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  • Msc- food and nutrition
    5 Daily habits that are adding pounds to your belly

    Whether its smoking, or munching on that extra bit of chocolate, or sleeping in too late – everyone has one of these indulgent habits that make them feel good but are bad for their body. Mostly, you may continue with these habits, finding it hard to break them off. However, these little habits may accumulate and add to your expanding waistline, consequently stemming your efforts to lose weight.
    So, which daily habits are to blame for the fat on your tummy? Read on to find out.

    1. Having a lot of diet soda: Diet sodas may apparently seem like the perfect drink, as they are fizzy and without the dreaded empty calories. However, they are one of the main causes of an increasing waistline. The University of Texas’ Health Science Centre conducted a research and found that people who drank diet soda regularly had their waist size increase by an unbelievable 70% when compared to those who didn’t consume diet soda. People who drank two diet sodas a day saw a full 500% increase in waist circumference. The aspartame (artificial sweetener) in diet soda causes your blood glucose to rise to such high levels that your liver is unable to process it. This excess glucose is then converted into fat. Skip the diet soda and try healthier alternatives such as green tea or flavoured water instead.

    2. Practicing a poor eating schedule: Skipping breakfast, having your dinner late regularly or not eating for long periods of hours during the day can add extra inches to your waistline. If you eat late, your body is unable to process heavy amounts of food during your sleep. As a result, not only will a larger percentage of calories be converted to fat, you will also develop indigestion. Indigestion is a problem you will face if you don’t eat for long periods of time as well. Along with that, your body goes into starvation mode when it senses the scarcity of food, and will start converting all the energy it can into fat, adding pounds to your weight.

    3. Not sleeping enough: Sleeping has a lot of hidden health benefits that people do not know about. Besides keeping you stress free and giving your body the time to repair itself, sleep also manages cortisol levels in your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that makes you crave foods that are high in sugar. Increased amounts of cortisol in your body translate to more and more sugary foods going in to your body, which results in belly fat. Human adults need six to eight hours of sleep every night to keep off the pounds.

    4. Too much partying: Going to a party has a lot of dangers for people who want lose body fat. Excessive alcohol consumption is a major risk, as alcohol adds a ton of empty calories to your daily intake. Drinking alcohol can also cause you to snack on very calorie-dense foods throughout the night as it can give rise to hunger pangs. Also, alcohol contains a lot of sugar, and can increase your belly fat to a considerable extent.

    5. Lack of movement: People with desk jobs and long work hours often end up with a lot of belly fat. This is due to a number of factors associated with their job. Firstly, they have to sit for long periods every day without movement. Secondly, they are on their feet minimally, and the body gets little to no movement for the biggest chunk of the day, resulting in extra pounds. To counteract this, think of taking up simple arm and leg stretches to break the physical monotony. Also, take the stairs as much as you can, and walk around the office more frequently to prevent fat accumulation.

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  • Msc- food and nutrition
    The health benefits of indian gooseberry, also known as amla, can be partially attributed to its high vitamin-c content. Amla enhances food absorption, balances stomach acid, fortifies the liver, nourishes the brain and mental functioning, supports the heart, strengthens the lungs, regulates elimination of free radicals, enhances fertility, helps the urinary system, increases skin health, promotes healthier hair, acts as a body coolant, flushes out toxins, increases vitality, strengthens eyes, improves muscle tone and, acts as an antioxidant.
  • Msc- food and nutrition
    Various health benefits of lemon are explained below:

    Indigestion and Constipation: Lemon juice helps to cure problems related to indigestion and constipation. Add a few drops of lemon on your dish (take care, as lemon does not go well with milk), and it will aid in digestion. Lemon acts as a blood purifier and a cleansing agent, so a good drink after lunch or dinner is fresh lemon soda, which is also called fresh lime soda in many places. The recipe is lemon juice, cold water, soda, salts (common salt or rock salt) and sugar/honey for sweetness. You can also add some mint leaves or crushed fennel seeds for added flavor. Drink this whenever you have a heavy lunch or dinner.

    Lemon juice can treat a person who is suffering from a cold, flu or fever. It helps to break fevers by increasing perspiration.

    Dental Care:
    Lemon juice is also frequently used in dental care. If fresh lemon juice is applied on the area of a toothache, it can assist in getting rid of the pain. Massaging lemon juice on the gums can stop gum bleeding, while eliminating the bad odors that can come from various gum diseases and conditions.

    Additionally, lemon can be used in the regular cleansing of your teeth. Keep your eye out for a toothpaste containing lemon as one of the ingredients, or add a drop of lemon juice onto your normal toothpaste. Some people also rub their teeth with the outer shell (the inner side touching your teeth) of a lemon after removing the juice. But be careful, lemons are highly acidic, so if your mouth starts burning, rinse your gums and mouth quickly with water.

    Hair Care: Lemon juice has proven itself in the treatment of hair care on a wide scale. Lemon juice applied to the scalp can treat problems like dandruff, hair loss and other problems related to the hair and scalp. If you apply lemon juice directly on the hair, it can give your hair a natural shine.

    Skin Care: Lemon juice, being a natural antiseptic medicine, can also cure problems related to the skin. Lemon juice can be applied to reduce the pain of sun burn, and it helps to ease the pain from bee stings as well. Lemon juice can be applied on the skin for the treatment of acne and eczema. It acts as an anti-aging remedy and can remove wrinkles and blackheads. Drinking lemon juice mixed with water and honey brings a healthy glow to the skin, and if you thoroughly search the cosmetic market, you will find some soaps containing lemon juice, but they aren’t too easy to find!
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  • Msc- food and nutrition
    Roti vs. Rice- What should you have your meals with?

    The nutritional conflict between rice and roti is age-old, as primary staples of every Indian cuisine. White rice and wheat chapattis are both infused with considerable amounts of protein, calorie, fat as well as fibre. This overlap makes it tougher to choose just one as an accompaniment with your meals.
    The health-conscious can take a sigh of relief with this list of effective benefits of the two. Let’s pit them against each other!

    #1: If you opt for a lighter meal…Choose rice!
    Boiled white rice is easier to chew and digest as it is low in fibres. For those with issues of diarrhoea, colitis, an upset stomach or morning sickness, rice is a favourable choice. If you are suffering from chronic gastrointestinal distress, rice is recommended for you.
    Tip- You can consume a bowl of steamed rice with sautéed vegetables for a wholesome meal!

    #2: If you are looking for muscle growth…Choose roti!
    Rotis is the best food accompaniment for vegan and vegetarian bodybuilders. At home, you can mix variants of whole grains to harness the benefits of calcium and other minerals. Wheat chapattis made of whole grain consist of complex carbohydrates that boost your energy.
    Tip- For reducing your portions, have two servings of roti (without ghee) with a large bowl of home-cooked yellow dal.

    #3: If you have a heart condition… Choose rice!
    For you to keep your heart healthy, the consumption of rice is vital. Brown as well as white rice is full of fibres and high in magnesium, niacin, phosphorus that can prevent heart problems. Rice helps you in lowering bad cholesterol levels.
    Tip- Substitute your regular white rice in the khichdi or biryani recipe with brown rice. (Contains fibrous bran and germ layer)

    #4: If you want to feel fuller… Choose roti!
    For weight watchers, who want the feeling of satiety for longer period should include rotis in their meal. Wheat rotis take longer to digest which helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. This quality also makes it a good alternative for diabetic individuals. Wheat rotis are nutritious and contain vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B9 that help in keeping you strong.
    Tip- While kneading the wheat dough for the rotis, you can add soya powder to increase its protein content.
    To escape the dilemma of choosing between these two healthy and tasty staple sides, try switching to whole-wheat rotis and brown rice. Savour both, guilt-free!

    If you would like to consult with me privately, please click on 'Consult'.
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  • Msc- food and nutrition
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  • Msc- food and nutrition
    here are a few more tips to gain weight even faster:

    Don't drink water before meals. This can fill your stomach and make it harder to get in enough calories.
    Eat more often.

    Drink milk.

    Try weight gainer shakes.
    Use bigger plates.

    Add cream to your coffee.

    Take creatine.

    Get quality sleep.
  • Msc- food and nutrition
    One of the best oils that you can think of switching to if you feel that you are overweight is olive oil. It is rich in monounsaturated fats which will help in lowering the ldl cholesterol and improving the hdl cholesterol in your body.

    Daily consumption of one to two tablespoons of olive oil will do no harm to your body when compared to butter and other vegetable oils.
  • Msc- food and nutrition
    Cabbage is one veggie that is known to burn body fat effectively.

    Make sure that you eat a bowl of raw cabbage everyday before your lunch to burn fat.
  • Msc- food and nutrition
    Go for a five meal daily plan

    It is ideal for you to eat small quantities of nutritious food regularly to reduce your weight. It is ideal for you to include at least 30 to 45 minutes of exercise every day to see visible differences in weight.

    Have a breakfast by 8: 30 am in the morning and limit it to 250 to 300 calories.
    Have a handful of nuts as a mid morning snack at 10: 30 am
    Have your lunch at 12.45 pm and make sure it is only a diet full of veggies and fruits.
    At 2: 30 pm have your afternoon snack that could be carrot sticks or apple with low fat peanut butter?
    At 6 pm have the last meal of the day that includes a cup of vegetables before the meal? then drink water and follow it with a cup of rice and lean meat.
  • Msc- food and nutrition
    The Causes Of Overweight Or Obesity
    The causes of obesity which make it necessary for a person to go for weight loss remedies are:

    1. Unhealthy Diet

    Having a diet rich in calories and eating over sized portions can lead to overweight problem.

    2. Inactivity

    If you have a sedentary lifestyle, you tend to gain weight as the calories are not used up and they get converted to fat.

    3. Medical Problems

    Medical problems like Cushing’s syndrome, Polycystic Ovary etc can cause obesity
  • Msc- food and nutrition
  • Msc- food and nutrition
  • Msc- food and nutrition
    Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Water is the best weight reducing agent known to man.
    Resist the temptation to eat everything that looks delicious, all in one sitting.
    Spread your meals out to cover 5 to 6 snacks each day. This helps control hunger as well as paces out the production of insulin.
    Walk instead of driving everywhere. Walking for at least 45 minutes a day helps burn as many calories as a workout.
    Reduce the size of your plates. This will ensure that there is less food piled up on it.
    Increase your intake of water-based vegetables such as capsicum, cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini. Apart from being healthier, these also are low in calories.
    If you absolutely have to drink coffee, go in for regular coffee instead of coffee with a whole lot of frills. After all, the small calories that come along with the frills do count towards the overall picture.
    Choose to eat meals at home rather than opting for fast food or eateries. When you eat home-cooked food, you can keep a watch on your calorie intake. This cannot be done when eating outside.
    Never skip breakfast. This slows down your metabolism and will be detrimental to your health as well as your weight loss plans in the long run.
    Balance out your meals with proteins and fibrous foods along with carbohydrates. Remember that too much of carbohydrates leads to weight gain, so balancing it out will ensure that you are well nourished as well as well balanced.
    Eat your food slowly and relish it. Chewing is part of the digestive process. Don’t rush it.
    Never eat when you are not hungry. This is the worst thing that you can do to your body. Stashing calories into your system when they are not needed is definitely something to be avoided.
    When you plan to go healthy, choose to eat fruits instead of opting for fruit juices. Fruit juices usually contain sugar and, in some cases, preservatives. These can cause the calorie count to go up.
    Cleaning helps a lot to clean up your system. When you spend time cleaning, it actually helps burn calories at the rate of four calories each minute!
    Take a brisk ten-minute walk before at least one meal each day. This helps burn down calories as well as reduced your appetite.
    Cut out on TV time. Being a couch potato will make you look more like a real potato.
    Reduce on your intake of alcohol. This will go a long way in helping you stay in shape.
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  • Msc- food and nutrition
  • Msc- food and nutrition
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  • Msc- food and nutrition
  • Msc- food and nutrition
  • Msc- food and nutrition
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