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Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
More about sri sai siddha clinic
sri sai siddha clinic is known for housing experienced Sexologists. Dr. S.Karthik Nagarajan, a well-reputed Sexologist, practices in chennai. Visit this medical health centre for Sexologists recommended by 82 patients.


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How to Get Rock Hard Erections Naturally Without Drugs?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
How to Get Rock Hard Erections Naturally Without Drugs?

Do you suffer with ED or erectile dysfunction?

If so, you are alone. It's a highly common sexual problem among men. As a matter of fact, millions of men suffer with ED and what is worse is that they do not accept that they have a problem. Living in denial does not help but aggravates the issue. Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition that requires treatment. However, it is completely curable unless and until there is some kind of a permanent damage to the erectile tissue.

Listed below are some of the best ways to help you get a rock solid erections, naturally and safely:

1. Begin with Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate is one fruit that can do wonders for your libido and erections. It helps boost blood flow to the penis. More important, it helps your body release more nitric oxide, which plays a crucial role in increasing blood flow to the penis. A lot of men suffer with ED since nitric oxide secretion declines with age.

So, try to have a glass of pomegranate juice every morning and within a few days, you should be able to notice the difference in your erection hardness.

2. Have Some Nuts

Nuts are a great source of essential fat like Omega 3 fatty acids which are great for boosting the male sex hormone testosterone. Apart from this, such fats also ensure better lubrication in your arteries resulting in improved blood flow. By enhancing both testosterone and blood circulation, nuts can help you get harder erections. Try to have a moderate serving of nuts with your breakfast every morning.

However, avoid overindulgence since it can prove counter-productive.

3. Try Tribulus Terrestris

One of the best herbs for curing sexual problems in men is Tribulus Terrestris. It has been used in Chinese and Indian medicine to treat both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation for many years now. Tribulus is an excellent testosterone booster that can help erection rigidity.

4. Begin Strength Training

Though all kind of exercise is good for enhancing blood flow in your body, strength training helps boost testosterone too. This gives you an upper edge and also explains why bodybuilders are less prone to sexual dysfunction as compared to men who do not pump iron. Ideally, you should workout for 30-45 minutes for at least 4-5 days a week.

Including leg exercises in your workout is extremely important since they are far more effective in enhancing testosterone as compared to other exercises. Squats and lunges should for a part of your workout. Other exercises that are also great for enhancing testosterone include chest press, pull ups, chin ups, deadlifts etc.

5. Try Yoga

Yoga is simply great for improving your erection hardness. This is for a couple of reasons. First of all, it helps reduce stress, which happens to be one of the underlying causes of ED in a majority of cases. A lot of young guys suffer ED because of performance anxiety. Yoga can help you get over all such anxiety and make you perform better in bed.

Not just this, it can also help you control your breathing more effectively, which can help in improving your ejaculatory control.

6. Try Natural Male Enhancement Pills

Moreover, you can also try natural male enhancement pills. Such pills are a far better alternative to prescription drugs that can have a lot of nasty side effects ranging from severe headaches to nausea to something as severe as a heart stroke.

Natural pills are a perfect blend of herbs like Tribulus Terrestris, Tongat Ali, Ginkgo Biloba, Panax Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed etc, Top quality pills also contain pomegranate ellagic acid or Bioperine to ensure faster and better results.


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Causes Of Impotence In Young Males - This Is What Really Causes It!

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Causes Of Impotence In Young Males - This Is What Really Causes It!

Many young men have tried Viagra and similar medications but found they do not help very much. Causes of impotence in young males can be varied and an embarrassing problem. However the problem affects millions of men of all age groups and there are many treatment options available. This article will talk about obesity, smoking and lack of exercise which can all result in narrowing of the blood vessels, which is the cause of impotence. Losing weight if necessary, giving up smoking and getting fitter may help reverse the problem.

Why Do So Many Younger Men Suffer From Impotence?

Impotence is a recurring and persistent issue where a man is unable to get or maintain an erection. It may be worth consulting your doctor if a persistent problem as impotence is caused by a variety of conditions.

Causes Of Impotence In Young Males And Solutions

1. Obesity 
There is a strong connection between obesity and impotence. Men that are obese are far more likely to experience erection issues than those of normal weight. Men who are overweight have a higher risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol. Clogged arteries and high blood pressure will worsen with excess weight and this is what contributes to erection issues. Men who return to their normal weight usually regain their sex life.

2. Smoking 
Men who smoke are more likely to develop problems with achieving or maintaining an erection. This is due to blood flow and smoking can cause damage to the blood vessels of the penis. Smokers tend to have reduced or abnormal semen quality and sperm count compared to men that do not smoke.

3. Exercise 
Aerobic exercise and this includes walking, jogging and swimming is helpful for your blood vessels. Studies have found that men who exercised the most were the most likely to have better performance in the bedroom. Exercise can help improve cardiovascular risk factors and will also reduce stress related issues. It is also easy to get started on an exercise program. Exercise can also help your impotence treatment work better.

4. Medicines for Impotence 
There are 3 main prescription medicines which are used to treat impotence in young men: Viagra Cialis and Levitra. You can purchase all of these medicines through an online website but a prescription from your doctor is advised. They all work in the same way, by enlarging the arteries which supply blood to the manhood. This allows enhanced blood flow to the erectile tissue in the penis. An erection can then be achieved and maintained.

5. Other Treatments 
The two main other treatments are vacuum pumps and erection rings. A vacuum pump is a cylinder a man places over the penis. Air is pumped out of the device and this can create an erection. Rings are used to maintain an erection as they restrict blood flow from the penis. The ring is placed around the base of the manhood and can give some men stronger erections and better orgasms. Side effects of using a penis pump can include pain and bruising. The ring should be removed right away if you feel any pain, numbness, or a cold sensation.

6. Psychological treatment 
Counselling or therapy can sometimes tackle stress, depression or performance anxiety issues and can be combined with medication to treat the impotence in the short-term.

Natural Remedies For Impotence 
Whatever the cause of impotence in young males, there are numerous natural remedies for impotence that can help treat this condition. There are many alternative therapies and these can include natural herbs and remedies. Derived from plants and herbs, cultures have used these treatments for many years to treat impotence and other related erection issues.


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4 Top Reasons for Loss of Penis Sensitivity!

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
4 Top Reasons for Loss of Penis Sensitivity!

When something goes wrong with a man's penis, it's a sure bet he's very aware of it - and probably wondering what's going on. In fact, many issues with penis sensitivity come about from factors a man might be able to control with some minor changes in penis care. Other issues might require the help of a doctor, but in most cases, a man can overcome a loss of penis sensitivity and go on to enjoy an active, fulfilling sex life.

The top reasons for loss of penis sensitivity:

Though there are other causes for loss of penis sensation, these reasons are the most common:

1. Dry penis skin. This is the number one culprit for loss of penis sensation or sensitivity. And the good news is that it's very easy to remedy! The penis skin is very delicate, and it's constantly bombarded with things that can lead to irritation and redness. These include the touch of underwear or clothing against the skin, the use of soaps and other cleansing agents that tend to have a drying effect, and of course, vigorous masturbation. But other problems can come from exposure to latex, lubricants, bodily fluids and even perfumes and detergents that might lead to allergic reactions. All of these issues lead to dry penis skin.

2. Problems with blood flow. When the circulation in the body is compromised, it affects everywhere - including the penis. There are many things that can lead to poor blood circulation, including smoking, being overweight, chronic health problems like diabetes or high blood pressure, wearing restrictive clothing or even some physical activities, such as regularly riding a bike or a horse. Many of these issues, such as smoking, are relatively easy for a man to remedy. Some others, like diabetes, might call for the help of a physician to get under control.

3. Issues with nerves. Though this is certainly not as common as the first two reasons for loss of penis sensation, it does happen, and sometimes it sneaks up on a guy. For example, diabetic neuropathy - or the nerve damage that comes from uncontrolled diabetes - might appear before a person even realizes they have diabetes. Some nerve issues are well-known for the guy who has them, such as nerve problems resulting from back surgery. In many cases, controlling underlying problems can help a man overcome the nerve damage and lead a more fulfilling sex life.

4. Issues with the prostate. As a man ages, prostate problems become much more common. One of the most common is enlargement of the prostate gland, which means the gland will then push against other organs in the area, leading to trouble with not only erections, but with penis sensation as well. Men who suffer from prostate cancer, including some treatments for it as well as the result of surgery, might also notice a lack of penis sensitivity as time goes on. In most cases, there are treatments that can help enhance and improve penis sensation for men who have dealt with these issues.

The best home remedy for loss of penis sensitivity

A man who worries about losing penis sensation can look to a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to help ensure the most healthy penis skin possible. A good crème should contain a plethora of fantastic ingredients, including vitamin C, D, B5 and A - all great vitamins that work together to enhance penis health. All these wrapped up with amino acids, such as L arginine and L carnitine, in a Shea butter and vitamin E base can promise relief from dry penis skin, as well as help with other penis health concerns.


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Sexual Disorders - 12 Symptoms

Sexologist, Jammu
Sexual Disorders - 12 Symptoms

Sexual disorders come in different forms and variety; in short they are like people who come in all shapes and sizes. If you have a sexual disorder it does not mean that something is wrong with you. It only conveys that certain issues can affect anyone at any point of time and maybe for a reason or no reason. While some sexual problems have been tracked with their diagnosis and treatment, there are many which are not yet understood well.

The best part of all this is that if you are affected with a sexual disorder something like erectile dysfunction then there is no need to worry as there is a wide range of treatment. The treatment can range from some specific form to psychotherapy. This can virtually help anyone with the sexual disorder despite the concern. 

The only concern associated with sexual disorder is that how is it affecting the person. Is it causing distress in their lives or their behavior is changing and would they k=like to change their behavior or the problem.
Symptoms of Sexual Disorders
- Dyspareunia: Constant and repetitive pain experienced during sexual intercourse in men and women
- Erectile Disorder (ED): Inability to maintain erection in men
- Exhibitionistic Disorder: Intense sexual urges and fantasies for over 6 months
- Female and Male Orgasmic Disorders: Repetitive and constant delay or absence of orgasm post sexual stimulation
- Female Sexual Arousal Disorder: Constant and repetitive inability of, or maintaining arousal until the sexual activity 
- Fetishistic Disorder: Also known as Fetishism, this involves eroticization of nonliving objects or body parts for sexual gratification.
- Frotteuristic Disorder: Fantasies and sexual urges that have lasted for more than 6 months
- Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: Low sexual desire in men
- Premature (Early) Ejaculation: Early ejaculation, much before the person wishes for
- Sexual Masochism and Sadism: Fantasies and sexual urges that have lasted for more than 6 months
- Vaginismus: Spasm of the muscles which cause hindrance in sexual activity
- Sex Addiction (not a recognized diagnostic category at this time)

Treatments of Sexual Disorders
The most common sexual disorder, erectile dysfunction is readily treated with medication. The drugs prescribed for this are Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra. These medicines are only available if the doctor writes a prescription. They work by increasing the blood flow to the penis and in turn an easy erection in men when sexual stimulation is given. Viagra and Levita, both are effective in 30 minutes but Levita works a little longer than Viagra. The effect of both can last up to 4-5 hours. Cialis is believed to work faster that is within 15 minutes and lasts up to 36 hours.

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Hii. I have doubt that hw many times it is healthy to masturbate in a week please answer me.

Sexologist, Panchkula
You can do masturbation two times a week, more than this harmful. Do masturbation when there is need for it, don't make it your addiction.
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Hii Sir I am Shubham jain 16 yrs. Sir me indore me room me rhta hu I am student sir hum sb bacho ki ek bad habit ho gyi h hand practise jb hum free hota h tb. Night me aksar apne room me fully nude ho jaye h.Sir iss habit ko khtm krna h but hum iske habitual ho gye plzz help all.

MD - Alternate Medicine, BAMS
Sexologist, Delhi
Excess of anything is bad, you should not masturbate more than once a week. Try to engage yourself in outdoor activities and make your will power strong.
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I have an itch in my vagina. Happens only in the evening. It feels very dry even while having intercourse.

Advanced Aesthetics
Ayurveda, Gulbarga
apply zole-f ointment externally for itching... and when u intercourse frist start with forply... and use cocunut oil for external application its safe...
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Sir ,i have a problem of premature ejaculation from 2 years and my ejaculation timing is 1-2 minutes only .so what should I do for it.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Delhi
Try The Squeeze method: When you are going to ejaculate. At that point partner gently squeezes the end of the penis for several seconds. Then start it again. And with Ayurvedic medicines you can increase erection upto 20-30 minutes Contact me personally for more details Thanks.
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Thyroid - Does It Impact Sex Life?

Sexologist, Chennai
Thyroid - Does It Impact Sex Life?

The thyroid gland is a tiny gland that produces the hormones which affect the body's metabolic process. When these hormones are produced in less or more quantities, it may result in an imbalance of the thyroid gland, leading to a range of thyroid issues including hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and others. Overproduction or underproduction of the thyroid hormones can also cause a variety of other symptoms and conditions. While this affects the state of one's general well being, health and weight, it also has an effect on the patient's libido.

Let us learn more about the link between thyroid and sex:

  • Thyroid in Men: Men who are suffering from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism as well as related conditions like goitre or Garves Disease, have complained of sex related problems. These problems are known to affect at least 50% to 60% of the patients, as per various medical reports. The sex related issues include premature ejaculation, low sex drive, delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and others.
  • Thyroid in Women: It has been found that almost 10% of women over the age of 50 suffer from some form or the other of thyroid hormone imbalance. Apart from fatigue, depression and muscle ache as well as weight alteration, depending on the type of thyroid problem, thyroid patients who are women have also experienced problems when it comes to libido. Sexual dysfunction and arousal problems are high on the list of these issues.
  • Hormonal Treatment: One of the most common ways of treating this sex related thyroid problems for thyroid patients is through the use of hormonal therapy. Besides getting the testosterone, estrogen and other androgen levels checked, the patient must also get a full hormonal evaluation along with a check-up of the adrenal function. This can help in pointing any anomalies and the hormones that will require replacement with the help of appropriate medication.
  • Optimal Drug Treatment: A T4 only drug or Levothyroxine can lead to a resolution of sexual problems that one encounters as a part of thyroid problems. There are many doctors who may switch to a T3 drug once the libido is restored and brought back to normal.
  • Supplements: Men may require testosterone supplements, while women may need estrogen or progesterone supplements to tackle the sexual problems in such cases. These can be rendered as a patch or through an injection.
  • Sex Therapy: In many cases, sex therapy considered as a popular and effective form of addressing the problems and helping the patients get around the same. This is especially helpful if depression is one of the symptoms of the thyroid disorder.

A thorough physical check-up also helps in treating such problems for thyroid patients.

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I am suffering from the problem of nightfall from last 10 months and it happens after every 3 days Due to this I am having allot of problem of backbone pain and pain in knees please tell a solution.

Ayurveda, Alwar
Start yoga and Anuloom-vilom prayanam. Use other types of entertainment. Avoid seeing prone seen, blue films. U can also start, Amla powder one teaspoon at night.
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Sir I do masturbate everyday lot of times if anything happen? And pimples come or not.

Sexologist, Panchkula
Daily and excessive masturbation is harmful for future married life. You can do masturbation two times a week, more than this harmful. Daily masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, sperms count problems, size problem of penis and body weakness and memory problem etc in the long run. Pimples can also occur.
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My penis is short how can I increase my penis and in future any problem happen because of penis size.

Sexologist, Mumbai
The average length of penis varies from person to person. It ranges from 6 cm to 10 cm in the flaccid state and from 11 cm to 16 cm when erect, with diameter of 2.5 cm when limp and 3.8 cm when erect. Female satisfaction has nothing to do with size of penis
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I want have sex but I am unable to do it becoz I will ejaculates with in 1 minute so please advice me for long lasting.

Sexologist, Mumbai
You mean Premature Ejaculation. Do kegel exercises and stop _START technique. You can solve your problem for sure without Medicines.
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I am 26 years old man I masturbate since ten years often in 1-2 times in a week, it's effect me so much specially in my penis .my penis become curve nd tiny in size and lots of nerves came out on my penis and I always loses my erection before sex. Please help me .nd control my erection I used Viagra also but it didn't work.

Sexologist, Mumbai
Masturbation is very natural and normal. It doesn't lead to weakness or any other health issues. It does not affect shape and size of penis. U are too young to involve into such medicines. U can read in detail on topics: Premature Ejaculation. Performance Anxiety. Do not label so. Just understand and solve your problem for sure without Medicines.
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I am 27 years old man ,these days I felling tied and sleepy whole day. I masturbate in a week always since 10 years may be.

Sexologist, Mumbai
Masturbation is very natural and normal. It doesn't lead to weakness or any other health issues. Anything in excess causing addiction is harmful. It is normal way to release tensions. Relax yourself and exercise or walk for atleast half hour. As you are young ,common reasons for it may be physical or psychological like stress, fatigue, medications or alcohol vc can be taken care.
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I am 22 I use Viagra during sex to increase time. But my friends were saying not to use it. It has bad effects to our sexual organ. Can't I use it. Explain me pkz.

Sexologist, Panchkula
Viagra has side effects. You want to increase your sex time. You need to take one month treatment only to make strong your pelvic floor muscles and make semen thick in consistency. You have to follow certain instructions for permanent solution. I give you 100 %guarantee for improvement in sex timing. If interested, I advise you to tell me your eating habits and any addiction to alcohol or cigarette, for better guidance and natural, safe and permanent treatment.
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