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Dr. R.Paramasivam

Pulmonologist, Chennai

400 - 500 at clinic
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Dr. R.Paramasivam Pulmonologist, Chennai
400 - 500 at clinic
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I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family....more
I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family.
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Dr. R.Paramasivam is a popular Pulmonologist in T.Nagar, Chennai. You can visit him/her at Bharathiraja Hospital in T.Nagar, Chennai. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. R.Paramasivam on

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Now a days sometimes I have breathing to hard. Please suggest me natural food for lungs. And I travel more in traffic day to day. Thanks.

General Physician, Chandigarh
Apart from healthy diet you should be doing breathing exercises like anulom and vilom to strengthen your lung capacity also take steam inhalation twice a day regularly for some time
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She is suffering from cough for 2 days. Its paining in her neck. please tell me the cure.

General Physician, Mumbai
For cough take syp ascoril-D 2.5 ml twice a day and For pain take tablet paracetamol 650 mg and Take Cp Amoxicillin 500mg 1-1 for five days
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I am 40 years male having breathing problem every time when walk, sleep etc and snoring while sleeping. I am go through full body check up but can't find anything please suggest Regards.

ENT Specialist, Faridabad
No you just need to get sleep study done for this as this is related with your nose and palate, if nose is obstructed than only patient gets snoring, this might lead to further damage of the heart or other any major organ, so need to address this disease immediately.
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Hi. Iam suffering from asthma past 3 months. How can I over come from this problem.

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hi, bronchitis/ asthma can be treated well with homoeopathic medicines completely, only need to be regular with the medication and avoid those foods/ things to which you are allergic to for sometime. Keep taking your already on going medication, reduce it gradually and slowly once homoeopathic starts acting. Take bakson's astha-aid drops/ 10-15 drops in 1/2 cup water/ thrice d day for 1 month. Report me back after a month.
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I have been suffering from short breathing from 25 days and I am not feeling comfortable. What should I do? Why this happening to me?

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine, Post Graduate Program in Diabetology
General Physician, Delhi
lybrate-user shirt breathing can be because of disease or anxiety If anxiety then try to find reason and try to rectify it and mild relaxants For disease we need to see you and examine with relevant investigations.
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Sinus Problem - Reasons Behind It!

ECFMU, MS - ENT, MBBS, Certificate in Pediatric Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, Robotic Surgery Familiarization (France)
ENT Specialist, Gurgaon
Sinus Problem - Reasons Behind It!

Sinusitis refers to a common condition characterised by inflammation and swelling of cavities surrounding nasal passages, commonly known as your sinuses. When something interferes with the flow of air into the sinuses and obstructs mucus drainage out of it, sinus infection or sinusitis mainly occurs.
The most common symptoms of this condition include headache or pain in the facial region, nasal congestion and discharge, loss of smell and fever in some cases. To ensure that you opt for the correct treatment it is necessary to identify the causes of blockage. Here are the chief causes responsible for giving you a sinus infection.

1. Viruses
In most cases, a sinus infection is triggered by common cold and flu, which are caused by viruses. Swelling of nasal tissues occurs due to cold, in turn creating a blockage for the holes that are meant for draining mucous. In this case, rather than opting for antibiotics, take precautions against flu and cold. You can even consider getting a flu shot.

2. Pollutants
Certain pollutants and allergens or deviation of septum can be the cause behind sinus infections as they trigger coughing, irritation of the nose and inflammation. Some of these pollutants are dust, smoke and harmful gases present in the air or substances with a strong odour (certain foods, flowers, perfumes etc). To minimize chances of sinusitis, try to stay away from these irritants to the maximum extent possible. Moreover, you can also use an air purifier to reduce the effects of air pollution.

3. Long term use of nasal decongestant sprays
Nasal decongestant sprays may help you get rid of congestion, but on the other hand they are responsible for the constriction of the blood vessels present in your nose. Moreover, if used for a long time, these nasal products may worsen the symptoms of sinusitis, especially if the directions for use are not correctly followed. Also, prolonged use of the sprays can give rise to rebound nasal congestion, which is basically a relapse of congestion. So, try to minimise the use of it and follow directions very carefully if you do need to use it.

4. Smoking
Smoke from cigarettes has an effect similar to pollutants on your nose. Cigarette smoke plays a significant role in degrading the natural sinus-cleaning system of your body resulting in more gunk build up in the sinuses, in turn clogging nasal passages. Moreover, smoking also leads to inflammation, triggering sinus infections. So, try to cut down on your smoking if not quit altogether.

Sinus can be treated with the help of medications or through endoscopic sinus surgery.

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Bronchitis - Homeopathic Remedies For It!

Homeopath, Pune
Bronchitis - Homeopathic Remedies For It!

Bronchitis is basically an infection in the bronchial tubes. The bronchial tubes which basically carry air to your lungs sometimes get infected due to cold or flu. That's when you tend to develop the infection in the mucous membranes of the bronchial tubes known as bronchitis.

Symptoms of bronchitis
The basic symptoms of bronchitis include:

  1. Intense coughing
  2. Sneezing
  3. Wheezing
  4. Feeling of discomfort in chest
  5. Shortness of breath
  6. Blocked nose, headache
  7. Low fever
  8. Body aching

Types of bronchitis
Bronchitis can be of two types:

  1. Acute bronchitis: Acute bronchitis is generally a viral infection. It causes coughing up mucus, sore throat, shortness of breath and fever. Generally acute bronchitis stays for a week or less. Acute bronchitis is caused by bacteria or viruses. Apart from this, irritants, fumes, dusts are also responsible for causing bronchitis.
  2. Chronic bronchitis: Chronic bronchitis is much more severe than acute bronchitis. It causes persistent cough with mucus, breathing difficulties, fever etc. It can last till 1-2 years depending on its severity. The symptoms may get worse if not treated properly. Chronic bronchitis might turn to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease if it occurs with pulmonary emphysema. Chronic bronchitis can be caused due to irritation of the airway tissues and lungs. But the most common reason behind chronic bronchitis is smoking. Apart from these, repeated acute bronchitis can also cause long-term chronic bronchitis.

Treating bronchitis with homeopathy
Homeopathy is one of the holistic ways of treating bronchitis. Decades of research has established homeopathy as one of the most effective and safest treatments. Bronchitis can be cured and the symptoms can be reduced with the homeopathic treatment.

  1. Arsenic Album: Arsenic Album is one of the best medicines for treating bronchitis. It is more effective in treating bronchitis which is combined with severe weakness.
  2. Bryonia: This is another effective medicine for bronchitis. This is more effective when there is severe cough with mucus, chest pain while coughing, body ache, sore throat etc. Patients with such symptoms are prescribed bryonia.
  3. Antimonium tartaricum: This medicine is prescribed in two phases of bronchitis. It is mostly prescribed to the young infants or the older people. This is prescribed when the patient suffers from wheezing, chest pain, coughing up mucus, vomiting etc.
  4. Sulphur: Sulphur is great for treating chronic bronchitis. It is a great remedy for treating severe cough, breathing difficulties, severe chest pain and breathing attacks.
  5. Pulsatilla: Pulsatilla is an effective remedy for treating chronic bronchitis. This remedy works best for chronic bronchitis with nausea, vomiting and severe cough with mucus.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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My mother, aged 51, was diagnosed with Pulmonary Sarcoidosis about 4 yrs back. Since then, she has been on and off various allopathic treatments (CorticoSteroids). She has also tried homeopathic and Ayurvedic Treatments, but to no major relief. Is there really no foolproof treatment for Sarcoidosis?

MD - Radiothrapy
Oncologist, Gurgaon
Sarcoidosis is a chronic disease just like diabetes or hypertension. One should get proper , long term treatment and please dont switch your therapy. You should get consultation of a rheumatologist. Thanks.
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I am of aged about 34 years age. I am having couple of health related issues. Firstly I am suffering from acute sinusitis and have problem breathing at night and secondly I have a problem with hair loss. Could you please let me know if they are related to each other and is it necessary to go for surgery to cure sinus.

General Physician, Mumbai
I am of aged about 34 years age. I am having couple of health related issues. Firstly I am suffering from acute sinus...
For cold take tablet cetrizine at night and Take a flow of steam (of plain water only ) over the forehead through a crescent steam inhaler, eight hourly and hair loss is not due to sinusitis and do surgery only if indicated
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My mother are 60 year old having problem is infection of cough. Sugar is right. Blood 12. 3 things are right, what is problem?

MD - Pulmonary, DTCD
Pulmonologist, Faridabad
Esget xray chest, cbc and spirometry done to know cause and proper treatment. Can try alex throat logeng.
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