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Dr. M.G.Sekar

Urologist, Chennai

350 at clinic
Dr. M.G.Sekar Urologist, Chennai
350 at clinic
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My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them....more
My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them.
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Dr. M.G.Sekar is a popular Urologist in Kovur, Chennai. You can visit him/her at Kanaga Hospital - Kovur in Kovur, Chennai. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. M.G.Sekar on has an excellent community of Urologists in India. You will find Urologists with more than 43 years of experience on You can find Urologists online in Chennai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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How can we change red or dark urine to normal urine colour suggest me home remedies is there any risk of health problems.

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, FIAGES(Fellowship in minimal access surgery), FMAS (Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery)
General Surgeon, Ghaziabad
Red urine is a indication of blood in urine which can be due to infections of kidney stones. Dark urine is due to dehydration. So drink lot of water and get a urine routine examination done to rule out infection.
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Prostrate treatment, for 72+ person. Healthy habits, health conscious, no BP or diabetes. Weight under control.. Regular Walker, Yoga Practice.

MD - Radiothrapy
Oncologist, Gurgaon
If its not causing you urinary problems , then you should continure with medication . And also get serum PSA levels checked I will suggest to fill a form to check what is the severity of your BPH. After filling the form send it back to me . Then only proper management strategy can be figured out. Thanks.
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I am 20 years old, I was having 4mm kidney stones, I have taken treatment and kidney stones are vanished. But iam having frequent urinating problem and small irritation in urethra since a year suggest me what's the problem.

Advanced Aesthetics
Ayurveda, Gulbarga
Kidney stones are a very common health problem. They form from the chemicals in urine, such as uric acid, phosphorous, calcium and oxalic acid. Other common causes of kidney stones are excessive consumption of vitamin D, a mineral imbalance, dehydration, gout and an improper diet Irrespective of the size of the kidney stones, they can cause severe pain. Other symptoms include a desire to urinate frequently, painful urination, nausea, vomiting and excessive sweating. Pomegranate Both the seeds and juice of pomegranates have astringent properties that can help in the treatment of kidney stones. ? Try to eat one whole pomegranate or drink one glass of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice daily. You can mix pomegranate in a fruit salad also. Another option is to grind one tablespoon of pomegranate seeds into a fine paste. Eat this paste along with a cup of horse gram soup once daily. This remedy will help dissolve the stones. Being high in fiber, kidney beans can be effective in the treatment of any kind of kidney or bladder problem, including kidney stones. ? Remove the beans from inside the pods, then put the beans in hot water. Simmer the water on low flame for hours until the beans become soft and tender. Strain the liquid and allow it to cool. Strain the liquid again. Drink it several times throughout the day to relieve kidney stone pain. This liquid should not be kept for more than 24 hours, as it will lose its therapeutic properties. ? You can also eat kidney beans in soup or salad. To conclude, you can try any of these natural remedies for treating kidney stones Ayurvedic medicenes are neeri syrup and calcury syrup and vrikkadoshahara vati For more queries inform me.
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Hello doctor, I am suffering from with the fissures, so what diet should follow what to eat and what not to eat and drink please help me in this thank you.

General Surgeon, Gandhinagar
Respected lybrate-user hi for fissure problem drink plenty of water, lemon juice, coconut water, butter milk to help soften your stool consistency. Avoid commercial beverages. Take more green leafy vegetables fiber containing fruits. Avoid spicy stuffs totally. Thanks regards.
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My sister suffering from kidney stones, but she facing frequently vomiting sensation, burning in chest. Is there any solution for beating vomiting and chest burning . Suggest please.

BHMS, PGDM (Emergency Medical services)
Homeopath, Pune
Treat kidney stones...soon vomitting as well as burning in chest will come down...u didn't mention about size location of kidney stone...then further meds can help to dissolve your renal calculi....advice her to take plenty of water
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I have stone in kidney problem. Please give me suggestion how could remove stone in kidney.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hi, relax! homoeopathy, very easily & successfully can excreat out stone from kidneys. For its successful evacuation it is essential to notice -which side of kidney is affected & what is d dimension of stone. What sort of other complains r there associated with it? start taking, plenty of water to eliminate toxins and to evacuate stone through urine. Till then take - homoeo medicine @ berberis vulgq-10 drops, thrice a day with little water. @ lycopod30-6 pills, thrice a day. Avoid, spinach & tomatoes, protein your diet b easily digestible on time, less spicy & irritant. Take care.
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Know About Laser Prostate Surgery

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, DNB - Urology
Urologist, Delhi
Know About Laser Prostate Surgery

One of the most common problems faced by ageing men is benign prostatic hypertrophy. Prostate is the gland at the base of the urethra near the bladder and when it enlarges it can lead to symptoms, mostly related to urination.

1. Frequent urge to pass urine
2. Prolonged urination
3. Frequent nocturnal visits to the toilet
4. Intermittent urination
5. Difficulty to start urinating
6. Inability to completely empty the bladder
7. Urinary tract infections

There are medications available to manage this, but offer only temporary relief. Many men therefore prefer to have the surgery undergone to manage these bothersome symptoms. However, like any surgery, the risks and benefits need to be considered along with other conditions like age, overall health status, other comorbid conditions, etc.

Surgical removal of the enlarged prostate gland is a more definitive approach to manage these symptoms. In addition to providing a quick cure, it also is used in the following cases:

1. Patients who do not respond to medications
2. Presence of blood in the urine
3. Associated bladder stones
4. Frequent infections of the urinary tract
5. Associated damage to the kidneys

Procedure of Surgery
During the procedure, a tube is passed through the tip of the penis into the urethra towards the bladder neck. Once it is in the desired position, laser is passed through it to deliver energy that acts on the prostate to either completely or partially destroy it. There are two methods by which laser acts on the enlarged prostate and making way for free flow of the urine.

1. Ablation: Excess prostate tissue is melted away by the laser by using photosensitive vaporization of the prostate. This is also known as Greenlight laser therapy or KTP laser vaporization. Alternately, Holmium can be used as the source of laser energy to ablate the prostate tissue.

2. Enucleation: Excess prostate tissue is cut and teased out through the urethra. Holmium laser is used to resect the prostate into smaller pieces, which are then removed out through a resectoscope. Another technique uses a tissue morcellator which grinds the enlarged prostate into smaller pieces to enable easy retrieval.

More men now opt for laser prostate removal as it has the following advantages:

1. Reduced risk of bleeding: This becomes essentially important in patients who are on blood thinners.
2. No hospitalization: This can be done either as an outpatient or with minimal one day stay at the hospital
3. Immediate symptom relief: As compared to medications, the relief is felt almost immediately after the surgery
4. No catheter: With laser surgery, a catheter may be required for less than 24 hours unlike in open surgical cases.

As noted above, as with any surgery, once enlarged prostate symptoms set in, have a detailed discussion with your doctor to identify if you are a suitable candidate for laser surgery.

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Hello, I am male, age 27 years. I am having one kidney by birth. Though I get to know about this recently. Before that I am regular in gym and do intense workout, but after discovered that I am little resultant to do intense training. Can you help me on this? I need to know whether I can do regular workout at gym having one kidney by birth.

AUTLS, CCEDM, MD - Internal Medicine, MBBS
General Physician, Faridabad
So long as your kidney function tests are normal, you can continue doing exercises in gym. But avoid using powders that claim to increase your muscle mass. They could destroy your only kidney.
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My urine sample report shows pus cells: 1-2/HPF, RBC 1-2 and epithelial cells: 1-2, Sonography was ok, Urine ok, no pain no burning sensation. No medicines taken b4 test. Kindly advise.

MD, Fellowship in Intergrative Medicine, MBBS
Integrated Medicine Specialist, Kochi
Urine results are fine .Keep drinking fluids according to your body weight and level of activity. If you want specific advise on how to prevent lifestyle diseases like Bp, diabetes,cancer etc take a consult and I will teach you lifestyle as well as nutritional changes to keep diseases at bay.
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I am suffering from lower back pain in left side with high fever and USG says bilateral multiple renal calculi ,weakness have occurred with 38. 4C.kindly tell what to be done any home remedy. Should I go for kft ,burning and pain while urinating. Taking neeri tablets for renal stone. Please tell.

Homeopath, Sindhudurg
No need of kft. Take below treatment expel drops 20 drops 3 times berb vulg q 15 drops 3 times in 1/4cup of water for 8 days and revert back for further treatment.
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Kidney Stones and Homeopathy

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
Kidney Stones and Homeopathy

What do kidney stones generally mean? - An overview

Formation of solid masses in the kidney due to excessive accumulation of uric acid, calcium, vitamins and minerals lead to chronic pain and excretory problems. Kidney Stones, also known as Renal Calculi is a condition usually brought about by inadequate hydration and consumption of food high in calcium, but in most cases it a hereditary condition. The most commonly opted for treatment is surgery to remove the stone/s.

Do you suffer from kidney stone formations on periodical basis?

Do you often go through chronic abdominal pain due to the formation of crystalline calciferous masses in your kidney? If you do, surgical procedures are neither the answer, nor a plausible option for you. Besides being risky, surgery clearly isn't effective in bringing about an end to the condition on a permanent basis. Homeopathic remedies, on the other hand, are not only safe, they offer as little of side effects as possible. Homeopathic treatments of kidney stones are also proved to have been effective in most cases.

What are the most common homeopathic alternatives to suppress kidney stone formation?

Berberis Vulgaris is the most reputed homeopathic drug when it comes to diluting the stone in the kidney and also in reducing the chronic pain that is often associated with stones. It is also said to improve chances of mitigating periodic bouts of kidney stone formations. Berberis Vulgaris is effective for various kinds of kidney and renal stones. In addition to this drug, Sarsaparilla, Hydrangea, and Benzoic Acid also prove effective in the long run. Sustained practice of such Homeopathic remedies along with increased intake of fluids and adequate exercise go a long way to ensure cessation of kidney stone formation.

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I am 43 years man, feeling too much tired. Urin comes with bad smell with light yellow/red colour. Always pain in feet. Not any examine done.

General Physician, Mumbai
Get your blood checked for cbc, mp , widal , sgpt and urine r/m and revert back to us with reports and also start with Tablet folvite 5mg once a day for six months and tablet vitamin D3 60000iu once a week for six months
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Need to know the treatment for anal fissure. Want to know precautions and edibles to cure this permanently.

PG Diploma in Emergency Medicine Services (PGDEMS), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Alternate Medicine
Ayurveda, Ghaziabad
Take arshantak vati 1-1 twice a day with warm water. And take pranacharya pilescure capsule 1-1 twice a day. And abhayarishta 2-2 tsf twice a day. Apply pranacharya pilescure ointment on anal region. If stomach is not clear them take virechan churna 1 tsf in warm water before night. Take fresh buttermilk early morning. Avoid spicy food. Junk food. Fermented food. Take slitz bath.
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Hi sir My wife is 28 yrs. She is having pus in urine with rythmic fever and vomiting She is also taking medicines for conceiving please Suggest how can this problem overcome of pus.

Master in Psychology, MD - Ayurveda, Dems, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Pus in urine is not the good sign. You may suffering from uti. Please take antibiotics and alkskizer to cure uti. Otherwise it will affect you in infertility treatment. Drink more n more water. Avoid spicy n fried food.
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My baby is 6 months her gums are swollen and teeth are coming out she has passed stool 4 to 5 times yesterday and today 3 times and has passed urine 5 times is it normal.

Pediatrician, Bangalore
Loose motions happen not because of theeting persay. Is because now she puts objects in her mouth that causes infection.
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I have been experiencing a lot of pain while urinating for the past few days. Can you help me out with this?

MBBS, PG Diploma In Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC)
Cardiologist, Purba
it may be urine infection or for concentrated urine as more fluid loss as sweat take at least 5 lL of water so that urine will be clear if nt relieved check a urine R/E and consult
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Hi I am a 37 years old,i am suffering from kidney stone problem what should i do ?

MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Mumbai
Kidney stones usually occur as a result of recurrent infection of urinary tract because of which the bacteria, some pus cells and mucus membranes clumps together and the crystal of stones are formed. Other factors like diet deficient in vit. A, some metabolic disorders, obstruction of the urinary tract, recumbent position for long tym may precipitate renal stones. Dietary advice:- take plenty of water as much as 5 lits per day. If water is consumed in large quantities, it helps in fast stone removal. Avoid certain food items like spinach, red meat, cabbage, tomatoes etc. Try to control metabolic disease if present any. (hyperthyroidism, hyperparathyroidism) if the stone is of 5mm or less than 5mm it is successfully removed by homoeopathic medicine. Large stones, it is true, cannot be dissolved homoeopathically, but belong to the domain of surgery. Use of homoeopathic medicine not only removes the stones up to 5-6mm but also prevents their reoccurrence.
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I am suffering from night falling of sperms. What should I do. It pains a lot in the lower part of anus. Suggest some exercise.

MCh HPB Surgery, Fellow, European Board of Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Gastroenterologist, Guwahati
It is normal. You can do masturbation or have sex to avoid nightfall. For anal problem : Drink plenty of water. Avoid chillies in any form. Eat small frequent meals. Eat high fibre diet. Do Sitz bath. Please get liver function test and ultrasound whole abdomen done and upload the reports.
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Does cystitis or kidney stone make problem in testicles like burning or loose and hanging problem. My doctor said it is effect due to kidneys stone and cystitis. I am facing strange and worried feeling in testicle and they become loose in the daytime mostly.Please tell sir .

BAMS, MD Ayurveda
Sexologist, Lonavala
Try the following remedy it will surely help you 1. Take 60 gm kidney beans 2. Add 4 L of water 3. Heat for 4-5 hr 4. Strain the liquid through a fine muslin cloth 5. Allow the liquid to cool 6. Drink 1 glass of this liquid once every 2 hr in a day 7. Do this for a week 8. Do not use the liquid or the beans again 24 hr after the 1st preparation Causes: • Crystallisation of chemicals and minerals present in urine leads to kidney stones This will help with your concern.
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