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Dr. Jinadas

General Physician, Chennai

Dr. Jinadas General Physician, Chennai
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I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
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Dr. Jinadas is one of the best General Physicians in Alwarpet, Chennai. Doctor is currently practising at Medicare Eye Clinic, Royapettah in Alwarpet, Chennai. Book an appointment online with Dr. Jinadas on has an excellent community of General Physicians in India. You will find General Physicians with more than 42 years of experience on You can find General Physicians online in Chennai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

Hello I'm 22 years old male, From past 3, 4 years I was suffering from Constipation and Burning sensation after passing stools, 2 months ago I had an Fistula Operation, after the Operation I was free I was passing soft stools and was no Burning sensation after passing stools. But past from a week I'm suffering from Constipation, Hard Stools and Burning sensation after passing stools. Will look forward for your reply. Regards.

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hello, Following Homoeopathic medicines are useful in treatment of constipation:- 1. bio combination no. 04, 4 tablets at a time, three times a day, 15 min. after meals. 2. Bryonia 30, 3 drops , morning empty stomach for 7 days. 3. Nux vomica 30, 3 drops, after dinner at bed time for 7 days. 4. Take Causticum 200, 5 drops ,once in a week. Avoid the following foods that can cause constipation include: Chocolate Dairy products Red meat Bananas and Caffeine Tips to Prevent Constipation Have more fibres in your diet. 25 to 30 grams of daily intake can prevent constipation. Fibres help retain water in the stools thus making them softer and easier to expel. Whole grain cereals and breads Dried fruits, such as prunes and raisins Popcorn, nuts, and seeds 4. Apply Bio valley's skin lightening cream Beans and legumes Raw fruits and vegetables Drink plenty of fluids, preferably water. 8 glasses a day will help. Have more if you are physically active. Prune (manukka) juice, and other fruit drinks are known to normalize bowel motility.
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I have pain in my penis what kind of disease is it I have nightfall once in week.

BHMS, MD-Homeopath
Homeopath, Bangalore
This is common let it be there, let there be night fall this is common, do not Masturbate, do not drink alcohol and smoking,
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Hi. I am 20 years I use to have vomiting in morning doc told me its due to acidity. After having my breakfast I use to have vomiting. Or after eating my lunch or dinner I fell like vomiting. I had all my test whether its chest lungs but nothing came out I am just having allergy. and sinus little bit. Few doc told me girls log ka vomiting sicological hota h we do not have the reason. But what should I do. I have to attend my classes I have to study. Please help. Because of me my parents are also upset. and me too. please suggest something to me.

Ph.D - Ayurveda, MD - Ayurveda, Diploma in Diet and Nutrition, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Diploma Yoga
Ayurveda, Jaipur
It may gas-distention trouble due to indigestion. Have simple bland food (Khichadi) for next few days avoiding junk, oily, spicy fried and deep-fried food items. Drink lot of water. Add Jeera, Ajwain, Sonth in your food items – these herbs prevent gas formation. Reduce intake of tea – coffee. Instead you can have green tea. Do not lye-down or sit immediately after having meals. Have a walk instead. Maintain good bowel habits. Have more of Coconut Water, Gulkand etc to relieve acidity, Avoid too much of Cauliflower, Peas, Brinjals, Namkeens as snacks etc. Do regular walking and mild exercises. You may also do a weekly fast – just to relax and calm down your system. Fasting also helps in cleansing of the system.
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She has knee pain and this pain usually and a kind of swelling near the ankle. Please advise.

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics
Orthopedist, Delhi
Requires detailed examination and investigation. Preliminary investigations suggested: hb, tlc, dlc, esr, blood sugar fasting & pp, uric acid vit d urine r/e x-ray of the affected part. Anyway it may be tried sleep on a hard bed with soft bedding on it. Spring beds, folding beds or thick mattress are harmful use no pillow under the head. Do hot fomantation paracetamol 250mg od & sos x 5days. Caldikind plus 1tab od x10. Do neck, back, knee & general exercises. It may have to be further investigated. Do not ignore it. Let it not become beginning of a bigger problem. Make sure that patient is not allergic to any of the medicines that he/she is going to take. If it does not give relief in 4-5days, inform
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I am 51 years old man and suffering from sex problem. I am not doing pushing properly becoz my dick is not strong that time.

General Physician, Cuttack
You are having Erectile Dysfunction It occurs due to 1.Fatigue, stress,depression, 2.Relationship issues, performance anxiety, 3.Alcohol consumption, Smoking, consumption of tobacco, 4.Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart disease, 5.Thyroid,Kidney problem, ,enlarged prostate,parkinsonism etc 6.Consult doctor to rule out these diseases. 7.Go for regular exercise, reduce your weight if over weight 8.stop smoking,tobacco and alcohol consumption 9.Take plenty of green leafy vegetables, fruits 10.Avoid stress,anxiety, physical and mental exertion. Take adequate rest 11. Do yoga, Meditation and deep breathing exercise to calm your mind, control your emotion and relieve stress 12.Topical Androgel/Testosterone replacement/ Zinc supplement can help 13. If no relief consult sex therapist/ sexologist
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My fiance has throat Problem he has pain in throat all the Time and gets fever bcoz.Of that it seems he has very Sensitive throat what should he do about this problem

General Physician, Korba
Medicine is correct . Additional -ginger small cut boiled in 1/2 cup water then mild warm water gargles & chew the boiled ginger
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I have been suffering from headache from that past two days can you find me a better solution for it.

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hello, take bc no. 12, 5 tabs twice daily and kali phos 6x, 5 tabs at bed time. Alpha ha, 15 drops with warm water twice daily. Revert me after 7 days.
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I get wet dreams, How to stop them? It's very uncomfortable to sleep because of that.

MBBS, MBA (Healthcare)
General Physician, Delhi
avoid day time sleep. avoid tea/coffe/ cola in evening and after. 8 hours sleep is ok . 10 pm 6 am is good timing.
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I am 21 female. I have a skin problem. I got a dot on my neck and this have spread all over my back which is looking very ugly to see. There is no itching sensation. Please suggest me a home remedy to get clear skin on my neck and back.

Homeopath, Faridabad
1. Homoeopathic medicine for fair skin is Berberis Aquafolium mother tincture.take 5 drops of it mix with water , twice a day. 2. Apply this tincture in diluted form on your back and neck with cotton once a day . 3. wash your face with besan and curd , mix a pinch of turmeric also. 5. Apply rose water to your back and neck at night. 6. Apply cucumber juice+ lemon juice+ tomato juice on your neck and back. 7.Apply Multani mitti pack ,wash it off after it dries.
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I had a fracture in my face 1 yeAr back due to an accident and I got the treatment for the fracture. But still the swelling in face is not got clear. So please suggest how to get rid of swelling of the bone in my face.

Take physio sessions regularly fr at least 3 weeks. To get rid of this. Nd lil heat by warming cotton in water.
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I am having a problem of nose bleeding. Blood comes frequently, once in 3-4 days sometimes once in a week or 2. But definitely comes in 2 days of eating chicken or having whiskey.

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist, Gandhinagar
Bleeding from Nose: cold water on nose and head will help...if no result, endoscopy of nose to locate the bleeder and cautery of bleeder will cure you....
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I want medicine for long intercourse. Can anyone suggest me any tablet without side affect.

Homeopath, Sindhudurg
Sexual stamina involves lasting long during sexual intercourse and maintaining an erection for as long as possible. However, many men can get and maintain an erection yet they leave their women feeling very dissatisfied in bed. tips -don’t neglect your diet. Loading up your body with stimulants and depressants on a daily basis (in the form of caffeine, sugar, alcohol, or cigarettes) has far-reaching negative effects on your health and libido. Cut back on the coffee. treatment - homoepathic treatment is recommended for men whose sexual performance is low or those who are suffering from sexual dysfunction and those who wants permanent cure without side effects.
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Hi I am suffering from polycystic ovaries please recommend me what kind of diet should I take?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Faridabad
Sarvagasana, Matsyasana, Ardhmatsyendrasana, Paschimottanasana, Surya namaskar, Ushtrasana and all backward bending asana are recommended. Lifestyle Recommendations Along with improvements in your diet, some changes to your lifestyle will also have an effect on reducing the symptoms of PCOS. Manage stress and anxiety. Reducing stress can help balance your hormones. Do things that you enjoy and follow your passion, whatever that may be. Stay well hydrated by drinking 1.5 – 2 litres of filtered water daily. This will detox your system and can reduce fluid retention problems. Get Moving. Perform light to moderate exercise 3-5 times a week. Regular exercise leads to weight loss a major problem in PCOS. Avoid - Refined sugars, white sugar, corn syrup, synthetic sugar, and saccharin Refines flours, unbleached white flour and Maida Synthetic fats, High levels of saturated fats from meat, butter, palm and coconut oils All red meat and poultry, commercial eggs Commercial, sugared fruit juices and soft drinks Take- Natural Sweeteners, Honey (Note: If you are insulin resistant avoid sugar fully) Organic whole grains, mixed grains and brown rice, basmati rice. Unsaturated olive oils, butter, preferably raw and organic (minimal quantity) Skimmed milk, fresh vegetable juices Organic Poultry. Fish is fine if not from polluted waters, organic eggs.
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Sometimes I walk and suddenly I fell down and my whole body shivers what should I do ?

MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Patna
Dear , if you lose consciousness during fall then it may be sign of epilepsy. It is a kind of serious illness with potential threat to life. You need to be investigated and treated accordingly with anti-epileptic medicine for a period of time.
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Hello, Actually I am suffering form fissures from last 2 month its pain full , can you please give a solution to get cure.

General Physician, Cuttack
1. Apply proctosedyl ointment 2-3 times daily before and after passing stool. 2. Sit in a bath tub containing warm water with little salt for some time twice daily (sitz bath). 3. Take two tea spoonful lof softovac/naturolax powder with a glass of warm water/milk in the evening or syrup duphalac 3 tsf (15 ml) twice daily if there is constipation. 4. Take fiber containing diet, plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruits. 5. If no relief consult a general surgeon for advice and treatment.
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Hello Dr, My (Age 22 Yrs, Male), I'm Physically Handicapped (Both Legs Operated) I Can Walk with the Help of Elbow STICKS OR Walker with 3.5 Foot Hight, Recently I was Diagnosed with Kidney Problem (Creatinine 5.9) after taking Treatment (by Staying at hospital) it dropped to 3.5 but Again it risen to 4.3 after following a regular diet at Home with 3 monthsspan. My Dr. Prescribed: Nephro Fe Dolosis Toyo 60K Can I Use Ketosteril Tab Because Many People Referred Me this Tab Please Help Me Drs. With Best Solution.

Felllow in Endourology, MCh Urology, MRCS, MS, MBBS
From your reports it seems like you are suffering from chronic kidney disease. Tablets alone cannot cure this condition. Please do an ultrasound abdomen to see that status of kidneys. Please visit a Nephrologist to properly diagnose your condition and get proper treatment.
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Nefroti syndrome ie leakage of albumin protein in urine, my 8 years old grand son is suffering from this type of health problem, guide me how to handle him.

MD - Paediatrics, MBBS, FISPN & FISPN - Pediatric Nephrology
Pediatrician, Delhi
Nephrotic syndrome is a common problem which has a relapsing and remitting course. First I would like to ask a few questions before jumping on to conclusions. At what age this problem started? what are the medications is he on? is he ever gone into remission? I would advise you to maintain a nephrotic diary which records daily urinary protein and medications so that I get a fair idea what`s going on.
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C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,

To reduce subsequent episodes of diarrhea, malnutrition, and delays in physical and mental development.

Exclusive breastfeeding until age six months

Continued breastfeeding with complementary foods until two years of age.
Complementary feeding may be considered in younger infants if growth is inadequate.
The consumption of safe food and water.
After every loose stool give ORS/boiled sugar-salt solution or rice water or any
homemade made clean solution to prevent death from dehydration.

Water brought to a rolling boil for at least five minutes is optimal for preparing food and drinks for young children.
Hand Washing after defecating, disposing of a child's stool, and before preparing meals.
The use of latrines; these should be located more than 10 meters and downhill from drinking water sources.
Rota virus accounts for majority of diarrhoea in children. Rotavirus vaccine can prevent diarrhoea from this common,deadly virus

I have pain in my eyes, my eyes become red, pain in head and I can not see from long distance properly. Then what should I do?

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hello, * get your eyes examined, first. * take, plenty of water. * go for meditation to cool down your eyes. * clean your eyes with clean and cool water twice when you r back home. Homoeo-care** @ euphrasia 30-4 drops, thrice a day. @ belladonna 30-4 drops, thrice a day. @ cineraria eye drops- 2 drops instill in eyes, twice a day. Take care.
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I am a male 18 years old. L have piles from two months it's so pain full so please help me.

MBBS, MBA (Healthcare)
General Physician, Delhi
avoid constipation. avoid straining on stool.. use fiber diet. take pilex one tab 3 times daily for one month. use anovate cream on anus. consult surgeon for clinical check up.
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