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Shiv Clinic is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Anuj Kumar, a well-reputed Sexologist , practices in Faridabad. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 80 patients.

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  • Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
    A healthy and physically fit body is a prerequisite of a happy life, thus it is important that we prevent our body from STDs. STDs are nothing, but those diseases that are usually invited by sexual intimacy or intercourse. Some of these diseases are even life threatening at times, and if you want to prevent them, then you have to adopt a few preventive measures.

    Best preventive measures for preventing STDs:
    - Using latex condoms: Latex condoms need to be used during sex every time, and these condoms are the safest of all condom varieties available in the market. Both pregnancy and STDs can be easily and efficiently prevented by means of these condoms, and this is the reason everybody is using the same. But you should have the knowledge of correct usage of these condoms.

    - Keeping intimate areas clean: Do not ever forget to wash your genitals after or before making intercourse with your partner and this is needed for preventing sexual diseases. Sometimes, excessive lubrication during sexual intercourse brings infectious diseases and thus, your genitals get exposed to sexual diseases.

    - Stop sharing items: Sharing undergarments or towels with your friends or close mates can be very much dangerous as you might develop STDs. Even if you have allowed somebody using these personal items of yours, you have to wash them carefully before using the same.

    - Avoid multiple sex partners: Both the sex partners should be loyal to each other and should not make sex with multiple partners as that will invite STDs. Having sex with more than one partner can be quite dangerous as a result of which your genital organs get infected and this infection later on turns into serious sexual diseases that cannot be easily treated.

    - Avoiding unhealthy lifestyle: If you are exposed to excessive smoking, drugs and alcohol, then you might develop different kinds of STDs. Therefore, you are highly recommended to lead a completely healthy lifestyle so that a healthy sexual life can be enjoyed. You will never be able to have safe sex if you are so very addicted to alcohol, smoking and drugs.

    - Have vaccination: Vaccination is now considered as one of the safest methods for preventing STDs. HPV vaccines are the popular, and the most recommended ones and thus, teenagers can take them before getting sexually active. Hepatitis-B vaccinations are also required for getting increased protection against serious sexual diseases, especially AIDS and others. HIV testing is also very much essential in this regard, and you should not avoid the same.
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  • Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
    Healthy Living
  • Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
    Mistake 1: Sex Starts in the Bedroom

    Men may turn on like a light, but for women, arousal doesn't happen so fast.

    Pave the way during the day by hugging, kissing and holding hands. Have some fun together, and show you appreciate her.

    Feeling safe and secure in the relationship is key for a woman to really let loose during sex, A long hug can go further than you'd think. 'Hugging for 30 seconds stimulates oxytocin, the hormone in women that creates [a] sense of connection and trust.'

    Mistake 2: Assume You Know What She Wants

    'Just as many women are faking orgasm today as 20 or 30 years ago,' So, if she's not enjoying herself, you might not know it.

    Don't be afraid to ask questions like 'How does this feel?' or 'Do you want something different?'

    In other words, ask for directions.

    Mistake 3: Stick to Your Plan

    Don't think that 'if it worked the first three times, it will work the next three times,'

    What turns her on may depend on her mood, and where she is in her monthly cycle. 'Perhaps her nipples are more sensitive or her genitals are less tingly,'

    Pay attention to your partner,'Try different things and see how she responds.'

    When you find something that works, linger on it. Women often complain that men move on to the next thing just as they really start to enjoy an activity.

    Mistake 4: Keep It Strictly Physical

    Expand your idea of foreplay. Some men 'focus on physical stimulation and often ignore mental stimulation,'

    While men get stirred up by what they see, 'women fantasize a lot during sex as part of [the] process of arousal.' Join in - share a fantasy or a sexy memory.

    Mistake 5: Expect Intercourse to Give Her an Orgasm

    For 80% of women, intercourse alone won't do the trick. Why not? Most sex positions don't directly stimulate the clitoris.

    There are other ways to pleasure her. 'Women orgasm much more consistently from oral sex than from intercourse,' Also, try sex with the woman on top, or a vibrator made for couples to use during sex. 'Men should feel comfortable, not threatened, with sex toys,'

    To help her hit the high note when you do have sex, take time to get her going before you make your entrance. 'The closer women are when they start intercourse, the more likely they are to have an orgasm,'.

    Mistake 6: Skip the Seduction

    Women like to be seduced. 'Seduction is as important as, or sometimes more important than, technique,'.

    It helps to know what kind of turn-on your partner likes, whether it's oral, visual, or mental, she says. 'Does your partner like it when you talk dirty over the phone or text? Trace your finger slowly up her chest? Flirt with her at a bar?'

    Also, if you like what you see, say so. 'Let a woman know how desirable she is,'.

    Mistake 7: Focus on Ringing the Bell

    Most women need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm, but it's more complex than you may think.

    Some men 'don't understand the anatomy of the clitoris,'. It's more than the small 'button' you can see. Its nerve endings spread throughout the vulva and inside the vagina. All are potential pleasure points worth exploring.

    'You can go back and forth,'. Paying too much attention to the glans, at the top of the vulva, can take away from pleasure for some women. It's so sensitive, that too much stimulation can hurt.
  • Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
    4 Lifestyle Changes that Help in Addressing Impotency

    Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, is a condition in which a man is not able to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. It can be triggered by a variety of conditions like smoking, intake of certain drugs, health disorders or excessive consumption of alcohol. Although treatment options like medication and surgery are available, there are non-invasive treatments that can help a person fight the condition.

    Here are some of them:

    1. Engage in a physical workout

    Among the many types of lifestyle changes that could be resorted to, exercise is the most effective one. Exercising improves blood flow and blood pressure in the body, both of which are essential for getting and maintaining a normal erection for a prolonged time. Plus, exercising also increases the level of testosterone, which is a crucial factor in sex drive.

    2. Follow a balanced diet

    The food you consume has a direct effect on your health and subsequently on your sex drive. A diet consisting of fruits, veggies, fish and lesser servings of red meat and refined grains can decrease the risk of impotency. Also, a healthy diet helps to maintain a stable body weight, which aids in sexual activity. Overconsumption of junk foods can cause obesity and diabetes, which are responsible for impotence.

    3. Get sufficient sleep

    Apart from a host of health problems, lack of sleep may also you render you impotent. Studies have shown that testosterone levels of men who are sleep deprived are much lower than in those who get their 8 hours of sleep. A proper sleep schedule should thus be duly adhered to.

    4. Quit smoking and limit your alcohol consumption

    Erectile dysfunction can be the cause of vascular disease. This occurs when the blood supply to the penis becomes restricted due to the blockage and narrowing of arteries. Alcohol and smoking can be responsible for this and can be the cause of both temporary and long-term impotence. Therefore, it's important to limit your alcohol consumption and quit smoking altogether.

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  • Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
    How to handle ejaculation problems in men?

    Having problems ejaculating at the right time can prevent you and your partner from feeling satisfied during sexual intercourse. Nonetheless, premature ejaculation is not the only type of ejaculation issues you should know about. In addition to this other forms of ejaculation that make up this group of sexual dysfunction are delayed ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation.

    Here's how you need to handle the different types of ejaculation problems

    Premature ejaculation

    The first very common ejaculation that all men in the world experience is premature ejaculation. This kind of sexual dysfunction occurs when you ejaculate either before or after penetration with least amount of sexual stimulation.

    To treat the problem, medicines, primarily a form of anti-depressant drug known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (ssris) are recommended for bringing about a delay in the expulsion of semen. Even couple therapy can help to treat the problem as this form of counseling helps in coming up with methods that both the partners can perform to prevent premature ejaculation.

    Delayed ejaculation

    You're said to suffer from instances of delayed ejaculation if you exhibit these characteristics:

    - unable to expel semen even though you may want to and your erection is normal

    - experiencing considerable delay in reaching orgasm

    - if you're suffering from a constant as well as an unwanted delay lasting between 30 and 60 minutes, you're said to be experiencing delayed ejaculation

    - unable to attain ejaculation no less than half the times you have sexual intercourse

    Treatment for this problem usually involves going to the root cause of the problem. Many times, the cause could be an effect of the medication you may be taking. If the cause is psychological in nature, you may require counseling.

    Retrograde ejaculation

    This happens when the ejaculate matter rather than exiting through the penis goes back into the bladder and comes out later during urination. Retrograde ejaculation commonly occurs in diabetics, especially those that suffer from nerve damage brought on by diabetes.

    This type of sexual dysfunction doesn't require treatment as you can still experience a healthy sex life. In certain cases, the use of drugs can also help in restoring your normal ejaculation prowess.

    If you would like to consult with me privately, please click on 'consult'.
    Related Tip: Knowing Premature Ejaculation - PART 4: Treatment Options
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  • Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
    At any given second, 4, 000 people are having sex in the world. So 'knocking' is the most happening or 'rocking' thing in the world. Sex is not all about doing it in the bed. The three attributes that can help you in building an effective relationship with women include - your caring nature, communication skills, and your confident attitude. 'lusty talk' during sex can help to stimulate women even more. Tease her and make her feel desirable and you are sure to give her orgasm even if your performance is below par.

    1. If you sweat during sex don't worry - sweating men ooze testosterone and it is a biological turn on for women.

    2. During sex keep the room warm rather than cold. So maybe turn off the air-conditioner if necessary or turn it on low. Heat causes dilatation of blood vessels and more swelling of the penis and vagina and flushing of the skin. Heat makes you 'flush during sex.'

    3. If you want your girl to become pregnant make sure you give her a big orgasm. The chances of pregnancy increase because contraction of pelvic muscles during orgasm help the sperms move up the vaginal canal and fertilize the eggs.

    4. If your girl has a headache and you have no pills available give her a big orgasm and this can relieve her headache. Sex is known to cure headaches due to the release of morphine-like painkiller substances in the brain called endorphins.

    5. Big orgasm also requires you to indulge in some foreplay. Gently touching, stroking, sucking and licking your partners nipples, thighs, vagina and clitoris are sometimes enough to start the orgasm. Keep the big act for the end.

    6. Stimulate her clitoris with your fingers by gently fondling with the area. Remember the sensory nerve fibers have the highest concentration around the clitoris followed by labia and the outer third of the vagina.

    7. Find her g-spot - g-spot stimulation can give a woman a big orgasm. It is usually located in the front section of the vaginal wall between her vaginal opening and the cervix. Use finger to stroke the front portion of the vagina and during intercourse, the best way to stimulate her g-spot is the insertion of the penis from the back. If the g-spot and clitoris are stimulated simultaneously the woman is likely to have 'one hell of an orgasm' that she is unlikely to forget.

    8. Early morning sex is also a great option if you are tired of the night. You can get extra help from the surge of testosterone in the morning. Blood levels of testosterone are highest just before dawn and are 40% higher than in the evening.

    9. Keep your 'butt' in shape buttocks of a man are the most admired part of a man's body by women.

    10. Age is not a factor for sex as much as it is for women. Studies show that even if you are over 70 years the chances of your being potent is over 73%. Actor Anthony Quinn fathered a baby at the age of 81 years.
  • Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
    Male sexual anatomy

    The organs and glands that make up the male sexual anatomy include:

    Testicles - after puberty, a person's testicles, placed at the base of the penis, produce male sex cells referred to as sperm. Additionally beginning at puberty, testicles produce testosterone, the male intercourse hormone. A person's sperm production, as soon as started, maintains in the course of his lifestyles; sexually mature adult males produce thousands and thousands of sperm cells every day. The testicles are positioned beneath the penis, outside the frame, wherein the ideal temperature to make sperm may be maintained as it's miles numerous tiers too hot for sperm to be feasible (capable of fertilizing eggs) inside the body.
    Scrotum - the testicles are protected through a pouch of skin called the scrotum. The scrotum and the muscles surrounding it can pull the testicles toward the frame when they are too bloodless, and loosen up far away from the frame when the testicles are too warm. The scrotum also holds the epididymis.
    Epididymis and vas deferens - the epididymis stores the sperm after the testicles produce them, and the vas deferens transports the sperm from the epididymis to the urethra.
    Urethra - the urethra is a duct, or tube, that transports fluids from the inner of the body to the out of doors. In each woman and men, the urethra is hooked up to the bladder and is used to pass urine out of the body. In men, but, the urethra is also connected to the 'accessory glands,' which produce semen, and to the vas deferens, the duct that brings the sperm from the epididymus.
    Penis - the penis is perhaps the maximum seen a part of the male sexual anatomy. It's far made of parts, the shaft and the head (also known as the glans.) the shaft houses the corpora cavernosa (flexible cylinders produced from erectile tissue that run the period of the penis and assist erections), and the corpus spongiosum (erectile tissue surrounding the urethra). In its reproductive capacity, the urethral establishing on the tip of the penis grants sperm into the vagina. Urine also flows out of the body via the urethral commencing.
    Accent glands - there are numerous glands that work together to provide semen or seminal fluid. Sperm can stay in the woman reproductive system for as much as 48 hours, and seminal fluid enables the sperm move around and stay nourished. The seminal vesicle produces a fluid that gives strength to the sperm as they seek out the girl sex cellular or the egg. The prostate gland makes a special fluid that allows the sperm pass greater fast thru the woman reproductive machine. Every other set of glands referred to as bulbourethral or cowper's glands, makes a small quantity of fluid that helps guard the sperm on its way via the urethra through neutralizing any leftover traces of acidic urine.
  • Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
    These 5 herbs will recharge your sex life!


    An aphrodisiac for men, its extracts have the ability to stimulate the production of nitric oxide in the body. This causes a dilatation of the blood vessels that carry blood to the genitals, leading to increased sexual desire.

    Consume around 2 grams of ashwagandha powder every evening. It may take a few days of continuous use to begin seeing results. Alternatively, take tablets or capsules of ashwagandha after checking the concentration of withanolides; higher the content, lesser the number of tablets you need to consume. Pregnant women should not consume this drug. If you suffer from high blood pressure, speak to your doctor about whether it is safe for you.


    An aphrodisiac for women, it has tonic and calming properties. Besides increasing energy levels, it also helps to regulate the levels of the female hormones and thus, has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the reproductive system. Although primarily prescribed for women, Shatavari is also considered useful to increase the sex drive in men too.

    Prepare a decoction by crushing the fresh roots of Shatavari, adding this to water and simmering on a medium flame for a few minutes. Alternatively, use Shatavari powder in a dose ranging from 3 to 6 grams, starting with a lower dose and moving on to a higher one if necessary.


    Also called gokhru, it has the property of increasing the secretion of the hormone testosterone and therefore, exhibits aphrodisiac properties, causing sexual arousal in both women and men. In men, gokhru is believed to also increase the levels of nitric oxide, leading to easier erections that are sustained for longer. In women, it also helps to keep levels of prolactin low and this contributes to its aphrodisiac properties because prolactin tends to reduce sexual desire.

    The gokhru powder should be taken at a dosage level ranging between 1 to 3 grams per day and you may begin to experience the effects after three days. If you plan to use a marketed preparation, follow the instructions regarding dosage as indicated on the label.


    One of the most valuable of herbo-mineral drugs obtained from the Himalayan mountain, it is said to contain the fossilized forms of valuable medicinal plants. It is known to contain several minerals and the organic compound called fulvic acid that contribute to its action. Animal studies have shown that shilajit helps to increase spermatogenesis, testosterone levels, sperm counts and sperm motility in men and ovogenesis in women. Besides, it has shown stress-relieving properties and this may also contribute to its aphrodisiac effects.

    Of the four varieties of shilajit - yellow, red, blue and black - the black one is considered to be the most beneficial. The recommended dosage of shilajit ranges between 300 to 500 mg per day. Begin with the minimum dose, and take it with water; if you do not experience any undesirable reaction such as a skin rash or a headache, you can increase the dose by 100 mg and observe its effectiveness.


    A root that is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng can be of three types - Asian ginseng, Siberian ginseng, and American ginseng. For centuries, people in china have used ginseng to cure problems with sexual function because it acts on both the reproductive as well as the nervous system to increase libido. By its action on the blood vessels of the penis, it helps to improve erections; through its tonic action on the body. It also improves energy levels by increasing levels of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine reducing stress and enhancing their mood.

    Ginseng is available as an extract, a paste, a powder as well as capsules. If you are taking a concentrated extract, between 100 and 200 mg will suffice; if you want to use the powder form, the recommended dose is between 5 to 10 grams. You will probably need quite a few days to begin experiencing results from taking ginseng. People with heart and kidney problems or high blood pressure or those on anti-coagulant drugs or aspirin should speak to their doctor about taking ginseng.

    While the dosage levels presented here are the generally recommended dose, it is best to schedule a personal consultation with an ayurvedic doctor who is best placed to guide you in the use of these aphrodisiac herbs. Most important of all, remember that the best aphrodisiac of all is deep-seated love.
  • Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
    10 effective tips for sex power increase

    Decreased sexual interest and sex power haunts everybody at one or the other point of time. So, it is very important to use techniques to keep your sexual life, pleasurable and enjoyable. Here are 12 tips for sex power increase. Hope they are useful to you.

    1. Don't have it every day. Maintain a gap of one or two days. Sex, as a part and parcel of a daily routine, may make you feel bored and eventually might lead to decreased sexual interest. Many times sex in a day, very rarely is fine.

    2. Always have an element of surprise in your moves, or your general behaviour, or the gifts that you choose. Surprise makes the moment exciting.

    3. Different sex postures - you may start feeling bored by same postures. So, different intercourse postures will not only help to have improved sexual health, but also helps you to keep fit by burning a few more calories. Sex postures that do not allow complete insertion make the act fun and exciting.

    4. Try out some safe sex fantasies. Sexual fantasies are the imaginary scenes that you plan and enact with your spouse.

    5. Do not undress all of a sudden. Slow and steady... always wins the race.

    6. Wear a condom, it delays the pinnacle giving more time to enjoy. In some men, rolling back the foreskin of the penis helps delay excitation. The tip of the penis (the end bulged part) in men is the point of excitation. Making delay in its excitation helps delay ejaculation and gives ample time for foreplay.

    7. Exercise - sex and exercise are connected to each other.

    8. Black gram - black gram has been hailed as one of the effective diets for sex power increase. So, eating dosa, or other food dishes made of black gram for 2-3 times a week will help in good sex health. Urad daal.

    9. Get rid of diseases - maximum sexual bliss can be had only if you keep yourself healthy and hygienic. So, get proper treatment for your diseases and do not allow them to grow to chronicity. Diabetes and hypertension may be causes for decreased libido, which has to be given proper treatment.

    10. Take care of your partner. Love is such an important element to ensure mutual enjoyment. Please know the feeling of the partner. Ladies usually will be in a slightly different mood nearing to their periods. Working women will be usually encountering higher stress levels. So, please take care.
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  • Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
    Onions - these are vegetables with aphrodisiac properties to help the libido. If you think you have low libido, you can take this by crushing them and frying them in butter. You must add honey with the golden onions and eat them in empty stomach for improving the sexual drive.
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  • Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
    Watermelon is one of the richest natural sources of l-citrulline, an amino acid that can help make your erection harder. It's also loaded with citrulline, an antioxidant that converts to l-arginine once it's in the body. Like that little blue pill, l-arginine stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which increases blood flow to the penis, strengthening erections.

    Eat the fruit plain or mix it with some tabasco, olive oil, lemon juice, feta and mint to make a sweet and savory side dish that will help you go all night long. Bonus: capsaicin, the compound that makes tabasco sauce hot, releases chemicals that increase heart rate, mirror signs of arousal and rev your libido

    The bottom line? munching on this salad will get you in the mood for the evenings festivities and increase your duration in the sack, too.
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