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Dr. Sanmaran

Gynaecologist, Chennai

Dr. Sanmaran Gynaecologist, Chennai
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I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care....more
I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.
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Dr. Sanmaran is one of the best Gynaecologists in Royapuram, Chennai. You can consult Dr. Sanmaran at Sudha Hospital in Royapuram, Chennai. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. Sanmaran on has an excellent community of Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 37 years of experience on You can find Gynaecologists online in Chennai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

Hi Sir, My age is now 31 year and my wife age is 29 year. We have one Baby (Boy) and he is 2 and half years old. Now we are confused to get next baby. So please tell me the Right Gap to get a next baby.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Gurgaon
Hi lybrate-user. After a cesarean it's best to have atleast gap of 3 yrs. However if previously you had a normal delivery you can go for the next baby right away. All the best.
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Piles - Health Tip

Ayurveda, Zirakpur
Piles - Health Tip

In case of gastric piles apply walnut oil on the blisters. It heals the swelling and relieves pain.
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I just got married, trying for baby, please help what will be best way doing sex.

General Physician, Gurgaon
Dear lybrateuser, pl keep in mind the fertility period of your wife as ovulation takes place around 14th day in a 28 days cycle. Fertility period is from 11-17th day. Better to have sex during that period.
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Hi if we miss one month menses is there any problem or its normal coz I missed one month period, health wise I don't have any problem I did pernency check at home it's negative please advise.

B.H.M.S, M.D in Homoeopathy
Homeopath, Anand
It's ok. But there is some reason like anaemia or hormonal imbalances. So exercise regularly and take iron rich food. That will increase hb.
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I am 25 year old girl. I have very large chest want can I do for that. To reduce that one.

Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS
General Physician, Delhi
Do exercises with arms like weight lifting and rowing to tone up the muscles. Wear sports bra as it flattens the'chest' making a woman less conscious.
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Hello mam. I am married 10 months ago. In this duration my wife got pregnant and was diagnosed with blighted ovum n dnc was done in december 2017. Now she is pregnant. We did pregnancy test. My question is what is the reason that blighted ovum happened and does early ultra scanning harms fetus.

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Vadodara
Cause of blighted ovum is abnormal chromosomes and defective sperms in few cases. And female body rejects it and does not allow the fertilized ovum to grow. And no there are no bad effects of sonography in early fetal life even. It is the most safest non invasive test.
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I am 25 years young man. My marriage in dec 2015. I sex with my wife without condom & I don't child at 2 or 3 years. Both are enjoy sex. I sex with my wife without condom. So, how to avoid pregnancy & don't use condom?

Diploma in Family Medicine, Fellowship in Diabetology, Diploma in Diabetology, FCCP, MBBS
General Physician,
1 there. Are methods to avoid pregnancy without condom to enjoy sex. 2. If you sex in safe period no pregnancy will occur. 3. If you have sex in unsafe period - pregnancy will occur to know the details of safe and unsafe period, contact me privately.
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Dear sir, 34 years 92 kgs n 5. 2" tall .absolutely no libido, inactive lot of water retention feel cold n don like to bath. Have two kids 8 yrs, 5 years thru c- section. Get irritated easily n unhappy with obesity. Feel fatigue n sleepy, no stamina. Hv no sugar, no bp; no thyroid. Or other symptoms. I want to get rid off my weight n water retention as quickly as possible. Also any medicine for libido. please advise.

MD-Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Haldwani
Hello- These kinds of symptoms are faced by most women in their early fifties due to menopausal changes in the body physiology it is alarming if you are experiencing such things in your thirties. At initial phase most women aren't aware of all the factors that affect libido, or the treatments available to help. Many women note that stress is not the major issue, and that depression is really frustration that their libido is not in sync with that of their partner. However certain aphrodisiac herbs (in ayurveda) and specific tips can offer significant help for this condition and overall well-being.
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Having irritation in vagina before & after periods . Done all test Paper smear / Sonographic but nothing found . Dr are also not able to find out the issue . Pl help

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
I need to examine you. As you have not mentioned your age, it could be hormone related issue. If you are > 40 yrs, you can apply estrogen cream inside vagina.
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I am a 36 year old female. Been married for last 4 years to a loving husband. We had sex only 10-12 times in these years, and no intercourse. Now we plan to have a baby, but my husband cant keep his erection and thus we have not been able to have an intercourse. I never had sex before marriage. Is wearing a cock ring, will minimize ejaculation during intercourse and my chances of getting pregnant? Can my husband use Vacuum erection pump for sustained erection? does that effect ejaculation or the quality of sperms?

MBBS (Gold Medalist, Hons), MS (Obst and Gynae- Gold Medalist), DNB (Obst and Gynae), Fellow- Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (ACOG, USA), FIAOG
Gynaecologist, Kolkata
He can use the device. But ed is not a problem restricted to penis. It may be due to some serious problems inside body. So. Please get himself checked by doctor to diagnose the cause and start treating the cause. In that case, he can have natural erection.
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I had sex 28 days ago, on the last day of my previous period. He ejaculated on my vaginal entrance. The problem is that, although I had my next period. It wasn't that much that I have normally (and it wasn't a spotting too) Am I by any chance pregnant?

General Physician, Cuttack
Chance of pregnancy is very less,since he did not ejaculate inside and moreover you had period subsequently. So don't worry
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My wife is pregnant she is of 22 years old. We want to stop this and this is the the first month please suggest us the best way without any side effects.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Gurgaon
Hi Sandeep. If you are in first month of pregnancy you can opt for medicines to terminate the pregnancy. Uptil 9 weeks you cn choose to take medicines. But you need to follow proper dosage and technique to achieve optimum results. You can use MTP kit But I advise you to take it under medical supervision.
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Dear Sir, I am a 36 year old. Since 2 years I have been having white discharge and now I have inflammation in the vaginal area. I have taken fluconazole 150 mg weekly for 2 weeks but it returns once the medication is stopped. My mother has been diabetic since 35 years. I am not sure if I am diabetic.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), diploma in anorectal disease
Ayurveda, Kolhapur
Hi If you have family history then go for blood and urine test. Use ayurvedic medicine Pushyanug churns 1/4spoon two times with warm water. Take ashokarista 2spoon twice a day with warm water after food mixing in warm water.
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Did you know, Sleeping less than 6 hours can be fatal?

General Physician, Nashik
Did you know, Sleeping less than 6 hours can be fatal?

How sleeping less than 6 hours affects your health

After being awake for almost 14-16 hours, our body demands sleep. Minimum sleeping time required for a healthy mind and body is 7-8 hours. Although, this duration varies according to age. Because generally speaking, where a child can sleep for 12-14 hours, grownups can sleep for not more than 9 hours. Sound sleep is very essential otherwise, it can be harmful for our health. Let's see how sleeping for less than 6 hours affects our health.

  1. Headache, weight gain and poor vision: When you sleep for less than 6 hours a day, it can not only give you headache all the time but can lead to a poor vision also. And if continued for a long time, may hamper your eyesight. The lesser you sleep the more weight you gain. And after-effects of gaining weight could be even more hazardous.
  2. Memory loss, heart disease, infection: Sleeplessness can have an adverse effect on one's memory too. A person may find it difficult to remember even simple things. Also, infections can take a longer time to heal because sleep is something that stabilises and balances everything that goes wrong while we are awake. If we don't get proper sleep, the process of healing takes longer. Lack of sleep can also elevate blood pressure which ultimately affects the heart.
  3. Urine overproduction, stammering and accident: Sleeping slows down urinating process but when you are awake for longer hours, you might have to urinate more than usual. Lack of sleep can also make you stammer while speaking. If lack of sleep continues, you may not be able to communicate properly. When you do not have sound sleep, your mental condition would not be stable because of declining concentration. You can be accident prone if you drive in such a condition.

These are just a few of the ill effects. Sleeping for less than 5 hours is far more dangerous than you can even think. From behavioural to mental to physical effects, it can harm you in many more ways, So, have a sound sleep to avoid complications in life.


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Causes And Symptoms Of Bacterial Vaginosis!

Gynaecologist, Noida
Causes And Symptoms Of Bacterial Vaginosis!

Bacterial vaginosis is an infection that occurs in the vagina due to an imbalance in growth of the vaginal bacteria; It is the overgrowth in the naturally occurring bacteria in the vagina causes the imbalance. This disorder is very common among women, especially among pregnant women. This problem is usually not very serious and tends to subside within 4-5 days. However, in certain cases, they are capable of causing serious complications.

Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis include:

  1. Vaginal discharge that is white or grey in colour
  2. Constant itching in your vagina
  3. The vaginal discharge usually has a foul smelling odour
  4. Burning sensation during urination

Vaginal bacteria can be either good or bad. Any disruption in the delicate balance of the vaginal bacteria can lead to bacterial vaginosis. There is no exact known cause of this disorder, but it is believed that having multiple sex partners can aggravate this risks. Other factors include:

  1. Douching: If you clean your vagina with water and other cleansing agents on a regular basis, it might cause a bacterial imbalance, thus leading to this infection. 
  2. Multiple partners: Having multiple sex partners puts you at a higher risk of contracting bacterial vaginosis. This disorder may also lead to various complications such as:
    • STIs: This infection may make you highly susceptible to various infections such as Chlamydia, HIV and gonorrhoea.
    • Disorders of the pelvic region: Bacterial vaginosis may lead to inflammation in the pelvic region, which in turn may lead to infertility.
    • Preterm birth: It increases the chances of premature birth
  3. Smoking: Smoking frequently increases the risk of a bacterial vaginosis infection.
  4. Unprotected sex: Having sex without proper protection increases the risk levels of bacterial vaginosis. 

There are certain preventive measures that you can adopt to prevent this condition:

  1. Use soaps which contain no or very little chemicals to clean the region around your genitals
  2. Use latex condoms during sexual intercourse to prevent STIs.
  3. Do not clean your vagina (the practice referred to as douching) on a regular basis. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a gynaecologist.
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Medicine From Kitchen - Mint

MD- Ayurvedic Pathology
Ayurveda, Amritsar
Medicine From Kitchen - Mint

Mint, scientifically known as ‘mentha’, is a herb with small green leaves and a characteristic strong odour. It is also a virtual cure-all plant. Try using mint by adding it to your meals, oral care and skin care regimen to remain healthy and fresh forever. A few prominent mint health benefits include the following:

Digestion aid: Try mint leaves if you are not feeling hungry. It is a great appetizer as well as a promoter of digestion. It soothes your stomach when you’re suffering from inflammation or indigestion. So, next time you have a stomach upset, go for mint tea or mint oil. Mint’s characteristic aroma acts as an appetizer. It stimulates the salivary glands and other digestive glands to produce saliva and digestive juices, thereby facilitating digestion.

Nausea and headache: Mint leaves, especially freshly crushed leaves, help staunch nausea and headache, thanks to the strong and refreshing aroma. Menthol oil or mint-flavoured products are very useful for alleviating nausea. Similarly, balms with a mint base or mint oil can be rubbed on your forehead and nose to give quick relief from headache. Mint tea oil derived from mint is also very effective in treating nausea and motion sickness while travelling.

Respiratory disorders: The strong minty aroma is very effective in clearing up congestion of the nose, throat, bronchi and lungs. This makes mint a very effective remedy for asthma and common cold. The herb is also a good remedy for cough. This is because mint has a cooling and soothing effect on the throat, nose and other respiratory channels, and this helps relieve the irritation, which causes chronic coughing. Regular use of mint in any form is very beneficial for asthma patients as well, because it is a good relaxant and it relieves congestion that blocks respiratory channels, causing symptoms of asthma.

Depression and fatigue reliever: As mint is a natural stimulant, it can help relieve fatigue and feelings of sadness. Mint essential oil is very good if you are feeling anxious, sad, depressed, low or just plain sluggish. Mint oil can be ingested, applied as a salve topically, or inhaled as a vapour to help with fatigue and depression.

Oral health: Mint has germicidal qualities and can quickly freshen up your breath. It also gets eradicates harmful oral bacteria inside your mouth, alleviating oral health. The mint leaves can be rubbed directly on your tongue, teeth and gums to clean and refresh your mouth. You can also get the benefits of mint by simply chewing on its leaves.

Skin health: Since mint oil is a good antiseptic and anti-pruritic, it acts as an excellent skin cleanser. It is used to clear pimples as well as soothe and cure skin from infections.

Mint’s anti-pruritic properties can be used for treating insect bites, mosquito bites, stings by honeybees etc. With its cooling property, mint will relieve you of the irritation of stings and bring the swelling down. Also, women can use mint oil to relieve cracks and pain in nipples which occur during breastfeeding.

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