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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Neuro Physiotherapist, Pediatric Physiotherapist, Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist.Our mission is to blend state-of-the-art medical technology & research with a dedication to patient welfare & healing to provide you with the best possible health care.

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physiohub is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Shruti Mittal, a well-reputed Neuro Physiotherapist, Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Pediatric Physiotherapist , practices in greater noida. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 82 patients.

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58, jyoti kiran society, near gail society,vironda chowk
greater noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201310
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Institute of applied medicine and research, Ghaziabad
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consultant physiotherapist at dwarka orthopaedic clinic, new delhi
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    Neuro Physiotherapist, Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Pediatric Physiotherapist
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    Years are passing by and our kidneys are filtering
    the blood by removing salt and any unwanted
    bacteria entering our body.
    With time salt accumulates in our kidney and it
    needs to undergo cleaning treatment. How are we
    going to do this?
    Here is an easy, cheap and simple way to do it.
    Take a bunch of coriander (DHANIYA Leaves) and
    wash it clean. Cut it in small pieces and put it in a
    pot. Pour clean water and boil it for ten minutes
    and let it cool down. Next filter it and pour it in a
    clean bottle and keep it in refrigerator to cool.
    Drink one glass everyday and you will notice all
    salt and other accumulated impurities coming out
    of your kidney while urination. You will be able to
    notice the difference yourself!
    DHANIYA/CORIANDER is known as a best cleaning
    treatment for kidneys and the best part is it is
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    10 Biggest brain damaging habits:

    1: Missing breakfast.
    2: Over-eating
    3: Smoking
    4: High sugar consumption.
    5: More sleeping
    specially at morning
    6: Eating meal while watching TV or computer
    7: Wearing Cap/scarf or socks while sleeping
    8: More brain usage NJ during sickness
    9: Over speaking
    10. Habit of blocking/Stoping Urine.
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    Consume flaxseeds, white sesame as great calcium and fibre substitute for betterment of joints esp. for ladies with osteoporosis and chronic osteoarthritis.
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    For a stronger back one need to check his/her core muscles because that is where the entire strength of the body lies.
    undergoing a proper core stability and strengthening exercises will help you keep your back strong and aligned.
  • Dr. Shruti Mittal
    answered 9 months ago
    Hi do get her vitamin b-12 checked and start the medication or supplements accordingly, her problem will be solved easily. And if she has diabetes then it could be due to that. Regards
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  • Dr. Shruti Mittal
    answered 9 months ago
    Hi you need to use a medial arch inside your sports shoes. Always wear good brand well cushioned shoes. If you are overweight, try to loose weight.
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  • Dr. Shruti Mittal
    answered 1 year ago
    Hello, Technically age is a non reversible process and you must be knowing it well too :) but yes you can achieve a fit and strong body and a healthy lifestyle. 1. Indulge into a regular physical activity like walk, yoga, running, strength and flexibility exercises(4-5 days a week) 2. Maintain a proper balanced diet including sufficient amount of calcium, proteins, and a correct proportion of fats and carbohydrates. 3.drink plenty of water in the entire day. 4.Keep stress away from the life and have enough and a sound sleep of atleast 7 hrs.
  • Dr. Shruti Mittal
    answered 1 year ago
    Hello, yes you can continue walking, though it depends upon the severity and the level involved. But as you said early you can and you should continue walking for 15-20 min. Take care of your postures and work station ergonomic. If the pain is continuous go and visit a good physical therapist.
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  • Dr. Shruti Mittal
    answered 1 year ago
    Hello 1. Avoid incorrect postures like working in forward bent posture for long, slouching in the chair, sitting in one position for prolonged hours. 2. Avoid lifting, push or pull a heavy object. 3. Regular physical activities like walk, jog, flexibility exercises. 4.Incorporate Proper calcium and protein in the diet. 5.Prevent weight gain by indulging into physical activity and balanced diet.
  • Dr. Shruti Mittal
    answered 1 year ago
    Hey,There can be many reasons but you need to elaborate your problems as in is it on the front of the thigh or sideways or back of the thigh. Is there a tingling sensation too. What are the various positions or movements that induces or aggravates pain. Any history of fall, disc prolapse/low back issues. These are certain queries that needs to be clarified first.
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  • Dr. Shruti Mittal
    answered 1 year ago
    You can use hotpack and take a muscle relaxant/ pain killer. Hotpack twice or thrice a day and once it is settled to a extent, look for a good physical therapist.
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