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Dr. Sunil Kumar

Psychologist, Chennai

Dr. Sunil Kumar Psychologist, Chennai
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I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
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Dr. Sunil Kumar is a trusted Psychologist in Vanagaram, Chennai. He is currently associated with Serene Life Hospital in Vanagaram, Chennai. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. Sunil Kumar on has an excellent community of Psychologists in India. You will find Psychologists with more than 37 years of experience on You can find Psychologists online in Chennai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Good morning sir Sir I have always stress and depression on my mind. Specially on exam time more stress is coming. So for this what I have to do? Please sir help me.

MSC Human Development , Hypnotherapy , Special Educator , ms- counselling and physiotherapy, Applied psychology Hons
Psychologist, Faridabad
Good morning sir
Sir I have always stress and depression on my mind. Specially on exam time more stress is coming. So...
Every time when you want to do your studies and you feel stressed take deep breaths and try to do breathing exercise and think that you are confident about your study stateggies and you are doing best in your exams. Think positive and make your proper timetable for further studies.
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Hello Sir, Mera mobile shop hey. Meri problem ye hey ki mera body weight bhot kam ho raha hey. Pahle mera weight 60 kg tha pichle 6 mahine me 54 kg ho gaya hey. Muje koi tenson nahi hey aur mera khana pina bi bhot acha aur healthy hey. To kya vajah ho sakti hey? Mujhe gussa bhot aata hey. Kya ye vajah ho sakti hey? Kya fir se mera wight bad payega? Please ans and solve my problem.

Diploma in Hospital Administration, Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management (P.G.D.H.M), Diploma in Herbal Beauty Therapy & Cosmotology, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Mumbai
Can control your anger wt meditation. Do rajyog meditation taught by the brahmakumari center. Increase weight wt herbofit caps. It will increase your hynger and increase your wt naturally.
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I lost someone last year and I am in depression. You will give me some idea for relief depression.

Ph. D - Psychology, Professional Certified Coach
Psychologist, Ahmedabad
I lost someone last year and I am in depression. You will give me some idea for relief depression.
What you are going through is greaving. Loosing loved one is not easy to deal with emotionally. I am sorry for your loss. When you are greaving, your mind is continuously engaged in sad and disturbing thoughts and feeling of loss and perhaps guilt. When sadness over powers you it is difficult to feel any other feelings. Even feeling happy makes you feel guilty and uneasy. Slow but effective way to over cone sadness is to engage yourself in some neutral activities such as cleaning. Walking or readjng a light book. Once you try that for few days you may be ready for following things. There are few things I would like you to try. 1. When you feel sad. Feel the feeling of sadness fully. You may close your eyes and let that sadness flow through your mind and body. If tears flow let them flow. Cry it out. Feeling what you feel fully and totally is healing. Once you feel your sadness fully. You might feel the lightness in your heart. Feel that too and say out loud. How wonderful! and engage your mind remembering some good qualities and good times you spent with the person you are missing. 2. Regular simple breath awareness meditation also help manage your loss. 3. You may also l write daily 3 to 5 things you are grateful to every morning. These things could be as simple as having a bed to sleep and food to eat. Affirm what you write and add new thing in your list for 7 to10 days. If you are not feeling any change over next 2 weeks or if you lack motivation to initiate and maintain above activities feel free contact me and we could work together for few weeks to months to reverse your cycle and help you appreciate what you have. Hope this helps wishing you very best.
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How to fulfill the harms caused by taking cigarettes, I have heard that it shrinks brain, please help me out?

Homeopath, Vadodara
First of all smoking is harmful for you and people surrounding you while you smoke. Smoking affects many system of body it mainly affects lungs and later on you will be suffer from lung disease. And who told you that due to smoking brain shrunken there is possibility of shrunken of lungs. You should start treatment for quit smoking. You start with caladium 30 one dose s. L. Bd for 15 days then report me.
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Psychotic Disorders - Know The Common Types!

MD - Podiatrist
Psychiatrist, Lucknow
Psychotic Disorders - Know The Common Types!

Severe mental disorders that affect the mind and cause abnormal thinking are referred to as psychotic disorders. These disorders make it hard for a person to communicate with others, make good judgements, understand the difference between reality and imagination and behave appropriately. There are many different types of psychotic disorders. Some of the more common psychotic disorders are:

This is the most common psychotic disorder. People suffering from this disease suffer from delusions and hallucinations that last for longer than 6 months at a time. There are three types of symptoms associated with this disease:

  1. Psychotic symptoms that affect the person’s thinking such as hallucinations, trouble organizing thoughts and ideas, delusions and strange movements
  2. Negative symptoms that make the person seem depressed and do not allow him or her to function normally and show emotions.
  3. Cognitive symptoms that affect how the person thinks.
  4. Schizophrenia cannot be cured, but can be treated and managed with a combination of medication and psychotherapy.

Brief Psychotic Disorder

People who suddenly show psychotic symptoms that last for a maximum of a month and then resolve themselves are said to be suffering from a Brief Psychotic Disorder. Some of its symptoms are:

  1. Hallucinations
  2. Delusions
  3. Chaotic thinking
  4. Inappropriate behaviour and dressing
  5. Senseless babbling
  6. Memory loss
  7. Disorientation
  8. Change in eating and sleeping habits
  9. Weight loss

Treatment for this condition may involve hospitalisation if the symptoms are severe or if the person is a threat to himself or herself. Usually medication, psychotherapy or a combination of the two are used to treat this condition. In extremely rare cases, this condition may recur.

Delusional Disorder
This disorder refers to a condition where the person has a delusion or false belief involving a real life situation such as being followed, deceived, poisoned, sick etc. In order to be diagnosed as delusional, the person must show no other symptoms of schizophrenia. These delusions should also not be the result of any type of medication or intoxicant. Treatment for this disorder is challenging and needs to be tailored to the patient’s needs. In most cases, medication and cognitive therapy are used to improve the patient’s quality of life and social functioning.

Shared psychotic disorder
Sometimes, if one person in a long term relationship suffers from a psychotic disorder, his or her partner may also start believing in the same hallucinations or delusions. In most cases, apart from this, they show no other symptoms of psychotic disorders. This condition is rare and usually treated with psychotherapy.

Bipolar disorder
Bipolar disorder, which is also known as maniac depression, which and is related to extream and unusal mood shifts, frequent changes in brain activity level along with energy. It is commonly of 4 types, namely Bipolar I disorder, Bipolar II disporder, Cyclothymic disorder and other unspecified disorders. People suffering from bipolar disorder often suffer from 'mood episodes', which is further of two types one is manic episode and depressive episode. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a psychiatrist.

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Hypnotherapist, DCS, BSIC, Advanced Trainee of Transactional Analysis, Advanced Skills in Counselling
Are you the responsible, motivated, organised and the helpful type of person who is surrounded by immature, irresponsible, demotivated people around you who suck the energy out of you? This combination is often seen in close relationships and workplaces. You would have done everything to bail them out of trouble but they still remain as irresponsible as ever. This can be very frustrating and tiring for you. And if you leave them their life will just fall apart. This worry doesn't leave you. Because you will be impacted by their mistakes too and you can't see them suffering. So you continue to help out for the 20th time, while swollowing your anger? Well help is available around the corner. In counselling you can come and discover how you can behave differently to help these people become more responsible and answerable. You will

I have a stammering problem. What should I do to cure this problem and remove the stammering problem.

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Chennai
Stammering is typically recognised by a tense struggle to get words out. This makes it different from the normal non-fluency we all experience which includes hesitations and repetitions. Commonly it involves repeating or prolonging sounds or words, or getting stuck without any sound (silent blocking). Sometimes people put in extra sounds or words. Often people lose eye contact. Some people who stammer talk their way round difficult words so that you may not realise they stammer at all. This avoidance of words, and avoidance of speaking in some or many situations, is an important aspect of stammering. Stammering varies tremendously from person to person and is highly variable for the person who stammers who may be fluent one minute and struggling to speak the next. Get an mri brain and eeg with a psychiatrist evaluation.
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Hello actually I am feel anxiety all the time also I don't have friends actually I expect the way I treat them they should treat me but that doesn't happens and whoever comes do not stay much my first weakness is that I get attached to anybody very easily it is very घबराहट type in my body.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
Hello actually I am feel anxiety all the time also I don't have friends actually I expect the way I treat them they s...
I am afraid that you may be suffering from the rejection issue wherein you feel unwanted and also abandoned, and suffer separation anxiety. This can complicate your whole life. There must have been some incident in your early childhood that may have provoked this feeling: be it true or not. It is however possible to resolve this by learning to accept yourself and love yourself. The rejection issue will make you feel like you do not belong, although externally there may be all the signs that they do love you. It is your perception based on some incident in childhood that is influencing this feeling. The perception is more important than the actual event. You must do all kinds of loving things for yourself. That includes respecting your life, health and well being. Do not frequent people or places or situations where you are not wanted. You must exercise daily, eat a good diet and sleep well. Your identity is also something to work on. In the meantime, do a personality development course; attend workshops and conferences and talks to further your growth. The more educated you become, the more confidence you will develop. Generally meet more people and gradually learn to dispel all fear around them: they are also sometimes equally afraid of others!
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My sister is a drug addict what should I do now to stop her from having drugs and all these things.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
You have to admit your sister into a rehabilitation program for at least 6 months to cure her of this addiction. If she has had mental problems too then she may require psychiatric care as well. Even after rehabilitation she must continue addiction counseling for at least three years to completely remove the physical and psychological conditioning and craving. She will be told and taught new lifestyles, schedules, habits etc. to totally recover. She must work on the oral issue, the rigid value system, the genetic factor and the script issue. Many people will not be able to resolve drug addiction in particular if they do not reach their ‘Hitting Rock Bottom’, i.e. the worst stage in their addiction to finally want to reform. Unfortunately for some unlucky few that can be death. So do be careful and do not delay seeking help now. If there are relapses, do not get too alarmed and give up. She must again persevere and fight this battle until she comes out victorious. The family members and medical fraternity must be there for her right through this recovery. She will also need to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings for a long time too after the treatment is over. The worse is if she is not yet ready and willing you will most likely fight a losing battle. But keep trying until you succeed.
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I am 40 years old male from tonk distt. I am odd feeling (like about to fear and anxiety increase.

General Physician, Mumbai
I am 40 years old male from tonk distt.
I am odd feeling (like about to fear and anxiety increase.
Apart from taking symptomatic treatment Take tablet folvite 5mg once a day and tablet vitaminD (60000iu) once a week for six months
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Hi sir. This is satya last two or three years I am suffering from depression for some reasons. I don't know how to come out from that.

Ayurveda, Ambala
Hi sir. This is satya last two or three years I am suffering from depression for some reasons. I don't know how to co...
Dear you should follow my these instructions seriously to make life free of depression -. * on getting up every morning, just stand in front of mirror and say you are happy and you can do anything. By saying these words, you get positive energy about yourself and that makes you feel better. * in morning and evening, take a little time for meditation. You just have to sit in a peaceful place, close your eyes and take long breaths in and out. While breathing just concentrate on breathing only and do it for atleast 10-15 minutes daily. * when ever anything make you feel stressed, do not try to hide it. Just go to your parents or the nearest person you trust most and talk to him/her about the problem and discuss it very clearly. It will solve the problem and make you feel that you are not alone in the world. *join the charity functions and help those persons which are so poor and can not afford their meal and other daily routine things. Helping other make you feel inspired and boost your confidence level. * go to the temple or any nearest religious place who you believe daily. Going to that place daily give you positive energy and bless your life by the grace of god. Apply these things in your life and I assure you that you feel that your life have changed completelyy and you live your life with full confidence.
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I want to quit tobacco i'm having it from 5 years and I want to quit it please help what should I do.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear Ashutosh. Welcome to lybrate. Quitting smoking is not easy. You have to show will power and quit smoking NOW. Sustain it with will power. Consult a psychologist for De addiction therapy. Take care.
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Hi I have anxiety problem it's not often but whenever I am in situation when I need to compose myself to resolve any issue or a high kind of problem especially in office suddenly my nervous system breakdown and my brain stop working I lost my control over my body. You can say panic attack or anxiety even today morning it happened when I got an issue and I required to Perform. Kindly suggest your valuable suggestion what should I do to overcome this problem.

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry, MBA (Healthcare)
Psychiatrist, Davanagere
Hi I have anxiety problem it's not often but whenever I am in situation when I need to compose myself to resolve any ...
Good Morning ~ Anxiety can be an overwhelming issue, which can prevent you for initiating or completing daily activities that require a continuous sustained attention. It seems from your description of the problem which is very brief that you are also having panic attacks. You may benefit from medications for the problems that are associated with distressing symptoms on a daily basis. A psychiatric evaluation may elicit some social problems that are contributing to your condition, and it may be appropriate to start you on medications after a thorough evaluation. I believe that you need to focus as much as you can on the symptoms and divert your attention from them when you recognize them. Also being able to face anxiety evoking situations without causing you to be distressed is something that you can be working on using mindfulness meditation. All said you may need medications to take the edge off of your anxiety.
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I have bad and depressed thoughts when wake up in morning at 8 and lie down on bed upto 10 with depressing taught and also bad feeling all days. What to do I don't understand while everything around me is good happenings.

Homeopath, Faridabad
I have bad and depressed thoughts when wake up in morning at 8 and lie down on bed upto 10 with depressing taught and...
Hello, It seems you are in depressive stage. Practicing yoga helps you in releasing the stress from your body. Brisk walk in a park will help you inhale more fresh air and oxygen for good functioning of the cells and tissues of the body. Medication: Take Schwabe’s Bacopa Monierri 1x/ thrice daily and Kali Phos. 6x/ once at night. Yogasana: Practice the following poses if you don’t have any medical condition or pregnancy or else take an advice from your concern doctor and then only perform these. 1.Balasana: Sit on your heels with your big toes touching and hands resting on your thighs. Lower your belly and chest to rest between your knees, bringing your forehead to the floor. Relax your arms back beside your shins, palms facing up. Soften your breath by taking 5 to 10 long, deep inhalations and exhalations. 2.Bhujanasana: Slowly slide forward from Child's Pose to lie facedown. Press your toes and forehead gently into the floor. Rest your palms lightly on the floor on either side of your chest with fingertips pointing forward and elbows bent and hugging in toward your ribcage. Inhale and lift your chest from the heart, pressing only very lightly into your palms and mostly using your back strength to hold your shoulders and chest up. Soften your shoulders. Then lift your hands off the floor completely, broadening across your collarbones and reaching your heart up. Take a couple of deep, slow breaths here. Then as you exhale, place your palms back down and gently lower your chest to floor. 3.Savasana: lie back, letting your body sink into and open around the support. End in a supported pose on your back with a folded blanket under the length of the spine to help arch the upper and middle back, and lengthen the lower back. Move your arms a comfortable distance away from your body and anything else around you. Turn your palms to face up. Separate your legs a natural distance apart. Relax your feet and let them roll open. Finally, do a mental scan from head to toe: Where are you holding tension. Release it from every part of your body—including your heart and head. .
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I am a smoker 10 cigar /day. Now I am trying to quit smoking. May I use Bupron XL150 to quit smoking. presently I am having paroxetine 12.5 with ethiloza beta 0.25 for anxiety.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
Bupron also is antidepressant used for stopping smoking also. You may feel over tired and lethargic if both are used. Consult your psychiatrist.
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I become depressed in the evening .Tell me reason .Advise me safest medicine for evening.

Reason can be told after detail history and for medicine complete assesment /daignosis is neccassry
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