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Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.


HOMEOAYU CARE is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Ripal Pandya, a well-reputed Homeopath , practices in JAIPUR. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 77 patients.

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Krishna nagar ,jorawarsingh gate
JAIPUR, Rajasthan - 302015
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international acedemy of classical homeopathy grecce .
diploma in IACH
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  • diploma in IACH, BHMS
    Warning signs for chikungunya

    * if fever continued for more than five days
    *intense pain
    *cold feet and hand
    * reduced urine output
    * bleeding spot under the skin
    * continued vomiting
    * chest pain

    Medicine helpful in this cases

    Arnica, Rhus tox, belladonna, Bryonia alba, eup per, arsenic album, sol lyco.

    It is advisable that a qualified homeopathic doctor should be consulted.
  • diploma in IACH, BHMS
    1) thumb sucking
    2) nails biting
    What can homeopathy do ?

    Homeopathic remedy together with counseling of the child to shape desired behavior are beneficial in treating most of the cases.

    It is advisable that a qualified homeopathic doctor should be consulted.
  • diploma in IACH, BHMS
    3 three best back strengthening exercises
    Exercise one

    Hip bridge
    How to do it: lie on your back, feet flat and hip-width apart, arms relaxed, and knees bent. Squeeze your buttocks as you lift your hips, creating a straight line from the knees to the shoulders. Hold for a slow count of two, then lower slowly. Build up to 10 to 12 repetitions.

    What it does: this move counteracts the effects of too much chair time, which puts excessive pressure on the spine. It stretches the hip flexors and strengthens the muscles that stabilize the spine, including those of the lower back, the gluteals, and the large, stabilizing abdominal muscles.

    Make it harder: lift one foot off the floor and hold it straight up toward the ceiling, foot flexed, keeping the hips even. This is much more challenging, so start by holding this pose for just a few seconds. Repeat five to eight times, then switch legs.

    Exercise 2

    Bird dog
    How to do it: begin on all fours, knees hip-width apart and under the hips, hands flat and shoulder-width apart. Squeeze your abs by pulling belly toward spine. Keep the spine neutral, without arching the back or rotating the hips, and extend your right leg back and your left arm straight ahead. Hold for two to three seconds or as long as you can maintain form. Repeat five to six times on each side.

    What it does: this exercise improves muscle balance and coordination, making it easier to keep the spine stable for everyday moves, such as walking, running, dancing, and carrying a child. It also tones your glutes, upper back, lower spine, and hamstrings. Tighter abs also keep the spine supported.

    Make it harder: gradually increase the holding time for 10 to 12 counts. For an additional challenge, add movement to the mix by slowly lifting and lowering the extended arm and leg a few inches, maintaining proper form throughout.

    Exercise 3

    Side plank

    How to do it: lie on your right side, in a straight line from head to feet, resting on your forearm. Your elbow should be directly under your shoulder. With your abdominals gently contracted, lift your hips off the floor, maintaining the line. Keep your hips square and your neck in line with your spine. Hold 20 to 40 seconds and lower. Repeat two to three times, alternating sides. (if this is too challenging, start with bent knees.)

    What it does:

    Builds strength and endurance in the core. This will help keep your lower back protected and stable during activities that require movement in the hips or back.

    Make it harder:

    While holding the basic position, lift and lower your top leg. Gradually work toward holding the upper leg for 5 to 10 counts. Another option: instead of resting on your forearm, support your body with your hand, palm on the floor and under the shoulder, elbow straight.
  • diploma in IACH, BHMS
    1) Make sure that you drink enough water. Ideally hydrate your stomach with glass of water half an hour before a meal.

    2) Eat slowly. One of the main cause of indigestion is unchewed food.

    3) Drink a cup of boiled water in the morning before breakfast. This seems to cleanse the stomach and often works wonders.
  • diploma in IACH, BHMS
    Time and health are two precious assets that we don't recognize and appreciate untill they have depleted.
  • diploma in IACH, BHMS
    Got a late night sugar craving that just won't quit? to satisfy your sweet tooth without pushing yourself over the calories edge even in the late night hours, think fruits first. So resist that chocolate, cake siren and instead enjoy a sliced apple with a tablespoon of but butter or fresh fig halves spread without with ricotta.
  • diploma in IACH, BHMS
    'nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances of survival of life on the earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.
  • diploma in IACH, BHMS
    If disease of body bubbles up, so to speak, into the skin like water from a spring, to treat this disease in (of) the skin by washes and ointments, or other outward applications, is really not treating the disease state at all, but only preventing its peripheral expression. So please people avoid the use of any external applications and cure routly by classical homeopathic mode of treatment.
  • diploma in IACH, BHMS
    Finding the right homeopathic remedy to start treatment on a patient is one thing, but being able to interpret the effect of the prescribed remedy is another issue and it is often even more crucial. The homeopath must fully understand whether after his prescription the patient is progressing in the right direction, toward a possible cure, or not if he does not fully understand what is going on, he could make mistakes in the treatment which can be crucial apart from delaying its process.
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