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Dr. Balaji

Ayurveda, Chennai

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Dr. Balaji Ayurveda, Chennai
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To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies....more
To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies.
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Dr. Balaji is an experienced Ayurveda in Ambikapuram, Chennai. Doctor is currently associated with Chennai Sri Siddha Ayurveda Unani Hospital in Ambikapuram, Chennai. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. Balaji on has an excellent community of Ayurvedas in India. You will find Ayurvedas with more than 27 years of experience on You can find Ayurvedas online in Chennai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I get lot of pain n cramps on the first day of my menstrual cycle. Is there some medicine to cure this. Is it natural or some problem. I have tried a unani medicine called masturin. But it has not helped much. Please advise.

MD-Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Haldwani
Hello lybrate-user- pain during menses is due to improper tone of uterus muscles. Use dashmoolaristha 2 tsp twice daily for 10 days before menses. This single medicine will cure all of your menstrual problems (do not use the medicine more than ten days as the body will become habitual to it and will not respond quickly)
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I have unwanted hair on my upper lip. What treatment I have to take to reduce this.

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hello, This is the home remedy for Unwanted Hair Removal:- 1. Raw Papaya Remedy for Unwanted Hair Removal Papain is one of the active enzymes in papaya. It is capable of breaking down hair follicle and prohibit the growth of hair. Not only this makes your fine hair less noticeable but it also naturally exfoliate your skin to give it an inproved texture. Papaya is most suitable for sensitive skin. Thus, use raw papaya to get rid of your unwanted hair permanently. Way of using raw papaya for unwanted hair removal Get this: • Raw papaya paste- 1-2 tablespoons • Turmeric powder- ½ tsp Do this: • Make papaya paste by peeling and grinding raw papaya pieces. • Mix turmeric powder with this raw papaya paste. • Massage your face with this paste for about 15 minutes. • Wash off with water. • Do this once or twice a week.
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I use to gym and use to lift heavy weights because of which (told by a doctor) On left side of leg I have very severe pain near my buttocks I did physiotherapy as suggested by doctor for 6 months but still at times it pains, its almost a year now I am facing this pain I seriously need a opinion.

General Physician, Faridabad
hot water fomentation and apply volini locally, can take tab dolo sos. do muscle exercise,it will help. Welcome
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I did not feel good in last 3 days nd fever come in continuously what should I do.

General Physician, Gurgaon
Measure your temperature and tell me reading Avoid exertion Take tablet paracetamol 500 mg after food (If No Drug Allergy) as and when required for fever more than 99 f (maximum 3 tablets with gap of 8 hr can be taken in a day) for 3 days Take proper diet homemade food like moong dal dalia, chapati etc Get CBC checked and review with reports consult privately
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Ny tsh is 0.27 m land my t3 is 104 and t4 is 11.5dl and right now iam on 100mcg thyronorm and should I continue or reduce to 75 mcg. Pls tell.

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Specialist, Faridabad
IN HYPOTHYROIDISM:--- Deficiency of thyroxine hormone leading to sluggishness, tired feeling, weight increase, slow heart beats, intolerance to cold, swelling of legs, feet and face, difficulty in concentrating and at times in speech. Treatment for hypothyroidism is giving ' THYROXINE ' tablets. And dose are according to level of thyroid for life time. Avoid iron medicines. Avoid bad habits . Avoid stress. Some Relax during work.go walk daily.avoid oily foods,junk foods. Do Tests T3,T4,TSH EVERY 3 TO 6 MONTHS. Take plenty of water, high-carbohydrate foods such as potatoes, rice, pasta and bread. Nutrient-rich foods that improve your health may also benefit your thyroid gland, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables more plenty of water: Blueberries, tomatoes, bell peppers, and other foods rich in antioxidants can improve overall health and benefit the thyroid gland. Eating foods high in B vitamins, like whole grains, may also help. flax oil, Selenium: Tiny amounts of selenium are needed for enzymes that make thyroid hormones to work properly. Eating selenium-rich foods, such as sunflower seeds or Brazil nuts, can be beneficial. Tyrosine: This amino acid is used by the thyroid gland to produce T3 and T4. Taking a supplement can help, take thyronorm 12.5mcg.
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Sir. I am mentally depressed because of my love failure. And my blood pressure is about 163/110. How can I recover?

M.Sc - Applied Psychology
Psychologist, Bangalore
Do get your health assessed by a physician to rule out any other physiological issue. Does any family member in your family suffer from bp? as for feeling depressed over love is concerned, yes you might be hurting but a failed love is in no way a symbol of failed life. You are just 17 years old and have a long and wonderful part of life waiting for you, you need to divert your mind from love to look around what you want to achieve with your life, what you want to do and give back to the society, your parents, siblings, friends etc. You are capable of much more than just withering away due to a failed love. You still have to understand about relationships, how to build one, how to maintain one and that takes time. Pull yourself up and focus on your studies and set goals for your future. Take steps towards disciplining and following through to reach your goal. All the best!
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I am having acne and pimples tell me a oral medicine that helps in removing of acne and make my skin looks great and how I should use it.

Acupressurist, Chandigarh
In this teenage it us very common problem due to hormonal changes. Do not apply any ointment on the face. Only apply lemon juice with cotton ball on the face for one hour and after that wash your face. Do it for some days. Drink plenty if liquids. Take salads fruits. Avoid junk oily spicy food.
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I am suffering from lower back pain from last 1.5 years. I got injured in the gym while lifting heavy weights inappropriate manner. Pain is consistent but very less! in MRI reports shows that their is a Diffuse Posterior bulging L5-S1 disc. Plz help me with this am very uncomfortable with this pain! i cant go for sports m a sportsman.

Hand Surgery SR Ship, MS - Orthopaedics, Thesis Work, M.B;B.S
Orthopedist, Jaipur
For young males with single disc, the best treatment is endoscopic dics removal, it will relieve you of symptoms, will not cause structural damage to your surrounding structures, less post operative stay and early return to sports. Since you are having severe pain, no amount of rest of therapy may relieve your symptoms.
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My hairs are getting grey very fast and I am suffering from hair loss as well. What should I do? Pls suggest me the best thing I can do.

PG Hom, London, BHMS
Homeopath, Mumbai
Hello lybrate-user, greyibg of hair is to a great extent determined genetically. If someone from your family had premature greying, you are bound to get it. But anyways, you can try applying trichup hair oil twice or thrice a week and take tablet bi to zed forte once a day for a month.
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Respected doctor. please tell me can posture during stationary exercise bike workout harm the back? I am aksing because I think that posture is not good as we are slightly bend.

Physiotherapist, Bangalore
It is important to know how to use an exercise bike the right way. If your posture is poor, you'll reduce your overall results and may even cause injury to your neck, back, knee and hips. Making right adjustments of your equipment will allow you to pedal fast, hard and without worrying about posture or too much pressure on joints. 1) Seat - you'll want a height in which your legs are slightly bent when pedaling. You never want your legs to be fully bent or fully straight. 2) Handlebars - if your static cycle offers handlebar adjustments then choose a position that enables your arms to be fully extended. 3) Feet - do not pedal with your toes. Use your complete foot. 4) Back Posture - your back should be straight. Donot bend forward to grab handlebars or pedal. If you do so, you are putting excess pressure on your back and neck. 5) Footwear - always wear good sport shoes/ sneakers when pedaling. Never opt for barefoot cycling. Follow the above rules while cycling and I ensure You will never bother your joints.
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Hello doc. My last period was 14th october. After that I got pregnant. Last saturday I went for an ultrasound and doc said your pregnancy looks like 6 weeks. According to my calculations it sud be 7th week. I came home. After 3 hours I suddenly started passing brown discharge. Panicked I immediately rushed to hospital. There my doc took 3 hrs more to attend. During that I once checked there was no bleeding. Bt before c checked my pad was wet with both brown and little red blood. C told me to get admitted. Said pregnancy is threatened. C gave me hope. Next day was sunday. Monday I had an ultrasound. She showed me and wat I noticed that wat I watched saturday now the shape of sac was smaller than half. Earlier also c did not find any heartbeat. C told me to see the sac leaving the line too. Bt c dint said it is miscarriage. Now also I am bleeding once ima day brown blood plus clots. C told me to repeat ultrasound after 10 days. Whats exactly happening. Its killing. Bt mentally. Physically there is no pain or sometimes mild like period. please help.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS
Gynaecologist, Noida
Hello, This is likely anembryonic gestation where foetal heart beat has not arrived yet which generally comes by 5-7 weeks. Max it can arrive by 9 weeks in cases of delayed ovulation, hence a repeat usg required after 10 days to reconfirm. If it doesn't arrive by then you would have to undergo a D&C.
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I am 26 year old I have irregular periods problem, my periods usually happen after three to four months. Two year back I got married. And from last one year me and my husband v both are trying. For the baby. I am afraid whether I will get pregnant or not. please help me out.

Training in IVF / ICSI, Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Pune
Common causes for irregular periods can be hormonal changes primary or secondary to certain conditions such as pcod. You can do a few hormonal tests and an ultrasonography to rule it out. When you are trying for pregnancy you can aim for better and precise follicular growth (with tablets or inj.) which can be monitered on sonography rather than aiming for regularising the periods. When good follicle is formed (and provided that the tubes are normally patent) you can induce the rupture of the follicle and try naturally or with iui.
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How remove chicken pox black spot on face. I suffer from chicken pox two month before.Please tell.

B.Sc. - Dietitics / Nutrition, Nutrition Certification,Registered Dietitian
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
The chicken pox black spots can be treated by following some daily tips - use aha glow face wash daily use sunscreen with spf 30 daily. Use natural face pack of multani mitti and lemon 2 times a week. You can also use apple cider vinegar with mother for 5 mins after washing your face and splash it clean with water. Most important is diet- do not eat junk, eat more vegetables and fruits especially with vitamin c.
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Please explain the PCOD nd iske hone ka karan aur iska ilaaz kya hai kya ilaj karne se ye jad se kahatm ho skta h.

PG in Assisted Reproductive Technology, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, DGO, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
It's become common due to genetic reasons Stress poor eating habits u need regular medication and monitoring. It may lead to Diabetes or cancer if not treated
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My wife is suffering from PCOD disease. Harmonce related problems so it's a serious problem or not, is she will face any problem in pregnancy?

B.H.M.S., Senior Homeopath Consultant
Homeopath, Delhi
There are a lot of homoeopathic medicines for pcod and having a good results. You can take com. Sal. 200 / 5drops in one teaspoon of water thrice a day for one day only. Rub. Met. 30 / 5 drops in one teaspoon of water thrice a day for one month. Revert back after one month with feedback.
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How to reduce my weight, tell me the proper reason to making my weight reducing consistently. And please tell me how to save hair falling. And how to reduce baily fat.

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Chandigarh
Hi lybrate-user take moderate carbohydrate, moderate protein, low fat diet. Take a cup of green tea in the morning and evening. Avoid eating fried foods, junk foods, milk products like cheese, khoa, etc. Also do not take creamed milk rather take skimmed milk. Eat less chapatis, less rice, more pulses and pulses products, fresh fruits and vegetables. Must take exercises daily.
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My height is 5'3 and weight is 58 kg I want to loose weight. Please send me diet chart.

PGDD, RD, Bachelor of Home Science
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Hi, thanks for the query. When it comes to weight/ fat loss it's all about being sensible with food. Eat small but frequent meals. Avoid long gaps in between meals. Avoid junk as far as possible. Exercise at least 4 times a week. Lastly be committed. Remember it's a lifestyle change and not a one time thing. It's a balanced intake that will last you longer. All the so called diets will only give you muscle and bone loss. The fats will remain as it is. So, try to first follow this seemingly simple tips.
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Aloe Vera: The Amazing Plant

MD- Ayurvedic Pathology
Ayurveda, Amritsar
Aloe Vera: The Amazing Plant

Aloe vera is one of the most popular medicinal plants that have been in use for thousands of years. It is particularly famous for the treatment of skin injuries although it offers a host of health benefits. This short stemmed shiny plant stores moisture in its leaves and is widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. The gel within the aloe vera stem contains bioactive compounds found in plants such as vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids.

Some of the notable health benefits of aloe vera include the following:

  • It contains antibacterial and antioxidant properties: aloe vera is known to contain the most beneficial antioxidants called as polyphenols. These polyphenols, as well as other similar compounds found on aloe vera, can prevent the growth of bacterial infections in human beings.
  • Helps in healing cuts and burns: aloe vera can also be used as a topical medicine by applying the gel on the skin. It has been used since ancient times for the treatment of sores, cuts and burns which also includes sunburns. Aloe vera is the first fda approved ointment that got the status of an effective over-the-counter medication in the year 1959. It can, therefore, be used in first and even second degree burns.
  • Prevents dental plaque: tooth decay, as well as gum diseases, affect almost all individuals over the world. One of the best ways to steer clear of the oral infections is to prevent plaque buildup which is the bacterial biofilms on the teeth. The aloe vera mouthwash is as effective as chlorhexidine solutions in reducing the problems of dental plaque by killing the harmful yeast called candida albicans and bacterium named streptococcus mutans.
  • Aids in the treatment of canker sores: most people have experienced mouth ulcers or canker sores at least once in their lifetime. It mostly affects the area underneath the lip or inside the mouth and can be very painful at times. Several studies show that aloe vera gel helps in accelerating the healing process of canker sores.
  • Reduces constipation: the latex of aloe vera has been found beneficial in the treatment of constipation. The latex is the sticky yellow residue underneath the leaf skin and contains aloin and barbaloin which offers effective latex effect.
  • Prevent formation of wrinkles: topical aloe vera gel assists in slowing down the ageing process with regular usage. Using aloe vera gel regularly helps in boosting the production of collagen and improves skin elasticity within three months of regular usage.
  • Lowers down blood sugar levels: there was a time when aloe vera was used as a conventional remedy for diabetes. Aloe vera helps in enhancing insulin sensitivity as well as managing blood sugar levels. It has been used in numerous animals and humans affected with type 2 diabetes and the results are impressive enough to regard it as an alternative treatment option.

Along with these benefits, aloe vera juice is regarded as a sustainable way of weight management which has made it a well-favoured choice of overweight people all over the world.

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Dear Dr. Main day main bilkul bi normal feel nahi karta. Muje ajjeb sa feel hota muje samaj main nah ata yah kya, muje bhukh bi sahi lagti hai mera b.p aur suger bi normel hai phir yeh kya hota hai muje. Muje 4 months pehle tifi fever hua tha maine treatment bi liya lekin main notmel feel nahi karta .main leta rehata hu toh muje shai lagta hai. Akhir problem kya hai aur muje kya karna chaiye.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hello, lybrate user, you are physically fit but sick, mentally, it so happens after typhoid. Tk homoeo medicine: @ thyphoidinum 20-6 pills, thrice for 4 days. @ bryonia alb 30-6 pills, thrice. *tk, plenty of water to hydrate yourself and to regulate metabolism to absorb nutrients to nourish your body including your brain. *your diet be high in protein, simple, easily digestible on time. *go for meditation to reduce your stress, generating strength & stamina. *avoid, junk food, alcohol, nicotine, *report after 4 days, > your feedback is solicited for further, follow up stay healthy.
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