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Dr. Thayumanavan

Physiotherapist, Chennai

Dr. Thayumanavan Physiotherapist, Chennai
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My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
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Dr. Thayumanavan is one of the best Physiotherapists in Ambikapuram, Chennai. Doctor is currently practising at Thayu physiotherapy & fitness clinic in Ambikapuram, Chennai. Book an appointment online with Dr. Thayumanavan on has an excellent community of Physiotherapists in India. You will find Physiotherapists with more than 44 years of experience on You can find Physiotherapists online in Chennai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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I amsufferingfrom bones pain since last month. Whole bones have so much of pain n some sound also come from joints.

Physiotherapist, Hyderabad
Hi do the stretching exercises reguarly it will relief from pain. If you have any doubts revert me back.
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I'm a 21 year old male. When I was around 10, my arm got fractured from the joint. So the doctor plastered my arm. But when the plaster removed after 1-months, it was dislocated. I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to make it to its normal shape again.

AUTLS, CCEDM, MD - Internal Medicine, MBBS
General Physician, Faridabad
the dislocation can be corrected surgically ..get in touch with a nearest good orthopedician for that
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I am 31 years old male and suffering from (lgmd) Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy. What should I do.

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics
Orthopedist, Delhi
Muscular dystrophy in some cases is self limiting. Physiotherapy helps in preventing contractures & defomaties. Fortunately these patients are intelligent & their intellect is not affected. They should be employed in places where not much of physical force is requrid keep his moral up.
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Lower Back Pain - 4 Yoga Asanas For Treating it

Ayurveda, Nashik
Lower Back Pain - 4 Yoga Asanas For Treating it

Lower back pain is one of the most common ailments among adults all across the world. You may wake up in the morning with an energising drink before going out to work. After you arrive at work, you may have to sit there till lunch, which involves further sitting and you are required to sit for more hours for completing the remaining work. Then you come back home by sitting in the car and have the night’s meal while again sitting. Did you know sitting through the day is the major culprit behind your back pain? Thankfully, yoga has effective ways of treating back pain to a considerable degree.

You can choose to do the following yoga poses for alleviating your back ache:

  1. Supine hamstring stretch: You will have to lie back on your back and bend the right knee to the chest. Then you will have to place a rolled-up towel around the football and straighten the leg towards the ceiling and press both the heels. In case your lower back feels strained, you can bend your left knee and place the foot right on the ground. Hold the position for about 3 to 5 minutes and practice regularly for soothing back pain.
  2. Two knee twist: You will have to bend your knees to the chest while lying on the back and try to bring out the arms forming a T-shape. Then try to exhale and lower down the knees on the ground towards your right side. Keep both the shoulders pressed down firmly and hold this position for about 2 minutes for best results.
  3. Sphinx: You will have to prop yourself on the forearms while lying on the stomach. You will then have to align the elbows right under the shoulders and press through the tops and palms of the feet. You are likely to feel terrific sensations down your lower back, but it is advised to bear through it as it allows the flow of blood to that region which is required for healing. Practice the position regularly and hold it for at least one minute.
  4. Thread the needle: This is quite an easier pose where you will have to lie flat on your back by bending both the knees with your feet flat on the ground. You will now have to bend the right knee by placing the outer left ankle through the right thigh. You will have to thread the right hand between the leg and interlace the hands behind the left thigh.

These positions would help in soothing your lower back pain, but it is recommended to consult a doctor if the pain still persists. Ayurvedic Tiktaksheer basti, massage therapy and certain oral medicines can help a lot in speedy recovery from spine/back related problems.

Ayurved has a very unique way of drug administration called Basti in which various medicines are given through the anus ( Rectal route)...For Lumbosacral / spine disorders a very specialised form of enema Tiktaksheer Basti (Medicated Bitter Milk enema) is given which shows amazing results. Kindly consult a specialized Ayurvedic practitioner for additional details.

Kati Basti (Vasti) is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment used for lower backache and disorders of lumbosacral region, including slip disc, lumbar spondylosis, sciatica, spinal problems etc. Kati Vasti is a part of external oleation (Snehana) therapy in Ayurveda. It is very safe, non-invasive and green category procedure.

In this procedure, you will get instant relief from backache. After completing a course of 7 to 21 days, you may not need any kind of oral medicines. It is a complete therapy for back pain and lumbosacral disorders.

However, the results vary person to person, but in most of cases, people get quick relief after the procedure.

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I am 18 years old boy and I have backache from 2 day I ate pain relief tablet it didn't work what should I do.

MPT - Orthopedic Physiotherapy, BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Noida
Ice and hot pack twice a day and take rest avoid strain full activity like long sitting and standing toward bending.
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I am a just 21 year old from last 2 to 3 weeks I have pain in legs, just like the muscles are straits with very painfully.The pain in my legs are not every day it will come after 2- 3 days and always it in the night when I was sleeping.What is I am do for that. Please help me. Thanks.

Dip. SICOT (Belgium), MNAMS, DNB (Orthopedics), MBBS
Orthopedist, Delhi
Hi Thanks for your query and Welcome to Lybrate. I am Dr Akshay from Fortis Hospital, New Delhi. Actually pain at calf/Leg region can be due to many reasons , commonly it is muscular in nature but it can also be due to Tendons, Nerves, Blood vessels etc. My advise to you for initial 2-3 weeks will be : - Ice packs application intensively with elevation of your limbs at night - Take a short course of anti-inflammatory medication as per your body's suitability - Stop your physical activity till pain completely subsides - Intensive physical therapy, training and proper muscle conditioning once pain has subsided - Slow resumption of physical activities with proper pre activity warm up and stretching of muscles and short increments in duration of physical activity each day as per pain tolerance. - We will get some blood tests for you - Serum Vitamin D and serum Potassium levels, ESR and CRP Once you have all these reports then you can contact me as i can advise you for proper supplementation Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further assistance. You can also discuss your case and treatment plans with me in a greater detail in a private consultation. Thanks & Regards Dr Akshay Kumar Saxena Consultant Orthopaedics Fortis Hospital, New Delhi
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I'm a 24yr old, I had a severe back pain since last two years. Pls provide any remedies.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
Homoeopathic medicinee REPL-18 BACKACHE DROPS ( REPL) Drink 10 drop in 20 ml freh water 3 time daily HAEMOCAL ( SBL) Chew 4 tab twice daily Drink 2 glass milk daily Prohibit from climbing sstairs
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I have knee pain for a long time. And I don't know the reasons of the pain. Can you suggest the reasons and remedies for my problem .thanks.

FIPP, MD - Anaesthesiology, M.B.B.S, AAFIPM ( aesculap Academy Fellow in Pain Practice )
Pain Management Specialist, Ahmedabad
ice application 3 times a day at Pain full site. avoid jerky activity check out calcium n d3 level
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I am suffering from joint pain at both the knees of my legs & both the elbow & shoulders of my hands, since around one & half years. Also, I am unable to turn my face completely. I feel, that, my veins are either stretching or arresting between the bones. Kindly advice me. Thanks & regards.

Fellowship in Shoulder and Knee Surgeries, DNB (Orthopedics), Diploma In Orthopaedics (D. Ortho), MBBS
Orthopedist, Nagpur
At 57, knee pain is mostly because of osteoarthritis. Shoulder pain has various causes like impingement syndrome and rotator cuff tear. Treatment depends upon your diagnosis and your expectations from treatment. Diagnosis is essential for treatment. Consult joint specialist. Dr. Prashant parate shoulder and knee surgeon arthroscopy and joint replacement specialist sports injuries specialist.
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I have back pains daily and I have to take regular medicine n spray. Is there any other way?

Ayurveda, Ambala
First of all check your posture when you are lifting any material like heavy bucket . And try to lift the heavy bucket without bending your back . you may lift the bucket after bending your knees only. This will definitely help you. * Gentle massage with lukewarm mustard oil of your waist area will also give you relief. * Surya Namaskar is only exercise which you need to do. * In diet vegetable protein of cereal , B complex supplements and half teaspoon of haldi in a cup of milk for seven days will give you enough relief.
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Hi, I am suffering from back pain since three months. Doctor told it is because of age factor by seeing X-ray. Prescribed Rapisone DSR Cap, Acuvin Tab, Rabbi DSR Cap, Ruby Gel and advised some exercise. But there was no relief after completion of dosage. My digestive system is not good. Even after proper diet feels very weak. Please guide.

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Vijayawada
Hi Mr. Manoj, Your back ache problem is very much taken care with Homeopathic treatment. First take Kali carb 30, 6 pills two times a day for three days only. And consult me for next prescription. Note - Continue with exercises.
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I will hve a saviour back pain when I wake up but it the pain goes on decreasing after some nd I get a relief from pain why does it happen.

Physiotherapist, Noida
Advice…. Hot Fomentation x twice daily. Avoid bending in front. Postural Correction. Sit Tall, Walk Tall. Extension Exercises x twice daily. Bhujang Asana x twice daily. Back Stretching.
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My mother is having problem of l5 s1 (9.9). Please tell me that is it necessary to do operation or it can be cured with medication or any other means ?

Physiotherapist, Delhi
It can be cured by physiotherapy sessions and learn exercise for spine. Use lumber spine belt also. Don't sit on floors. Send me your x ray report also so that I can advise you medicine.
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My left leg calf is thick for cramp from 2 year so now in my foot pain and my bones are very weak them the right leg so please give me right decision which doctor is perfect for me.

Merrithew Stott Pilates, Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Physiotherapist, Bangalore
Goodmorning, I would like you take the advice of hot and cold fermentation for your calf and foot first. Wait for 2 days after which you could do a mild stretching of calf for 10 to 15 seconds. If pain still persists then plase do a tens treatment (physio session) for your leg. That will reduce a lot of pain in your leg. Then do a couple of ankle toe movements and then rotation for your foot. At night when you are sleeping you could also elevate your leg so that there is better flow of blood in your leg.
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I am a diabetic and suffering from varicose veins and my legs are always painful and stiff. Sole of the feet is also stiff and painful This is a description of a patient.

Physiotherapist, Gandhinagar
Hello sir, I agreed with the lybrate-user. Kalyani's advice but I want to add one more important point in that and thats 1) try to avoid long standing position as much as possible 2) use the compession stockings 3) use the pneumetic compressive therapy if available at your near by physio centre.
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I am sports person I have problem with my knee pain for a week I have tried all relief gel please suggest me the solution.

Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS), Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS)
Orthopedist, Trichy
you have to consult an ortho surgeon to make sure you havent injured any of your knee ligaments during your sport activities.
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I feel some sort of mild pain in both the knees. I am not interested for allopathy treatment. Can you suggest for ayurvedic treatment. It will be nice of you if you can suggest hospitals in Kolkata and Bangalore.

Commonwealth Fellow Joint Replacement, DNB - Orthopedics, MS - Orthopaedics, MBBS
Orthopedist, Delhi
Do not ignore your knee pain for long time it may damage your knee joints so you can consult any good orthopaedic surgeon for the better treatment. They may help you with better options.
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Sir/madam, I am facing pain in both calves for long period, specially at the time sitting and at the time take sleep (in afternoon). I have taken advice from doctor and doing excercise, but not get any benifits. It is requested please give me advice for solving the problem. Thank you very much.

Dip. SICOT (Belgium), MNAMS, DNB (Orthopedics), MBBS
Orthopedist, Delhi
Hi thanks for your query and welcome to lybrate. I want to know your detailed clinical history, your relevant investigations, your treatment records till now. It helps me to better understand your condition and prescribe accordingly. Calf pain can be due to several reasons like vitamin d deficiency, shin splints etc. My advise would be to stop physical activity for atleast 2 weeks if you are into sporting activities, initiate physical therapy to strengthen muscles, take adequate supplementation, ice packs and limb elevation, and let me know in around 2 weeks time. Please also mention your co-morbid conditions and drug allergy. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further assistance. Thanks & regards Dr Akshay Kumar Saxena
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The importance of proper posture

General Physician, Delhi
The importance of proper posture
Proper posture during mobile and computer use prevents cervical, lumber and shoulder pains.
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I am 5.6 &my weight is 69. Iam 55 yrs and i have left shoulder pain always.Kindly advise

Fellowship in Shoulder and Knee Surgeries, DNB (Orthopedics), Diploma In Orthopaedics (D. Ortho), MBBS
Orthopedist, Nagpur
This is either Impingement or Rotator cuff tear. Visit shoulder specialist. Don't go to general orthopaedic surgeon. Dr Prashant Parate.
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