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Dr. Sreeramulu

General Physician, Bangalore

Dr. Sreeramulu General Physician, Bangalore
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I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning....more
I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning.
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Dr. Sreeramulu is a renowned General Physician in Malleshwaram, Bangalore. He is currently associated with Jayanti Clinic in Malleshwaram, Bangalore. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Sreeramulu on has a number of highly qualified General Physicians in India. You will find General Physicians with more than 39 years of experience on You can find General Physicians online in Bangalore and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I have a headache and cough for several days. What is the sick and what should I do for curing it and what is the precautions for this disease.

General Physician, Mumbai
For headache take tablet paracetamol and For cough take syp ascoril-D 2.5 ml twice a day and get your vital parameters of the body checked for further guidance
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I am 26 years old man and I hv problem of sexual weakness from last 2 months early release and weak reaction please tell me what to do.

Diploma in Paediatrics, MBBS
Sexologist, Dehradun
You should take lots of green veg and fruits esp pomegranate daily. Take lots of fluids also. For sex tonics you can consult me that will help in prolonging your sex.
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I do work in office. After work my head is pain every day. What can I do please give me suggestion.

General Physician, Cuttack
If you have recurrent attack of headache1. It could be a tension headache due to anxiety/stress, inadequate sleep, low bp/high bp, migraine, prolonged use of cell phone/computer, chronic anaemia, refractive error, chronic sinusitis, organic brain lesion 2. Avoid stress, physical and mental exertion, have adequate sound sleep for 7-8 hours daily in the night 3. Go for regular exercise 4. Practice yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercise to calm your mind, control your emotion and relieve stress 5. Check for refractive error, sinusitis hemoglobin, bp 6. Avoid prolonged use of cell phone/computer 7. Consult neurlmologist to rule out other causes of headache, if required take a ct scan of head to exclude any brain lesion 8. If it is migraine you have to take migraine prophylactic drug after consulting neurologist
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Sir, mother has a problem of cervical and due to this she has severe pain from back to toe, since 1 month, she feels as the pain is running from place to place, mainly she has pain in joints. After late night it increases. Age - 36.

MPT - Orthopedic Physiotherapy, BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Noida
Calcium supplements and tk physiotherapy treatment full spine and do stretching exercise of spine and legs. Avoid long sitting towards bending long standing.
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I am 36 years old male. I have cervical from last 6 months. What should i do? Please advise.

General Physician, Mumbai
For cervical spondylosis you need to do physiotherapy treatment and take vitamin d3 and folic acid supplements.
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I am having a sore throat now and facing the same issue every year at least 4 to 5 time. This is happening since last 10 years. Please provide any suggestions or treatment.

B.H.M.S., Senior Homeopath Consultant
Homeopath, Delhi
Please take following medicine:- arg. Nit. 0/2 three times a day for one month. Revert back after one month with feedback.
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I m suffering from diabetes so I want a medicine which gives me rest and my life is going well.

MBBS, CCEBDM, Diploma in Diabetology
Endocrinologist, Hubli-Dharwad
Mr Rahul, May I know the age, as mentioned is 6 years. If you are having diabetes, then controlling blood sugar levels to near normal levels is is very important, from the point of view of reducing long term complications. There are many medicines which are useful in controlling sugar levels, but can only be recommended when all the information is made available like fasting, PP sugar levels (current), HbA1c%, dietary pattern and extent of daily exercise. It will be better if you come in a private conversation then I will be able to guide specifically. In this communication we are supposed to give only general guidelines and no prescriptions. The guidelines like avoid sweets, deep fried foods, junk foods and pastries. Refrain from alcohol and smoking. Consume more of green leafy vegetables and salads. Exercise daily for at least 1 hour. etc.
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Diabetes - Prevent It As There Is No Cure.

Homeopath, Chennai
Diabetes - Prevent It As There Is No Cure.

The dreaded diabetes is best treated by preventing it. Since we have not found a cure, that is yet.

The best prevention for diabetes is to have a proper diet as per your genetic family pattern and an active life.

Everyone has a family tradition of cooking and choice of food. Inherently our body is prone to accept and digest these foods better than newly acquired food and eating patterns. So stick to your way of eating and eat in short intervals and avoid man made foods.

Since diabetes is all about problems with insulin - either no production or less production or no utilisation, it is best to help the body in reducing the load on insulin. Activity helps in burning carbs and thereby reducing work to be done by insulin.

Go ahead. Eat well and stay active to keep away diabetes!

I am feeling a sudden and shooting pain on the underside of my right toe. This has started suddenly yesterday and recurs once in about two to three hours. It feels like a needle stabbing into the toe. There are no visible marks or discoloration on the toe. What causes this and how can I treat it if it is a medical condition?

MD - Microbiology
General Physician, Bangalore
Hi. It can be caused by many causes. Just get a cbc, uric acid, renal profile and inform me the reports. The treatment depends on the reports.
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I have less sperm counts and I'm feeling depressed nowadays. What can I do for more sperm counts and what will be the possibilities for I become father of a healthy child? Please help me out of this.

MBBS, MD Psychiatry, DNB Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Nagpur
Sperm counts may vary due to various reasons. You need to investigate yourself for reasons of lower sperm counts. Unless your counts are below a specific level it may not cause infertility.
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Dear Doctor, How do we find out which type of diabetes we are having. What are the safe sugar levels for fasting blood test and post meal test? David.

Endocrinologist, Srinagar
Type 2 diabetes usually occurs after. 20 years of age and type 1 diabetes occurs below 20 years of age. But that is not hard rule. Only blood test confirms which type. Normal fasting levels are below 100 mg%and post meal level below 140 mg%
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I m having migraine nd headache from last 15 days so please prescribe me a good treatment so I can feel good.

Physiotherapist, Surat
Headaches due to migraine is very common these days especially in young adults because of there lifestyle and working environment. Sometimes pain is very severe on one side of the head.  So I would recommend you to avoid stress and anxiety, quiet the mind from distractions. Stay calm positive and do deep breathing exercises, listen some music that would give you some relaxation. If pain is severe then place ice pack over forehead and lie down for some time to relax your mind and give you comfort and stress full life. Massage your head using levander oil or clove oil as it removes toxins from body. You can use mint or clove spray for inhaling in case of headache. If pain is severe you can also apply ginger paste over the painful area. Avoid taking caffeine, alcohol, phenylethylamine (found in chocolate and cheese), tyramine (found in nuts and fermented meats, cheeses, and soy), and aspartame (in many artificially sweetened foods) as sometimes these all exaggerate pain instead use basil leaves tea or ginger tea boiled nicely in water without milk. Regular intake of healthy dietry food rich in proteins and vitamins. Avoid fasting - Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at fixed timings. Make yourself busy by fulfilling your hobby as it will give you freshness and your mind will be diverted from normal life which help in pain reduction. Take min 7 hours of sleep. Make a habit of 20-25 min walking daily along with some meditations. If required then only take pain relieving tablets like naprosyn For more help or instructions please consult. Good Luck and Get Well Soon.
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I do urinate frequently and under my stomach do pain me, I have done diabetes test and the doctor said their is nothing wrong with me, please I need an advice.

General Physician, Cuttack
For your age excessive urination could be due to 1. Drinking lot of water/ excess tea/ coffee/alcohol 2. Urinary tract/bladder infection 3. Bladder stone causing a blockage in ureter/bladder, stone in urinary tract, cystitis, interstitial nephritis 5. Diabetes mellitus/diabetes inspidus, hypertension, 6. Stress/anxiety/nervousness, 7. Do urine re/me, blood sugar testing, take usg kub, and consult urologist for advice.
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Hello sir im having a dry cough since 1 month so im unable to find out good medicine can you please help me out?

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hello, take Senega pentarken , 2 tabs thrice daily. Alpha CC , 2 tabs twice daily . Alpha COff , 2 tsp ,with hot water,thrice daily. Revert me after 7 days.
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I have unbearable headache sometimes, almost thrice a month. And its very very painful and irritating and last till next morning.

General Physician, Gurgaon
Hello, you can take: 1. Tablet Crocin (Paracetamol 650 mg) one tablet after food when required for headache after food for 2-3 days (maximum 2 tablets with gap of 12 hour can be taken in a day) 2. Adequate sleep 6-8 hr in a day 3. Get check eyes for refractive error 4. We need to go for ENT evaluation to rule out sinusitis 5. Get your BP checked 6. Regular physical exercise and meditation and yoga complete history of your headache for further management like duration, severity, aggravating factors/relieving/ triggering/ associated factor to reach diagnosis/relieving/ triggering/ associated factor to reach diagnosis
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I am 22 year old male I have issue that when ever I talk to my gf I got started precome without even thinking about sex and discharge as soon as it started to have sex.

General Physician, Nashik
The white sticky discharge you get even with slight excitement is nothing but a secretion of periurethral glands located in urethra. This is normal secretion of these glands which help in free passage of thick semen through urethra during ejaculation. This is excessive in your case. It will settle down itself once you get used to normal sexual life.
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I am suffering from problem of seamen leaking through urine. Please suggest me some medication. I had habit of frequent masturbation.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear Lybrate user. Semen seeping through penis after urination or while having sexual thoughts or while with an attractive girl or woman or while waking up in the morning etc is common and it is not a problem at all. This is a natural body procedure whereby your body tries to evacuate the stored semen. Semen is produced within your body whenever you are sexually (even slightly) excited and is stored within your body. Now this stored semen is a waste product that your body wants to throw out. This is a natural process and you don't have any control over it. I also assure you that this is never unhealthy. Take care.
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From last 15 days I found my feet swollen. On contact, the doctor advised to reduce Bp which was 150/80. I am a diabetic and using metformin 500 2times day, voglistar o. 3three times a day TelmiSartan40 mg once daily For pain in feet they advised pregabalin75, Eslo 5 Dezacor6 Kindly let me know if My medication is correct.

Post Graduate Diploma in Echocardiography, Mbbs
General Physician, Ernakulam
Dear lybrater. Swelling can be due to low protein in blood heart problems kidney/ prostate problems thyroid problem medication like amlodepine. Eslo etc. Please tell me can you climb 2 floors without problems. Do you have any difficulty in passing urine. If no to both questions. Then stop eslo and increase telmisartan to 2 times a day. Please get back to me with details.
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