejaculation. It is a condition in which semen enters the bladder rather than going out of the penis after orgasm. This causes a problem as very little or no semen is ejaculated.

That is why this is sometimes also called as 'Dry orgasm'. The only treatment for retrograde ejaculation is to make the male fertile again because retrograde ejaculation is not particularly harmful to the individual. It has the following symptoms:

There are only three main symptoms associated with retrograde ejaculation.

  1. Dry orgasms
  2. Urine that is cloudy immediately after an orgasm
  3. Male infertility

The possible causes of retrograde ejaculation are:

  1. Surgery such as prostate surgery
  2. Certain medications which cause side effects. These medications are usually administered for high blood pressure, prostate enlargement and mood disorders.
  3. Nerve damage

It is worth noting that Dry orgasms have other causes as well, which includes:

  1. Prostatectomy, which is the removal of the prostate by surgery
  2. Cystectomy, which is the removal of the bladder by surgery
  3. Radiation therapy, which is especially used to treat cancer in the pelvic area

Here is how retrograde ejaculation may get more complications

There are only two main complications which occur due to retrograde ejaculation. These include:

  1. Male infertility
  2. Worries about retrograde ejaculation which may lead to less pleasurable orgasms

Treatment for retrograde ejaculation.

It is worth noting that certain medications, which are used to treat retrograde ejaculation can lead to serious complications and others may lead to a higher heart rate and blood pressure.

Medications which are usually used:

  1. Imipramine which is also called Tofranil
  2. Chlorpheniramine and Brompheniramine
  3. Ephedrine, Pseudoephedrine and Phenylephrine

It is also worth noting that the treatment for male infertility is different and more advanced.

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Busting Myths Of Female Orgasm

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Busting Myths Of Female Orgasm

Hordes of men are oblivious to the various ways they can help their companions achieve an orgasm. Many are unaware about the differences in mechanism between male and female orgasm and thus they tend to entertain certain preconceived notions about female sexuality. This adds to the confusion. Moreover, owing to a high amount of misinformation among the general public, certain myths have become prominent facts.

The following are the five common myths about female sexuality:

Myth 1: Sex always ends with orgasm
A common misconception is that the final product of intercourse is always orgasms. This has been proved somewhat otherwise by a study which concluded that only 30% of women are able to achieve orgasm from intercourse alone. Most women require further clitoral stimulation to reach climax.

Myth 2: Law of equals
Contrary to popular stance, not all sex positions are made equal. Some positions such as woman-on-top and doggy style are more likely to lead to orgasms in women, as they are created to provide greater clitoral stimulation.

Myth 3: Multiple orgasms are easy
Women are favored in this respect. They have the ability to achieve multiple orgasm but that doesn't necessarily mean that all women have them and that too effortlessly. Don't let the movies fool you. As even for those who do experience that, it is not a regular occurring.

Myth 4: Protection protects you from having good sex
This is a completely incorrect maxim. That is because safe sex prevents you from worrying about pregnancies and STDs and facilitates greater attention to your partner. In addition, nowadays ribbed condoms are available which provide extra pleasure during intercourse.

Myth 5: Penetration is the key to orgasm in women
A study found that only 25% of its test subjects claimed to achieve orgasm by penetration alone. Even so, this number seems high, as it is likely that those women who achieved orgasm through penetration may have had some form of clitoral stimulation while at it.

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Can Being Overweight Cause Infertility

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Can Being Overweight Cause Infertility

Being overweight can be as problematic as being underweight. Both the situations can have an effect on the infertility in a woman. Usually, the body stores the sex hormones in the fat layers. That is why, if a person is underweight, she can have infertility issues, as there is not enough storage space for the hormones. In the same way if a person is overweight, then there is an excess of fat tissues and the amount of the hormone estrogen released is usually more than that the body can handle. This leads to a disruption of the chemicals and proteins, leading to adverse reactions and infertility.

Common Weight Related Infertility Reasons

Being overweight is somewhat linked with the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and an increase in estrogen hormone. Also, there is a greater chance of a luteal phase defect. Let us see how these can affect a woman:

  1. Estrogen: This hormone is produced by the fat cells, and if there is too much of estrogen production, then the body reacts to it in a similar manner when birth control pills are taken. Ovulation may or may not occur, and if it does, it might be inadequate. And the inadequate ovulation leads to luteal phase defect.
  2. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): This is basically an endocrine disorder with a combination of many symptoms. Symptoms are pain, irregular cycles, ovulatory pain, ovarian cysts, excessive body hair and heavy menstrual bleeding. Diagnosis for PCOS helps in determining the treatment for weight loss.
  3. Luteal Phase Defect: The luteal phase refers to the phase between the ovulation and the menses. The ideal time period for this phase is 14 days. LPD is generally caused by improper ovulation, and thus improving the quality of the follicles is necessary to correct the situation.

How Does Being Overweight Affect Conception Rate

As per a study which was published in the British Medical Journal, if women are too lean or too obese, they can have difficulty in conceiving and that fat distribution has an effect on the body. Women who have a large waist-hip ratio have difficulty in conceiving, and apple shaped women also face the same trouble. Usually, women who have PCOS have an apple shaped body.

Risk of Miscarriage Due To Being Overweight

Women suffering from PCOS and obesity have more chances of miscarriage as compared to others. The reason is that women with PCOS have increased LH, which tends to affect the pregnancy. However, it is noticed that even if excess fat does not play any role in pregnancy, women with PCOS have excess weight which creates high risk as compared to the others.

Finding Help for Overweight Issues is a Good Idea

Seeking help if you are overweight is always advisable. Consulting a good gynecologist can help along with weight management and fertility treatment. You shouldn't have any hesitations, and all the questions should be asked freely so as to get a holistic idea of the treatment. The doctor might suggest some tests and also conduct a physical examination of the lymph nodes and the abdomen, to check the ovaries and the uterus. Post physical examination, an internal examination of the cervix to check for infections is done, and if need be, a pap smear might be collected and sent to the lab for culture. At times, a trans-vaginal or an abdominal ultrasound might also be done to rule out the possibilities of abnormalities or others cysts. Tests to check the levels of hormones are also done.

It is always a wise decision to know how being overweight can impact the chances of becoming pregnant. Working towards losing weight and getting it under healthy BMI levels, can lead to the restoration of the hormones and in turn make you healthier.

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