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Dr. Lal.D.V

Pediatrician, Chennai

250 - 300 at clinic
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Dr. Lal.D.V Pediatrician, Chennai
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I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care....more
I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.
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Dr. Lal.D.V is a trusted Pediatrician in Velachery, Chennai. Doctor is currently associated with Adeona Academy (for Kids) in Velachery, Chennai. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Lal.D.V on has an excellent community of Pediatricians in India. You will find Pediatricians with more than 34 years of experience on You can find Pediatricians online in Chennai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Mera baby medicine nhi khata kya mai use food me mix krk de skti hu ye syrup h Neogadine, winofit syrup, BB24 syrup.Please help sir .

MD , Peditrics
Pediatrician, Ahmedabad
Mera baby medicine nhi khata kya mai  use food me mix krk de skti hu ye syrup h
Neogadine, winofit syrup, BB24 syrup....
There are lots of good tastey syrup available you can gv it or you can give with honey but it should not be too much diluted.
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11 mahine ki beti hai meri. Use dhoop asar kar gaya. Loo lagya. Drugs de rahe hai. Aur ghar pe kya swdhani barte.

MBBS, Diploma in Child Health (DCH), DNB (Pediatrics), MNAMS (Membership of the National Academy), MRCPCH, Certificate in GI Endoscopy
Pediatrician, Delhi
11 mahine ki beti hai meri. Use dhoop asar kar gaya. Loo lagya. Drugs de rahe hai. Aur ghar pe kya swdhani barte.
Offer plenty of fluids, preferably who-ors, to avoid dehydration. Avoid going out in sun, avoid sun carrying an umbrella.

My baby is 1.5 month old, he is passing green stool, he is on formula and breast milk both.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
My baby is 1.5 month old, he is passing green stool, he is on formula and breast milk both.
You have to stop the formula and if it is given in bottle you must stop bottle feeding and give it with spoon or a sipper . Give only breastmilk for a healthy baby

Mara bata 8 sal ka hai hight health average hai lakin harkat ladkio jaisa karta hai harmonics ke liye kis tarah ka chakup hoga, please help me.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology, Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
Psychologist, Palakkad
Hello and welcome to Lybrate. I have reviewed your query and here is my advice. Your son is only and therefore don't worry about his present behavior. May be he has girls only as his friends. I want to speak to your child hope I have answered your query. You can contact me for further advice and treatment options. Let me know if I can assist you further. Take care.

My boy is 2.9 years weight is 11.5 kg every month fever coming but boy was played well during fever time blood test and xray normal t.b also tested crp test also hb is 10.5, no result every month used 30 ml anti boitc cold and cough syrup used I am feeling sir, please tell me any suggestion give me sir.

MBBS, MD, DM - Neonatology
Pediatrician, Delhi
My boy is 2.9 years weight is 11.5 kg every month fever coming but boy was played well during fever time blood test a...
Just make a 2hourly tempreture chart of your baby. Some time you feel fever but really it does not have. Fever as per definitiin, Oral temp >38 C. If it is rally fever, she the pattern, severity (highgrade/low grade) and consult a pediatrician.

My Son is 3 years and 6 months old. He is not eating anything .his only food is complain and sometimes he eats chips or chicken soup. But he is just 10 kgs now .we are very worried and doctor told to give infagrow and some vitamin syrup .he does not take these instead avoids if forced he takes and vomits. Please advise me on this.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
Children tend to vomit if food is forced on them. as part of investigating the cause you need to check his TSH and inform me . 10 Kg is reasonable and make sure he is not anemic
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Hi, I want to show my baby regarding tongue tie (tandua)? She is 2 years old and not able to speak.

Dentist, Mumbai
Hi, I want to show my baby regarding tongue tie (tandua)? She is 2 years old and not able to speak.
Yes you need to see an oral surgeon and get it corrected, as it will help in speech and proper development of the jaws.

Childhood Depression - Learn More

MBBS, Diploma In Psychological Medicine, Diploma In National Board In Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Navi Mumbai
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Hello, everyone, my name is Dr. Omkar Mate and I am a consultant neuropsychiatrist practicing at Madras clinic Nerul and Panvel. Today we will speak about a topic which is close to my heart because I am having a special interest in child and adolescent psychiatry. Today we will speak about childhood depression.

Yes, when we talk about depression, you always think that it is something which will be away from children because we remember childhood days as stress-free and hassle-free. But depression also affects children. Though, it is hard to imagine depression occurring in children. Children about 3 to 10 children amongst 100 suffer from depression. You will open any newspaper any day and you will find out news about children committing suicide or doing something bad to themselves. So, children also suffer from depression.

What can be the causes in children? The causes of depression in children mostly are in their surroundings. So, there can be fight amongst their parents, they may suffer from traumatic events like earthquakes or accidents happening around them. They may have some problems in the household, there may be sibling rivalry which means they may be jealous about their younger siblings or brothers or sisters. There may be problems like a death in the family, someone close near or dear to them may pass away. Other than that, there may also be physical or sexual abuse happening to the child. Along with that there may be academic problems that means learning problems a child may suffer from. These are some of the environmental problems which may lead a child to become depressed.

But if we are talking about changes in the brain, then what happens in the brain is some neurochemicals that are chemicals in the brain reduce in the brainchild because of which the child suffers from depression. Now, how does depression present in children that means what are the symptoms? See, an adult when is depressed is able to tell above or talk about his feelings. An adult will tell people around them may be friends, family members that he is feeling sad or low or that he is feeling angry. A child, however, is not able to recognise emotions. So, most of the times a child suffering from depression shows it through his behaviour. A child suffering from depression may become very angry. He may start doing behaviours which he never did previously like a child may start lying, he may start stealing, he may not complete his or her homework, he may even tear pages in his notebook. Sometimes children withhold information from their parents, they will not show report cards to the parents and such behaviour prom problems increase. Children may also become more demanding. They may ask for many things, material things, they may ask for new things just to see whether the adults in the family or their parents love them enough. So, they start seeking attention. This attention seeking behaviour is common in children suffering from depression.

Along with that, there is something which we call as acting out. Acting out means that a child shows behavioral problems like temper tantrums, anger outburst, throwing things, breaking things, sometimes harming self with a blade or a knife. So, these acting out behaviors are common in children suffering from depression. They may also talk about physical symptoms, by that I mean something like a headache or a tummy ache or some backache or some coughing which a doctor is not able to explain. That means the symptoms, these physical symptoms that a child show, they are not explained by any physical illness. So, they are usually taken to multiple doctors for treating their headaches, tummy aches or for things like coughing where the doctor is not able to find any problem and that time, we should suspect depression in the child.

What happens because of this? So, a child who is supposed to study is not able to do that like adults in depression are unable to focus or concentrate in things, a child with depression is not able to study. They are not able to play, they have lost the interest to play many times and even they are not able to concentrate at any task at hand. So, that is why their scholastic progress declines. So now, how can a child with depression be treated? Many a times we come across parents who are not able to understand their child suffering from depression. Many times, they are in denial that even a child can suffer from depression. But as I told you they really do and then the first step in treating the child is to seek professional help. Professional help for depression is provided by psychiatrists and clinical psychologists or counselling psychologists. These are people who are able to understand the diagnostic criteria of diagnosing a child with depression.

The treatment options in a child include counseling or therapy as well as medicines because a child does not have maturity in thinking to understand what is going wrong. So many times, something called as behaviour therapy or behaviour change or behaviour modification is done with children, that means they are counseled to increase their positive behaviour and they are counselled also to reduce their negative behaviour. This type of counselling takes up much time and is a done by professional psychologists. However, if the child is moderately or severely depressed, then we always suggest medicines because finally what is going wrong in the brain is that certain neurochemicals are down. So, medicines are nothing but those which are given to increase those chemicals. A child with depression can be cured in months’ time if the treatment is followed as advised by the treating doctor. For more help, you can contact me on Lybrate.

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Nipah - A Virus With No Vaccine & 75% Mortality Rate!

General Physician, Fatehabad
Nipah - A Virus With No Vaccine & 75% Mortality Rate!

The Nipah virus may be little known, but scores extremely high when it comes to risk. The virus was first reported in Malaysia in 1998 and is no stranger to India. Indeed, it has struck India and Bangladesh multiple times since, leaving behind a toll count of nearly 280 infections and 211 deaths. And now, it’s back!

Nipah virus has already claimed over 9 lives in Kerala in past one month. Three people have tested positive for the virus over the past two weeks. And over 25 victims carrying its symptoms have been hospitalized.

Here’s what you should know about the Nipah menace.

  • Indications of a possible infection are fever and respiratory trouble and confusion. Flu-like symptoms have also been witnessed in some cases. The severity is too high and can progress to a state of coma.
  • Incidentally, this is a virus that can re-activate itself inside the patient’s body months or even years after the first strike. In such cases, the host can develop lasting health conditions such as stubborn convulsions and personality changes.
  • The way to stay out of harm’s way is to avoid exposure to infected animals, such as pigs and bats, and not consuming raw date palm sap.
  • Transmission of the virus to humans takes place via direct contact with infected bats, infected pigs, from other NiV infected people and by consuming food which is either infected or has come in contact with animals which are infected.

Symptoms of Nipah Virus:

The incubation period for the symptoms to develop for this virus is from 5 to 14 days and once the diagnosis is done the treatment must be given immediately. The Nipah virus can lead to the following in patients
Severe Lung condition
Asymptomatic infection
Inflammation of brain tissues

Preventive measures:

  • Stay away from people who are already infected with Nipah virus or NiV
  • In case, you have to touch the person then make sure you wash your hands from time to time.
  • Utensils, clothes or any other items used by the person infected with the virus should be kept separately.
  • If you are transporting the body of a person who has died of this virus, then make sure to cover your face, especially the nose.

Treatment for Nipah Virus:

No vaccination or medicine is available for treating people or animals with Nipah virus. The only treatment available is intensive supportive care. So visit a hospital as soon as you see the symptoms.

Not surprisingly, the Nipah virus ranks in the list of Top 10 priority diseases that the World Health Organization (WHO) has earmarked as possible candidates for the next major outbreak. Though treatment is currently limited care, efforts are on by the government and the medical community to develop preventive measures to combat the spread of the Nipah virus.

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