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Dr. Sivakamu Dhandapani

Gynaecologist, Chennai

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Dr. Sivakamu Dhandapani Gynaecologist, Chennai
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I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care....more
I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.
More about Dr. Sivakamu Dhandapani
Dr. Sivakamu Dhandapani is an experienced Gynaecologist in Triplicane, Chennai. You can meet Dr. Sivakamu Dhandapani personally at Sakthi Hospital and Research Centre in Triplicane, Chennai. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Sivakamu Dhandapani on has an excellent community of Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 26 years of experience on You can find Gynaecologists online in Chennai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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No: 175, Big Street, Triplicane. Landmark: Near To Indian Bank, ChennaiChennai Get Directions
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Sir meri wife pregnant hai dusra bacha janm dene wali hai, uska pet par dag aagaya hai uska koi malham bataye plz.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FCPS, DGO, Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning (DFFP)
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Sir meri wife pregnant hai dusra bacha janm dene wali hai, uska pet par dag aagaya hai uska koi malham bataye plz.
Aap jo bol rahe hai ve sayad stretch marks hai. Stretch marks hote hai kyonki pet ke skin stretch hoti hai saath me kuch hormonal changes hote hai. Ve normal hai, baad me kam ho jayenge magar light marks rahenge.
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Hello Dr. I just want to ask if female had sex on her 3rd day of period and after sex she is not bleeding on 4th day she gets pregnant or not what are the possible chances pls reply thanks and regards.

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
Gynaecologist, Bangalore
Hello Dr. I just want to ask if female had sex on her 3rd day of period and after sex she is not bleeding on 4th day ...
Dear lybrate-user, Having intercourse during the time of menstrual cycle does not increase the chances of pregnancy if she has a regular cycle lasting for 28-35 days. If she has a short cycle (bleeds every 21 days), there might be a possibility that she ovulates (releasing of egg which is responsible for pregnancy) early and this does pose a risk of pregnancy. In the later case suggest to take an ipill within 72 hours of intercourse. Stoppage of bleeding after intercourse does not carry any significance in relation to her pregnancy chances. Hope this helps:):)
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What Do Chiropractors Do and Why?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
What Do Chiropractors Do and Why?

Chiropractic has been around for over a century and was originally defined by its creator DD Palmer and taken from the Latin for 'done by hand'.

While it took some time to develop a basic premise, in the early stages the ideas that formed its base had many influences. D.D. Palmer was originally a 'magnetic' healer with an interest in the metaphysical. B.J. Palmer his son had probably the most impact on the expansion of the profession.

Hippocrates said "It is most necessary to know the nature of the spine. One or more vertebrae may or may not go out of place very much and if they do, they are likely to produce serious complications and even death, if not properly adjusted. Many diseases are related to the spine".

This may have been an underlying thought that people at the time had. D.D. could have, at least at some point believed it to be always the case. And so he set about 'adjusting' or manipulating the spine in an attempt to help people with various complaints.

The basis of care focused on the integrity of the spine and nervous system. It was known that the brain controls every system in the body and uses the spinal cord and nerves to deliver messages to every part of the body. Palmer taught that if you are unwell there is a good chance that your nervous system was involved and that the chiropractor's job was to correct it.

He used his metaphysical interest to introduce the concept of 'Innate intelligence'. This thought involves the inbuilt ability of the body to heal itself and that any interference to the "flow" of this intelligence could cause 'dis-ease'. "The kind of dis-ease depends upon what nerves are too tense or too slack"

Later that concept developed into a more accepted version. This was still based on the thought that the body has an inbuilt ability to heal but that stressors on the body would disrupt the spinal joint motion. The most common causes of stress was believed to be Emotional, Physical and Chemical.

By the 1920's the research on spinal motion, disc herniation and nerve impingement was well underway in the medical realm. This at least showed that disruption to a spinal joint can irritate nearby nerves. D.D. termed this a Vertebral Subluxation - a dysfunction of a spinal joint that irritates a spinal nerve. It is a chiropractic specific term not to be confused with the medical term of subluxation.

And it has been this term 'vertebral subluxation' that has continued to dog the profession from inside and out. From inside there are practitioners who hold firm to this construct, others that have let it go, each side being very vocal. Of course from outside the profession this has been seen as a mark of disunity and has tarnished the professions credibility.

Palmer said, the chiropractor's role is to adjust subluxated spinal vertebrae back to their best position and restore joint motion. The premise being that this will remove any nerve interference and associated symptoms.

This is what they do, and the reason they believe they do it is of some contention. But what is not at all debated is that Workcover NSW Australia (a state-wide workers compensation scheme) do not have any bias toward Chiropractic or Physiotherapy treatment for injured workers. This at least implies they have similar return on investment to each other with respect to injured workers regardless of the type of injury.

A study in Canada in the late 1990's implied the results from chiropractic and other modalities for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation was effective and appropriate in comparison to a medical alternative treatment. A number of other studies also mentioned that manipulation is safe and appropriate for the great majority of patients with lumbar disc herniation.

So it appears that this constantly debated premise for why chiropractor's do what they do has very little bearing on patient outcome.

A recent study out of New Zealand 2016 shows that a manipulation does in fact cause a change in brain function. So maybe the research will one day be able to clarify the underlying belief of the subluxation that has dogged and divided the profession.

Whether a Chiropractor is improving the "Innate Intelligence" or helping the lower back repair after a work injury, one thing is still a reality, they have been helping people naturally for more than 100 years without drugs or surgery. Maybe this could be a more appropriate fact to inspire the profession to unite and move forward?


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I had sex for the first time with my husband but blood didnt come out from vagina. M still unsure if my hymen is broken. Please assis me how can I check it.

Homeopath, Hubli-Dharwad
Bleeding after first sex is not always. If you are comfortable with your husband them there won't be bleeding. If you can insert two fingers in your vagina then your hymen is broken.
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Tell me Ayurvedic medicine for weakness, scanty periods, increase estrogen level naturally?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Pune
Tell me Ayurvedic medicine for weakness, scanty periods, increase estrogen level naturally?
Use warm water for drinking,take healthy ,warm food,fresh fruits,dry fruits,take proper rest,sound sleep,do regular exercise, yoga,pranayam. Avoid- chilled water,cold drink, foods kept in fridge,oily,spicy,outside food,water, avoid late night works, travelling ,overexertion during menstruation. best luck..
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Hi doctor, I am 32 yrs old, newly married. Last week I finished with my periods & had intercourse. I had an i pill too, same day. Today morning I started bleeding. I do not know why. And I started my workout out today, treadmill & floor exercises. Why am I bleeding? Please advise.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), CRAV
Ayurveda, Bangalore
Hi lybrate-user. The function of I pill is induced bleeding and clean the uterus. Bt your periods was just finished. That means your uterus is already clean. Again by medicine you aggravates the bleeding. Bt you do not worry it will be normal within few days. Do not do any physical excercise and do not take hot n spicy diet. Next time please take precaution or either do by checking your safe or unsafe time.
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