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Dr. S.Sham

MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Rheumatology

Rheumatologist, Chennai

12 Years Experience  ·  300 - 500 at clinic
Dr. S.Sham MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Rheumatology Rheumatologist, Chennai
12 Years Experience  ·  300 - 500 at clinic
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I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning....more
I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning.
More about Dr. S.Sham
Dr. S.Sham is a renowned Rheumatologist in Chintadripet, Chennai. Doctor has over 12 years of experience as a Rheumatologist. Doctor has completed MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Rheumatology . You can meet Dr. S.Sham personally at K M Speciality Hospital in Chintadripet, Chennai. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. S.Sham on has an excellent community of Rheumatologists in India. You will find Rheumatologists with more than 37 years of experience on You can find Rheumatologists online in Chennai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


MBBS - PSG Institute Of Medical Sciences and Research - 2005
MD - General Medicine - Kasturba Medical College - Mangalore - 2009
DM - Rheumatology - Madras Medical College, Chennai - 2014
Awards and Recognitions
Best outgoing student in M.D
Best Outgoing student in D.M
Cardio thoracic prize exam , Won gold medal
Professional Memberships
Indian Rheumatology Association
Associations of Physicians of India
Indian Medical Association (IMA)


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I have pain in my knees when I put it on hard surface. The pain actually penetrate I n a particular point. Kindly suggest.

Physiotherapist, Noida
Quadriceps exercises- lie straight, make a towel role and put it under the knee, press the keen against the role, hold it for 20 secs. Repeat 20 times twice a day. This will help relieve some pain. Core strengthening exercise- straight leg raised with toes turned outward, repeat 10 times, twice a day. Hams stretching- lie straight, take the leg up, pull the feet towards yourself, with a elastic tube or normal belt. Repeat 10 times, twice a day.
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I see my memories of past constantly in my dreams. I don't know if these can be classified as repressed memories. Because of this I'm unable to sleep. I'm afraid to sleep anymore. Insomnia is killing my day by day. I'm depressed all the time. Please help me!

Masters in Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Lucknow
Hi, Practice mindfulness to alleviate anxiety caused by bad memories. Mindfulness is a practice used to switch focus to the present moment, and research shows it can help relieve anxiety. With mindfulness, you acknowledge the bad memories as they come up, then mindfully choose to switch your focus to the present. In this way you can interrupt the negative thought process. To practice mindfulness, try focusing on physical sensations you feel in the present moment. Notice the temperature of the air or the pressure of your feet against the ground. Focus on the physical feelings until you're able to stop thinking about the bad memories. You can also practice mindfulness by repeating a positive statement to yourself. Try telling yourself" I don’t have to think about that right now. Recall the bad memory in detail. Set a date and time to try exposure therapy. When you're ready, sit down and think about the event or situation. Try to remember every detail of it from start to finish. Think about what you were wearing, the sounds you heard, the smells in the air, and so on. Continue to sit with the memory for as long as you can. Self-guided exposure may be most effective if broken down into several sessions. You may sit with the memory for just five minutes at first, noticing that you are still safe despite bringing up these painful thoughts. You might increase the time you spend thinking about it each day until you notice yourself not responding as severely as before. Over time, the memories will affect you less and less. If you are having trouble doing this exercise in your head, grab a pen and a notebook and write down the details of the event from beginning to end. Writing a draft may be good enough for a first session. The next time you might read it aloud. If you have to stop due to crying, then always pick up where you left off. If things progress well, you will feel stronger and require fewer breaks each time you read over details of the event. Don't hold back the emotions associated with these memories. Shout, pound on the floor or cry if you have to. Just let the feeling into your conscious mind. Soak it up, absorb your grief or sorrow. Consult a psychologist for help.
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Hello sir my problem that when I am running my legs pain (thin piece) 1 ft down to my knee it's pain normal not too much 10% but when I am normal walk it's not pain tell me what is my problem and what I am do I my much worried about this because after few day I am running for recruitment please help me.

Fellowship in Shoulder and Upper Limb, Fellowship in Joint Replacement, MS - Orthopaedics, MBBS
Orthopedist, Mumbai
Based on your symptom set, I think you have shin splints. It requires rest so I would advise you to give running a break for a couple of weeks and then gradually build up again. However you should get an x-ray done to check if there is any stress fracture and get yourself checked by an orthopaedist.
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Arthritis - How Accupuncture is Beneficial in Treating it

Bachelor in TCM, Diploma in Acupuncture, Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (DNYS)
Acupuncturist, Mumbai
Arthritis - How Accupuncture is Beneficial in Treating it

Arthritis is among the most common ailments that afflict a large section of the population, especially comprising the age groups of beyond 40 years. Acute joint pains, difficulties in movement and weakened bones are among the most common symptoms of arthritis. Given that it is a condition that has permeated modern life so deeply and that it has also caused a lot of unwanted hindrance to your normal activities, arthritis is one of the feared illnesses of our times. It is true that a fair amount of research has been dedicated towards finding a viable cure for arthritis and many have in fact proven to be effective, but most of these drugs come with their own baggage of side effects. Thus, many of us seek a more natural and lasting healing option that not only soothes the pain but restores our health from within.

Over the recent years, acupuncture has gained a lot of steam as an effective and comprehensive therapy for a wide range of diseases. Among the others, joint ailments and arthritis are prominent diseases that have been comprehensively minimized by benefits reaped out of acupuncture.

Acupuncture believes that the health boosting energy flows through your body through strategic pressure points and by stimulating spasms and afflicted muscles through insertion of tiny needles into the skin, pain can be adequately diminished. Acupuncture also ebbs the harmful side effects that anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers cause.

Some of the obvious benefits of acupuncture could be enlisted as follows

  1. Alternative to Surgeries: On several occasions, on account of the failure of the usual drug therapy, you may opt for joint replacement surgeries which again usher in its own set of distresses. Acupuncture on the contrary, cures the pain by relying on your innate defense mechanisms and facilitates a natural remedy to arthritis.

  2. Enhances the effectiveness of the usual drugs: For those enduring chronic arthritis pains, acupuncture brings substantial relief, but the treatment is long drawn. In such cases, one may choose to not discontinue the drugs and use acupuncture as a complementary therapy. Even in such cases, acupuncture is extremely helpful. It offsets the harmful effects that the drugs have on your body and boosts their impacts on the diseased parts of your body. This method has proven to be a reliable recipe for complete recovery.
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I am 58, ans suffer from insomnia my email is I hardly sleep for 2 hours. I was depressed and was in a rehab for 3 years, my insomnia began after the stroke.

MBBS, MD Psychiatry, DNB Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Nagpur
Sleep only for 2 hours is too inadequate for anyone. You definitely need to consult a doctor for your problems at your earliest. Consult a psychiatrist with any brain scans done earlier.
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Can you suggest me some good and effective exercise or any treatment for my knock knee problem.

MD - Alternate Medicine
Alternative Medicine Specialist,
You might be prone to hamstring thightness. Practise this:- roll a towel and place below the knee and press it by knee joint. Dont allow your leg moving here and there when you practise this. Consume vegetables and nuts.
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Two years back she was having pain in knees. After sitting she the pain was worst. After seeing a physician we went to a neurologist. He said that certain nerves were pinched after an x ray. She was prescribed pregabalin and some other medicines. After two months she got a fit lasting for a minute only. We stopped that medicine and went to another neurologist. He said that there is no problem with nervous system and that knee pain is due to weight. He advised for a CT scan which was normal. However he prescribed Oxetol 300 mg and 450 mg for 3 years. After one month she was tired with the medicine and stopped. Everything was normal for two years. Then again she was having severe pain in leg. We went to another physician and he gave medicines for neuropathic pain of which pregabalin was a medicine. After using for one month she got a fit during night. This time the duration was even shorter. Both times it happened when she awoke in night and fainted. She told a feeling of anxiety that night before sleeping and told her head went numb or cold. We went to physician. He checked history stopped all medicines only giving oxetol 300mg in the morning and 450mg in the evening. Two months passed and she is fine. Very slight pain in knees also. But the doctor says she had to take this medicine for 5 years. Please advice us. We do not know whether she is having epilepsy or it was side effect of the medicines given for neuropathic pain.

MD - Anaesthesiology
Anesthesiologist, Anand
I do not think it is becase of side effect. It is because of epilepsy only. And she need to continue the treatment for 5 yrs. Even if she donot have epilepsy this drugs wil not harm her.
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I am 52 years old now a days I am getting pain in my both knees is there any test I have to under go so that we will come to know what exactly the deficiency is their. I therefore request you to suggest some permanent remedy for this.

Physiotherapist, Noida
Advice. Avoid sitting cross legged. Avoid squatting- quadriceps exercises- lie straight, make a towel role and put it under the knee, press the keen against the role, hold it for 20 secs. Repeat 20 times twice a day. This will help relieve some pain. Core strengthening exercise- straight leg raised with toes turned outward, repeat 10 times, twice a day. Hams stretching- lie straight, take the leg up, pull the feet towards yourself, with a elastic tube or normal belt. Repeat 10 times, twice a day. Sports taping- stretch the tape from both ends and apply on the affected area contrast fomentation (hot and cold).
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I have been suffering from knee pain and my MRI report says that grade 111 tear in posterior horn of medial meniscus, grade 11 tear on posterior horn and body of lateral meniscus. And mild left synovial effusion. And doctor suggested me to have a knee surgery. So I want to know that whether I will get well as earlier or some defect may be left after surgery. Please answer me as soon as possible.

Acupressurist, Chandigarh
No there is no harm. If your says for surgery you may go for surgery. But before going for surgery you may try homeo treatment but with full details surgery is the last option.
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I am 32 years old now iAM suffering knee pain and swelling last 20 days. I am using some pain killing ointments but no relief. What can I do?

MPT - Orthopedic Physiotherapy, BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Noida
Ice pack twice a day for 20 minutes and do rest avoid strain like long standing and apply pain relief ointment. Otherwise physiotherapy treatment best option for you.
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I am 36 years old. My weight is 86kg I am unable to run as I have an accident 12 years back and I am having screws in my left knee. SO you r requested to please make a diet plan for me to reduce my weight. I did not eat meat and egg products.

fellowship in diabetes, Professional Training in Mind Body Medicine, MS, MBBS
Bariatrician, Ahmedabad
To achieve weightloss - think long term. Weight loss achieved over short term, always comes back. There is a general approach and a specific approach as per individual patients metabolic profile. Try this general approach (see below) for 4 weeks. If this works then continue. If this is not enough then revert for further assessment and customized approach. 1. Do not eat anything sugary or sweet. Zero sweetness in diet. 2. Eat plenty of salad in lunch and dinner along with other foods. 3. Do not drink any liquid calorie like cola or fruit juices. 4. Do some weight training for 20-25 minutes x 3 times a week.
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I am 65ys old, I am suffering with severe keen pain because the gum between the bones of knee got melted, so kindly suggest the how can I go forward to get relief from these pain.

Ayurveda, Nashik
1) Do massage with warm sesame oil or suitable oil for 15 min., afterwards take hot fomentation for 10 min. 2) Start natural calcium supplement. 3) Do regular stretching exercise 4) In yoga DO BHUJANGASAN, HALASAN & SURYANAMASKAR. This will give you relief in mild to moderate cases. Give feedback after 7 days. We also provide some health packages for your disease i'll advise you to go with ayurvedic & panchakarma treatment for natural healing
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My GF aged 80 is suffering from rheumatism. Bone breaking sound comes out from body's lower half when he tries to stand from sitting position or walk. Kindly suggest any medication.

Bsc(Med.), DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Mohali
There is lot of wear and tear at this take proper calcium supplements andD3. DO EXERCISES prescribed by the doctor. Revert back with the feedback.
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I have swelling on my knee and can't fully put weight on my injured leg as it pains in backside of knee suggest so that swelling goes.

Physiotherapist, Noida
Avoid Squatting- Quadriceps Exercises- Lie straight, make a towel role and put it under the knee, press the keen against the role, hold it for 20 secs. Repeat 20 times twice a day. This will help relieve some pain. Core Strengthening Exercise- Straight Leg Raised With Toes Turned Outward, repeat 10 times, twice a day.
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I am diabetic since 9 yr now taking zomelismet 50-500 and triglicomet 1 tablet at morning and triglicomet 1 at night also ecosprin' 75 at night. I want to know if I can control my sugar level with exercise I have fracture in my right leg 6 month back can not walk smoothly still. What type of exercise I can do. My fasting sugar is 135 and pp 235 around.

MD - Internal Medicine
General Physician, Bangalore
Hi, thanks for posting your query. Well yes you can control your sugars with exercise. But know one thing you are on quiet a high dose medication for diabetes so don't except that only with exercise you can control blood sugars and avoid taking medication. With exercise you requirement for medication comes down and still you will require some medication. Best exercise are brisk walking and jogging but since you have limitations doing it, you can try cycling or stepper exercise. Also to some extent upper body exercise like weight lifting etc.
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Am 43 years lady having Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis for 16 yrs. I have some pain in few Teeth with blackish gum .Is it possible due to Arthritis? Is there any teeth or gum arthritis? Please help.

Dentist, Siliguri
No its nothing like that. It's due to Periodontal problems. Also it may be due to pigmentation of gums. I will advised to have an appointment with a Dentist.
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I do running daily, but now I stopped running because I am felling pain in my knee of right leg for last 1 month . There is no pain in knee of left leg. I don't feel any pain while walking and bending my right leg. I feel pain when I do running ,stretching and making pressure on it. I have to go for my sports after 1 month where I have to do running also. Sir or mam please help me how can I cure it within 1 month. I just have 1 month to cure it ! What should I do ? What diet should I take? I am worrying about it ! Is it permanent? Or can be cure ?

MBBS, MS Ortho, DNB (Orthopedics), Dip SICOT (Belgium), FISOC (USA), MNAMS (Ortho), FASM (Singapore)
Orthopedist, Chennai
Dear lybrate-user, your problem is most likely a minor condition of the cartilage it the meniscus (shock absorber of the knee joint). Please consult an orthopaedician for a good clinical examination and x ray if needed. Most likely exercises can improve your problem and you should be able to get back to physical activity. Hope that helps, get well soon.
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When I am walking, there is a typical sound produced from my knee joint. Suggest the appropriate treatment or advise.

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics
Orthopedist, Delhi
Kindly show me photograph of the affected part--knee rule out diabetes & vit. D deficiency or any other metabolic disorder. Sleep on a hard bed with soft bedding on it. Kindly take biod3 max 1 tab dailyx10 paracetamol 250mg od & sos x5days make sure you are not allergic to any of the medicines you are going to take do not ignore it. It could be beginning of a serious problem. If no relief in 4_5 days, then contact me again.
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I can't sleep at night and can't wakeup in the morning and this is a big problem for me. Now I become insomniac. How can I solve the problem?

Ayurveda, Ambala
Due to lack of sleep there are many complications arise such as lack of concentration ,irritability, fatigue & digestion problem.. So these are some instructions & methods for good sleep : • Frequent oil massage of head with oil relax your mind and enhances sleep .You can also do foot massage daily it destress you . • Do not take stress . Do meditation and long breathing pranayams to relax the mind. • Do not take caffeine, tea & alcohol in excess and these are stimulant ,(activate) your brain result in lack of sleep. • Avoid drinking alcohol & smoking. • Avoid sleep during day time as it makes it harder to fall asleep at night. •Try to sleep early at night . Do not think during sleep and avoid use of laptop during night . Do exercise and long walk daily . • Avoid to take sleeping pills because these are habit forming drugs and these drugs disturb your normal sleep pattern. • Take a bowl of curd daily in afternoon and one glass of milk at night daily . You can consult me privately for your detailed complete treatment and doubts.
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Sir my mother hands and fingers are swelling in early morning and right side leg knee area back side also a round swelling what's problem sir, which doctor I consult sir please tell me immediately sir.

MD (Hom.), BHMS
Homeopath, Delhi
You can give her homoeopathic medicine actea spicata 30-5 pills three times daily for 2 weeks. Revert back after 2 weeks with feedback.
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