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Dr. Joni James


Gynaecologist, Chennai

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Dr. Joni James MBBS Gynaecologist, Chennai
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I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family....more
I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family.
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Dr. Joni James is one of the best Gynaecologists in Nungambakkam, Chennai. Doctor has completed MBBS . Doctor is currently associated with Hande Medical Centre in Nungambakkam, Chennai. Book an appointment online with Dr. Joni James and consult privately on

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# 65, Nungambakkam High Road, Landmark: Opposite ICICI and SBI bank.Chennai Get Directions
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Health Tip

MBBS MD DNBE Family Medicine
General Physician, Thane
Health Tip

Monitor your cholesterol (blood lipids). The lower your ldl and the higher your hdl, the better your prognosis.

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Happy Fasting and Healthy Feasting this Navratra!

M.Phil biotech and PGD Dietitics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Panchkula
Happy Fasting and Healthy Feasting this Navratra!

Navratras are celebrated to worship the divine mother through meditation, prayers and chanting. It is not just a religious practice, but a spiritual one too. It coincides, twice a year, with the changing seasons and is a process of rejuvenating our body and mind. This reflects in the foods that are supposed to be consumed during Navratri fasting. Why is that we fast and that certain foods are shunned during the festival while some are encouraged and embraced wholeheartedly? Here we try to deconstruct some aspects related to food and fasting during the festival.

Fasting is an integral part of Navratri, which helps to cleanse our body and rekindle the digestive fires. It gives our digestive system the much-needed rest from the constant overloaded eating habits. We can use this as an opportunity to detoxify our body and break away from the regular dietary pattern.

Traditionally, Navratri foods are wholesome and high on nutrition. Kuttu (buckwheat), which we have been having for ages is being hailed as the new superfood! Along with kuttu, sabudana (tapioca pearls), singhada (water chestnut) and amaranth (rajgiri) are widely used and help bridge the gap created by the absence of wheat and rice. Most of the navratri flours are packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which makes them an ideal substitute for heavy gluten rich grains.

Focus during Navratri should be on foods that are nutrient rich, but still light on our stomach, in keeping with saatvic (pure, simple and fresh) principles. Thus, fruits, juices, dairy products and their preparations are stressed upon. However, when we consume food during this period, we tend to overindulge. We have distorted the cooking techniques such that we load ourselves with fried, high fat foods. This, instead of making our body feel light, tends to bloat it up.

We has put together these simple techniques that one may follow this Navratri, to make the best out of fasting foods:

  1. Cooking technique: The key to unlocking the nutritional value of food is to cook right- instead of making the usual fried paranthas and pooris, try and make rotis, Kuttu dosas, chilla or pancakes. One can have them with the nourishing Kuttu ki Kadhi. Let’s get innovative and try something new! 
  2. Healthy Snacking: One can easily replace fried chips and namkeens with makhanas that can be roasted at home and seasoned with rock salt, black pepper, chili flakes, etc. to one’s liking. We can also help ourselves to baked potatoes, instead of fried ones. We have also put together a Navratra salad for healthy snacking. To satiate our need for a dessert during fasting try making the pumpkin kheer. These are the small changes that could go a long way to achieving the desired result of cleansing our bodies.
  3. Keep Hydrated: Kuttu and amaranth being rich in protein need good amount of water for proper digestion. Therefore, it is imperative that we increase our liquid intake for proper elimination of toxins during the process of cleansing. Fruits like water melons, melon, grapes, pomegranates or oranges have high water content. So, try to add 3 different colours of fruits, through the day, to keep you hydrated. Fresh coconut water will also help to keep the ions in balance make us feel light. We also suggest making the bottle gourd punch.
  4. Conscious Fasting: Navratri not being a rigid fast, people tend to follow it differently. The fast could be only on fruits, liquids, once a day grain or varied. We should take into account our health and lifestyle while deciding on the type/ form of fasting. Special care should be taken by people with health issues like diabetes, hypertension and conditions like pregnancy and lactation.

So, hopefully, armed with the science behind Navratri foods, you would be making better informed choices. This Navratri let us leave the unhealthy cooking habits behind and ensure that food that we eat is tasty and healthy too. Happy Fasting and Healthy Feasting!

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Natural Supplements for a Healthy Penis

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Natural Supplements for a Healthy Penis

Natural Supplements for a Healthy Penis

When it comes to maintaining a healthy penis, as well as overall health, the prostate gland plays an enormous role. In fact, prostate health is directly tied to a whole host of penis issues, such as erectile dysfunction, penis pain and other problems, as well as the dreaded prostate cancer. That's why excellent penis care isn't just about the penis itself, but about other parts of a man's reproductive system as well, including the prostate.

Scientists have looked for numerous options that might help men avoid or overcome prostate cancer. The good news is that there are certainly some medications that work, as well as some natural remedies. These natural supplements are known to help improve outcomes for men with prostate cancer, and they are great for those who simply want to protect against it as well.

1) White Button Mushroom Extract. White button mushrooms are very common, and it turns out they are a powerhouse of healing for prostate cells. Studies have shown that the extract slows the growth of cancer cells, as well as decreases tumor size in men who already have prostate cancer.

2) Sang Huang Mushroom Extract. A not-so-common mushroom, the extract has proven to be quite powerful indeed. When injected into mice, scientists found that the extract reduced the rate of cancer growth and diminished the size of the existing tumors.

3) African Plum Tree Bark Extract. Sometimes a man will have an enlarged or inflamed prostate well before he has any problems with prostate cancer. This extract does a great job of reducing that enlargement. In addition, mice that were fed a compound that included this extract had a much-reduced incidence of prostate cancer compared to those who didn't receive the extract.

Of course, there are many other things a man can do to help ensure the most healthy penis possible. Lifestyle choices play a huge role. A guy should pursue an active sex life to help ensure that he keeps his prostate in tip-top shape, but when he is pursuing that with a partner, he should take care to use proper protections. He should also look to his overall health, such as avoiding habits like drinking, smoking and eating unhealthy foods, as each of these could contribute to the incidence of prostate cancer in their own way.

A man should also make sure to get medical checkups every year, including prostate exams when he is of an age that requires them. Though a prostate exam might seem uncomfortable and embarrassing, it is really the only way to spot problems well before they become serious issues - and as most men know, prostate cancer has a number of very effective treatments as long as it is caught early. Prostate exams allow that to happen.

Finally, a man can turn to other types of supplements to keep his body, overall health and penis health in good shape. If he isn't getting enough vitamins and nutrients from his diet, he can look to supplements to help support nutritional health. He can also turn to supplements to aid with other health issues, such as vitamin C when fighting a cold or fish oil for joint aches.

When it comes to penis health, a guy can turn to topical supplements found in a high-quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). He should look for only all-natural ingredients, such as Shea butter, vitamin E, amino acids, and other nutrients for better health, such as vitamins D, C and B5. These important ingredients can help keep the penis skin healthy.

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Hi I did not have penetration. Just fingering and rubbing of genitals. Precum present at vagina What is the likelihood of becoming pregnant?

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Palakkad
Hi I did not have penetration. Just fingering and rubbing of genitals. Precum present at vagina What is the likelihoo...
Single viable motile sperm if reach to cervix is enough to get pregnant. It's not required millions of sperms. There are chances of sperm in prostatic fluid also before ejaculation but percentage is very low. So better do a hcg test to confirm pregnant or not.
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I had sex but unknowingly condom broke out so I toke ipill to avoid any problem but after I had sex but it was protected but there was no sign of ipill bleeding. Today its my 20th after ipill got little bleeding now I am feeling nausea n vomit type feeling what to do? Am I pregnant? please help me out.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Gurgaon
I had sex but unknowingly condom broke out so I toke ipill to avoid any problem but after I had sex but it was protec...
Hi lybrate-user. It does not seem that you are pregnant. Ipill does not result in bleeding soon after. In fact it can even the delay the periods for a long time depending on which phase of your cycle did you take the pill. I suggest you wait for your period and see. I'm sure you will get them soon. However if they get delayed by more than a week, do a home pregnancy test and check.
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I have problem in penetration so can foreplay helps to loose or wider the hole of vagina.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear user. I can understand. Foreplay definitely help in loosening the vaginal hole so that you will be able to penetrate easily. Moreover, foreplay promotes lubrication of the vagina so that the penetration and movement of penis inside vagina is smooth and painless for both the partners. Take care.
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I am 20 year old I took unwanted 72 after 1 hr. 17 to 21 is my periods date I did it on 29. But now after 4 days little amount white discharge is there what does it means? Pill failed or it is normal what are chances of pregnancy.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FCPS, DGO, Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning (DFFP)
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
I am 20 year old I took unwanted 72 after 1 hr. 17 to 21 is my periods date I did it on 29. But now after 4 days litt...
Chances of pregnancy very low. You will get withdrawal bleeding if it succeds. You only have to look for missed period
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I am 23 year old and having pcod past 5 years can you suggest the way to lose weight that will not bound back as I walk 10k steps everyday and I am on 1200 cal diet.

Gynaecologist, Jaipur
I am 23 year old and having pcod past 5 years can you suggest the way to lose weight that will not bound back as I wa...
Hello. PCOS has tendency for weight gain. You should cutoff all your extra calories, sugars, junk totally. With this you will require ab excersises. Walking wouldn't help much. Yoga is a good option.
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My Wife is pregnant with 6 months so I want to know about safe sex in pregnancy? Is it secure to have sex in this condition.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Jaipur
My Wife is pregnant with 6 months so I want to know about safe sex in pregnancy? Is it secure to have sex in this con...
Iska ko medical parameter nhi h agar aapki wife ko koi pareshani nhi Ho to aap apne gynecologist ko puch kar kar sakte h normally koi problem nhi hoti.
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My age is 23. Height is 5.10 weight is 56kgs. I have a list of health issues. To begin with, I eat outside food and fall ill. May be cant get clear motion, or get stomach ache. I do not put on weight easily. I want to put on weight. At night get acidity and gas problem at tyms. Next I have recently bruised my knee internally. I am a choreographer and surely dis has hand coz of dance. I hav taken lots of medicines for it. Feeling little better though. But still cant do steps which need to sit. Coz of dis issue doctor has told me not to put on weight. The other is I hav regular periods, but used to have terrible pain n health on frst day of periods. Took lots of medicines fr dis frm various doctors since years. Sum how it has decreased now. Since last 4months I get lesser pain n trouble. Doctors say its may be bcoz of sexual relations with your husband. Now the thing is I have experienced herpes in my vaginal area in 2011 and also in 2012. I hav had sexual intercourse only wid my husband. Have got minor vaginal infections many times after this. My vagina doesnt open immediately. It requires some foreplay or wetness. On top of that during the intercourse I get little pain at times. After I am done with the act, my vagina opening swells and turns red. Then for next 3days I cant have sex. Last week I went to the gynaec, and she has given me a gel to apply before intercourse. I havent has sex after meeting her, coz she found out infection again in my vagina and has given me lots of tablets to take orally and also put in my vagina. She has also given me placentrex gel to put it. I really wana know wats wrong with my vagina. I am not enjoying my sex life. My husband too surely isnt, but never says a word n always supports. Rushes me to the doctor and spends like anything. These medicines and doctors fees literally kill us. I also wish to conceive in coming months. But get to hear taunts from my family that I am too weak and keep falling sick all the time. And wont be able to conceive and produce a child. I eat alot and gud food. Small meals every 2-3hours. Exercise, dance. Drink lots of water. Have limited fast foods. Get sleep for 6-7hours. Still less immunity. I know this is like an essay to read. But I really require help. Thank you so much to whoever will reply. God bless.

Sexologist, Panchkula
You should do slow and deep breathing relaxation exercises in the morning. Avoid garlic and red chilly, non veg and eggs. Take proper balanced vegetarian diet avoid strenuous exercises or dance. Take more vegetables and less of pulses as this will increase your weight naturally. Take 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.
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