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Dr. Poulami

87 (25 ratings)

Yoga & Naturopathy Specialist, Bangalore

2000 at clinic  ·  ₹200 online
Dr. Poulami 87% (25 ratings) B.N.Y.S. Yoga & Naturopathy Specialist, Bangalore
2000 at clinic  ·  ₹200 online
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I'm a caring, skilled professional who is naturopathy doctor by profession . Also doing Nutrition consultation and Accupuncture...more
I'm a caring, skilled professional who is naturopathy doctor by profession . Also doing Nutrition consultation and Accupuncture
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Am a Nutritionist who is specialised in treating in weight loss managements and does accupuncture and naturopathy consultations also


B.N.Y.S. - alwA -


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Flush Unhealthy Cholesterol. Live Without Medicines!

Yoga & Naturopathy Specialist, Bangalore

Cholesterol is not your enemy. It is a natural substance made by your body to produce hormones, vitamin D, neurotransmitters, healthy cell membranes, and digestive acids called bile. Your liver and brain make most of it, but almost all the cells in your body synthesize cholesterol. Your body needs it.We need to be worried if it really crosses the upper limits. 

Normal cholesterol levels are a topic that many people find confusing . Terms like total cholesterol, good cholesterol, bad cholesterol and triglycerides looks worrying. Lets try and understand what are they.  Total cholesterol lower than 200 mg/dL are healthy, while a level between 200 and 239 is borderline, and 240 mg/dL indicates increased cardiovascular risk. LDL cholesterol is known as bad cholesterol because this can lead to  form plaque on artery walls, a condition called atherosclerosis, narrowing the arteries and reducing their flexibility. This in turn leads to high blood pressure to unhealthy levels and are susceptible to blockage by blood clots, which can result in heart attack or stroke.HDL Cholesterol, known as good cholesterol, is thought to be protective against heart disease when it is present in the blood at high levels, slowing the buildup of arterial plaque.Triglycerides are fats, made by the body, that circulate in the blood. Elevated levels are considered indicative of unhealthy cholesterol levels and are considered a risk factor for heart disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

The number one dietary contributor to heart disease is sugar. It contributes to inflammation in the artery walls. Reduce or eliminate sugar and processed carbohydrates in order to knock down inflammation and triglycerides. High triglycerides are far more of a danger for heart disease than high cholesterol.

Do we have a solution for this other than medicines? Yes we do. 

How can we control this? 

  • Diet A healthy diet can help keep cholesterol in check. Limit foods containing saturated fats, trans-fats and cholesterol, which can lead to high bad cholesterol, and reduce consumption of alcohol, sugars and other carbohydrates, which can increase triglycerides and lower good cholesterol. Since food labels can be confusing, consulting a dietitian for help in formulating a healthy eating plan may be wise.

  • Weight Control – Being overweight raises levels of both bad cholesterol and triglycerides, so keeping your weight within a healthy range is essential to maintaining normal cholesterol levels. 

  • Don't Smoke

  • Stay Active –. Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily minimum.Individuals with a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol may see levels rise despite a healthy diet and lifestyle. For that reason, people with a family history of cholesterol problems should be especially vigilant about regular cholesterol testing.

How can we help you?

We do a special FAT LOSS PROGRAM which helps your diet come back in track . Flush your Cholesterol , uric acid levels and bring back your blood sugar level to normal state . 

  1. Certain pre-tests are done prior to the program to understand status of Cholesterol , Blood Sugar , Uric acid and Thyroid before diet. 

  2. Detailed Patient history is taken, after doing a proper FAT SCAN ANALYSIS, to understand the fat accumulated in the body and the muscle mass to fat ratio. This is done every 7th day to maintain the muscle mass and to make a note of any electrolyte imbalance. 

  3. Our program has 2 options: Detox and fat loss

  4. Proper personalized diet treatment with Naturopathic Diet as base . Homeopathic medicines  help in regulating the hormone, detoxifying, boost immune, altered hormone mechanism and stimulate your body’s  metabolism to burn more  fat.

  5. Initial phase involves complete detox of the body. Cleansing toxins from your body.Second phase involves anti-oxidant treatment. 

  6. During this phase, body prepares you to get rid of unnecessary cravings, increased patience levels, etc.

  7. Third phase focuses on fat loss and regaining muscle mass.

  8. Towards the 25th day, we schedule a session with the Nutritionist, to help you maintain the diet, with a proper diet chart and plan to maintain the lost fat. 

  9. No exercise or strain for the body is allowed, as the body will be utilizing all its reserves.

  10. No mandatory monthly follow ups or daily visits .

  11. No artificial supplements or health drinks.

  12. This program can be repeated only after 2 weeks , if required .  

  13. If body fat is too high we recommend to have this done in a 3 cycles interval. If not only 1 cycle, along with diet maintenance thereafter will help. 

  14. Maintenance Diet chart is provided to help you with, how to maintain the Cholesterol and Diabetes  even after program is done. If you are able to follow such diet. You can totally avoid Cholestrol tablets.

This program is also  beneficial to:

  • People with Obesity

  • People who tend to over eat.

  • Hormone disorders: PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetes.To bring back Cholesterol and triglycerides to normal.

  • Lipoma 

  • Fatty liver 

  • For giving immunity boost.

  • Skin issues and acne.

  • Weight due to stress.

  • Patients with joint pains due to high uric acid levels etc.

  • Very useful for people who do sedentary work, no workouts, more stress etc.

  • Irregular menstruation.

  • Detox effects of smoking and alcohol. 

  • We do further treatment if required for  de-addictions as well.

  • People who would like to concentrate on muscle building. 

  • After fat loss, muscle building becomes an easy job!
  • 100% Safe & Natural. 
  • No health drinks or supplement mixed drinks involved.