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Ms. Ms. Maria Madona A

Psychologist, Bangalore

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Ms. Ms. Maria Madona A Psychologist, Bangalore
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My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them....more
My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them.
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Ms. Ms. Maria Madona A is a renowned Psychologist in Thippasandra, Bangalore. You can meet Ms. Ms. Maria Madona A personally at Psychological Counseling Clinic and Training Center for teens and adults in Thippasandra, Bangalore. Book an appointment online with Ms. Ms. Maria Madona A on

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My wife's suffering from severe headaches frequently but it's not there all the time. But when she's having this headache (in the back-head & forehead) she loses her temper quite easily & screams for even small mistakes. Any resolution?

General Physician,
My wife's suffering from severe headaches frequently but it's not there all the time. But when she's having this head...
Most likely your wife is having migraine headeche which is not ordinary headeche it is acute throbbing pain on one side or both side of the head. Sometimes associated with nauseas, vomiting, irritating and peculiar problem at the back side of head. Some may see flashings of lights allergic to light and sound. May be temporary loss of vision. Take pain killers and one has to change lifestyles. Or alternative medication.

How to be confident create or sense of humor sharpen the mind overcome the fear to talk to anyone and beat the shyness nature always live alone nature Is it some kind of problem if it's then how to confront all of these to create new person who is perfect in all this is anyone help me in this.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
How to be confident create or sense of humor sharpen the mind overcome the fear to talk to anyone and beat the shynes...
Hello, Lybrate user, This is condition caused by social anxiety/ phobia. Your are over weight more than 40 kg which creats a condition of depression to go among your friends being obeqsed. You need to reduce your weight by 40 kg to over come all sorts of your problem. - can be reduced, by opting-certain natural-norms in life & taking ,meal, judiciously. * Go for a brisk walk in d morning / evening at least 10 000, steps 45 mnts to restore blood circulation to nourish d whole body. * Tk, 3/4 litres of water, free from conteminents to eliminate toxins and to regulate metabolism to burn fats cell & prevent constipation. Go for meditation to reduce your stress and to nourish cell& tissues to curb fats cells, improving haemoglobin level in blood. * go for either, cycling, jogging, swimming, skipping, gardening, playing badminton, dancing,regularly. * opt staircase, instead of a lift in your office. * Tk, oats with green tea or, 1 slice of whole grain bread with 1 cup of cooked vegetable soup + 1 fruit (pomegranate, pear) in d breakfast. * Tk, salad, fruits,sprouts in ample qty in lunch, your meal b preferably, vegetarian ,high in proteins and fibre, maintains 1300-1600 calories through dietary regulation. * consume salad, fruits (not juice) whenever you feel hungry. * Avoid, nicotine,coffee, alcohol,junk food, cookies, burger,pizza ,butter, ghee,sitting on computer late in d night. # Homoeo medicines which r administered gently ,acts rapidly without any adverse effect, thereof. @ Phyto berryQ -10 drops, thrice, with little lukewarm water before each meal * Your feedback will highly b appreciated for further follow up, please. Tk, care.
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I am 47 years old. From last 1 year thought of suicide disturbing me continuously May be feeling of failure of life. I am thinking. Compel me. Pleases help me. What to do?

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
You do not state any reason for this strange request. To have a death wish at any time is itself not normal. You can indeed look back a year ago to identify where exactly this stimulus arose.Your situation must be extraordinary for such desperation at this age. Kindly seek a psychiatrist’s help without any delay, and take some responsible family member with you. Life is extremely precious, and everyone is turning the world upside down to survive and stretch life to the maximum. Please visit a geriatric ward and you will understand what I am saying. I feel something is bothering you that may appear impossible but that is exactly the fallacy. Every problem has a solution and only by speaking with someone else will you come to know the different alternatives to your situation. People who are severely depressed tend to think suicidal thoughts, generally. Depression is treatable although it may not seem so to the depressed mind. Also, if you are religiously/spiritually-oriented, you will never entertain thoughts of destroying life. Suicide does not solve problems, facing life square-on does. You may be feeling hopeless under the circumstances but that will be so if you are withdrawn and do not share your problem with others. Please seek help from a professional immediately. Alternatively, reach out to a religious person for some spiritual intervention.
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क्या आप हकलाहट की वजह से चिन्तितं व दुखी व असहाय ,हताश और निराश हे

D.H.L.S, B.A.S.L.P, M.A, B.Ed .SE . ( H.I )
Speech Therapist, Delhi
क्या आप हकलाहट की वजह से चिन्तितं व दुखी व असहाय ,हताश और निराश हे
  • फिकर छोड दें! हकलाहट का इलाज सिर्फ़ दो हफ़्तों मे मुमकिन है। हकलाहट कोई बीमारी नही है और न ही कोई शारीरिक विकलांग है। यह एक पूर्णतः मानसिक बुरी आदत है जो आसानी से ठीक किया जा सकता है और वह भी सिर्फ़ 2 सप्ताह मे। पिछले 21सालों से मुरली सिहँ ने 2500हकलाहट-ग्रस्त लोगों की मदद कर चुके है और आज भी उन तमाम लोगों की मदद कर रहे है जो हकलाहट के वजह से दुखी, चिन्तित, शर्मिन्दा, असहाय, हताश और निराश है।हकलाहट के उपचार के चिर-उपेक्षरित और अवहेलित क्षेत्र मे एक क्रांति!
  • अब और देर न करें! आपके जीवन मे हकलाहट के उपचार को प्राथमिक बनाएँ और अनगिनत मौकों को बरबाद होने से बचाएँ। जितनी जल्दी आप ठीक हो जाएँगे, उतनी जल्दी आपको एक खुशाल ज़िन्दगी मिल पाएगी। अभी हमारा कोर्स करने का निर्णय लें और हमसे संपर्क करें। इस कोर्स को करने के बाद दुनिया की कोई भी शक्ति आपको एक धाराप्रवाह और विश्वस्त वक्ता बनने से रोक नही सकेगी।
  • इतिहास गवाही देती है कि जो लोग हकलाहट के शिकार होते है, उन मे दूसरों से ज़्यादा क्षमता और गुण होते है पर इस समस्या के वजह से उन्हे सफलता नही मिल पाती है। पर आप इस समस्या का अंत अभी कर सकते है और अपने मंज़ििलों को हासिल कर सकते है।अगर आप मे हकलाहट से मुक्ति पाने की इच्छा और कोशिश है तो मेरे पास आपके धाराप्रवाह वक्ता बनने के सपने को पूरा करने के लिए असरदार तकनीक है। मेरा मनना है कि अपने सहस और मेहनत से आप खुद अपना भाग्य लिख सकते है। तुरंत हमारा कोर्स करें और अपने सपने को साकार करें।

I am taking zolfresh 5 mg daily at night for depression is this cause any bad to health.

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Chennai
I am taking zolfresh 5 mg daily at night for depression is this cause any bad to health.
I am not sure who got you hooked onto sleeping pills. On a longer run they will shrink your brain, resulting in early onset dementia, personality changes, memory changes, even withdrawal seizures. Kindly consult a psychiatrist, get your sleep evaluated, and he will gradually wane you off the sleeping pills and give pills which promote sleep by acting on the cause of sleep disturbance, he may also educate you on sleep hygiene.
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Am 26 years old female. Am having fear of height, dogs, even of sudden phone ringing, fear of walking alone, fear of strangers, fear of communicable disease, fear of devil, could not tolerate even a single harsh word from anyone. What is my problem. What is my actual need.

Hypnotherapist, DCS, BSIC, Advanced Trainee of Transactional Analysis, Advanced Skills in Counselling
Am 26 years old female. Am having fear of height, dogs, even of sudden phone ringing, fear of walking alone, fear of ...
You seem to have lead a life living in fear of many things and looks like it would have hampered your lifestyle and potential to do any kind of activity. Such fears usually start early in life and take deep roots as you grow older. It undermines your self confidence and stops you from achieving your dreams. Are you on any psychiatric medication at the moment or is it happening on its own? I suggest that you see a psychiatrist for your fears and try to reduce them by medications first and later undergo counselling to help you to reduce further by replacing unhelpful thoughts with more encouraging and realistic thoughts that will help you feel more confident, relaxed and secure to undertake some activities which you can enjoy doing. You must not let your fears take control of your life because most of the things that you imagined will happen, actually don't happen. You need to assess situations realistically and take small steps towards building your confidence back.
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How to End an Anxiety Attack?

Sexologist Clinic
Sexologist, Faridabad
How to End an Anxiety Attack?

Anxiety" is a general term that describes a variety of experiences, including nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worry, that are common in several mental health disorders. While most of us have anxiety at some time, this is completely different from an anxiety attack or anxiety disorder. Normal feelings of nervousness, worry, and fear often have a known trigger (a major exam, money issues, or seeing a bug). But when you're having a full blown panic attack or anxiety attack, the symptoms — chest pain, flushing skin, racing heart, and difficulty breathing — can make you feel as though you're going to faint, lose your mind, or die. The reality is, you won’t. The key to surviving is to learn all you can about anxiety attacks and practice the skills you need to get through them.

According to the Mayo Clinic, signs of an anxiety attack include:

  • Abdominal cramping
  • Chest pain
  • Chills
  • Dizziness, light-headedness, or faintness
  • Fear of loss of control or death
  • Feeling of unreality or detachment
  • Headache
  • Hot flashes
  • Nausea
  • Numbness or tingling sensation
  • Rapid, pounding heart rate
  • Sense of impending doom or danger
  • Shortness of breath or tightness in your throat
  • Sweating
  • Trembling or shaking

The causes of anxiety attacks are not well understood. Some traumatic life events can set off anxiety attacks if the person is prone to depression or anxiety disorders. Also, medical conditions and some medications may trigger anxiety attacks. Many believe anxiety attacks run in families with a genetic predisposition. In other words, if your mom and her sister had anxiety attacks, it’s likely you will, too.

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Late night jagna ke baad kaam me man nhi lagta study me kuch bhi jaldi bhool jata hu. Please advice

Homeopath, Greater Noida
You should take atleast 6_7 hr sleep along with healthy diet like green vegetables, more fruits etc and inc Fe intake becoz anemia is also a one of the cause for drowsiness, fatigue, not able to concentrate on studies etc.
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Generally I become angry on very silly things on my wife and it leads to conflicts. What can I do so that I can control my anger.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
None of the feelings are to be controlled. The way you express them has to be appropriate. Now anger is pure energy and people mistakenly think that they must express anger violently, or aggressively, or they can damage something, or throw a fit, or kill, or hurt, or withdraw, etc. These expressions can be followed, if they are appropriate to the situation. You can instead simply talk about the feeling, write about it and share it with someone who understands; scream and shout in a situation which warrants it and so on. When the expression is most suitable, the repercussions are minimized and the other person tends to understand and is willing to apologize and sort out the matter. Many of us are inclined to worry about the consequences of expressing anger and use fear to suppress the legitimate expression. You can exorcise your anger out of your system by exercising, but it is the energy that is expended not the feeling. Unexpressed feelings will hurt you back by clinging on to a favorite organ and troubling it enough to cause it to malfunction or lead to its total dysfunction. You can also hand over the feeling to God, if you are a spiritual person, and very effectively too. All feelings must be expressed without exception. But when it is your wife, it can cause permanent damage and sometimes that can become irreversible.
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Paranoid Personality Disorder - Know More About It!

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry, Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Bangalore
Paranoid Personality Disorder - Know More About It!

Paranoid personality disorder (PPD) is a mental disorder which makes you feel fearful, nervous and suspicious about people or situations around. This disease usually starts to show its signs from early adulthood and is more common in men than women. People suffering from this disorder are unable to maintain close and long lasting relationships with people as they have the habit of blaming and not trusting other people. The most common symptoms of this disorder are:

  1. Doubting the loyalty of others
  2. Fear of revealing their own personal information
  3. A tendency of holding long lasting grudges
  4. Inability to handle criticisms
  5. Abrupt instances of anger and instant reaction
  6. Showing traits of coldness in a relationship
  7. Having a feeling of always being right
  8. Having problems in relaxing
  9. Being stubborn, argumentative and hostile
  • Causes: The exact cause behind PDD is still unknown, but according to some medical researchers it happens due to a combination of biological and psychological conditions. Additionally, bad emotional experiences during childhood and having gone through a physical or mental trauma also leads to the development of the disease.
  • Diagnosis: This condition cannot be diagnosed at home and is usually diagnosed by a specialist. The first step taken by a doctor in order to diagnose the disorder is an examination of the medical and psychiatric history of the person. Additionally, if the health records of a person do not indicate anything, then the doctors usually go for some expert opinions by a psychiatrist.
  • Treatment: Most of the people suffering from this disease are not even aware about it, until someone brings it to their notice. Doctors usually believe that psychotherapy, which is a form of counseling, is the best way to treat PDD. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Psychiatrist.
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