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Dr. Thangadurai

Pediatrician, Chennai

Dr. Thangadurai Pediatrician, Chennai
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Our team includes experienced and caring professionals who share the belief that our care should be comprehensive and courteous - responding fully to your individual needs and preferences....more
Our team includes experienced and caring professionals who share the belief that our care should be comprehensive and courteous - responding fully to your individual needs and preferences.
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Dr. Thangadurai is a renowned Pediatrician in Poonamallee High Road, Chennai. You can meet Dr. Thangadurai personally at Kumaran Hospital in Poonamallee High Road, Chennai. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. Thangadurai on has an excellent community of Pediatricians in India. You will find Pediatricians with more than 32 years of experience on You can find Pediatricians online in Chennai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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My daughter is 12 years old. Height is 5'5&weight 50 kg. She is very lazy. N still she is bed wet.

Diploma in Child Health (DCH), F.I.A.M.S. (Pediatrics)
Pediatrician, Muzaffarnagar
If she had been dry for 2-3 years after age of 3 years, take it easy and don't make her conscious or scold her. Get her urinated before retiring at about 10 O' clock. Otherwise get her properly checked.
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Dr. mera beta 15 month ka h use do din pahle 104 Fever tha par ab ni h or use kamzori ho gaye hai wo khada ni ho pata h or us k dono legs mai dard rehta h!

MD - Paediatrics, MBBS
Pediatrician, Jaipur
Your child may be down with viral fever (may be dengue or chickengunia). Sponge body for 30 minutes if temp is over 102 F. Complete bed rest with plenty of fluids & normal diet is advised. Paracetamol can be given to reduce fever & pain in extremities.
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My girl baby is 5 months old. As of now my baby is having only mother's milk. All my neighbours and relatives insisting to take solid food like biscuits, cerelac,etc for baby. Kindly suggest from when to start feeding solid foods for baby and what are the food that can be feed?

Diploma in Child Health (DCH), F.I.A.M.S. (Pediatrics)
Pediatrician, Muzaffarnagar
It is advisable to wean after 6 months now a days but it can be started now with semi solids like dal daliya khichadi suji kheer etc 1 item once in a day for few days n gradually changing to other items. Continue breastfeeding and start dairy milk with spoon once in a day.
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My baby is 7 months and his eye is becoming red no idea what happened black portion seems bit whitish from one end Kindly suggest cure Weeping as well no having least diet.

MBBS, M.D.(Gen.Medicine)
General Physician, Chennai
From your description, it looks like your baby is suffering from infection of eye, possibly Conjunctivitis. Before it becomes worse or spreads to the other eye, it is better to take the baby to a Paediatrician and get proper advice.
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My daughter is 2 years 4 months old. At night she finishes her dinner by 9.45 pm. She sleeps between 12.30 to 1 and gets up around 12.30 pm next day. Is it necessary to feed her at night?

General Physician, Delhi
Total sleep required by a 2 year old is around 10-12 hrs in a day. Try to divide it in day nap and night sleep so that she eats morning meal too.
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Hello. My baby is two months old. She is suffering from cough since two days. Is it normal for such young babies to get cough n cold.

Pediatrician, Kaithal
Cough in such a small baby should not be taken lightly and needs proper treatment from a qualified doctor
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my son is 5 and half month old. his weight is 8.5kg. whether its a normal weight or overweight? at the time of born his weight is 3.3kgs

MD - Paediatrics
Pediatrician, Aurangabad
usually weight of a child is doubled by 5 months of age of birthweight,means your child is more than double ,pl send his all details like height,head circumference,date of birth,weight records if any
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HI My 3 years old daughter is having severe cold, cough and sometimes runny nose and sometimes it gets blocked along with fever sometimes from last Saturday. Being very restless in night sleep. Have consulted a very good Paediatrician and giving medicines at regular intervals and feeding food somewhat at time. But till now no improvement and condition gets worse day by day. If it continues the same what should I do next. Being worried a lot. Expecting your help. Thank you. Medicines: Advent drop Syrup 5 ml - 0 - 5 ml Ambrola Syrup 3 ml - 0 - 3 ml.

Diploma in Child Health (DCH), F.I.A.M.S. (Pediatrics)
Pediatrician, Muzaffarnagar
Your daughter is already under care of pediatrician. Trust your doctor. Medicines you mentioned is not prevalent in my area of my practice. So contents of medicines are not known to me. You may instill 2-3 drops of saline nasal drops in each nostrils 3-4 times in a day.
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Dear Doctor, My Son is 2 years & 9 months old & he is suffering from dental problem, unfortunately his teeth follow down with any thing hitting or follow down, just came out from his month. Kindly suggest what will be problem and take precaution for the dental treatment. Second issue he is crying every time when he is sleeping at night. He cannot tell the problem. So kindly suggest us and help us to treat him for good health. Please give an suggest for the same

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
Crying can be due to stomach ache and if you give bottle feed you have to stop it and feed with a spoon and give carmicide syrup. and for dental you take care to avoid his falling down and give calcium syrup and show a dentist
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We have two & half year son he is suffering from fungal infection on his back. Effected area having white patch. Kindly advice us. Is it really worried disease?

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
Can you send a pgot privately. Any way you can apply flucos cream or dusting powder and reply privately. It will take 1-2 months to go fully. Ask privately.
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What is zinc preparation and how will it cure loose motions in my one year old daughter?

General Physician, Faridabad
ORS is the first step you have to turn towards. There is quantity of water prescribed on the sachet that is to be mixed for 1 sachet of ORS powder. Zinc suspension helps a lot in infants suffering from loose motion. Z & D drops is the most prescribed one. My pediatrician does so. Ofcourse, these should be given only after consulting your pediatrician. Bifilac Probiotic Syrup is the most effective I have experienced for my daughter. Loose motion, may it be due to any reason, this oral suspension for babies help to cope up with the situation. This is a powder medicine that needs to be mixed with clean drinking water before use. Once the water is added, the medicine can be used for a maximum of 5 days. Rest should be discarded.
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Tomorrow 3rd Oct'15 will be my son's first birth day. He doesn't have a single tooth as of now. What should be the probable reason for the same.

MD - Paediatrics, MBBS
Pediatrician, Tumkur
You must find out cause for delayed dentition. If all other milestones are normal you can try calcium and vitamin d preparation.
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My son 14 yrs, he is over weight 70 kg. Approx. 8/9 years ago due to jaundice he takes 4/5 KGS. Glucose. Please advice for loss his weight.

Diploma in Child Health (DCH), MBBS
Pediatrician, Gurgaon
Less of carbs/fat/oil/ glucose/ no junk. Involve him 2 hour daily outdoor activity. No TV / indoor games
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My daughter age 22 month she say papa one word only she can hear normally is she any problem to talking or she is normal I am worried about this please help me.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
Need to know her birth weight and present weight and development history. Perhaps, she is just late in development, or there may be issues which can be checked. Ask privately in this site.
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He is 7 years old . And the problem is .he is doing bed wet when he sleep 3 or 4 times in night. So please suggest .

Need further information whether he started doing it recently or always has been like that. Does he have urine accidents in daytime too? make sure he drinks plenty of fluids in day time. No drinks 1 hour before bedtime. No tea/coffee/cocacola type drinks in evening. Treat constipation problem if it is there.
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My daughter she is of 1 year 2 months old and we are going to hoshiarpur punjab in marriage at december end so what precaution should be taken as it would be very cold.

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Gurgaon
In extreme cold weather there are chances of frost bite, thermal injuries leading to influenza (cold cough fever). Usually we know well to protect us from from extreme cold weather but over protection may lead to other type of immunological thermal injuries. For example suppose temperature of water in overhead tank is 4 degree Celsius chilled and we can not bath or drink chilled water than we will start heating and sooner it will become warm at 40 degree Celsius. Now we will start bathing at this temperature of water in chilled air. Temperature difference between bathroom air and water goes beyond 20 degree Celsius (35 degree Celsius). This difference between bathroom air and water temperature of more than 20 degrees Celsius causes other type of thermal injuries leading to Allergies and infection due to breach in immunity.
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During the 1st month of age, I fed my baby every 2 hrs in a day. She is in 2nd month now. Do I continue feeding like this? or what should be the frequency of feeding?

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
There is no rule to feed by clock. If the baby demands feed you can give whenever bay cries for milk. This is called demand feed. There are many things to take care especially till the first birthday.. For which you ask me privately in this site.
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Loving Your Kids The Right Way

MDS, Fellow of Academy of General Education (FAGE), BDS
Dentist, Ahmedabad
Loving Your Kids The Right Way

Loving our children in a real way:

  • Loving my daughter/son comes so easily when 
  • She/he wins a competition, 
  • Gets high marks, 
  • Listens to me, 
  • Keeps her room clean, 
  • Finishes her food, 
  • Pays attention while studying, 
  • Sleeps on time, 
  • Never raises her voice and 
  • Practices dance/singing/drawing without me reminding her.

That's the easy way to love.

However when I look back at my childhood I realize that the moments I really wanted love badly were when 

  • I scored less marks, 
  • Failed in a competition, 
  • Couldn't fall asleep,
  • Didn't feel like studying,
  • Wanted to laze around,
  • Didn't finish the tiffin,
  • Didn't complete homework,
  • Forgot an important assignment,
  • Fought with a friend,
  • Had a heartbreak,
  • Committed a mistake,
  • Felt guilty,
  • Felt lonely.

These were the moments when I needed my parents the most, I needed their assurance that it is okay to be human, to fall, to get hurt and what I wanted to listen in those moments was" I know it hurts, but i'm here with you. Maybe we can't do anything about what happened, but i'm here with you. And I love you for what you are, always"

This is real and unconditional way to love!
Yes I wanted to hear" I love you" loud and clear. It was the only thing that could heal my heart. Love!

It's the moments when we lose control of ourselves that we want someone to hold us, isn't it? you don't need to be perfect. Just be real!

Do you chose love the easy way or the real, unconditional way?

Today no matter what your child does, choose love and see how it heals you as a parent. 

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I want to stop breastfeeding as my child is 14 months old but she refused to take any other milk. So please suggest me the ways how can make her to drink.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
You simply refuse to breast feed and when the child feels hungry you feed from a cup with spoon or a sipper but do not use nipple and bottle. You can pit a bana aid on nipple and she will refuse to suck seeing the difference from normal nipple
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