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Multicare Homeopathy Clinic, Bhubaneswar

Multicare Homeopathy Clinic

  4.5  (140 ratings)

Homeopath Clinic

HIG-4/4, Hosing Board Colony, Chandrasekharpur, Opp. Aditya Care Hospital Bhubaneswar
1 Doctor · ₹100 · 12 Reviews
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Multicare Homeopathy Clinic   4.5  (140 ratings) Homeopath Clinic HIG-4/4, Hosing Board Colony, Chandrasekharpur, Opp. Aditya Care Hospital Bhubaneswar
1 Doctor · ₹100 · 12 Reviews
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By combining excellent care with a state-of-the-art facility we strive to provide you with quality health care. We thank you for your interest in our services and the trust you have place......more
By combining excellent care with a state-of-the-art facility we strive to provide you with quality health care. We thank you for your interest in our services and the trust you have placed in us.
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Multicare Homeopathy Clinic is known for housing experienced Homeopaths. Dr. Rangadhar Satapathy, a well-reputed Homeopath, practices in Bhubaneswar. Visit this medical health centre for Homeopaths recommended by 46 patients.


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HIG-4/4, Hosing Board Colony, Chandrasekharpur, Opp. Aditya Care Hospital
Chandrasekharpur Bhubaneswar, Odisha - 751016
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Dr. Rangadhar Satapathy

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
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Homeopathy Treatment For Piles!

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Bhubaneswar
Homeopathy Treatment For Piles!

The piles is a disease of faulty lifestyle and faulty food habits that causes the anal veins to get swelled up and manifestation of all piles symptoms. So in the treatment of piles, it is most important to correct the causative ailments that responsible for developing piles. Besides that, the treating of symptoms with gentle way can cure the piles permanently. The acute case of piles having symptoms of bleeding, painitching can be very well treated by proper homeopathy treatment which gives a long-standing cure to this condition. The bleeding of piles can be well controlled with proper homeopathy treatment in 24 hours. The pain and other symptoms can be well treated by proper homeopathy treatment. In comparison to other therapy, homeopathy helps to give a long-term cure to piles as its target to improve the underlying cause of the disease. In conventional treatment, the surgery is the major option. Surgery is just a management part of treatment where there is heavy bleeding or not the availability of any good homeopathy treatment. The surgery is meant for removal of the swelled venous portion especially in 4th grade of piles. But the removal of that swelled hemorrhoid at any stage is not the solution of long-term cure but just the management of the present situation.

A proper homeopathy treatment not only manages the symptoms but also offers a long-term relieve and cure to the ailment. Besides the treatment, it is highly required to improve your lifestyle and food habits which are the primary cause of the development of piles. If you are regularly taking of junk foods and process foods that initiate constipation and acidity problem which ultimately end up with piles. Especially in the corporate sector or IT sectors, the work load is so high they don’t get time to get up from their chair and in addition with of taking the foods like cold coffee or pizza or burger like fast foods adds the fuel to fire. Our lifestyle is changing as the time is changing. The competition level is rising day by day. To cope with this situation we are working hard to keep ourselves in the right position of this horse race. But on the other hand, we are forgetting the important thing about our health. When due to our faulty lifestyle and unhealthy food habit the piles like a major health problem rises we then rush to the doctor to get a fast cure of that ailment. We do the surgery in the thought to get a permanent cure of this obstinate health problem. But we forget that the piles is just the outcome result of some background health problem which manifests or express outwards in the form of piles. The background health issues like constipation, chronic acidity, flatulency, faulty lifestyle, wrong food habits that all need to be corrected to get a permanent cure for piles.

Common Causes of piles-

The cause of piles is based on one factor i.e. increased intra abdominal pressure. The effect of increased intra abdominal pressure does increase the pressure effect in the anal vein situated at the rectum and anal region. Thus the abdominal pressure increases in the following conditions

  1. Constipation – if there is constipation you will put more strain while passing stool and that will indirectly increase the intra abdominal pressure and affect upon the rectal venous pressure
  2. Hard stool- if you have hard stool due to lack of taking fibers rich diet then it will make you give more strain during stool and cause piles
  3. Chronic hyperacidity and flatulency condition also increases the intra abdominal pressure and causes piles
  4. Prolonged sitting for hours together – if you are in a job where you have to sit for hours together like those who work in IT sector or corporate sector also contribute the chance of increasing intra abdominal pressure due to pressure build up by sitting a long time in a seat. So ultimately develop piles.
  5. Lacks of physical activities – Lack of physical activities affect the smooth rhythmical peristaltic bowel movement thus contribute a factor for developing constipation and piles.
  6. Obesity – the gaining weight or obesity also plays a role in developing piles by increasing pressure in anal venous areas.
  7. Pregnancy- the pregnancy also contributes a factor of increasing intra abdominal pressure and developing piles.
  8. Chronic diarrhea also have the chance of developing piles,

In this regards homeopathy medicines target to treat the causes that responsible for causing piles like chronic constipation, chronic acidity, and flatulency so that piles can be cured permanently.

Homeopathy Treatment For Asthma!

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Bhubaneswar
Homeopathy Treatment For Asthma!

Asthma is a disorder of respiratory system from multifactorial causes.

Some common etiological factors that triggers asthma are given below

Allergens - Our body is exposing numerous allergic substances which are otherwise known as allergens or antigens. Those allergens or antigens when get inside our body starts developing allergic reaction that leads to constriction of respiratory tubes and results asthma.  In India average 30 to 40 million people are suffering from asthma. The allergy and asthma is a common health problem now a day not only in urban areas but spreading to rural areas too. In our daily life we are exposing lots of allergens either from the air or from foods or from medicines etc. the air allergens like pollens, dust mites, pet dander, molds etc. those are creating allergic reaction in those people whose immune system is hypersensitive to those allergens.  Similarly many proteins found in various food stuff also create allergic reaction in some individual like nut allergy, egg allergy, milk allergy, crab allergy, wheat allergy etc. Those foods contain some specific proteins which are allergic triggers for some individual.  

Respiratory infection – Respiratory infection like flu sometimes convert to bronchial asthma in some hypersensitive individual. Taking of cold drinks or ice-cream in cold weather sometimes triggers asthmatic complains in some individual whose body are hyper susceptible to allergy. Similarly in many corporate sectors the employees who are working 10 to 12 hours in air condition room may develop asthma generally due to temperature variation inside and outside office.

Changes of weather – the allergic prone individual get the asthmatic attack in change of weather. When the summer season change to rainy season they develops asthma, similarly in winter season they get frequently attack of asthma. Some people are so sensitive even change of climate can triggers asthmatic problem to them.

Place change – The climacteric condition also put a lot of impact in asthmatic patient. The climacteric condition is not same in all states or countries. Some peoples are more prone to allergy and asthmatic condition in more humidity climate than dry climate. When they change the place their asthmatic problem reduces a lot. similarly the peoples who are staying city areas more prone to asthmatic condition than village area  because of more exposure to pollution , chemicals, smokes in urban areas than village areas.

Occupational asthma- occupational asthma is now the most common job-related respiratory disease in developed countries. It is caused by inhaling fumes, gases, dusts or other harmful substances while in the job. Exposure to various harmful gases like sulphur dioxide, ammonia, hydrochloric acid which is generally found in petroleum or chemical industries causes asthma. The workers of paint industry, plastic industry exposes to various chemicals in airs that triggers asthmatic condition in them. Peoples who are working in stone cutting also get asthmatic problem.

Emotional factors – not only the physical or atmospheric factors are responsible for asthma but the emotional factors also plays role in creating asthmatic condition in many individuals. Suppression of anger, emotion, and excitement can be the cause of asthma. Any suppression of emotion put impact on the immune endocrine axis that result asthmatic condition. Sometimes more crying or laughter develops short term asthmatic condition

Suppression of skin diseases - suppression of skin diseases like eczema, allergic dermatitis by any external application may suppress the skin condition but in later part of life it explore out in form of allergy or asthma symptoms.

Hormonal changes, GERD –  hormonal changes during menstrual cycle sometimes initiates temporarily asthmatic condition. The reflux disorders occasionally develop asthmatic condition.

Homeopathy treatment for asthma – There are good homeopathy medicines which can treat the asthma successfully. Homeopathy medicines offer a long lasting cure to the asthmatic condition because it targets the cause of the problem. For example if the person is hypersensitive to any allergens it helps to modify or rectify the hypersensitivity of the immune system of the asthmatic prone person so that whatever he exposes does not get allergic reaction. But to treat the asthma homeopathically requires taking a detail case history of the patient. The case history does not means the collection of symptoms only of the asthmatic symptoms but all the symptoms of his physical, mental, emotional, temperament , social behaviors, family history, past history that altogether gives an impression of the person’s individuality and the medicines are selected according to that symptoms. It is called constitutional homeopathic treatment.

Besides that the acute symptoms of asthma like shortness of breath, wheezing sound, chest congestion, and cough are also needed to control as quick as possible to give a relief to the patient. There are many homeopathic medicines that can be given to control the acute symptoms. Dr Satapathy at Multicare homeopathy has developed homeopathic nebulisation medicines that give instant relief to the asthmatic symptoms by nebulising.

Commonly prescribed homeopathic medicines for asthma

Aconite, ipecac, arsenic album, sulphur, aralia, grindelia, blatta, coccus cact, cuprum met, ignatia, natrum mur, thuja, tuberculinum, psorinum, nux vom, pulsatilla, carbo veg, napthalin, aspidosperma, natrum sulph, natrum phos, cina, moschus

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Homeopathy Treatment For Allergies!

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Bhubaneswar

Allergy is the body’s immune reaction of some sensitive persons to some foreign substances or proteins whereas harmless to other one. Those substances could be the dust mite, pollens, ragweeds, some strong smells, strong fumes, molds, pet dander etc . Those are called allergen as it creates allergy.

The allergic reaction can be occurred at any place at any where.

The common sign and symptoms:-

sneezing - when any sensitive person exposes to some allergen gthe firast symptom is repeated sneezing one after another. There is bout of sneezing more than 20 or 30 and makes the person exhausted. The sneezing sometimes associated with itching of nose, eyes, mouth. There is profuse runny nose with itching of the parts. The allergic sneezing also occur in some individual on regular basis in a particular time generally in morning after waking from bed even without any active exposure to the allergens. 

Runny nose – peoples with allergic tendency have profuse nasal discharge at the time of sneezing. The runny nose is associated with itching of eyes, nose, ears, and mouth.

Stuffy nose – The nose are blocked and get difficult for smooth air passage. It is mostly occurred in children. They takes breath through mouth due to blocked nose. There is sometimes loss of smell.

Cough- the tickling of throat is sometimes associated with irritating cough.

Red eyes – There is itching of eyes that turn red by rubbing. Tearing and burning sensation of eyes too. The eyes are being sensitive to light.

Rubbing of nose – rubbing of nose with tickling sensation and that associate with acrid nasal discharge and sneezing

Tired feeling – there is feeling of tired, gloomy. Loss of sleep, discomfort or pain in the face, headache.

Dirk circle- there is found dark circle around the eyes (allergic shiners)

Complication of allergic rhinitis

Homeopathy medicines for allergic rhinitis

Homeopathy constitutional treatment helps to cure the allergy by modifying the hypersensitive immune system of the allergic sensitized person. There are homeopathic medicines which help to control the acute symptoms effectively and in short duration time like sneezing, stuffy nose, cough, etc. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed after taking the detail case history of the person. The case history means taking of the details symptoms of the diseases condition, physical constitution, mental picture, emotional factors etc. Therefore like other treatment homeopathy does not have any fixed medicines for a disease. The medicines are selected as per the totality of the symptoms. One set of medicines prescribed for one allergic rhinitis patient may not effect the other allergic person of same symptoms.

Homeopathic Medicines

Acon-Ac. Agar. Agath-A. Ail. All-C. Am-C. Ambro. Anac. Antho. Antip. Aral. Ars-I. Ars. Arum-M. Arum-T. Arund. Asc-C. Aur-M-N. Bad. Benz-Ac. Brom. Calc-Ln. Calc-Sil. Calc. Camph. Carb-V. Carc. Chin. Chinin-Ar. Cocain. Con. Cortiso. Cumin. Cupr-Act. Cycl. Dulc. Dys. Euph-Pi. Euph. Euphr. Fuma-Ac. Galph. Gels. Graph. Grin. Hep. Iod. Just. Kali-Bi. Kali-I. Kali-P. Kali-S-Chr. Kali-S. Ketogl-Ac. Lach. Lec. Linu-U. Lob-S. Lyc. Lycpr. Mag-M. Malar. Mang-P. Med. Meph. Merc-I-F. Merc-K-I. Merc. Moni. Naja Napht. Nat-Ar. Nat-C. Nat-I. Nat-M. Nat-P. Nat-S. Nat-Sil. Nux-M. Nux-V. Phel. Phle. Phos. Pin-Con. Poll. Psor. Puls. Ran-B. Rhus-T. Ros-D. Sabad. Sang. Sangin-N. Senec. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Sin-A. Sin-N. Skook. Stict. Succ-Ac. Succ-Xyz. Sul-Ac. Sul-I. Sulph. Syc. Teucr. Thuj. Trif-P. Tub. Wye.

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6 Best Homeopathy Medicines For Adenoids

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Bhubaneswar
6 Best Homeopathy Medicines For Adenoids

What is adenoid?

Adenoids are the mass of pair soft tissues present in the back of nasal cavity which can also be known as pharyngeal tonsils. Adenoids are part of lymphoid system and made of same types of lymphoid tissues. Everybody has adenoids at birth and in childhood, but gradually it shrinks with aging and by adulthood maximum people’s adenoids have disappeared.

Structure and function of adenoids :-

Adenoids glands are the pair of patch tissues present behind the uvula on upper part of naso-pharynx.

The upper surface of adenoids has a thin layer of ciliated epithelial cells covered by a thin film of mucus.

The cilia are the microscopic hair like projection from epithelial cells those moves constantly in wave like manner to propel the mucus secreted from the mucus layer downward to pharynx. The adenoids have the protective action against the infection. When you breathe you take lots of bacteria virus, various dusts and foreign bodies with the air. Those are trapped in the epithelial mucus membrane of adenoids and the cilia present in the epithelial tissues throw out them towards the pharynx to swallow


Clinical significance of adenoid

In child hood every one’s immune e system is week in comparison to a adult person. So there are maximum chances of getting sick. As the age increases the immune system get more Adenoids have protective role for the body. Those two masses present at back of the nasal cavity. They consist of lymphoid tissues like all lymph nodes. Those two adenoids help to clean the bacteria and other foreign substances that do enter inside our body by the air we breathe in.  So it protects our body from the outside enemies. By repeated exposure to the foreign substances they gradually get enlarged. 

Symptoms of enlarged adenoids :-

  • A hypertrophied or enlarged adenoid used to block the airflow pass through the nasal passage.
  • Blocking of nose or stuffy nose
  • Talking as if the nostrils are pinched
  • Noisy breathing
  • Ear problem like frequent middle ear infection and pain in ear
  • Problem in sleeping like suddenly wake up from sleep (obstructive sleep apnea)
  • Frequent attack of sinusitis
  • Snoring
  • Sore throat or difficulties in swallowing
  • Difficulties in breathing through nose
  • Sleeps with opened mouth
  • Swollen of glands in neck

Cause for enlarged adenoids and the scope of homeopathy treatment in it:-

Adenoids are located at the back of the nasal cavity. They protect the body from the infection to spread down ward to lungs.  They are present at birth and grow until the child is between the ages of 3 and 5. Then they usually begin to shrink after around age 7. At the time of infection the adenoids get enlarged and automatically come to its normal size when the infection is gone.

But in some cases it persists in enlarged condition years together. It is caused by the allergic condition. Hence if a child has chronic adenitis then it is sure that it is due to the allergic caused. But why all are not getting chronic adenitis in an area but only some are getting affected. It is because the child having enlarged adenoids has a very hypersensitive immune system that reacts vigorously to many allergens or antigens. Others are not suffering because their immune system is not so much susceptible to those allergen. 

The symptoms are just the manifestation of enlarged condition of adenoids. So to clear out the symptoms of adenitis for a temporarily period of time by any medicines or to cut down the enlarged adenoids is not the real solution of this disease. Those adenoids are in fact helping our body by protecting the outward infection.  So without removing them if some treatment is given to check the repeated infection that can rather helpful. Here the repeated infection of adenoids is occurring due to the hyposensitized immune system of the child. So it is highly required to start a treatment to minimize the hypersensitivity of the immune system to work healthily so that the child will not get frequent attack of adenitis and in the course of time when there will be no further infection automatically the adenoids would be shrink. Homeopathy treatment target to cure the hypersensitivity of the immune system , so that after a course of homeopathy treatment the child will not get frequent attack of adenitis.  This type of treatment is called constitutional homeopathy treatment. In constitutional homeopathy treatment there is needed to take detail case history of the patient in homeopathic way and on that basis the medicines are selected. Besides that for acute crises there are good homeopathic medicines that are sufficient enough to control the acute symptoms in a very short period of time. 

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Please provide solutions of nasal congestion caused by rauwolfia serpentina mother tincture.

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Bhubaneswar
Please provide solutions of nasal congestion caused by rauwolfia serpentina mother tincture.
Hello lybrate-user! Rauwolfia serpentina is given for high blood pressure. It is taken orally 10-15 drops diluting in 30 ml of water 3 times in a day. Nasal congestion has so many causes like allergic rhinitis (allergic sneezing one after another, sinusitis, nasal polyp. But rauwolfia does not cause nasal congestion. If you can more in details describe your symptoms then can able to suggest something. Thank you.
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My BP is around 160/90. For this I have been prescribed hypervis drops, cholesterol drops and aconite 30 tablets. After 15 days my BP dropped only to 5 points that is 155/90. For this doctor changed aconite 30 to aconite 200. After a week BP reduced to 145/86. After few days when checked BP again raised to 155/90, for this hypervis drops has been changed to relieve serpentina drops and gelsemium 200 has been added. I have still heaviness in occipital area. What might be the reason for bp fluctuation. Lastly when the BP has controlled by medicine, has there the chance to rise again.

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Bhubaneswar
My BP is around 160/90. For this I have been prescribed hypervis drops, cholesterol drops and aconite 30 tablets. Aft...
Hello lybrate-user! Blood pressure fluctuate 5 to 10 mm of Hg as per your daily lifestyle and foods. There are various cause for high blood pressure as per your age, having any disease and your lifestyle and emotional situation. Aconite helps in case if the BP is caused by any anxiety or stress. Gelsemium can be helpful if you have fear based hypertension associated with occipital headache. You can consult your doctor with all your detail symptoms and also maintain a healthy life style and healthy food habits. Physical activities and exercise yoga are very helpful too with the medicines to maintain your blood pressure in normal range. Thank you.
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My TSH level is (TSH) C.L.I.A 7.58 µIU/ml .Right now I am taking 50 mg Thyronorm tablet every day. Can I continue that tablet?

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Bhubaneswar
My TSH level is (TSH) C.L.I.A 7.58 µIU/ml .Right now I am taking 50 mg Thyronorm tablet every day. Can I continue tha...
Hello lybrate-user! If still after taking 50 mg your TSH is staying 7.58 then the dose should be increased. You can consult to any endocrinologist for better suggestion regarding the dose. Thank you.

My son is suffering from nasal blockage for long period. He is now in 15. Likely adenoid hypertrophy. Can it be treated by medication ?he is mouth breather especially when sleep or moderate activities.

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Bhubaneswar
My son is suffering from nasal blockage for long period. He is now in 15. Likely adenoid hypertrophy. Can it be treat...
Dear lybrate-user! For chronic adenitis homeopathy is best option to cure it if you do not want for surgery. It is required detailed symptoms to cure this problem. You can consult to any qualified homeopathy doctor for this issues. You acn consult me too if you would like. But as homeopathy treatment is based on symptom similarity basis treatment so need a detail case history. For the time being you can continue this 3 medicine- 1) calcarea carb-1m- one dose weekly once. 2) tuberculinum - 1m one doce weekly once. 3) agraphis nut-200 two times daily. Thank you.
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My age is 32 years and recently I was diagnosed with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver condition. I want to the diet which should be taken in this condition and also the time duration till which I have to continue this. I also want to know that whether the diet and medications in this condition are permanent or temporary?

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Bhubaneswar
My age is 32 years and recently I was diagnosed with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver condition. I want to the diet which sh...
Dear lybrate-user. Fatty liver is caused by non physical activity associated with taking of rich fried food. If you have diabetes the chance is more. So look after a healthy diets. And do the physical activities daily. Here is a short list of healthy food ha bits that you can try. KEEP AWAYAVOID all sorts of JUNK FOODS AND FAST FOODS LIKE - oChow mein, Nodules, Burger, Pizza oRolls, Pokoda, Kurkure, chips, Mixture oSamosa, Vada, plane Puri, Bhelpuri oAlu paratha, Gup chup (golgappa, panipuri) oChaat, papri chat, Pav bhaji oRoadside Aludum dahivada, Cakes & Pastry AVOID all sorts of COLD DRINKS AVOID SMOKING, ALCOHOL intake AVOID LATE NIGHT sleep. Go to bed maximum by 11 pm DO NOT SKIP YOUR BRAKEFAST AT ALL. Take your breakfast by maximum 8.30 am. Your break fast should be healthy and 70% more fruits, green vegetable salads. DO NOT SKIP YOUR LUNCH. Take your DINNER maximum by 9 to 9.30 pm. DO Not keep your stomach empty more than 3 hours AVOID taking COFFEE either cold or hot. DO NOT take tea in morning empty stomach. IF you can avoid tea it is more helpful. If it is a habit then take the tea after breakfast. Maximum 2 times in a day AVOID unnecessary stress, anxiety, stressful situation RECOMMENDATIONS Practice a daily physical exercise of minimum 30 minutes Practice yoga and pranayam regularly minimum for 30 minutes in a day Add more fruits and green vegetables to your daily diet. Take fruits by chewing instead of taking juice Take curd regularly (fresh one) Drink minimum 3 to 4 liters of water daily Go to bed early by 11 pm daily Take your meals in time Go for vegetarian.

Homeopathy Treatment For Cervical Spondylosis Or Neck Pain

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Bhubaneswar
Homeopathy Treatment For Cervical Spondylosis Or Neck Pain

Causes of neck pain and Cervical Spondylosis

  • Bone spurs - bone spurs or osteophytes are tiny growths on the surface of the bone caused by degeneration of the bony tissues.
  • Dehydrated spinal discs - Spinal discs are thick, pad-like cushions that absorb the shock while walking , running, of lifting, twisting, and other activities. In the central portion of the disc there are gel-like materials which can dry out over time. Herniated discs
  • Injury – any injury to the neck can impact on the spinal disc and spinal nerve.
  • Ligament stiffness - The ligament that connect the spinal bones to each other can become stiffer over time, which affects the neck movement and makes the neck feel tight.
  • Overuse of neck – some occupation that puts extra pressure on the neck portion like repetitive bending and bowing like in construction work that causes wear and tear of neck ligament and put bad impact on the spinal disc. It can be a cause for chronic neck pain.
  • Sleeping with the neck at an awkward position – If your pillow is too high that may develop neck pain due to pressure build up on the ligaments and disc and spinal nerve. Si,
  • Whiplash – forceful, rapid back-and forth movement of the neck is called whiplash injury generally occurred if suddenly you break your car your head move in a jerk backward and then beat on steering forward.
  • Poor posture
  • Repetitive motions
  • Sports injury

Common Symptoms of Cervical Spondylosis

The major symptoms of cervical spondylosis are –

  • Stiffness in the muscles of the neck and shoulder region.
  • The Pain is felt in the nape of neck and whole shoulder areas.
  • The pain can spread upwards to the base of brain, eyes or downward to the arm portion.
  • Some patients feel dizziness or vertigo like spinning of head while sitting or working.

Scope of Homeopathy Treatment in neck pain and cervical spondylosis

  • Homeopathy has a very good scope in treatment of cervical spondylosis.
  • As it is told before that the pain commonly arises from suppression or irritation of the spinal nerves that comes out from spinal cord so the treatment should be targeted how to decompress the nerve portion and to heal the injures nerves.
  • The compressions of nerves are generally caused by the muscles and ligaments present around the area. If any muscles get over stressed that may put extra pressure to the concern spinal nerve and in the course of time there will be pain on that portion. Similarly if there is any pressure effect of the concern ligaments to the spinal nerves that can also causes pain.
  • There are other factors that are also responsible for generating of pain. The development of tiny bony growths over the body of vertebral bones that occurs in the aging process called osteophytes can sometimes irritate the spinal nerves and causes pain.
  • The other reason of neck pain is due to the compression of inte-rvertebral disc to the concern spinal nerve
  • The disc do compress the spinal nerve in two causes ; 1-either due to the over stress that causes the disc to displace its position from the normal place to forward or back ward side and press the spinal nerve, 2- if the disc’s internal content which is very soft jelly like content get dry and that sometimes comes out like a bulge and press the spinal nerve. It is commonly found in aging process or prolonged dehydration condition.
  • Homeopathy treatment in this case is very helpful in the term of reducing the stress of the muscles and ligaments and thus helps to reduce the inflammation of the muscles if persist by over stress and also support the muscles and strengthen the muscles from becoming overstress.
  • The pains are relieved within a short period of treatment by the specified homeopathic medicines. Besides to relieve the pain it also helps to give a long term curative effect by healing the damaging nerves caused by the muscles or ligaments or disc.
  • The vertebras are hold by the muscles, if there is any undue pressure that causes the vertebra more pulled in or pulled out and eventually put effect on the intervertebral disc. The homeopathy medicines are acting to give strength to the muscles and heal up the injured nerve tissues and thus give a long term cure.
  • Besides homeopathy treatment it is too advised to avoid those triggers that give more pressure to muscles or ligaments.
  • The homeopathy medicines are selected to treat the ailment by the totality of symptoms of the patient. Like other medical science homeopathy does not have any specific medicine for any specific disease. The homeopathy medicines are selected as per the symptoms basis and that depends how the doctor is taking the case history more minutely and homeopathic way.
  • Some patient tells that they have taken homeopathy treatment in past but have not experienced any result.
  • Here I would like to say that homeopathy did not give result because of the medicines may not be most similar to the totality of symptoms of the patient or there is some pathological obstruction that preventing further curative process.
  • So it is highly required to take the case history properly in homeopathic way and to repertories for finding out the most similimum for the case.

Here are 6 commonly used homeopathic medicines for neck pain and cervical spondylosis

Rhus tox

Rhus tox is the most commonly used medicine for cervical spondylosis. The common symptoms on which it is prescribed are pain and stiffness of the part. The pain is generally aggravated by first motion, lying posture, cold damp atmosphere and relieve by any warm application. The others symptoms are numbness or tingling sensation in the arms. Generally the pain is more aggravated in the damp cold weather. Keeping the arm in rest position makes feel the person more pain, but movement does not have. If those are the symptoms then rhus tox will help


Cimicifuga or Actea Reacemosa is generally prescribed when there is pain in the neck portion from over use of fingers like those who types in computer key pads long hours with a odd posture, those who plays piano boards long hours, those who stitch or knit hour together. There is more pain in the neck portion when the patient bend his forward or bowing of head. The pain and stiffness is more in the shoulder areas

Rananculus bulbous

The pain is felt over the neck portion and sometimes spread downwards and chest portion too. There is more pain during the morning hours and any sort of movement aggravates the pain. Moving the head also causes pain even a deep breathing increases the pain. The pain is associates with numbness feeling of arms. Like cimicifuga the pain is also originated after a long time of writing on laptop key board, I-pad, or mobile.


It is one of the most important medicine for cervical spondylosis when the pain is associated with numbness of the part. Here the pain origin at the neck portion and spread down wards to arm and fingers. The pain comes in paroxysmal way not like dull persisting pain found in Rhus tox. There is another important symptoms found in kalmia of vertigo or dizziness while looking downwards.


There is pain in the cervical or neck portion which is very much relieved by pressure or massage on that area. The characteristic symptom in colocynth to prescribe in cervical spondylosis is pain arise after some emotional disturbances like getting anger or being offended that impact in his sentiment or suppression of the anger. Those play a trigger factor to start neck pain.

Calcarea phos

Calcarea phos is the remedy generally prescribed when there is any osteophytes growth on the vertebral portion due to osteoarthritis changes. Pain is more during a damp humid weather. Along with clcarea phos the calcarea flour also helpful in bony changes of cervical vertebraes

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