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Dr. M K.Dhenesh Kanna

General Physician, Chennai

150 at clinic
Dr. M K.Dhenesh Kanna General Physician, Chennai
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I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care....more
I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.
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Dr. M K.Dhenesh Kanna is one of the best General Physicians in Tambaram West, Chennai. You can consult Dr. M K.Dhenesh Kanna at Hindu Mission Hospital - Tambaram in Tambaram West, Chennai. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. M K.Dhenesh Kanna on has an excellent community of General Physicians in India. You will find General Physicians with more than 27 years of experience on You can find General Physicians online in Chennai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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When I go outside my house in sunlight my body becomes red and I feel I itching on my body. So what about I do to prevent this.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Hyderabad
*. Drinking lots of water is good. Keep hydrated by drinking water and preferring juicy fruits.*. Don’t expose to hot direct sun. Wear cap, full sleeve shirt and shoes which will protect you from sun. Generally 10 AM to 4 PM is the hottest. Avoid exposure at that time. Homoeopathy has good treatment for your problem, without causing adverse effects. Take homoeopathic medicine Natrum carb 30 twice daily in the morning and in the evening and give feedback after 6 days.
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Sir my tummy is upset last 4-5 month I have many medicine but no recovery. So please tell me but I do?

MBBS, MBA (Healthcare)
General Physician, Delhi
provide more information like, what type of exact problem you have. loose motion, constipation, pain etc.
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I am suffering from itching nowadays and these causes red marks on the body what should I do to get rid of this.

MD - Dermatology, MBBS
Dermatologist, Mumbai
Hello, itching can be because of an infection, allergy or can be summer related. Apply Calosoft lotion as and when there is itching. Wear loose cotton clothes. The red marks would subside on their own. See a local dermatologist for further assessment if no satisfactory improvement.
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Having abdominal pain sometimes stool hardening problem in the morning please suggest me medicines and proper medication?

PG Diploma in Emergency Medicine Services (PGDEMS), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Alternate Medicine
Ayurveda, Ghaziabad
Hi Take pranacharya virechan churna or triphala churna 1 tsf in warm water before sleep at night....take chitrakadi vati 1- tab after lunch and dinner...take 5-7 munakkas with papaya in fruits ...avoid food...fermented food...junk food....avoid alcohol consumption...
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Last one month I had jaundice now I am cured. I need to know what are the foods I need to take.

AUTLS, CCEDM, MD - Internal Medicine, MBBS
General Physician, Faridabad
Take light meals like daliya, khicdi, moong dal, tori, ghiya etc. Take lots of fluids. Like cocnut water. Dal water etc.
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I read that researchers believe certain foods might cure Alzheimer's disease. Is this true? If so which food do this and how much would I have to consume to get the benefits.

General Physician, Mumbai
Once an irreversible damage is done to the axons of the nerves it becomes very difficult for it to come back with foods
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My wife is 25 years old. She suffering stomach pain, headache and giddiness. She feel of pain in full body also. No vomiting sensation. Motion is going normal. She suffering to release the gas.

MD - Alternative Medicine
Alternative Medicine Specialist, Mumbai
Hello, zaverian jivan mixture 1 tsp 3 times a day garlic pearls 1 morning after break fast stay healthy.
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Hello Sir/Mam, I have been suffering form undiagnosed disease. Actually, I have pain in my stomach but doctors are unable to diagnose the problem. Since last 6 years I took the treatment of AIMS, TREATRAM SHAHA AND SO ON BUT STILL PROBLEM IS SAME. WHAT SHOULD I DO? ALL REPORTS ARE NORMAL. PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE.

Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS
General Physician, Delhi
Gastric problems take time and invesigations like any other organ disease. If AIIMS has declared reports to be normal, it is good for you. Modify your eating habits, take less fats and spices. Eat regularly ,soft and digestible food. Dewormong to be done by taking a tablet of bandy plus, every 6 months. Digestive enzymes like unizyme / aristozyme after food may help you. At 18, you are underweight too, get blood tested for cbc and a monteaux test. Get back here with reports.
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Paining in the right side of abdomen, vomiting, difficulty or no passage of gas what is it?

MCh HPB Surgery, Fellow, European Board of Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Gastroenterologist, Guwahati
Please get liver function test and ultrasound whole abdomen done. It could be due to liver, kidney or bowel problem.
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I am 20 years old boy I am have a testicular pain form last 4 days wat should I do.

Sexologist, Delhi
If you have pain in the scrotum or testicle you need to see your doctor, or go to a genitourinary medicine clinic. Your doctor will test you for infection, and will try to work out the cause of the pain.
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Sir, I am Arpan Kumar 19 year old male. I want to know that masturbation can effect height growth?

General Physician, Jalgaon
Please Masturbation is not good for health It decrease your oaz and saptadhatu It exhausts your urogenital system prematurely affecting future sexual and reproductive life It creates multiple health issues like premature ejaculations, erectile dysfunction, overall weakness, height problems, hair loss etc.
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Usually I go to stool two times a day in the morning itself. But there are times like for weeks when I go to stool 4 to 5 times and mostly after my meals. What is there to be done. This problem keeps repeating.

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hello. Take Alpha-Liv/ thrice daily (1/2 an hour before meals) for 4 weeks. Eat healthy light, bland food till the time your problem gets improved. Avoid eating from outside and junk food. Increase your intake of fruits, green vegetables. Avoid stress/ tension/ anxiety.
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I am experiencing head ache and pain in my right eye since past three days. What should I do?

Ophthalmologist, Delhi
Go for introcular pressure checkup. Look for any sign of inflammation. If eye is quite den check refraction and orthoptic workup done to look up for the cause of these asthenopic symptoms.
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Hi Dr. I hv itching in my whole body when I take medicine like ebastine calak lotion (prescribed by dr.) It reduces bt it does not last .Also in my hand fingers area there alwz grow pimple having watery material please suggest some medicine also suggest medicine to remove spot from body cause by itching.

B.Sc. - Dietitics / Nutrition, Nutrition Certification,Registered Dietitian
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
Hello With all its moisturizing action, aloe vera is one of the most effective skin soothing agents. When you rub the gel over an itchy spot, it helps reduce the skin irritation in that area and provides quick relief from itching. Just break a leaf from the plant, cut it lengthwise using a knife and using a spoon, scoop out the jelly-like substance inside. Apply a little of this gel to the itchy area and leave it on for a few minutes.
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Hi. Actually speaking I do not know what my problem is. Okay let me describe. I am 22 year old boy living in chennai. I am a gay, I got into that on my school days by some of my friends. Now the problem is im not attracted to girls .im not getting erection by thinking of girls. But I really want to be straight not as a gay. What I need to do in order to get back to normal. Now a days even im not attracted to boys too. To make it simple I think I lost interest in sex but I need to get back to normal guys who could able to satisfy a women. Please help me.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear user. Don't worry. Being gay is not a sin. You can always have your straight sexual feelings with the help of conversion therapy. Take care.
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What is presentation of cough and cold and its causes and prevention. Is it harmful or not.

General Physician, Gurgaon
Cough/ cold is itself a presentation Frequent/ continuous cough cold may be because of many reasons like: 1. Any ent problem like dns polyp sinusitis 2. Low immunity 3. Allergic condition There are some supplements name Nutrilite Daily and Protein available that can be start after personal consultation and these supplement can reduce severity and no. of episodes of cough/cold this supplements has shown wonderful result by boosting our immunity many folds Consult ENT doctor for proper examination and further management.
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I am suffering from painful and big size and no of ulcers in full mouth and throat. Frequency recurrence, and systemic disease like diabetes No or cardiac disease Only high BP. Medicine taken - tab belae fore, candid mouth paint, cyca d, ducort-30, medrol, dologel, zempred, dapsone, moza- tab. These are since last 10 months.

Dentofacial Orthopedics, Certification in Full Mouth Rehabilitation, MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, BDS
Dentist, Ghaziabad
Too much steroids are harmful for body. Get a consultation done immediately because it's is a complicated case.
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Babies and Nail Infection

Dermatologist, Mumbai
Babies and Nail Infection

What are nail infections? 
Nails are at risk of fungal infections during the rainy season, especially if your baby sweats and continually scratches himself. Nails can become discoloured, brittle and rough. In severe cases, the nail can come away from the nail bed. You may also notice red, swollen and itchy skin around the nails.

How did your baby get a nail infection
This fungal infection can result from overexposure to water, damage to the nail, or scratching sweaty or infected skin. Any moisture or debris trapped under the nails encourages the infection to grow. Ingrown nails may also be prone to infections.

What can you do about your baby's nail infection?

Its best to take your baby to a board certified dermatologist.

My Stomach is a bit upset since last 2 days, if you can suggest me something, help me.

General Physician, Delhi
For stomach upset, take soft diet. Avoid milk for 1-2 days. Take curd, buttermilk. Probiotics will be helpful. Drink plenty of liquids. Electral ors will help to maintain hydration and electrolytes. Hope this helps you.
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