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Dr. Clarus

Allergist/Immunologist, Chandigarh

Dr. Clarus Allergist/Immunologist, Chandigarh
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I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care....more
I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.
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Dr. Clarus is an experienced Allergist/Immunologist in Dhakoli, Chandigarh. He is currently associated with Crown in Dhakoli, Chandigarh. Book an appointment online with Dr. Clarus and consult privately on has a nexus of the most experienced Allergist/Immunologists in India. You will find Allergist/Immunologists with more than 32 years of experience on Find the best Allergist/Immunologists online in Chandigarh. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

From past two days am having shortness in breathing sometimes it complete sometimes short had been restless please suggest action ?

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Indore
Take homeopathic bacillinum 1 m one dose alternate day pattern at morning for 15 days. Take ashtha aid 1 tab thrice a day from bakson compamy of homoeopathy for 15 days also. Please also check your ige level blood test & reply.
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I am 18 year old male. I have some problem in my immunity system and I feel so bad for all day. Please suggest me any kind of medicine.

General Physician, Mumbai
Take Tablet folvite 5mg once a day for six months and tablet vitamin D3 60000iu once a week for six months
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Asthma - Common Triggers Behind it?

Pulmonologist, Delhi
Asthma - Common Triggers Behind it?

If you have been diagnosed with asthma, it is important for you to know about the most common triggers of asthma. Asthma is a medical condition, which is characterised by paroxysmal wheezing respiration dyspnoea. It causes breathing difficulties, tightened chest and coughing. By identifying and reducing your exposure to several asthma triggers, you will be able to manage or control your asthma symptoms and the frequency of your asthma attacks. Here are the most common triggers of asthma you should know about:

Allergies that trigger asthma
Allergies, are common problems and over 80% of people are suffering from asthma and are allergic towards substances like weed pollens, animal dander, dust mites, mould and cockroach particles. Children having large amounts of cockroach droppings in their homes are more likely to develop childhood asthma. Dust exposure may lead to dust mite allergy in asthmatic patients.

Food which triggers asthma
Certain food allergies may lead to isolated asthma, where other symptoms are absent. Patients with food allergies can exhibit asthma as a part of anaphylaxis, which are food induced. The common food items which are associated with allergies include eggs, peanuts, cow milk, soy, fish, wheat, shrimps, salads and fresh fruits. Several food preservatives also trigger asthma. They may include sulfite additives such as potassium bisulfite, potassium metabisulfite, sodium sulfite, sodium bisulfate and many others. These are commonly used in food processing and trigger asthma in sensitive people.

Asthma induced by exercise
Strenuous exercise may lead to the narrowing of the airways in maximum people having asthma. Exercise acts as a primary trigger for asthma symptoms in many people. Patients having exercise induced asthma are likely to feel chest tightness accompanied by coughing and breathing difficulties after completing an aerobic workout session. Although the symptoms subside, they may reoccur within some hours. You should warm up properly and slowly before a rigorous workout session to prevent an asthma attack.

People who smoke are more likely to have asthma. If you have asthma and still smoke, the symptoms of wheezing and coughing worsen. Pregnant women who smoke increase the chance of wheezing in their to-be-born babies. You should absolutely quit smoking if you have asthma.

Infections which trigger asthma
Several infections such as cold, bronchitis, flu and sinus may cause asthma attacks. The respiratory infections, which are viral or bacterial, are a common cause and trigger asthma, especially in children. Asthma is also associated with severe heartburn. According to studies, more than 85% people with asthma also suffer from heartburn. This is a condition known as gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor and ask a free question.

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I am 20 years old and I get sick 2 times a month. What do I do to increase my immunity? I am so weak all the time I just like to sleep.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
It is not immunity and you may be getting allergic fever . IF you can contact me , we can discuss details
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My wife, 52, suffering from asthma since her younger age, but not constantly, between 3, 4 months only, and she also having allergy problems like itching, cough and cold body pain etc. Doctor Please assist me for a good health. Thanks.

Pulmonologist, Faridabad
My wife, 52, suffering from asthma since her younger age, but not constantly, between 3, 4 months only, and she also ...
use asthma controller medication by inhalation with spacer.Avoid dust, smoke, pollution and pollens.
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Asthma - What Triggers it?

DNB (General Medicine), Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (DTCD), MBBS
Internal Medicine Specialist, Gurgaon
Asthma - What Triggers it?

Asthma is a condition marked by the swelling and narrowing of the airways thus, producing excess mucus. This triggers coughing, breathing difficulties and wheezing. Asthma can be a minor inconvenience for some, while for others, it can often result in a deadly asthma attack.

It isn’t definite as to what causes asthma in some and not in others, but a combination of genetic and environmental factors is a probable reason. Factors that trigger asthma is varied, and is subjective. Some common causes of asthma include:

  1. Airborne matters, such as cockroach waste particles, pet dander, mould spores, dust mites or pollen
  2. Respiratory Infections
  3. Physical activity
  4. Cold air
  5. Irritants (such as smoking) and air pollutants
  6. Some medications, such as naproxen, ibuprofen, beta blockers and aspirin
  7. Stress and strong emotions
  8. Preservatives and sulphites added to some beverages and food, such as wine, beer, processed potatoes, dried fruit and shrimp
  9. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (Stomach acids retreat into the throat)

Signs you should look for?
Symptoms of asthma vary a lot, and differ among people. You can have infrequent attacks at times or suffer from the symptoms perpetually. Asthma symptoms and signs include:

  1. Breathing difficulties
  2. Chest pain or tightness
  3. Trouble sleeping due to breathing problems, wheezing or coughing
  4. A wheezing or whistling sound at exhaling
  5. Wheezing or coughing attacks that are aggravated by respiratory virus, such as flu or cold

Complications associated with asthma include:

  1. Symptoms and signs that interfere with recreational activities or school work
  2. Sick days from work or school when asthma flares up
  3. Persistent contractions of the bronchial tube that can lead to problems in breathing
  4. Hospitalisation and visits to the emergency room during critical asthma attacks
  5. Long-term consumption of certain medications to fix severe asthma can cause side effects


Long-term control and prevention are the main goals of asthma treatment. Treatment generally applies learning about the things that trigger your asthma, taking necessary steps to dodge them and checking your breathing to ascertain that your regular medications are effectively controlling your asthma. Inhaled corticosteroids, long-acting beta agonists, theophylline are some common long-term treatments to control asthma.
Medicines are prescribed based on your symptoms, age, triggers and what best keeps your asthma regulated. Also, you and your doctor need to work together to come up with a plan to counter your asthma. For example, if you think your symptoms are getting better, consult with your doctor to reduce your medication doses. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a pulmonologist and ask a free question.

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I am having asthma for 10 years now I don't drink coffee/tea but whatever I will eat suddenly I get asthma I am using aerocart inhaler please tell me the solution I am running age 52 now.

Certified Diabetes Educator, Registered Dietitian (RD), PGDD, Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S), General Physician
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
do you have family history of asthama? the right medications for you depend on a number of things, including your age, your symptoms, your breathing triggers and what seems to work best to keep your breathlessness under control. Preventive, long-term control medications reduce the inflammation in your airways that leads to symptoms. Quick-relief inhalers (bronchodilators) quickly open swollen airways that are limiting breathing. In some cases, allergy medications are necessary. Do reply back for medication prescriptions. Being also a general physician and registered dietitian, I prescribe both evidence based herbal as well as allopathic medicines complementing with dietary guidelines and home remedies carefully personalized for each individual patient.
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I am 22 year old, male. My cat bit me last week. I am presently getting 3-days scheduled Anti-Rabies (Rabipur) vaccination. What if my pet bites me again in future, how long is the effect of this medicine.

General Physician, Cuttack
If it bites again you have to take 2 more injections since you have already taken 3 pre exposure vaccine. Consult doctor for further advice.
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Hi, I am 32 years old I have been suffering from dust and cold allergy, I kept taking rupanex m for years but once I stop for a week it starts again.

General Physician, Faridabad
allergy can not be cured permanently, you have to take treatment from a near by doctor as per condition it will help you. welcome for further help
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In case of asthma, apart from bronchodilatation by bronchodilators, are there any other methods to cure the subjective symptoms or to cure the disease?

MBBS, DTCD, MD, FISDA, Fellow Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleepmedicine
Pulmonologist, Delhi
You need preventors asthma is a controllable disesase .Preventors are a combination of inhalation steroids and long acting bronchial agonists.
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I am suffering from shrt breathless, snoring and many time gasping for breath. No proper sleep. please guide me.

CCP, MBA, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Karnal
Put anu tailam in nose 2-2 drops twice a day. Eat an amla everyday. Have syrup jee cold 2 tsf twice a day for 15 days. Revert to me with results.
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When I was eating tomato I would get allergy on the hands mainly so please give me any solution.

General Physician, Kolkata
When I was eating tomato I would get allergy on the hands mainly so please give me any solution.
If this occurs each time you eat tomato, you could be allergic to tomatoes. And you should avoid eating it. If the symptom progresses to the point of discomfort or any other symptom occur like breathlessness, itching all over the body then you must consult a doctor or visit a nearby clinic for immediate management.
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M. sc Psychology, BHMS
Homeopath, Hyderabad
Asthma & Homeopathy Treatment

Asthma is nothing but difficulty in breathing due to various reasons.Here the air passages will be narrower n causes patient feel more suffocated, hard to take normal breathing, with excessive sweating, restlessness, Oppression of chest,Deathly feeing. All these depends on the Chronicity, severity of Asthma. First the acute attacks may lead to chronic with increased intensity,long duration. Some times the patient may die to the severity of symptoms like gasping .

It may be Cardiac in origin[where it is a bit critical, complicated], n mostly Lungs related[Bronchial]. Usually, we see the Br. Asthmatics only in general, in early ages, etc. Here In Bronchial Asthma, the origin may be due to the allergy of patient to certain food like sea food, cold things,Fish, pea nuts,egg, fragrance, perfumes, dust, pollution, chemical exposure n intake,Pollen etc. Stress also may act like triggering factor for Asthma. Hormonal imbalance in certain ages, Mostly hereditary also plays important role.Initially people who used to get allergic rhinitis, Atopic Dermatitis, Skin allergies from all above causes will gradually develop into Asthma, If, were not taken proper care.

Here in Homeopathy, taking treatment in initial conditions like in Allergy stages itself. Will definitely help in preventing from getting Asthma.Even after Asthma developed also, depending on other causative factors, then also It can be treatable with Homeopathy .
Few Homeopathy remedies that will work effectively for Br. Asthma are natrum sulph, where the patient suffers asthma from cold weather, cold things, damp, wet weather. In he same way, Arsenic album{asthmatic attacks will be more @ r after 12-1am/pm, Antim. Tart, Carbo.Veg[where the atient needs more ventilation, there will be gasping for air. Air hunger], sambuccus,Kali.Carb[when the asthmatic attacks are more @ 3am, Ipecauc,Blatta orientalis[in mother tincture from], Kali.Bich, Nux. Vomica[when c/o is associated with gastric c/o]. Like this though the c/o is known as same, but based on symptoms accordingly, the drugs should be chosen.
Avoiding the aggravating factors will help preventing suffering a lot. But when those are not all avoidable, then starting the treatment early will help the patient definitely, when they give picture of their suffering properly to an Expert.
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As u say I am taking levolin roaca rotatahaler and its effective what is solution of allergy

FCCP (USA), MD - Pulmonary Medicine
Pulmonologist, Indore
You may go for allergy testing and if found to be allergic due to one or two then can get relief by immunotherapy.
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What is the remedies of asthma and what precautions should be taken and what a patient should eat in that case? Please response soon I am in hurry.

Dear lybrate user, asthma is preceded by the production of histamines in the blood. Histamine is produced due to the entrance of foreign particles in the body. The triggering cause behind the onset of asthma varies in every patient. A detailed case taking along with some blood test results are required to diagnose the proper underlying cause of asthma. Please conduct a laboratory test of your blood for tc, dc, esr & ige. Revert back with the results & consult me privately via lybrate. In the mean-time you can take homoeopathic mother tincture grindelia robusta q, 30 drops, thrice daily, after meals, in a cup of water. If you prefer ayurvedic medicines then you can take ayurvedic arjunarishta syrup. Take 20 ml of the aforesaid syrup thrice daily after meals.
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I am 72 yrs. Suffered aorta dilution to 4.7 size in 2006. Suffered on 25.12. 2014 mild heart attack. Suffered on 14.8. 2015 again heart attack and given life injunction and survived. Also suffering with sugar 173 fasting and 273 post lunch and Gas problem. After angiogram it was found I had two blocks, and Two stunts implanted on 24th August 2015. Now no breathing problem, but Feeling week. Under regular medical check. I am very poor without any properties, and need to earn must for feeding myself and my wife. Any monetary help available for people like me. What should I do. S. P. Sastry.

MD - Consultant Physician
Cardiologist, Kolkata
I am 72 yrs. Suffered aorta dilution to 4.7 size in 2006.  Suffered on 25.12. 2014 mild heart attack.  Suffered on 14...
Problems---1. Ht block, 2. Dilated aorta, high blood sugar associated. These are dangerous combination. They have released block by putting stents, but dilated aorta will give you trouble if you work hard. Only sedentary work is permitted along with full change of life style including intake of food & liquids. Sugar must be controlled with proper medicine other wise that will lead to reat catastrophy.
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FCCP (USA), MD - Pulmonary Medicine
Pulmonologist, Indore
There are many side effects of the drug apart from uncontrolled asthma. Chronic intake of omnacortil will lead to gastric ulcer, weakened bone, weight gain etc and sudden stopping of the drug may lead to sudden lowering of blood pressure. Asthalin will lead to tremors, anxiety, pounding heart beat and of course uncontrolled asthma. Please take good prescribed drugs. Asthma usually gets controlled. Best wishes
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I am suffering from breathing problem. I usually get this problem in the winter season. I am also taking asthalin since a year. But there is no benefit. Can you please guide me for this?

Pulmonologist, Faridabad
You are ill advised regarding asthalin use, which is a emergency drug and excess use can harm. Better regularly use a controler drug like budamate mdi 200 2 puff/twice/day with spacer. Consult a resp physician.
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