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Dr. Biohealth

Alternative Medicine Specialist27 Years Exp.
General Physician (AM)
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Bio Health

Sector 48
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Personal Statement

I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance more

Doctor Information


  • Alternative Medicine Specialist

Other treatment areas

  • Alternative Medicine
  • General Physician
  • Bio-Chemics


  • General Physician (AM) , IBAM , 1997

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Hindi

Professional Memberships

  • International Union for Health Promotion & Education
  • International Association of Educators for World Peace
  • Association of Clinical Research Professionals. (ACRP)
  • American Association of Integrative Medicine.(AAIM)
  • W H O

Clinic Location

Sector 48

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Bio Health-
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Bio Health

Sector 48
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Question and Answers


Chahna Bhavnani

female • 25 Year Old • Jul 04, 2017 • Gandhidham

We are a newly married couple and my wife finds it painful to have sex as I am quite huge for her what can I do to ensure our sexual experience is smoother?

Varinder Singh Chandhok

7 years ago

Make her relax and do not be eager to have sex rash, can apply lidocaine 2% jelly its an local anesthetic.


Masuood Ahmed

male • 29 Year Old • May 01, 2017 • Jammu

She is 22 years old she have a itching problem for near about 15 days due to round ring hives or we can say shorter ring pimples on the whole body. She is suffering from more

Varinder Singh Chandhok

7 years ago

Bio combination no 20 4 pills 4 times a day plus sulphur 30 5-7 pills twice a day, take note not to eat or drink anything 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.



male • 41 Year Old • Jan 08, 2017 • Chennai

IT was before 4 years that my mother took me to a psychiatrist for a consultation since I was slow and he recommended me for a "architol" injection, the medicine reacted more

Varinder Singh Chandhok

7 years ago

Meditate heavily, have homeopathic medicine TRANQUILL as directed plus Kaliphos 30 X 4 pills 4 times a day.

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