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(33a)49., Thiruvenkadam Street, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai Chennai
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Dr.Sundaram's Clinic Pediatric Clinic (33a)49., Thiruvenkadam Street, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai Chennai
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Our mission is to blend state-of-the-art medical technology & research with a dedication to patient welfare & healing to provide you with the best possible health care....more
Our mission is to blend state-of-the-art medical technology & research with a dedication to patient welfare & healing to provide you with the best possible health care.
More about Dr.Sundaram's Clinic
Dr.Sundaram's Clinic is known for housing experienced Pediatricians. Dr. Sundaram V M, a well-reputed Pediatrician, practices in Chennai. Visit this medical health centre for Pediatricians recommended by 43 patients.


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(33a)49., Thiruvenkadam Street, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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My baby has 14 months old. But her weight is only 7.2 kg. She looks very small. But she is very active and no any health issues. Her birth weight is 3.3 .why her weight gain is bot improved. Is there any problem or it leads to affect in her future?

Masters In Clinical Nutrition & Dietitics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Bangalore
My baby has 14 months old. But her weight is only 7.2 kg. She looks very small. But she is very active and no any hea...
Hello Lybrate user sure, We will help you we have diet plan for infant from 6 month to 2 yrs. Which include. To get ideal height and weight. How to intruduce food every month. Like grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, pulses, etc so that they give achieve their ideal requirements of all nutrients. To cure deficiency of vitamins and minerals. To help them to build immune system strong and also cure digestive problem. How to introduce cow's milk at 1 year. And many more. But before prescribing any thing we need some information like. Vitals.medical history. Family history. Physical activity. Daily routine and many more so, if you want to contact us, you can contact us directly thru Lybrate.

Effective Child Care Tips For Parents - How To Raise Your Kids Healthy?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Lakhimpur Kheri

Parenting is not an easy task and no parent is perfect. Kids share a unique bond with their parents. A good parent always make decisions for their kids best interest and what makes a child happy. They must always keep this in mind that a child will copy their actions and will incorporate it in their life. Hence, parents are very powerful figure in a child health care and development.

Parents play a major role in promoting physical, emotional and social development of a child. Here are few Parenting Tips that will help you raise a happy child:

Be a happy person yourself

Parents should worry less and be mindful because stress will not only impact them, but their child’s mental health too. Being a happy person will leave a positive impact on your child. Keep in mind, they will always try to imitate you.

Pay attention to your child

It is very important for parents to communicate with their kids. Talk to them and pay full attention when they speak to you. Encourage them by responding in a thoughtful manner. Give them explanations and suggestions if they need it.

Eat together

A family that eats together, stays together. Families should have frequent meals together. This is a great way to spend some quality time with your children. Also, research says that a child is less likely to develop any bad habit like smoking or drinking if they have regular meals with parents.

Play outdoor sports with your child

In the era of iPad gaming, prefer playing some outdoor sports with your child. Outdoor activity plays a crucial role in the development of children’s growth. Playing outdoor sports will also reduce your child’s TV time. You can also bond with your child by reading books together.

Do not yell at your child

There is a better way to handle a situation if your child makes a mistake. Instead of shouting at them, you should speak to your child and understand their feelings too. Teach them how they should apologize if a mistake is been made by them. Also, teach them to forgive others mistake and never to hold any grudges against people.

Be a good role model

Children learn by watching their parents and hence you must model traits like respect, kindness and honesty. Teach them golden words ‘sorry and thank you’ and do not show any selfish trait in front of them. Explain them how important it is to be kind and ask them not to say any hurtful things to others.

Show them your love

Your child might develop a feeling of being unloved if you confront them. Hence, it is very important to express your guidance in a right manner. Avoid blaming or criticizing your child. Explain your opinions to them gracefully and tell that you love them no matter what.

Make time for your kids

Working parents often find it difficult to spend time with their kids. You must understand that your child needs time and attention. You can plan a trip on an off day or take them for shopping to the nearest market.

Apart from these Parenting Tips, you must also keep in mind what makes a child happy. It is a myth that only material possessions keep a child in a good mood. Pets, hobbies, arts, sports, outing and achievements can also bring out happiness in them. It is always smaller things that brings out happiness in your child, as small as a candy or a chocolate bar because their happiness is not elusive in nature. 

Here is a list of few things that can bring a smile on your child’s face and can answer your query of what makes a child happy:


Children love watching animals they have read about in comics or watched in cartoons. Parents can add pets like dogs, cats, horses or birds to their family. Your child will love playing and spending time with these animals.

Dance and music

Kids love to listen music and enjoy dancing. It gives pleasure and makes them extremely happy. Research says that singing a song or dancing refreshes their mind and makes them active.

Exploring new places

You should take some time out of your routine and plan a trip or outing with your child. It is a great way by which he can explore nature and learn about surroundings. Travel him with new places and let him explore different things present around him. Solve his doubts and queries related to such things.

Fun in water

Kids love playing during bath or in a pool. It is a good form of exercise which is also helpful for their physical development. It is among the favourite activity that a child likes to do during a day. You can also take them near to a beach or a river.


We all know that children are fond of chocolates and icecreams. Although you should not spoil them by giving them sugary food every other day, yet you can let them eat desserts, chocolates or ice creams at a regular or fixed time interval.

There is absolutely no doubt in this fact that child health care and development is utmost priority for parents. Want to know how to raise your child who turns out to be healthy and successful in future? Consider these child care tips for parent to keep your child healthy:

Child’s nutrition

A balanced nutrition diet is very important for a child because good nutrition reduces the risk of chronic diseases. An undernourished child would have less energy and even lesser interest in learning that can affect mental abilities. Your child’s diet also play a major role in developing the physical growth. Also, unhealthy eating habits can contribute to obesity. A complete diet plan for kids should be maintained which include healthy food for kids. Child’s mother can come up with certain creative ideas to make healthy food flavorful that might seem attractive to the kid.

Child’s hygiene

A good personal hygiene for your kid is extremely important as it leads to a boost in their self-esteem and confidence. They can come in exposure with millions of germs throughout their day. Hence, children should keep themselves clean in order to stay healthy. Personal hygiene for a child include bathing, brushing their teeth, washing their hands and many more. Parents are responsible for teaching hygiene to their child to prevent them from illness.

Child’s sleep schedule

A bedtime routine is very important for your child since sleep is important for their mental growth and development. A good 8-10 hours of sleep helps your child fight infections and diseases by strengthening the immune system. They should go to bed on time in order to be more settled and ready for the next day at school. Taking a quick nap during day time is also beneficial for a child health care.

Having said that, it is not easy for a parent to develop healthy eating habits in their child. You have to always encourage your child to eat a balanced diet. Here is the list of few healthy eating tips for kids that parents can follow while preparing their child’s diet plan:

Never skip breakfast

Good eating habits should be developed at a very young age and mothers must ensure that her kid never skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast can slow down the metabolism of your child and weakens their immune system.

Eating healthy snacks

A common misconception in people’s mind is that ‘kid food’ is ‘fun food’. However, most of these foods are processed using chemicals and have zero nutritional value. Such food items should not be included in kid’s diet. A health care professional can also assist child’s parents to prepare a complete diet plan that should consist of healthy snacks and not just ‘fun food’.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is very important for your child as it helps in flushing out toxins from the body. You can also prepare fresh fruit juice and milk shakes for them occasionally. Milk shakes are a great way to include dry fruits such as almonds, date and walnuts in the diet plan of your child. You can also add some chocolate powder to make it attractive for kids.


Your kid should be encouraged to eat fresh fruits instead of canned juices, made up of artificial sugars. Fruits are rich source of vitamins and dietary fiber and should be consumed on daily basis. It is very rightly said that ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. A balanced diet plays a key role in the development of your child’s growth and development and enhances the physical and mental well-being of your kid.

If your kid is under-nourished, he could face long term problems in his life. Hence, parents must be very particular about diet plans for kids and should try to include good eating habits for their better health and lifestyle.

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Examination Fear!

Homeopath, Lucknow

Two homeopathic medicines that I found very useful during exams in my clinical practice.

  1. Aethusa cynapium - when the mind becomes so worn out that it couldn't hold anything, unable to concentrate and understand.
  2. Argentum nitricum - fear of failure and nervous diarrhea. 

नवजात शिशु की देखभाल - Nawjaat Shishu Ki Dekhbhal!

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Lakhimpur Kheri
नवजात शिशु की देखभाल - Nawjaat Shishu Ki Dekhbhal!

नवजात शिशु जितने ज्यादा छोटे होते हैं, उनकी देखभाल भी बहुत नाजुकता से करनी पड़ती है. माँ और शिशु का रिश्तों सभी रिश्तों से अनमोल होता है. इस रिश्तों को माँ से बेहतर कोई नहीं जन सकता है. बच्चे के जन्म के बाद ही बहुत सावधानी से देखभाल करना चाहिए. ऐसे में शिशु का सम्पूर्ण स्वास्‍‍थ्य उसके जन्म से 28 दिन के बीच निर्धारित होता है. जन्म के बाद शिशु को माँ का दूध प्रयाप्त मात्रा में कैसे मिले, उसके कपडे बदलना, उसका रोना इत्यादि सभी बातों को बारीकी से ध्यान रखना पड़ता है. यदि आपका बच्चे में ऐसी कोई भी बदलाव दिखता है, तो उसे नजरअंदाज ना करें. इसके अलावा नवजात का शरीर बहुत ही संवेदनशील होता है, इसलिए शिशु के कमरे का तापमान का भी ख्याल रखना चाहिए, क्योंकि यह बच्‍चे के लिए नुकसानदेह हो सकता है. स्वस्थ बच्चों में भी कुछ बातों का खास ख्याल रखने की आवश्यकता होती है. आइए इस लेख के माध्यम से जानें कि नवजात शिशु की देखभाल कैसे करें.

मां का दूध पिलाना चाहिए.-
बच्चों को धुप में ले जाकर बैठने की प्रकिया को फोटोथेरेपी कहते हैं. नवजात बच्चे को कुछ समय के लिए कपड़े में रख कर धूप भी दिखाएं. इससे बच्‍चे की हड्डियां स्वस्थ होती हैं.
नवजात शिशु को 6 महीने तक केवल मां का दूध ही देना चाहिए. इसके 6 महीने के बाद शिशु को कुछ हल्के आहार भी दे सकते हैं. इस बात का ख्याल रखें की आहार में कुछ ऐसा ना हो जिससे पाचन में समस्या हो.

पहली बार माँ-बाप बनने पर इन बातों का रखें ध्यान-
चूंकि शिशुओं में कमजोर प्रतिरक्षा प्रणाली होती है और संक्रमण के लिए अतिसंवेदनशील होते हैं. इसलिए यह सबसे महत्वपूर्ण है कि आपके बच्चे को संभालने वाला कोई भी व्यक्ति स्वच्छता का ख्याल अवश्य रखता हो. आपको अपने बच्चे के सिर और गर्दन को हमेशा समर्थन और क्रैडलिंग के बारे में भी सावधान रहना होगा, क्योंकि जन्म के दौरान गर्दन में मांसपेशियों कमजोर होती है और बच्चे केवल छह महीने के बाद ही सिर नियंत्रण करना विकसित करते हैं. अपने नवजात शिशु को प्यार करने या गुस्से में आकार ज्यादा हिलाने की कोशिश न करें. इससे बच्चे के सिर से ब्लीडिंग हो सकती है, जो गंभीर मामलों में मौत का कारण भी बन सकती है. नवजात शिशु को उठाने के लिए बच्चे के पैर में गुदगुदी करें.
उगलना और उल्टी में अंतर नए मां-बाप अक्सर उगलना और उल्टी में अंतर नहीं कर पाते और घबरा जाते हैं. दरअसल जो चीज शिशु को पसंद नहीं आती है वो उसे उगल देता है या थूक देता है. मगर उल्टी अलग चीज है. उगलना और उल्टी करने में अंतर है. शिशुओं में उल्टी आमतौर पर कुछ खिलाने के 15 से 45 मिनट के बाद ही होती है जबकि उगलने की क्रिया खिलाने के साथ ही हो सकती है. इसलिए इस अंतर को समझें. किसी रोग की स्थिति में शिशु कुछ खिलाने के साथ ही उल्टी कर सकता है. मगर उसकी बदबू में थोड़ा अंतर होता है इसलिए इसे पहचाना जा सकता है.

सबसे पहले आपको यह तय करना होगा कि क्या आप अपने शिशु के लिए डिस्पोजेबल या कपड़ा वाले डायपर चाहते हैं. शिशु कम से कम प्रतिदिन दस डायपर से गुजरते हैं (भले ही वे कपड़े या डिस्पोजेबल हों). डायपरिंग करते समय, आपको ध्यान रखना चाहिए कि बदलने वाले टेबल पर अपने बच्चे को न छोड़ें. अपने शिशु के डायपर बदलने से पहले साफ डायपर, डायपर ऑइंटमेंट (रैश के मामले में), फास्टनर, डायपर वाइप्स और गर्म पानी जैसी सभी आवश्यक चीजें रख लें.

नवजात शिशुओं को गर्म पानी के साथ एक स्पंज स्नान करवाना चाहिए और जब तक नाभि पूरी तरह से ठीक नहीं होता है तब तक हल्के साबुन लगाना चाहिए. इसमें लगभग एक से चार सप्ताह लग सकते हैं. नवजात शिशु को ठीक होने के बाद बच्चे को दो या तीन बार नहाना चाहिए, क्योंकि बार-बार स्नान करने से बच्चे की त्वचा को नुकसान हो सकता है.

स्तनपान और डकार:
डॉक्टर्स बच्चे को बोलने पर खिलाने की सलाह देते हैं यानी जब भी आपका बच्चा भूखा हो. रोना, मुंह में उंगलियां डालना या चूसने वाली शोर बनाने से पता चलता है कि बच्चे को भूख लगी है. नवजात शिशु को हर दो घंटे में खिलाना चाहिए.
डकार महत्वपूर्ण है ताकि भोजन के दौरान सेवन हवा को बाहर निकाला जा सके, क्योंकि यह बच्चे को उबाऊ बनाता है. नवजात शिशु की पीठ को पट्टी पर रगड़ने से आमतौर पर उन्हें गैस पास करने में मदद मिलती है.

Hi, My daughter was given 1st vaccine on 25/01/2019 and 2nd vaccine date is on 22/02/2019 is it right.

General Physician, Delhi
Hi, My daughter was given 1st vaccine on 25/01/2019 and 2nd vaccine date is on 22/02/2019 is it right.
4-week minimum interval between doses of the same live vaccine is advised. Different vaccines can be given even on same days.

Nothing goes right in life personal professional both .even hard work doesn't pay. Even dnt have baby future is not sure what will happen. I dnt know even if you have qualities and abilities to do but not get success .its causes depression.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology, Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
Psychologist, Palakkad
Nothing goes right in life personal professional both .even hard work doesn't pay. Even dnt have baby future is not s...
Hello and welcome to Lybrate. I have reviewed your query and here is my advice. Please understand, nothing will go right even if you worry about this further and further and ruin your mental health. To make it right, you can try without worry. I suggest online counseling for you. Hope I have answered your query. You can contact me for further advice and treatment options. Let me know if I can assist you further. Take care.

Hi, Our daughter is 7 months old. We are giving cerelac, raggi malt, mothers milk and some times cows milk. But she is not gaining her weight. Recently she facing indigestion problem. At this stage what kind of food I have to feed her please give me some suggestions.

Homeopath, Ghaziabad
Hi, Our daughter is 7 months old. We are giving cerelac, raggi malt, mothers milk and some times cows milk. But she i...
If the child is eating full and active in her day routine, it absolutely normal. You can add dal ka pani, rice water, some mashed potato with curd to help gain weight. Can also add sweet potato, bananas to fer diet.

My daughter 8 years old had diarrhea after which has red anus which is painful and itchy. Used siloderm 3 times yesterday. Still it persist should I take her to a doctor?

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Vadodara
It is due to her acrid diarrhoea. Apply homoeopathic oinment ferrum phos on anus. Inflammation will take 2-4 days to subside. Wait upto that. You can consult me through Lybrate for homoeopathic treatment and further guidance.
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Induced Hearing Loss - Must Know Facts About It!

M.Sc - Audiology, BASLP
Audiologist, Delhi
Induced Hearing Loss - Must Know Facts About It!

While most noise is just in the background for us, loud noises, either in small spurts or prolonged exposure, can cause hearing loss. This has been happening more frequently as the levels of noise in an industrialized society go further up.

Noise induced hearing loss explained
Loud noises may damage the sensitive structure of your ear, which process the sound waves into information. They eventually become nonfunctional, resulting in a loss of hearing in that range. If exposure to loud noises continues, then this might extend to the entire range of hearing and may cause total hearing loss.

What may cause noise induced hearing loss?
Some of the scenarios which may cause noise induced hearing loss are as follows:
1. Listening to music on high volume: If you constantly listen to music or watch movies at your home on very loud levels, then it may result in noise induced hearing loss. In fact, listening to music or watching movies with headphones in your ears is one of the leading causes for hearing loss. Headphones have deceptively loud levels and may result in damaged hearing overtime.

2. Noise of household tools: Household tools such as drills, mixers, grinders, mowers, and saws can expose you to loud levels of noise. Even a quick exposure for a few seconds could temporarily damage your hearing. 

3. Occupational problems: Occupations such as construction, factory work and military that require the use of power tools on a constant basis can also cause hearing loss. The sound from the resulting friction might damage your hearing very quickly. Explosions and impacts are also causes of hearing loss in the military and law enforcement departments.

Prevention and treatment
 It is difficult to treat hearing loss as in most cases; it may be permanent, except sudden shocks, when your hearing might come back to normal. The only treatments for hearing loss are hearing aids or cochlear implantswhich can restore hearing partially.

Prevention: Prevention is the best method to avoid hearing loss and in most cases, you should wear ear protection such as mufflers or sound level reduction devices to protect your hearing. Also, practice listening to music, watching TV or movies at lower levels, especially if you are on the headphones.

My daughter was given 1st vaccine on 25/01/19 and know the 2nd vaccine proposed date is 22/02/10 as it is before one month is it right date kindly help me.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
My daughter was given 1st vaccine on 25/01/19 and know the 2nd vaccine proposed date is 22/02/10 as it is before one ...
A difference of one or two days will not cause any problem and you can give on 22nd or the next week.
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