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Dr. Vishnu M  - Vascular Surgeon, Bangalore

Dr. Vishnu M

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - General Surgery, DNB ...

Vascular Surgeon, Bangalore

22 Years Experience
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Dr. Vishnu M MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - G... Vascular Surgeon, Bangalore
22 Years Experience
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I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage....more
I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage.
More about Dr. Vishnu M
Dr. Vishnu M is a renowned Vascular Surgeon in Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore. He has been a successful Vascular Surgeon for the last 22 years. He has done MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - General Surgery, DNB - Peripheral Vascular Surgery . He is currently associated with Panacea Hospital Pvt Ltd - Basaveshwaranagar in Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore. Book an appointment online with Dr. Vishnu M on

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MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery - J.S.S Medical College, Mysore - 1996
MS - General Surgery - Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Sciences Bellur - 2000
DNB - Peripheral Vascular Surgery - Jain Institute of Vascular Sciences - 2005
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I have varicose vein problem. Doppler test already done In left leg maximum problem. I don't want any kind of surgery laser also so there is any possibility to recover from this with medicine and exercises.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
Instead of surgery you can try endovenous laser therapy foam sclerotherapy radiofrequency ablation and there is no other option for permanent relief.
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My wife has varicose veins at her legs. She is feeling pain. Local doctor told that there is no treatment for this. Only operation is the solution. Is there any treatment without operation?

MD - Pulmonary, DTCD
Pulmonologist, Faridabad
yes. Try special stockings, leg raising while sleeping, reduce weight and there is some oral medication also. In last surgery if this failed.
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What are the symptoms of varicose veins? How to get rid of it naturally or without pain?

General Physician, Aligarh
Vericose veins can be seen as as a bag of worms in the dependent parts of body. Especially in legs and area around genitals. To get rid of it you have to go for laser operation.
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One doctor said witch hazel cures varicose veins. How to use witch hazel. And tell me where I can find this in which store and how to use this? Homeopathy has good medicines it seems. Can I get some answer on this? How to stop varicose veins?

MS - General Surgery
General Surgeon, Kanpur
For varicose veins you need to be investigated like ultrasound Doppler study or duplax scan to be done to know where is the defect then that has to be treated either by sclerotherapy or by laser or by open surgery, varicose veins can be excised. Consult vascular surgeon. By time you use compression bandage in 3 layers, ang leg elevation as long as you can.
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My mother suffering from varicose veins problem since 1 year because of which her left leg feet is swollen n because of excessive swelling it bleeds from various places so what she should do for it.

MBBS, CCEBDM, Diploma in Diabetology, Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, Cetificate Course In Thyroid Disorders Management (CCMTD)
Endocrinologist, Hubli-Dharwad
lybrate-user, Thanks for the query. Varicose veins problem if too troublesome, then needs to be treated. So it is better to consult a competent surgeon in Pune and based on his advise treatment needs to done. Do not neglect it. There may be chronic ulceration on the legs which will be much difficult to treat, Thanks.
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My sister in law have 5 month baby. After 1 month of delivery her left leg got swell. We were checked up to doctor and he suggest us for colour doppler. After checking the report he said mamta facing problem of DVT (Deep Vein Thomsis). At first they start Tab name Acitrom (2mg to 16 Mg) but INR ratio still stable between 1.50 to 1.80 we changed the Doctor last month and he start tab name WARF (2mg to 8 mg). Mamta's last INR ratio is 1.50 dated 15.04. 16. Please suggest us what should we do?

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, FIAGES(Fellowship In Minimal Access Surgery), FMAS (Fellowship In Minimal Access Surgery)
General Surgeon, Ghaziabad
My sister in law have 5 month baby. After 1 month of delivery her left leg got swell. We were checked up to doctor an...
Hi. Both drugs are same. Inr should be between 2 to 3. See these drugs has to be taken with lot of precautions coz of side effects. Do a check colour doppler to see recanalization of vein. Swelling ll go slowly.
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Knowing Coronary Artery Disease - Symptoms and Causes

Sr. Fellowship in Electrophysiology & Pacing, M.R.C.P.(U.K.), DM - Cardiology, MD - General Medicine, MBBS
Cardiologist, Delhi
Knowing Coronary Artery Disease - Symptoms and Causes

Coronary Artery Disease - Symptoms and Causes

Coronary artery disease is the disease in which the major blood vessels (coronary arteries) that supply blood, nutrients and oxygen to your heart get damaged or disease stricken. It is mostly caused due to the coronary artery getting plagued or inflamed. The consequent reduction in blood flow to the heart causes the various symptoms of coronary artery disease like angina (chest pain), short breath etc.


Here is a list of a few symptoms that help in identification of the coronary artery disease.

1. Angina - Pressure or tightness may be felt in or near the area of the chest that results in pain. It is mostly felt in the middle or left side of the chest.

2. Shortness of breath - Another symptom of coronary artery disease is short breath, fatigue and a feeling of exertion.

3. Heart attack - Complete blockage of the coronary artery results in a heart attack that is a prominent symptom of coronary artery disease. A person may feel heavy pressure in the chest, pain in the shoulder or arm, sweating etc. prior to getting a heart attack.


Coronary artery disease occurs when damage or injury is done to the inner layer of the coronary artery. This damage causes plaque, which are deposits made of fat, cholesterol and other cellular waste materials to accumulate near the damaged area of the artery. This process is known as atherosclerosis.

The various causes that result in coronary artery damage are listed below.

- Smoking
- High blood pressure
- Diabetes
- High cholesterol
- Obesity
- High stress
- Physical inactivity

Related Tip: Heart failure - Treatment with pacemakers and implications?

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Want Beautiful Legs? You Can Opt for Vein Removal Therapy

DNB (Dermatology), Fellowship in Skin & Lasers, MBBS, Masters of Dermatology (M.Derm)
Dermatologist, Gurgaon
Want Beautiful Legs? You Can Opt for Vein Removal Therapy

Every woman wishes for great legs they can flaunt in tiny shorts and skirts whenever they feel like it. The greatest impediment to this freedom, however, is unattractive spider and varicose veins that make legs lose their aesthetic value and limit women from enjoying experimenting with short outfits. Not only do these veins look unattractive on legs, but they are quite painful as well. The good news is that modern medicine has enabled doctors to use the body's own healing mechanisms to amend the problem. Doctors can now employ the use of laser treatments and injections to provide quick relief to patients. What's more, these treatments can be addressed easily in a doctor's office and require short visits, and you can walk comfortably out of the doctor's office on your own (learn more about varicose veins).

How it works
Minimally invasive laser treatments and injections are used to collapse and then shrink the affected veins. Thereafter, the veins are then absorbed into the tissue that underlay this, and will bring a clear effect such that all the visible traces will be gone. The surrounding healthy veins will then take control and restore the normal circulation of the body. While there might be some little bruising noticed, it will only last temporarily.

Options available
Today the treatments for these veins are improved and what's more, the process is much more comfortable. This is unlike the past where thick, uncomfortable, elastic compression socks were used to relieve pain and the procedures involved a surgery where veins are stripped out of the leg and patients are put under anesthetics. The options that are available today include endovenous laser ablation where a map around the abnormal vein is created with ultrasound, a catheter inserted into the vein and a laser carefully passed through the catheter generating a controlled amount of heat that will seal the vein and redirect blood to the healthy vessels. There is injection sclerotherapy where a pharmaceutical liquid is injected into the vein that will cause the vessels walls to adhere and then seal shut and the blood instantly gets directed to healthier veins while the treated vein disappears. Laser sclerotherapy is reserved for tiny superficial veins and may not get injected.

While there is no cure for varicose veins, a doctor can prescribe post treatment instructions that will minimize the chances of a patient getting the veins again. Things like managing diet, exercise and good lifestyle choices are among them. Also routine monitoring is the key to preventing future reoccurrences. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult the doctor and ask a free question.

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I am suffering from varicose veins. I have doubts in my mind like what not to eat and what to eat in that condition, I have varicose veins but I have no pain in that thing, else. Which exercise I do to reduce thing complete. I want to ask to docs that this thing is only cured by surgical treatment not else thing. Can I reduce this thing. Please tell me docs. Docs when I checked with skin doctor. I already tell dat he given 2 medicine (troxerutin and calcium dobesilate tablets and lycopene with vitamins and minerals capsules) and crape bandage for legs and said elevate legs. So please doctor tell me best advice for that condition. Please I request dat According to my height, I reduce my weight in dat condition or not. If I don't go for surgical treatment. This thing is cured or not. Please advice me right path for that. Can neurologist check this condition.

PhD, Human Energy Fields, Diploma in PIP, EFI, Aura scanning for Health evaluation; Energy field assessment, Fellowship Cardiac Rehabilitation, Cardiac Rehabilitation, MD (Ayur - Mind Body Med), Mind Body Medicine
Non-Invasive Conservative Cardiac Care Specialist, Pune
Dear lybrate-user At age 26, varicose veins is a kind of "by birth" situation. It is most likely to be with you for life. You will be able to control their development with laser therapy. Stretching exercises, natural vitamin rich foods will help. Upward massage with til oil will help reduce the burden. Make sure you are active and not sitting most of the time. When sitting/lying down, keep full leg higher than body to help reduce the accumulation. Surgery is not essential unless it stops you form functioning totally. Pomegranate fruit daily. It is known to repair blood vessels. Regards.
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Homeopathic Remedies for Varicose Veins

Homeopath, Lucknow
Homeopathic Remedies for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are known to be a very common problem, which result in the inflammation of veins in the body. Veins are the blood vessels, which are responsible for the transfer of deoxygenated blood from the different parts of the body to the heart. Because the blood does not contain oxygen, it has a bluish tinge. As a result varicose veins are most likely to appear bluish when swollen. 

This condition is quite common in old people and some are even likely to develop slight ulcers in the vein.

Homeopathic treatment for varicose veins

Certain Homeopathic drugs are said to work wonders for this condition, as they not only offer pain relief, but also make the veins more elastic. This helps with effective circulation and thus, the swelling reduces. The following is a list of some homeopathic medicines that work best to cure varicose veins.

  1. Hamamelis: It is known to be the best cure for varicose veins. It effectively stops any sort of bleeding from the veins. It also offers relief from pain and from a sensation of heaviness of the legs. 
  2. Pulsatilla: This medicine is greatly recommended for women who develop varicose veins during the course of their pregnancy. It immediately does away with the pain. The medicine especially works well for swollen veins of the legs and the hands. Application of a cold pack also helps relieve the pain and reduce swelling. 
  3. Calcarea: It is generally recommended to patients who have varicose veins, but do not suffer from any pain. In case the patient feels chilly and suffers from various other symptoms like some sort of burning sensation in the veins or cold hand and feet, calcarea is a good cure. 
  4. Graphites: It is known to be a great cure for varicose veins that is accompanied with some amount of itching and cramping
  5. Arnica: This homeopathic medicine effectively deals with varicose veins accompanied with symptoms like soreness and bruising.
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